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Late in the summer children run without clothes

Chill of the winter not far down the road

And in the windows are silhouettes of husbands and wives

Watching in silence till the evening arrives

And there all around insects scream in the trees

The promise of rain can be heard on the breeze


Oh lord we break so easy

Oh lord we shatter like glass


The headlights glow and the sky will soon be black

The freeway riders are rolling and heading back

They're heading back home


A dark haired woman is driving the roads

Breathing deeply she don't mind being alone

Her shaking hands holding fast to the wheel

She sees things and knows they ain't real


Oh lord we break so easy

Oh lord we shatter like glass


There is a song that bleeds through the night

Bouncing off stars and the satellites

I spend my nights in the reservoir

Saying prayers for all the passing cars

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