Favorite Quotes

Booth/Brennan Quotes


"You got blown up."

-Bones to Booth Episode 116, "Two Bodies in the Lab"


Booth: "You're a smartass, you know that?"

Brennan: "Objectively, I'd say I'm very smart, though it has nothing to do with my ass."

- Episode 105, "Man in the Bear"


Brennan: "Where the hell are my bones?!"

After a fantastic and hilarious rant at Goodman, she turns her attention to Booth.

Brennan: "I want my bones! Did you find my bones?"

Booth: "Whoa. Maybe, you should just chill a little?"

Brennan: "Chill?!"

Booth: "Yeah, you know, take a pill?"

Brennan: "Listen, DUDE. My lab was violated. My bones were stolen. So, I think I'll just remain warm for a little while longer."

- Episode 117, "The Man with the Bone"


Hodgins/Angela Quotes


Hodgins: "Don't tell me you changed your mind. That was a one time only offer, baby."

Angela: "Really?"

Hodgins: "What? No? No? What?

-Episode 207, "The Girl with the Curl"


Zack Quotes


Zack: *standing in between Booth and Brennan* "Because I am quite literally in the middle of this conversation..."

- Episode 2??