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    • "Stargazer in a Puddle"**

Episode 2x22

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

Transcribed by thepinkllama

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.




(Open: Booth and Brennan are entering a wet and muddy abandoned warehouse.)


BOOTH: (Stepping over puddles in mud) Ooh oh oh…


BRENNAN: Well, you should’ve worn gumboots.


BOOTH: (Jumping over the puddles) It’s fine, you know I- I’m agile.


BOOTH: So, Hodgins asked, uh, Angela to, uh, marry him?




.BOOTH: Oh and she uh, turned him down both times.


BRENNAN: I heard all this from Angela.


BOOTH: Yeah but did she tell you that he said that he wasn’t going to ask her to marry him?


BRENNAN: (slightly annoyed) Yes.


BOOTH: And she said?


BRENNAN: (gesturing) I’d like to marry you.


BOOTH: Kinda sudden Bones. Let me think about it.


BRENNAN: (Looks at him in disbelief) What? No. Booth, that’s what Angela told Hodgins… (Trails off as she notices Booth laughing at her)


BRENNAN: (Gets it) You’re joking.(Booth jumps over puddle and laughs)


BRENNAN: You know, a lot of psychologists say that jokes are the way that we manifest a lot of our hidden desires.


BOOTH: (His grin fades and as he turns to follow her he steps in a giant puddle, soaking his right leg.) Ah jeez!


BRENNAN: You okay?


BOOTH: (annoyed) Yeah, fine. (Shakes off wet leg and looks at the cop at the scene) What do we got?


DC COP: Uh, during a foot pursuit last night a suspect tosses a knife into this muck in an effort to avoid incarceration, the fluid gets drained and we start finding stuff.


BRENNAN: Define stuff.


DC COP: Stuff? (Camera pans to a white sheet with the following) Cell phones, guns, knives, crack vials, evidently you wanna lose something in this vicinity, you toss it in here. Denizens think it’s some sort of bottomless pit. (He leads them down a set of stairs)


BRENNAN: Does the word “concise” mean anything to you?


DC COP: Well we found that, (points to slimy skeleton in a shopping cart, half out of the water) concise enough?


(They all shine their flashlights at the body.)


BOOTH: Small, kid?


BRENNAN: (Squats down beside body) Female, pelvic girdle and skull sutures suggest, (takes a deep breath) pre-adolescent. (Notices a bag) Child’s pencil case (glances up at Booth).


BOOTH: How long has she been dead?


BRENNAN: (To cop) does this freeze over in the winter?


DC COP: Yeah, solid.


BRENNAN: It’s possible she was placed here as long ago as last fall.


BOOTH: Cause of death?


BRENNAN: Looks like a gunshot wound to the back of the head


BOOTH: Can you guess the caliber?


BRENNAN: Nothing larger than a .22.


BOOTH: (To cop) find any .22’s?




BOOTH: Okay, let’s get an FBI Forensics team down here to search for bullet fragments.


(Brennan sees something in the tiny skeleton’s hand and reaches for it. It’s a pebble that says, “I LOVE YOU”)


DC COP: Okay we’ll call it in right now.


(Brennan walks over to Booth and they examine the pebble)


BOOTH: I love you.


BRENNAN: You said that pedophiles can delude themselves into thinking they love their victims.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Hodgin’s Work Area. Hodgins is looking through a microscope and Angela is beside him.)


HODGINS: Nice traditional church service, very ecumenical


ANGELA: That’s great, as long as the reception makes Caligula blush.


HODGINS: Let’s hope he got his invitation.


ANGELA: Hmm. (Camera scans to a tray full of dirty child toys, they’re all stars of some type). Hey what are those?


HODGINS: They were found in this case, probably belonged to the victim.


(Angela grimaces)


HODGINS: (Gestures to jars) and these are water samples teeming with organisms. I found an inordinately large amount of dead fairy shrimp in the mud beneath the victim. I will not make a clap for Tinkerbell joke. (Pauses) How’s about we not discuss child murder and our upcoming nuptials in the same conversation.


ANGELA: That’s a good idea. (After a mild pause) Hey do you want me to uh, change my name?


HODGINS: (Looks skeptical) Do you want me to want you to change your name?


ANGELA: (Raises her eyebrows and leans in to kiss him)


(Hodgins smiles and nods as she walks off)


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Brennan’s Office. Booth is staring at an x-ray of a head and half the spinal cord)


BRENNAN: (In the background) do you even know what you’re looking at?


BOOTH: (Gestures at the computer screen on which the x-ray is positioned) It’s a neck bone, connected to the shoulder bone.


BRENNAN: (Grins at him and turns back to the computer screen. She points to a spot just under the cranium on the spinal cord). There’s arthritic lipping here, and here, on the posterior dens.


BOOTH: Arthritis?


BRENNAN: For this to occur she had to look up like this (Looks at ceiling).


BOOTH: Maybe she prayed a lot.


BRENNAN: Four to six hours a day? What did she want so badly?


MAX: Her father?


(Max enters Brennan's office as they turn at his voice)


MAX: Hey baby.




MAX: Booth.


BOOTH: (Whips out his gun and points it at Max) Put your hand up.


BRENNAN: (Incredulous, jumps up and tries to make him put the gun down) Booth!


MAX: I was hoping we could get a drink or something before this part.


BOOTH: Max Keenan, you're under arrest as an escaped felon.


MAX: (Smile fades) Oh, okay. Then I guess that’s no on the drink, huh?


BOOTH: Bones, grab the cuffs out of my back pocket there.




BOOTH: What do you mean no? Bones!


MAX: (to Brennan) It’s okay, baby.


BRENNAN: I don’t want to handcuff my own father. Plus, remember when he saved your life?


MAX: Hey just throw ‘em over here I’ll do it myself.


BOOTH: (To Brennan) now he’s telling me what to do. (To Max) Just put your hands on the wall)


(Max complies, as Booth handcuffs him)


BRENNAN: What? Dad what are you doing here?


MAX: I heard you were getting married


(Booth who’s been frisking him looks quizzically at Brennan)


BRENNAN: What? No, Angela’s getting married, to Hodgins, not me.


MAX: Oh, the bug guy. Oh, that’s great.


BOOTH: Will you shut up, please. (Glances at Brennan who’s glaring at him) Long enough to Mirandize him.


MAX: You got the right to remain silent, got it. (To Brennan) We’ll talk more later.


BOOTH: (Looks at Brennan) Look, I’m sorry Bones, but he killed the deputy director of the FBI, I’m just doing my job.


BRENNAN: It’s okay. (Looks at her father) He’s right.


MAX: Kisses, baby.


(Booth and Max leave and Angela walks by then looks questioningly at Brennan)ANGELA: Uh, sweetie? Was that your dad?


(Brennan nods)




(Cut to – FBI – Observation Room. Booth and Caroline are outside discussing Max.)


BOOTH: (Frustrated) What do you mean that’s not Max Keenan?


CAROLINE: You know that’s Max Keenan, I know that’s Max Keenan. But to the rest of the world that man’s a hard working electrician from Coos Bay, Oregon named Art Macgregor.


BOOTH: That electrician was a bank robber for fifteen years and murdered two FBI Agents


CAROLINE: Only one was still an Agent at the time of his demise.


BOOTH: The guy was a deputy director!


CAROLINE: And a crooked murdering son-of-a-bitch, not to speak ill of the dead. (Looking at wallet) Drivers license, credit card, tax returns, and this library card was issued eleven years ago.


BOOTH: Complete history?


CAROLINE: Yes, we’ll keep digging but I don’t know.


BOOTH: I gotta cut that guy loose.


CAROLINE: Legally speaking, that man is a law-abiding, tax-paying, fully certified, dues paying member of the international brotherhood of … (Trails off as a frustrated Booth takes the files from her and leaves the room)


CAROLINE: Since 1984.


(Cut to – FBI – Interrogation Room)


BOOTH: (Throws a folder and wallet down in front of Max as Max lifts his cuffed hands) Tell me something Max, on the job site, what’s the most hazardous classification of an electrician?


MAX: Class one, division one, you planning on making a career change?


(Booth takes the water glass Max has been drinking from. He pulls it towards him with the ends of his handcuffs)


MAX: Oh. You checking out my prints?


BOOTH: Max you know I like you and I hate to hurt Bones, but it’s my job to catch you (pause) and I’m very good at my job.


MAX: Well you’d have to be to work with my daughter. (Stands) What do you say? Shake hands with an old con. Or, or is that bad for the FBI image?


BOOTH: You abandoned her as a child, you don’t think she feels that? Every time you pop in and out of her life? Hmm?


MAX: (Stares at Booth for a while then laughs) You’re just saying that so I’ll hit you. Then you got a reason to lock me up. Twenty years ago that would have worked (Walks away and pats Booth on the back.)


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab. Brennan and Zack are examining an x-ray of a skull and half the spine, with a hole in the lower back of the cranium.)ZACK: Your estimate was correct. This hole is consistent with a 22-caliber slug. I learned slug from Cam; it’s a colloquialism for projectile.


BRENNAN: Which so far the FBI has been unable to find.


(Angela steps in from behind the model of a skeleton in the lab)


ANGELA: Okay I have a face, but you’re not going to like it.


(She leads them to the computer screen and brings up a sketch of an old


BRENNAN: That is an old woman.


ZACK: I provided you with the tissue markers for a ten-year-old Caucasian female.


ANGELA: Well when I actually held the skull and started the tissue markers felt wrong.


BRENNAN: Angela with all due respect to your art, facial reconstruction is a science.


ANGELA: It’s both babe, and this time, art made science her bitch.


(Zack makes an odd face)


ANGELA: Hey moan all you want, I stand by this.


BRENNAN: We should look for other indications that we got the age wrong.


ZACK: Because art made science her bitch?


BRENNAN: Because the lipping on the vertebrae had to be caused by looking up over several years.


ZACK: (Looks at Angela) That’s a scientific rational for rechecking.


(Angela makes a face at him, then turns to Brennan as she walks away)


ANGELA: Hey Brennan, I’d like to ask you a favor, well it’s not so much ask a favor as, as, as extend an honor. I mean I hope you see it as an honor, and you don’t think of it as some onerous duty, which I don’t think you will, but then again I’ve never done this before and of course-


BRENNAN: Angela, just ask.


ANGELA: Will you be my maid of honor?(Brennan’s face changes and she looks close to tears)


ANGELA: At the wedding?


(Brennan hugs her)


ANGELA: Is that yes?


BRENNAN: I’m completely, totally honored.


ANGELA: Really? I thought I’d have to tell you what a maid of honor-


BRENNAN: I don’t even care how awful the bridesmaids’ dresses are (hugs her again) I’m so glad you asked me.


(Cut to – Brennan’s Apartment. Max is talking and we see a picture of him and Russ.)


MAX: I have your brother set up in a little auto mechanic shop situation.


BRENNAN: You set him up where, Oregon?


MAX: It’s better that you don’t know, he’s a in violation of his parole.


BRENNAN: Because you made him leave the state.


MAX: Your brother is in a slippery slope, and yeah I know, I know, the irony of me being a good influence on him is but it’s true, I am, I am.


(Brennan laughs)


MAX: It’s so good to see you smile that’s, that’s something.


BRENNAN: Booth is going to find proof of who you are, and then he’s going to arrest you.


MAX: Eh, not till later.


BRENNAN: (Takes a breath) Did you come here just to tell me that Russ is okay?


MAX: No I, actually I have something for you. (He reaches into his jacket pocket) that uh, belonged to your grandmother. (He’s holding a silver ring with three twists in the front)


BRENNAN: I have a grandmother?


MAX: I know your mother and I told you you didn’t have grandparents but, (Hands the ring to her) try it on.


(Brennan takes it hesitantly, looks at it for a while and then puts it on the table)


BRENNAN: I - I have to go to bed, there are some inconsistency’s with the remains, which I have to address, first thing in the morning.


MAX: Okay


BRENNAN: You’re welcome, to stay here, if you want.


MAX: The couch would be great.


BRENNAN: No dad, I made up the guest room, in case you – (she trails off) Goodnight.


(Max looks like he wants to say something, but doesn’t)


(Cut to – FBI – Booth’s Office. Caroline brings him the glass he took from Max Keenan earlier.)


CAROLINE: His fingerprints don’t match:


BOOTH: There’s nothing to compare them to.


CAROLINE: Max Keenan got himself wiped from the system.


BOOTH: That’s right.


CAROLINE: Who is this guy? Some sort of super criminal?


BOOTH: Could also have been deputy director Kirby, you know he wanted him dead so he made him invisible first.


CAROLINE: Hmm, that would be an ironic twist, seeing as you want to arrest Max for Kirby’s murder.


(Booth is facing the wall beside the lawyer; he just stares, thinking)


CAROLINE: You’re not having doubts about catching this guy are you? I mean, he is your partner’s father.


BOOTH: No. (He shakes his head) Bones gets it.


CAROLINE: You hope she does. (She gets up to leave) I’ll get DNA samples from the man; you find something to compare them to.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab. Brennan and Zack are standing over the remains.)


ZACK: No wisdom teeth suggest pre-pubescence, the lower plate in the radius? Not fused.


BRENNAN: Angela’s wrong, the victim is not yet twenty.


ZACK: Umm…




ZACK: The arthritic lipping on the vertebrae, degeneration on the collarbone, spiking on the superior articular process, and all the major bones in her body show osteolitis and advanced deterioration. (Enter Angela and Hodgins)


ANGELA: Meaning Angela was right.


ZACK: Meaning you are not wrong, which is not the same as being right.


BRENNAN: Progeria she had one of the aging diseases.


ANGELA: Anyone wanna hear about the hit my sketch got off the NCIC database?

(Brings up a picture on the screen)


BRENNAN: Chelsea Cole, age 22, went missing last November, good Angela, really good.

(Angela smiles satisfied Zack shakes his head, and he’s disappointed he was wrong. Hodgins glances at Angela meaningfully, she nods and leaves)




ZACK: I really should have thought of that, a disease that prevents the sufferer from entering puberty, but simultaneously ages her otherwise.


HODGINS: I’d like to ask you to be my best man on Saturday.


ZACK: Things aren’t always either or, sometimes their both.


HODGINS: At my wedding. (Zack stares at bones on the table) Saturday. (Zack is shaking his head, still staring at the bones) To Angela. (Zack isn’t responding, he starts to get impatient) My best man.


ZACK: When do I have to decide?


HODGINS: You have to think about it?




HODGINS: Fine, let me know what you decide. (Cut to – Cole Residence. Booth and Brennan are talking with Chelsea’s mother, Cynthia – who is crying.)CYNTHIA: You found her in a shopping cart?




CYNTHIA: From Tuft’s grocery?BRENNAN: How did you know that?CYNTHIA: Chelsea loved Tuft’s, I used to give her a dollar and she’d go down there and buy a candy bar, or some cheep toy.


(Brennan walks towards some childish paintings on the wall)


CYNTHIA: Everyone knew Chelsea, walking home with one small thing in a big cart to show me.


BRENNAN: Did Chelsea draw these?




BOOTH: (Stands up to go look) Chelsea was twenty-two-years old, these are the drawings of a young child.


CYNTHIA: Chelsea had a, condition.


BRENNAN: Werner's Syndrome.


CYNTHIA: How did you know?


BOOTH: What’s that?


BRENNAN: It’s an aging disease in which mental development can be a factor. (She walks and looks up at a sky light) Your daughter spent a long time looking up. Correct?


CYNTHIA: Chelsea was obsessed with the stars. She thought they were signals from heaven, showing people the way home.


BOOTH: Mrs. Cole, when Chelsea disappeared, you gave the police a name?


CYNTHIA: Joe Mellon, he was a caretaker provided by the city while I was taking classes at a community college. One day I came home from class and her hair smelled like the shampoo I use lemons. (Starts to cry) I always use baby shampoo on Chelsea.


BOOTH: Bet that wasn’t part of his job, bathing Chelsea.


CYNTHIA: Definitely not! I filed a complaint with child services, and they launched an investigation.


BRENNAN: Which ended as soon as Chelsea disappeared.


CYNTHIA: I guess so.


BOOTH: No victim no crime.




(Cut to – FBI - Interrogation room. Booth and Brennan are interrogating Joe Mellon)


JOE: I absolutely did not molest Chelsea Cole.


BOOTH: Why did Child Services let you go?


JOE: They didn’t let me go, they reassigned me because they know I didn’t do anything wrong.


BOOTH: What did you not do wrong Joe?


JOE: Chelsea Cole had the mental capacity of a six-year-old, she got jam all over her and freaked out from being sticky. So I ran her a bath and sat outside and made her talk to me while she was in the bath. She used her mom’s shampoo and it stung her eyes, I went in and helped her rinse it out and then I went back out and let her get dressed, which is what she told her mother, who did not listen.


BOOTH: Then why is Cynthia Cole so insistent that you were inappropriate with her daughter?


JOE: I, I crossed the line, man. I suggested that Cynthia consider an alternate solution for Chelsea.


BOOTH: Like an institution?


JOE: The woman was exhausted, she was looking like crap, she was failing all of her college courses, she couldn’t hold a job, everything was going downhill.


BOOTH: Listen Joe, I want you to look me in the eye, and tell me you never touched that little girl.


JOE: I wiped the soap out of her eyes, and I wrapped a towel around her, that’s it.


(Cut to – Royal Diner. Brennan and Max are seated at the counter. He has a ring in his hand.)


MAX: This ring was passed down from mother to oldest daughter for generations, it was a tradition.


BRENNAN: You told Russ and me we didn’t have any grandparents.


MAX: Honey, we were underground, we had new names now, we had to tell you that.


BRENNAN: What’s the truth?


MAX: Your mother’s the oldest of three sisters, and if you seek them out, they’ll know who you are and, accept you into the family.


BRENNAN: What about on your side?


MAX: Your mother was the only family I ever knew, and you and Russ.


BRENNAN: You abandoned me for fifteen years.


MAX: I’m trying to make repairs.


BRENNAN: By running away from the FBI?


MAX: I have more. A message from your mother, on video tape.


BRENNAN: Who-what does it say?


MAX: I don’t know, it’s for you, when you’re ready.


(Booth enters)


BOOTH: Uh, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have a warrant here for DNA, from you, Art Macgregor from Coos Bay, Oregon. (To Brennan) I’m really sorry.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab - Platform)




ZACK: There’s a recalcification around this hole. It healed.


HODGINS: Zack I’m getting married on Saturday, two short day’s man, I need to know if you’ll stand up for me.


(Zack picks up a letter on the table, Hodgins takes it.)HODGINS: I don’t need a formal response, a simple yes… (He trails off as he realizes what the letter is). Iraq? You can’t go to Iraq.


ZACK: The president is asking for me personally.


HODGINS: No, the president has a machine to sign for him. He’s probably talking to every forensic anthropologist in the country; you can’t go to Iraq. No, you stay here and be my best man.


ZACK: He says I’m at the forefront of my field, he says my country needs me.


HODGINS: Zack, you’re not going to Iraq. You going to be my best man or what?






ZACK: Because if I decide to do what the president wants and I get killed in Iraq you won’t be able to remember your wedding with happiness.


HODGINS: Okay, big assumption there buddy.


ZACK: Rationally speaking I’m not good at social ritual, you should ask Booth.


HODGINS: Everything isn’t rational.


ZACK: It should be. I no longer believe this is a bullet hole, I believe this was created by a drill.




(Cut to – Cole Residence)


CYNTHIA: Chelsea had brain surgery when she was three.


BOOTH: They had to drill into her skull?


CYNTHIA: Yes to relieve pressure.


BRENNAN: (Looking at the paintings on the wall) these are accurate.


CYNTHIA: I beg your pardon?


BRENNAN: (Pointing to different pictures) These are all constellations, Centaurus, Aquarius, Gemini.


CYNTHIA: Well I knew Chelsea loved the stars but I never knew they were actually… They’re real?


BRENNAN: That one is Delphineas; it was my favorite as a child. My mother and I both loved dolphins, it was something we … (Sees Booth looking at her) shared. (Booth looks like he feels guilty for arresting her father.)


BOOTH: Mrs. Cole, why exactly did your daughter require brain surgery?


CYNTHIA: Why did you ask it like that? You think I did something to her?


BRENNAN: Head injuries are extremely common, in children who are abused.


CYNTHIA: (Gets up) excuse me but it’s very important that I take my medication on time. (Comes back) my daughter, when she was three, fell out of bed. She didn’t stop crying so I took her to the hospital. She had surgery, that’s how they found out she had the aging disease. Did Joe Melon tell you that I physically abused my daughter because I grabbed her arm once?


(Booth and Brennan exchange meaningful glances)




(Cut to – Booth’s Car. Booth’s phone rings.)


BOOTH: (Answers phone) Booth.


HODGINS (on phone): Hey man will you stand up for me on Saturday?


BOOTH: Sure, against who?


HODGINS: No, no I mean be my best man?


BOOTH: Sure, wow.


HODGINS: Yeah I know, big honor.


BOOTH: No, no yeah that, but you didn’t give me much time to put a bachelor party together.


HODGINS: No, no. No Bachelor party.


BRENNAN: Is that Hodgins?


BOOTH: Yeah, he wants me to be his best man. (To Hodgins) well if there’s no Bachelor party what do you want me to do?


HODGINS: Stand there, make a toast, hand over the ring, tongue kiss the maid of honor at the reception when people clink glasses.


BOOTH: (Grins) Nice. Excellent. Okay. So who’s the maid of honor?


HODGINS: No idea, but most of Angela’s friends are really hot.


BRENNAN: Well, I’m the maid of honor. (Booth stares at her) Why?


BOOTH: (Recovers) Uh, uh listen do you need me to uh, connect with the bride’s father? Put together the toast and speeches, all that?


(Hodgins pauses with a nut covered chocolate donut halfway to his mouth, he takes it away and one of the nuts sticks to his lip for a few seconds before falling)


BOOTH: Hodgins? You there?


HODGINS: Oh Angela’s father, I forgot all about him.


(Booth hangs up)




BOOTH: Angela?


BRENNAN: Chelsea Cole’s mother, HIV or AIDS.


BOOTH: What because of all that medicine she took?


BRENNAN: I recognized one of them, I’ll ask Cam.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab)


HODGINS: In the mud sample taken from beneath the remains I found a high concentration of dead anostraca.


ZACK: Also known as fairy shrimp.


CAM: Shrimp can live out of the ocean?


HODGINS: They aren’t actually shrimp they’re brachiopods, the difference is-


CAM: Moving on.


HODGINS: I wanna know if they can be poisoned by feeding on decomposing flesh.


(A confused Cam is lead into the lab by Hodgins and Zack. There is a fish tank filled with water and a greenish looking blob floating in the middle)CAM: Oh God, please tell me that’s not-


ZACK: That’s not human, that’s Spam.


HODGINS: Which has been injected with a number of organic poisons. We’d like to introduce a colony of Artemia Selena.


ZACK: Commonly referred to as Sea Chimps.


HODGINS: If they die, I’m gonna try running them through the spectrometer to see what poisoned them.


CAM: What do you want from me?


ZACK: Permission.


CAM: Why?


HODGINS: Because you said you’d fire us if we did any more experiments without your permission.


CAM: Boys, you’ve got Spam and Sea Chimps, you get anything out of that, I’ll buy you each a car.


HODGINS: Release the hounds.


ZACK: What?


HODGINS: (Annoyed) Pour in the Sea Chimps.


(Zack pours in the Sea Chimps and they fizzle to the bottom of the tank)


ZACK: I found that anti-climactic.




(Cut to – Royal Diner. Booth and Brennan are sitting at a table.)


BRENNAN: Do you like your father?


BOOTH: I love my father.


BRENNAN: I think I love my father


BOOTH: Well that’s normal.


BRENNAN: But he ran out on me and Russ, he robbed people, he’s a murderer, you know. He got my mother killed, how does he expect me to…


BOOTH: It’s hard to trust someone who’s abandoned you, especially a parent.


BRENNAN: Am I terrible for not wanting to care about my father?


BOOTH: Look Bones, your father is going to do something tomorrow that’s going to hurt you. How do you forgive that?


BRENNAN: I’m not a bad daughter? Bad person?


BOOTH: You’re not a bad anything.


(Brennan’s phone rings)


BRENNAN: Hodgins figured out what killed Chelsea Cole.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab)


HODGINS: Rancinectla Lindali, also known as the fairy shrimp, not a true shrimp but a brachiopod.


BOOTH: Wanna hurry it up there Hodgins? I gotta tux I need to rent.


HODGINS: Right, Zack and I did a brief experiment involving Sea Chimps.


BOOTH: Sea Chimps? I love Sea Chimps.


BRENNAN: To confirm that they would feed on decomposing human tissue?


BOOTH: Great thanks for ruining the whole Sea Chimps thing for me.


HODGINS: Those Sea Chimps went after that pork by-product like piranhas after a skinny-dipping missionary.


BRENNAN: Did you find anything in the fairy shrimp beneath Chelsea Cole’s body?


HODGINS: Yeah. They were exposed to lethal amounts of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.


BOOTH: I feel bad for the sea chimps but-






BRENNAN: Chelsea Cole was poisoned by an overdose of Nevirapine


BOOTH: What’s that?


BRENNAN: AIDS medicine.


BOOTH: AIDS medicine?


BRENNAN: It was her mother.




(Cut to – Cole Residence. Booth puts the “I Love You” pebble on the table in front of Cynthia.)


BOOTH: We’ll probably be able to trace that back to you.


CYNTHIA: I loved my daughter very much.


BOOTH: The hell you did.


BRENNAN: She got to be too much for you to handle so you killed her.


CYNTHIA: You don’t understand


BRENNAN: I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone who does.


BOOTH: You know, your daughter had the mind of a six-year-old. She loved the stars, she trusted you.


BRENNAN (on the phone): We’re here.


BOOTH: And you killed her.


BRENNAN (on the phone): Raltegravir, MK0518, TenofovirCAM: (Back at the lab) None of those is a trade name for Nevirapine. Wait, MK0518 is still in experimental trials to replace Nevirapine.


BRENNAN: (To Booth) She used her old medicine to poison Chelsea. (to Cam) Thanks Cam.


BOOTH: Cynthia Cole, you’re under arrest for the murder of your daughter Chelsea Cole.


CYNTHIA: Could you take down the pictures Chelsea drew, I don’t want just anyone to come in and throw them away.


BRENNAN: You threw away your own daughter, why would I do you a favor?


BOOTH: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.




(Cut to – FBI – Booth’s Office. Agent Charlie enters.)


AGENT CHARLIE: In 1978, Max Keenan robbed a Piggly Wiggly in Carbondale, Illinois. The clerk conked him on the head with a baseball bat and Keenan stanched the blood with napkins, left them behind.


BOOTH: Don’t tell me.


AGENT CHARLIE: (Leans on Booth’s desk) State police have said napkins in evidence


(Booth looks at the Agents hands and the Agent removes them from Booth’s desk.)


AGENT CHARLIE: Agent Booth you wanted me to get this information for you, correct?


BOOTH: Good job, Charlie.


(Booth leaves and Charlie looks confused.)


(Cut to – Recording Studio. Angela’s Father is playing the guitar.)


HODGINS: Hey, I mean (Makes guitar sounds and Angela’s father just stares at him) You get that a lot, right? The whole herr, herr, herr thing?


ANGELA’S FATHER: Can I help you?


HODGINS: I’m Jack Hodgins


ANGELA’S FATHER: You seem okay to me so far.


HODGINS: Well I suddenly realized, my best man said speeches at the wedding. You know about the wedding?


ANGELA’S FATHER: Oh yes, its no coincidence I’m here.


HODGINS: Well it occurred to me you might have a tradition, I mean you’re Texan and I mean really Texan. Guitars and Hot rods Texan so I figured I should ask you for your daughter’s hand in marriage. I mean as a sign of respect.


ANGELA’S FATHER: You’re making a huge mistake son.


HODGINS: You mean marrying Angela?


ANGELA’S FATHER: No, if Angela finds out that a man, you, asked another man, me, for her hand, or any other fine parts, horrible complications will ensue.


HODGINS: Didn’t think of that.


ANGELA’S FATHER: You could get us both killed.


HODGINS: Okay, good advice. (Shakes his hand) got anymore?


ANGELA’S FATHER: Always play in the key of G- Demolished.


HODGINS: I - don’t know what that means.


ANGELA’S FATHER: Well if you do you do, if you don’t you don’t, forget it.


(Hodgins leaves, but is stopped by Angela’s father)


ANGELA’S FATHER: Hodgins. I’ve got guitars and I’ve got cars, and I’ve got guns (Hodgins’ smile fades). Treat my little girl right and you’ll only see the business ends of the cars and guitars.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico Legal Lab. Cam is matching the DNA samples from Art Macgregor and Max Keenan, they match. Booth looks upset.)


(Cut to – Royal Diner. Brennan is sitting alone, her father comes and stands outside the window, she shows him she’s wearing the family ring. He shows her a video tape, she looks like she’s going to cry.)


(Cut to – Parking Lot. Max is walking to his car, Booth walks up to him.)


BOOTH: Am I gonna need to use my gun Max?


MAX: (Sigh) Got your piece of paper?


BOOTH: Max Keenan I’m placing you under arrest for the murder of Deputy Director.


MAX: Alright, alright. Fine. You can take me, you know what you’re right. I’m not going to abandon her again.


BOOTH: You’re not going to resist?


MAX: It’s your lucky day, I guess.


BOOTH: Okay great.


(Max steps back)


MAX: No you know what? I’m wrong, I can’t go quietly. It’s not my nature.


BOOTH: Max, I got a gun.


MAX: It’s not my nature. You’re going to have to shoot me. You understand?


BOOTH: Not your nature?


MAX: Call it a character flaw (sees Booth taking out his gun) Yeah. Shoot me. Shoot me, but in the leg if you don’t mind.


(Booth takes off his jacket and gets ready to fist fight with Max. He punches Max in the face.)


MAX: Hey, hey that’s good kid, you’re throwing. (Punches him back, Booth groans and staggers back) What’s the matter kid? Got a glass jaw?


BOOTH: You know what? You talk too much (Punches him again)


MAX: Geez, right in the face? Time! Time!


BOOTH: You had enough? (He goes towards him)


MAX: Wait, wait I’m old.


BOOTH: There’s no time-outs during an arrest.


(Max punches him again, they exchange punches and finally Booth knocks Max to the ground.)


MAX: Okay that’s it, that’s it I’ve had enough.




(Max punches him in the groin, Booth’s face scrunches up)


BOOTH: That really hurt


(They both lay on the ground in pain)


(Cut to: Brennan’s Apartment. Brennan is putting the tape her father had given her in a VCR, her mother appears on screen)RUTH KEENAN: Hi Temperance, it’s mom. I don’t know when or if you’ll ever see this, but I hope to put it in your hands myself and see you again, with my own eyes. This is a hard, hard world. Your father and I left you and Russ to save your lives. People would have killed you to get us. That’s not what this is about. Today is your sixteenth birthday. I’m so sorry not to be there to tell you all the things a mother should tell her daughter when she turns sixteen and sorry not to give you this (holds up the ring Brennan’s father gave her). It’s an heirloom. And starting today, it’s yours. I don’t know how long it will take me to get it to you, but I promise you I will. You’re going to hear a lot of things about your parents, especially your father. He is a good man. It was my insistence to leave you kids. Max would have kept us together, fought until the end, I’m not sure he’ll ever forgive me for that. So please Temperance, I need you to forgive me and if you can’t forgive me, I beg you honey, if you can’t forgive me please forgive your father. Remember you were loved in this world, cherished. What I did to you may have been wrong, but I did it out of love, I did it out of love.


(Brennan shuts off the T.V)


(Cut to – Jail – Visitor’s Room. Brennan hands the pictures over to Chelsea’s mother)

BRENNAN: Chelsea thought stars were signs from heaven, showing how to get home. Your AIDS cocktail wasn’t working, you were sick, dying. They put you on an experimental drug and you felt even worse. Your worst nightmare was coming true, Chelsea was going to outlive you.


CYNTHIA: No foster parent would take her.


BRENNAN: You did what you did, out of mercy.


CYNTHIA: We went to the park, I gave, told Chelsea that it was candy. We, um, we sat there looking up at the stars. I didn’t know what to do with her, I didn’t have any strength left. And then I remembered the water, it was deep, peaceful you know?


BRENNAN: And then, like a punishment, the experimental drug started to work. Didn’t it? You got better. What you did was wrong, but you did it out of love.


(Brennan places the “I LOVE YOU” rock into Cynthia’s hand.)


(Cut to – Church – Back Room. Brennan comes down the stairs somewhat awkwardly where Booth, Zack, and Cam are all waiting. There’s a huge bow on the front of her dress.)


BRENNAN: How do I look?




(Brennan notices that Cam’s dress looks a lot better, she tied the bow in the back)


BRENNAN: Well how come yours looks so much better?CAM: Come. I took this and yanked -


ZACK: (To Booth) have you been to Iraq?


BOOTH: That’s classified information, you aren’t cleared for that.


ZACK: Does it hurt to get shot?BOOTH: What?


ZACK: I’ve been blown up, that wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I’ve never been shot.


(Booth looks exasperated)


CAM: Booth?


BOOTH: Yeah?


CAM: Better?


BOOTH: (Whistles) Wow, you look great.


BRENNAN: (Confused) you said I looked good before.


BOOTH: (Doesn’t know what to say) Who’s day is it, huh? It’s Angela’s. Come on let’s go (he grabs her) there you go.


(Cut to – Chapel – People are seated in the pews, waiting for the wedding to begin. Booth and Brennan start walking down the aisle, followed by Zack and Cam.)


BOOTH: Bones?




BOOTH: Listen, I’m, uh, sorry I had to arrest your father


BRENNAN: Do we have to talk about that right now? You did what you had to do, I understand.


BOOTH: Yup, but-


(They separate at the altar and he can’t talk to her anymore. The woman who had been playing the harp puts on a more peppy beat as Angela walks in, not quite suited for a wedding)


BOOTH: (Whispers) Bones?


BRENNAN: (Annoyed) What?


BOOTH: He could have gotten away.




BOOTH: We go into a fight and your dad could have escaped capture.


BRENNAN: So he beat you in a fight?BOOTH: No, no I didn’t say that.


BRENNAN: What so you beat him but you gave him a chance to escape?


BOOTH: (Walking towards her) no I didn’t say that.


BRENNAN: Well I don’t see any other alternative.


BOOTH: No he didn’t run away because he felt if he abandoned you, he would have lost you forever. Just thought you should know.


(Brennan hugs him and Booth smiles)


BRENNAN: Thanks Booth


ANGELA: Um hi, I’d uh like to get married now.


(Brennan and Booth look sheepish and part.)


MINISTER SHEILA: Welcome everybody, we have come together to join in matrimony Jack Stanley Hodgins, and Angela Pearly Gates Montenegro. Who gives this woman?


ANGELA’S FATHER: I give you this beautiful woman.


MINISTER SHEILA: Angela and Jack have invited us here to share something beautiful, two people have invited their friends and family to say, you are the one I love.


(An agent from the State Department enters the building with a file of papers)


MINISTER SHEILA: You are the one whom for I forsake all others.


STATE DEPARTMENT AGENT: Excuse me. Is this the Hodgins/Montenegro nuptials?


ANGELA: It’s trying to be.


STATE DEPARTMENT AGENT: Well I need to speak with you before these proceedings, proceed.


CAROLINE: Come on then. Let’s get this figured out.


HODGINS: We’ll uh, be right back.


Hodgins, Angela, Caroline and the State Department Agent all exit)


ZACK: Booth?


BOOTH: Yeah?


ZACK: Is there any sense in ducking when someone shoots at you?


BOOTH: Your body ducks whether it wants to or not. (After a pause) why?


ZACK: (Hands him the letter) you can read this later, then explain it to everyone.


BOOTH: Why me?ZACK: You know more about duty and honor than anybody else I know.


(Cut to – Church – Vestibule.)HODGINS: Angela is already married?


CAROLINE: Angela is totally, unmistakably, legally married.


STATE DEPARTMENT AGENT: As Federal employees with a security clearance, your marriage license underwent special scrutiny. Especially since your wedding was so hurried.


CAROLINE: You were married in Fiji four years ago.


ANGELA: I jumped over a broomstick with a guy.


STATE DEPARTMENT AGENT: I’m sorry. (he leaves)


ANGELA: Jack, I-I’m sorry, this is my fault.


HODGINS: No worries. No worries, we’ll just um-we’ll just - (sighs) there’s just a lot of people in there expecting a wedding.


ANGELA: Yeah, I made this huge deal out of getting married and they all, they all-






CAROLINE: Run. Flee. Skedaddle.


HODGINS: I like it.


(Cut to – Chapel. Everyone is wondering what is going on. Booth, Brennan, Zack & Cam are all still up near the altar with Minister Sheila. When they hear the doors open, they all turn to look)


HODGINS: Change of plans, go directly to the reception, on us.


ANGELA: Thanks for coming


(They run out of the Chapel and leave to go search for her husband so that they can get the marriage annulled. Booth and Brennan are now standing directly in front of Minister Sheila – not really knowing what to do.)


BRENNAN: (To Booth) what do we do now?


(They both turn to look at Minister Sheila as the scene fades to black).





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