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"The Killer in the Concrete"

Episode 2x18

Written by: Dean Widenmann

Directed by: Jeff Woolnough

Transcribed by traciepwns

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.




(Open: Brennan and Booth arrive at concrete expanse in Baltimore, MD)


BOOTH: So, you ever been here before?




BOOTH: I don't mean here, here. I mean Baltimore.


BRENNAN: Yeah, I've given several lectures to the Baltimore Homicide Division.


BOOTH: Oh, god.


BRENNAN: What's wrong with your mouth? (she pokes at him)


BOOTH: I got a tooth situation.


BRENNAN: Well, go to to a dentist.


BOOTH: I – I will if it doesn't get any better. Ow! Man.


BRENNAN: Are you afraid of the dentist?


BOOTH: I'm not afraid of the-


COP: Welcome to Baltimore. This is, uh, actually a federal flood abatement project, which is why we called you. K-9 unit was using it for an exercise, and one of the cadaver dogs went beserk. We dug up the cement-


BRENNAN: No. That's concrete. Cement is an ingredient in concrete.


BOOTH: Yeah, that's a real important distinction to make at this juncture. So, what do we got, Bones, huh? Do your thing.


BRENNAN: Nothing.


BOOTH: Nothin'. Nothin?


BRENNAN: I can't see enough of the skull, the tibia, the pubis- Nothing. (she walks away)


BOOTH: Nothing? Wait a second. Nothing – (to cop) Sorry. (he starts after Brennan) Now we drove all the way here so you could just tell me “Nothing”? Alright, so what do ya, what do ya want me to do? Uh, get the whole slab of cement-


BRENNAN: Concrete.


BOOTH: Concrete, whatever – shipped back to the Jeffersonian?


BRENNAN: Yes. Yes.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Forensics Platform. The remains in the concrete are laying on a examining table – the concrete has been chipped away.)


CAM: Sex?


ZACK: The mandible suggests male and the tibia suggests he was between 5'6” and six feet tall.


HODGINS: Waffle-soled training shoes and a tracksuit.


CAM: You know who wears tracksuits?


ZACK: Athletes?


CAM: No. Huge tubs of lard or retired people.


HODGINS: (chuckles) And rap stars.


ZACK: The teeth suggest early middle age.


CAM: So, not a retiree.


ZACK: Uh, calcified holes with radial fractures in the left clavicle and scapula are consistent with ballistic damage.


CAM: He was shot to death?


ZACK: And stabbed, but neither killed him. The wounds healed.


HODGINS: Shot, stabbed but lived to die another day? Rap star.


ZACK: There's a small hole in the back of the cranium.


CAM: Dig the skull out first to establish cause of death then give Angela something to work with to ID the guy. Where is Angela?


(Cut to: Eternal Spring Memorial Gardens. Angela and Brennan are standing at her mother's grave.)


BRENNAN: I'm really not good at this kind of thing, you know? I don't – (sighs) I don't get the significance.


ANGELA: One year ago, today, you buried your mother. You laid her to rest, here. You're marking the anniversary (she hands the bouquet of flowers to Brennan)


BRENNAN: Angela – I simply don't believe my mother retained sentience (sentions) beyond death.


ANGELA: Well, part of you is made up of your mother, right?


BRENNAN: In a manner of speaking.


ANGELA: So, honor that part of yourself. Visualize a memory of her. See what it brings up.


BRENNAN: I have very few distinct memories of my mother.


ANGELA: I'll wait in the car.


(She walks away. Brennan bends down and places the flowers on her mother's grave which says: “In Memoriam: Christine Brennan. Beloved Mother of Russ and Temperance. April 1948- Dec. 1993.” She stands, sighs and closes her eyes)


MAX: Hiya, honey. (he walks towards her) I was hoping you might show up.


(Brennan picks up her phone and dials a number)


BRENNAN: I don't- I don't want to talk to you.


MAX: You're standing here in front of your mother's grave. Obviously, you've come for some kind of answer. Maybe I can provide 'em.


BRENNAN: You're a killer. You burn people. (into phone) Yeah. I'd like to report a sighting of Max Keenan atEternal Spring Memorial Gardens. He's a wanted fugitive.


MAX: (quietly) I love you. (he walks away)


BRENNAN: Yes, I'm sure. (she pauses) Because he's my father.




(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Hallway. Booth and Brennan are making their way to the platform.)


BOOTH: So, did you talk to your dad at all before you called the cops?


BRENNAN: No. Why would I?


BOOTH: Well, I mean, I haven't seen my dad in a long time and if I had the opportunity to talk – ow, god. (he touches his cheek)


BRENNAN: Go to a dentist.


BOOTH: Well, I will if it doesn't get any better.


ZACK: Based on decomposition of the tracksuit, Hodgins is estimating a postmortem interval of two years. Based on bone deterioration, I like three years.


BOOTH: Well, what killed him?


ZACK: The victim was dead shortly after this hole was punched into his skull.


BRENNAN: Hmm, too small for a projectile.


ZACK: No radiating stress lines.


BRENNAN: A slow entry. A piercing wound.


BOOTH: Like a – a screwdriver? Nail gun? Ice pick?


ZACK: Yeah, something along those lines.


BOOTH: (picking up his phone and dialing – but to Brennan) Oh, cold steel in the brain – would that kill him?


BRENNAN: Depending on how far it penetrated.


BOOTH: (into phone) Yeah, it's Booth. I need, um, all murders in which a penetrating wound to the back of the head figured. (he pauses) Great. Thanks. (he closes the phone)


(Cut to: Brennan's Apartment. She enters and then closes her door, looking at her mail.)


MAX: (O.S.) Don't freak out.


BRENNAN: Oh! (she turns to see him standing near the kitchen) You broke into my house? That is not acceptable. (she picks up her phone)


MAX: This, uh, little device here – it jams cell phone frequencies.


(She gets nothing but static on her phone and yanks the phone away from her ear)


BRENNAN: That is illegal.


MAX: Unfortunately, illegal is what I do best. I'm not staying. I just want you to do something for me. I want you to look at my rap sheet.




MAX: Why? Because I want a chance to talk to you- actually talk to you – without you calling in the 82nd airborne.


BRENNAN: How is reading your police report going to change my mind?


MAX: (He walks out and the door closes) (O.S.) Just do it.


(Cut to: FBI – Booth's Office. Booth and Brennan are going over the case.)


BOOTH: (holding up a picture and pointing to the notepad) I think our victim was killed by Ice Pick. Angela did a facial reconstruction of Cement Head.


BRENNAN: “Concrete Head,” you mean.


BOOTH: No, “Cement Head.” It's got a nicer ring. So I ran it through Interplus and I got a match.


BRENNAN: (reading the report) “William Raymond 'Billy Ray' McKenna, West Virginia. Assault, manslaughter, kidnapping, torture.”


BOOTH: This here? (holds up another picture) This here is, uh, Hugh Kennedy. Uh, I think he killed Cement Head.




BOOTH: Well, West Virginia. Likes to use ice picks on his victims plus Ice Pick and Cement Head were both employed by a regional crime boss from West Virginia named Gallagher. (he holds up a picture of Gallagher)


BRENNAN: Well, what are we gonna call him?


BOOTH: Gallagher. What? He runs most of the, uh, prostitutes, strippers, gambling, bootlegging, meth, extortion in West Virginia.


BRENNAN: (reading from a file) Five years ago, the West Virginia state police began pressuring Gallagher's criminal operation, making a lot of arrests.


BOOTH: Including Ice Pick and Cement Head. Cement Head goes to jail. Ice Pick? Out on bail, babe.


BRENNAN: You say that like it means something.


BOOTH: Well, I talked to the officer in charge and he said that Ice Pick wouldn't say anything so they punished him by letting him out on bail.


BRENNAN: How is bail punishment?


BOOTH: 'Cause it makes Gallagher think that Ice Pick cooperated with the cops. Ah, it's criminal psychology, Bones, you know what? You wouldn't get it. Just – read. Just continue reading there, will ya?


BRENNAN: (reading from file) Half a million dollar bond. Kennedy jumped bail. Hmm, killed in a car accident while fleeing a “bail fugitive recovery agent.”


BOOTH: Bounty hunter.


BRENNAN: Car burned the remains to ashes.


BOOTH: All they got was a severed leg. They didn't actually get Ice Pick's body.


BRENNAN: So, we gonna talk to the bounty hunter?


BOOTH: No, I am. You're gonna make sure that that severed leg actually belonged to Ice Pick.


BRENNAN: Someone kept the leg?


BOOTH: The severed leg was frozen as evidence.


BRENNAN: So – you think Ice Pick might still be alive.


BOOTH: As a friend of mine likes to say “Don't jump to conclusions until all the evidence is in.” (he gets up)


BRENNAN: But if the facts are in, then it's not jumping to conclusions. So I never said that.


BOOTH: I never said that the friend is you, okay?


(Booth walks out and Brennan sticks her tongue out at him)


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Autopsy Bay. Cam lifts the frozen leg out of the cooler and places it on the table)


CAM: Does it have to be completely thawed for you to examine?


BRENNAN: No. My interest lies only in the femur.


CAM: I need to get some tissue for DNA testing.


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth is sitting, reading the paper and attempting to eat oatmeal. He's approached by Veleska Miller – the bounty hunter. She takes a seat across from him at the table.)


VELESKA: I'm the bounty hunter you want to talk to - Veleska Miller. (She throws her badge on the table and takes Booth's coffee.) You want to know about Kennedy's leg?


BOOTH: Anything you want to tell me outside the official report, that's great.


VELESKA: Sure. How it smelled, his body cooking over the fire. Otherwise, I stand by the record.


BOOTH: How'd you find him?


VELESKA: Tip from someone I know who provides documents from fugitives. Tailed him. He made me, took off. Boom. Found his leg about 30 yards from the vehicle.


BOOTH: And you saw him burn?


VELESKA: Yeah. Why? (Booth picks up his paper and starts to read) That's it?


BOOTH: That's it.


VELESKA: I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping you'd keep me here a while, ask me some dumb ass federal questions, check me out.


BOOTH: How's about I buy you a nice breakfast then?


VELESKA: A guy like you must be going crazy in the FBI.


BOOTH: What kind of guy is that exactly?


VELESKA: I'm a bounty hunter, sport. I read people fast or I die. You are not standard government issue. Take a walk on the wild side. I have more fun, fewer rules and a lotta money.


BOOTH: You know, you make a compelling case (his cell phone starts to ring) Booth.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Autopsy Bay. Cam and Brennan are on speaker phone.)


CAM: Coroner;s report said Kennedy's leg was severed in the car accident.


BRENNAN: (to Cam) We don't call him “Kennedy.” We call him “Ice Pick.”


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth, on phone)


BOOTH: (to Veleska) Hold on for one second. Sorry. (He gets up and sits at the counter then to Brennan and Cam) Yeah, ah. Listen, I got the, uh, bounty hunter here. She was an eyewitness to the crash, saw him incinerated.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab)


BRENNAN: (to Cam) Tell Booth that Ice Pick's femur is sliced cleanly at 90 degrees.


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth, on phone)


BOOTH: I can hear you, Bones, okay? It's a speaker phone. Look, amputation like that could happen in a bad wreck. Right, Cam?


(Veleska gets up and leaves)


CAM: (V.O. On phone) Yes.


BRENNAN: (V.O. On phone) There are kerf marks.


CAM: (V.O. On phone) She's seeing evidence of a saw, Booth.


BOOTH: I know what kerf marks are.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab)


BRENNAN: (to Cam) Booth should arrest the bounty hunter.


BOOTH: (V.O. On phone) I can hear you, Bones.


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth, on phone)


BOOTH: What am I gonna arrest her for, huh?


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab)


BRENNAN: For lying. For perjury. For aiding in a cover-up.


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth, on phone. He turns to look for Veleska but sees her car driving away – out the window.)


CAM: (V.O. On phone) If she's there with you, just detain her.


BOOTH: Okay. I'll let you know how that works out.




(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Autopsy Bay. Booth is now back at the lab.)


BOOTH: (reading report) Hey, huh? Look at that, huh? DNA is a match.


(Brennan comes up behind him and turns the report so that it faces the right way. It was upside down.)


CAM: West Virginia state troopers got a DNA sample at Ice Pick's arrest. This is definitely his leg. Was she pretty?


BRENNAN: Ice Pick is a male.


CAM: I mean, the bounty hunter who gave Booth the slip.


BOOTH: You know, she didn't get away 'cause she was pretty...


BRENNAN: She was a she?


BOOTH: No, she was a – (he reaches for his cheek again) Oh, God.


CAM: What's wrong with your mouth?


BRENNAN: (reaching for his face, but he pushes her hand away) I'm guessing the anterior molar on the left side is infected. The leg was surgically amputated.


CAM: Go to a dentist.


BRENNAN: He's afraid of the dentist. These kerf marks are consistent with a type of wire saw used to remove horns from heifers.


BOOTH: Ah, so Ice Pick and his bounty hunter set up a car accident with a dummy victim so everyone stops lookin' for him.


BRENNAN: Two years later he kills Conc- Cement Head.


CAM: She hoodwinked you 'cause she was hot.


BOOTH: Alright, look, ya know what? She wasn't hot. In fact, she looked like a man.


BRENNAN: The amputation was probably performed by a livestock veterinarian.


BOOTH: (he picks up a folder and lowers his voice) Hey, Bones. I got that other thing you want to discuss...


BRENNAN: Oh. Let's (she looks at Cam) go to my office so we don't disturb Cam.


(They head out)


CAM: Booth – livestock amputation? That is on tough determined old criminal. Be careful.


BOOTH: Yeah.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Booth and Brennan are heading into her office.)


BOOTH: You know, I was going through your father's criminal -




BOOTH: (quietly) criminal record, and he was right about one thing. Alright, he never ended anyone's life who didn't have it comin' to 'em.


BRENNAN: He's a sociopath.


BOOTH: Well, maybe, but at least he aimed in the right direction. Ow! God!


BRENNAN: Let me take a look at your tooth.


BOOTH: Alright, just – go easy. You promise?




BOOTH: Alright?


BRENNAN: Open up.


(She places her hand on the side of his face to look at his tooth. He keeps mumbling while she examines his mouth.)


BRENNAN: What? (she lets his face go)


BOOTH: In the Old West, he would have been considered a hero.


BRENNAN: (she grabs his face again and pushes down his jaw) Yeah, well, the Old West was a time of chaos -




BRENNAN: And violence that, anthropologically speaking, our country it still trying to recover from. (Booth grabs her shoulders. He's in pain) Yeah. I was right. Anterior molar on the left side – it's infected.


BOOTH: You know, your father never killed any hard working, tax paying citizens or honest cops. Ow.


BRENNAN: You still think that society should forgive him?


BOOTH: Well, I'm saying, if I have the opportunity to arrest him, I will. But you know who maybe should forgive him? His daughter. (Booth's cell phone goes off) Oh. Look at that. Our small-town crime boss is here. Let's go have a little chat with him, shall we?


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Angelator Room. Cam, Angela and Zack are by it.)


ANGELA: Billy Ray McKenna shortly before he was known as “Cement Head.”


ZACK: I like nicknames. They're universal mnemonic devices.


CAM: Why are we doing this? Don't we know that cause of death was brain scrambling due to an ice pick?


ZACK: The technical term is “pithing”.


ANGELA: And, it's not how he died.


ZACK: It entered the medullary pyramids and beveling on the entry site suggests it was (he makes an up and down motion) – I don't believe there's an English word that adequately describes -


ANGELA: “Wiggling.” Up and down is “wiggling.”


ZACK: Okay, wiggled, thus paralyzing the victim and causing some difficulty breathing. But he would live for upwards of several hours.


CAM: Smart. Very little blood spilled. How did the victim die?


ANGELA: Ugh. This is the bad part.


ZACK: It appears that the concrete was poured over him while he was still alive.


CAM: Oh, God.


ZACK: These chunks of concrete are in the shape of a sinus cavity, bronchial tubes, plus kind of a hollow around the middle finger.


CAM: You said he was paralyzed.


ANGELA: Well, if the ice pick was inserted and then waggled, it would affect the median nerve around the T1 never roots.


ZACK: Which control the flexor carpi radialis.


ANGELA: Anterior palm, thumb, index and middle fingers.


ZACK: But if it was -


ANGELA: wiggled -


ZACK: The victim would lose the ability to move the ring and pinkie fingers.


ANGELA: We think he wiggled instead of waggled.


CAM: Because he could still move his middle finger.


ANGELA: It's a terrible way to die.


ZACK: One conclusion is that the was trying to swim to the surface using only his middle finger.


(Cut to: FBI – Conference Room. Booth and Brennan are interviewing Melvin Gallagher and his lawyer, Clark Lightner.)


GALLAGHER: The last time I saw Billy Ray McKenna, he was “So long, suckering” me from his F-150 and headin' off on a well earned vacation.


BOOTH: Well earned by torturing a journalist who was talking too much.


GALLAGHER: Well, I resent your inference. (to Lightner) Get him my – uh – whatcha call it: tax papers, employment records. Did I get that right?


LIGHTNER: Not quite. You resent him implication. He is implying that you're a criminal. You're taking an inference from his implication.


BRENNAN: Uh, according to this, Mr. Lightner is your flight instructor.


GALLAGHER: That is correct. I have, uh, wide rangin' enterprises. Clark here is helpful in getting' me where I gotta get.


BRENNAN: And William Raymond McKenna is down as a media liaison.


BOOTH: Yep, by breaking journalist's fingers. You know, you never asked me about, uh, Billy Ray McKenna there, big dog.


GALLAGHER: (laughing) Well, I assume, big dog, that Billy Ray is deceased.




GALLAGHER: He was a valued employee. Disappears for three years, I gotta assume the worst.


BRENNAN: His body was found encased in concrete.


GALLAGHER: (to Lightner) (sighs) Tell you what. We're gonna claim his remains. We'll bury him proper.


BOOTH: Where did you send him on vacation?




BOOTH: Canada.


GALLAGHER: Was it the, uh, mounties that found Billy Ray encased in cement?


LIGHTNER: Concrete.




LIGHTNER: Not cement. It's a common error.


BOOTH: Baltimore police.


GALLAGHER: (to Lightner) Is Baltimore on the way to Canada?


LIGHTNER: Well, the most efficient route is up through Detroit but Billy Ray – how he loved Vermont so.


BRENNAN: Do you have any idea who might want to kill Mr. McKenna?


GALLAGHER: (chuckles) Oh, well, yeah. He, uh – Well how would you put it?


LIGHTNER: Aggressive. Both socially and sexually.


BOOTH: How about Hugh Kennedy?


GALLAGHER: Hugh Kennedy.


BOOTH: Yeah. Handy with the ice pick.


BRENNAN: According to this, you hired him as a “liquor license consultant” on a per-case basis.


LIGHTNER: Yes, yes, yes, yes. I remember. Taciturn type, very dour.


BOOTH: Right. In jail for murder once, manslaughter twice and suspect in four unsolved murders - all involving ice picks.


GALLAGHER: You know, good old Hugh did not put none of that on his resume.


LIGHTNER: If I recall, Mr. Kennedy was killed in a car accident fleeing a bail enforcement officer.


GALLAGHER: Guess he got burned up. Well, (he goes to get up and sighs) you guys look us up if you're ever in western West Virginia. We're at Snackie's Roadhouse and Grill.


LIGHTNER: Where the 119 hits the 64.


BOOTH: I'll make a note of that. (Gallagher and Lightner leave.) 119 hits the -




(Cut to: Brennan's Apartment. She hears a knock on the door and looks through the peep hole. She pauses a second before she opens the door. It's her father.)


MAX: Hey, T, look. Snicker doodles. What are y-


(Brennan closes the door on him)


MAX: (through door) Oh, come on. You used to love 'em...when you were a little girl. I got a message for you from your brother.


(Upon the mention of Russ, she opens the door)


BRENNAN: What message?


MAX: Uh, he says hi. (he walks past her into the apartment. She closes the door)


BRENNAN: Have you turned Russ into a criminal too?


MAX: Hey, I haven't committed a crime in over 15 years. I'm straight.


BRENNAN: Except for killing, gutting and burning the deputy director of the FBI.


MAX: He was tryin' to kill Russ and then he was going after you. It is not a crime to protect your family.


BRENNAN: Well, some fathers do it without killing.


MAX: Did, uh, you and Booth take a look at my, uh, rap sheet?




MAX: And?


BRENNAN: He'll arrest you if he has the chance.


MAX: What else? (he waits, but she says nothing) So, these snicker doodles – Come on. You don't remember? You loved them as a little girl.


BRENNAN: I don't remember.


MAX: I'd come home and then you'd be jumpin' around, you were five or six years old, and you'd say “Why don't you put on the 'trying song'? Put on the 'trying song'.”


BRENNAN: They “trying song”?


MAX: It was my favorite song. I used to sing it. It was, uh, by Poco? The band?


(Brennan still doesn't have any recollection, so Max starts singing a bit of the song - “Keep on Tryin'” by Poco)


MAX: (singing) “I've been thinkin' about all the things you told me. I know you're full of doubt cannot let it be. But I know if you keep on coming back for more, then I'll keep trying. I'll keep on trying.” (he stops singing) It's a good song.


(Brennan seems a bit moved but doesn't let on if she remembers or not. Instead she moves past him to the kitchen. She places her hand by the notepad.)


MAX: Hugh Kennedy – bad guy. But he's dead – about five years ago in a car crash in West Virginia.


BRENNAN: Recent evidence suggests otherwise. How do you know him?


MAX: Well, him and his 'Ice Pick' were pretty famous in some circles. I gotta go.




MAX: Yeah. You speed dialed Booth. Now he's been listening to everything and the SWAT team's on its way. I mean, I'm just guessing – but there is something I do want to say to you.




MAX: It's not about mom. It's about you and it's about stuff that she wanted you to know. She never got the chance to tell you. (he places a hand on her arm, but she pulls away. Then directed at the phone-) Hey, Booth. There's a couple of things that you should know about this guy Kennedy. He's got an addiction to model airplanes. (picking up the bag of cookies – then to Brennan.) Try some of these again. You'll love 'em. (he drops the bag on the counter and starts to walk away)


BRENNAN: Wait, dad. What's – what's the second thing?


MAX: Mmmm. He's wily. You be careful, okay?


(She nods and he walks out the door. Once the door is closed, she sighs and puts her phone to her ear.)


BRENNAN: (into phone) Did you get that?


(Cut to: A model airplane park. Booth is sitting in his car, on the phone with Zack & Brennan – who are back at the lab. The scene continues to cut back and forth between Booth in the car – on the phone - and Brennan and Zack in the lab – who have Booth on speaker phone.)


BOOTH: (into phone) Well, I gotta tell you, you're right, Zack. Every model airplane freak from Baltimore is here.


ZACK: We prefer the term “pilots”.


BOOTH: Yeah, okay. So you're into this stuff too, huh?


ZACK: Forensic anthropology is only one of my doctorates. The other is in applied engineering. I'm extremely adept to practical aeronautics.


BRENNAN: (to Booth) Do you see Ice Pick?


BOOTH: A lot of these guys are kinda old (he looks around) You know, they're wearing those, ush – those sunglasses that wrap around their heads.


BRENNAN: Well, how many of them only have one leg?


BOOTH: Well, half of them are sittin' down. Okay, how am I gonna get them to stand up?


ZACK: Crashes bring everyone to their feet.


BRENNAN: Uh, shoot down one of the planes.


BOOTH: That's great, huh. Next thing you know I'm being evaluated by my shrink again. That's not gonna happen.


ZACK: Drive onto the field.


BOOTH: What?


ZACK: Put your car where they like to land. Everyone will stand up and yell at you.


BOOTH: (sighs) This better work. (he puts the car into gear) Now, just stay with me here. (he starts to drive onto the field) Oops. (he laughs.) Look at that guy! Look at that, huh? It seems to be working. Ha-ha. Ooh, they're mad.


(A bunch of guys start coming towards Booth's car- shouting and protesting.)


BRENNAN: Do you see him?


BOOTH: They're all wearing long pants. I mean, how could I tell if any of 'em are wearing a prosthetic?


ZACK: The prosthetic will cause a slightly unnatural alignment of the spine which will result in a compensating adjustment of-


BRENNAN: (interrupting) Booth. The instinct will be for these men to step towards you. One man will be standing perfectly still.


(He looks over to where all the men are but doesn't see anyone who's just standing still)


MAN: Aw, forget him.


MAN #2: Get off your phone!


(Then he sees a man, just standing.)


BOOTH: Okay. Yep, I got him. (to everyone outside the car) Sorry. Apologize. Just passing through.


(Kennedy sits down and stares.)


(Cut to: Halton Inn - Lobby. Kennedy is carrying his plane.)


CLERK: Afternoon.


KENNEDY: Anybody askin' after me?


CLERK: Nope.


(Kennedy heads upstairs in the elevator. As soon as the elevator door closes and it starts going up – Booth shoves his badge in the clerks face)


CLERK: What the hell?


BOOTH: I'm gonna need his room number.


(Cut to: Halton Inn - Hallway. Booth is walking cautiously, gun drawn. He approaches Room #106)


Kennedy: (surprising, from behind) Maybe I can help you.


(He punches Booth and he falls to the ground. Kennedy takes his gun and drags him)




(Cut to: Kennedy's Room. Booth is rolled up in a carpet, placed on the bed)


BOOTH: What – what'd you hit me with? Huh? The only reason I ask is my tooth, it doesn't hurt anymore. You know, you're the first guy who's got the drop on me in 10 years.


KENNEDY: (throwing items into a bag) Yeah, I used to get that a lot.


BOOTH: Can I ask you a question?


KENNEDY: As long as you answer one for me then.


BOOTH: Yeah. So what – what happened to you three years ago, huh? What's your story?


KENNEDY: Billy Ray got in the back of my cab. Don't know which one of us was bigger surprised but musta been Billy Ray 'cause he's the one that ended up dead. (he turns on the TV)


BOOTH: Okay, what's your question.


KENNEDY: How you people find him under all that cement?


BOOTH: A dog.


KENNEDY: A dog, huh?


BOOTH: Yeah. So why am I not dead?


KENNEDY: I never killed nobody for fun. It was my job. And I'm retired. Now listen. I know you fellas get in trouble if you lose your gun. I'm taking the bullets though, if you don't mind.


BOOTH: Whoa! Oh, Well, what about me?


KENNEDY: Settle down.




KENNEDY: Settle down. Relax. (He stuffs a towel in Booth's mouth) Someone'll find you. (Booth tries to protest, but it's muffled) You have a good day now.


(Kennedy leaves and Booth starts struggling and rolls to the floor)


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Brennan is sitting at the counter drinking coffee. Max enters.)


MAX: I just want to talk about your mother.


BRENNAN: Booth is missing. (Max sees that she's distraught) It's been over 18 hours.


MAX: He tried to take down Hugh Kennedy by himself?


BRENNAN: He's only got one leg and he's old.


MAX: Yeah. You know how he got old? By being fast and paranoid. He cut off his own leg.


BRENNAN: Booth is tough.


MAX: What does the FBI say?


BRENNAN: Nothing.


MAX: Yeah. “Need to know”, right?


BRENNAN: Mmhm. (she pauses) I want to do something but I don't – I don't know what.


MAX: Are you asking?


BRENNAN: You'd help find the man who's going to put you in jail?


MAX: Well, Booth will – will do the best he can. I'll do the best I can and we'll see how it works out when we get there. Wh-where did he find Kennedy?


BRENNAN: Baltimore.


(Cut to: Kennedy's Room. Booth is still on the floor but someone is there with him and turns him over.)


BOOTH: (muffled) Ow. God!


(He looks up and sees Gallagher and Clark Lightner staring down at him)


LIGHTNER: I'm afraid that's not Hugh Kennedy.


GALLAGHER: What's that called when they wrap a sausage in a pancake?


BOOTH: (muffled) Pigs in a blanket.


LIGHTNER: Pigs in a blanket.


(Gallagher pulls the towel out of Booth's mouth)


GALLAGHER: Now, how'd you get here?


BOOTH: How'd you get here?


GALLAGHER: Um, Billy Ray was killed by an ice pick in Baltimore. We asked around.


LIGHTNER: Was it Hugh Kennedy that bundled you up in a carpet?


BOOTH: Look, I can't discuss ongoing investigations with civilians, alright so just cut me out of here. Hey, what are you doing with my gun? Put that down!


(Gallagher pistol whips him.)


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Autopsy Bay. Hodgins, Angela and Zack are gathered around Cam.)


CAM: Okay. Time to step out of your comfort zone, people.


HODGINS: What comfort zone?


CAM: We've stopped working. I'd like to start again.


ZACK: We process evidence. There's no more evidence for us to process.


HODGINS: He's right. We process. Booth interprets.


ANGELA: I'd like to give it a try.


ZACK: No, we suck at interpretation.


HODGINS: We absolutely blow.


ANGELA: Um, what do you want us to do?


CAM: Work what we know. McKenna was probably killed by Kennedy. Booth ran afoul of Kennedy.


ZACK: I'm with you. (Cam waits for an idea from him) I'm with you, not ahead of you.


CAM: Okay, is there any forensic evidence on our victim that might lead to Kennedy and Booth?


HODGINS: Well, I mean, I – I finished the inventory on McKenna's tracksuit. There were flakes of tobacco, fibers from the upholstery of a Crown Victoria, popcorn, chocolate, a host of other wool and cotton threads.


CAM: Okay, what does that tell us?


ANGELA: That the man was a pig?


HODGINS: Look, there were also, uh, cellulose fibers consistent with newsprint, gum from a number of different mouths. Uh, he had dried chunks of human mucous, a half-dozen filaments of nylon consistent with women's hosiery-


ZACK: Oh! Uh, Kennedy was a transvestite. (They all shoot him a disbelieving look)


CAM: (to Hodgins) Keep going.


HODGINS: The rest was just waxy buildup from soap or upholstery cleaner.


CAM: (sighs) Let's assume, all this adds up to a place-crime scene. Close your eyes and imagine the smell of all those things. (clears through) Tobacco, snot, gum, popcorn, a lot of clothing, chocolate-


HODGINS: Porno movie theatre.


ZACK: You can't smoke at the movies. I don't now about porno.


CAM: Upholstery cleaner, Crown Victoria-


ANGELA: I got it – a taxicab. McKenna was killed in a taxicab.


CAM: Yes. (She goes to walk out)


ANGELA: Where are you going?


CAM: To tell the FBI they're looking for a one-legged cabbie in Baltimore.


(Cut to: Model airplane park. A man is driving his airplane up the runway)


MAN ON PA: Tiger Moth, you're up. P-51 Mustang on deck.


TIM: You know, you guys, it's not like we all know each other off the field, so-


BRENNAN: But you know a man with a prosthetic leg.


TIM: Uh, yeah. I've seen him around.


BRENNAN: We need his name.


MAX: No, Honey, he'd be using a fake name. We need to know where he lives.


BRENNAN: Well, maybe he's listed under his fake name.


MAX: He's too careful for that.


(Brennan's cell phone goes off. She received a text message and checks it.)


BRENNAN: He drives a cab.


MAX: How do you know that?


BRENNAN: My associates are very good, Dad.


TIM: Can I ask a questions? Do you guys have any, like official ID or anything?


BRENNAN: I can have the FBI here in 20 minutes.


MAX: No, no, no. Screw the FBI.. (he places his foot on Tim's plane – as if he's going to crush it.)


TIM: No, no. Hold on. Easy. Take it easy, pal.


MAX: Where does he live?


TIM: I don't know!


(Max presses his foot down harder)




TIM: Alright, alright! H-Halton Inn on Decatur.


(Max presses down on the airplane again)


TIM: No! No! No!


BRENNAN: Dad! He told us!


MAX: Are you lying to me? Because if you are, I'll know it.


TIM: Halton Inn on Decatur! Just past the tracks! Easy. Wha- (Max kicks the plane and walks away) Wh- what's this all about?


BRENNAN: Thank you.


TIM: You're welcome. Your dad's a psycho, by the way.


BRENNAN: You have no idea.


TIM: Bye.


(Cut to: Halton Inn – Lobby. Clerk is reading a newspaper when Brennan and Max approach him)


BRENNAN: Do you have a one-legged old man staying here?


CLERK: Give me forty bucks.


(Brennan goes to reach for her purse)


MAX: (grabs the clerk) Room number, please.


BRENNAN: Dad! Dad. I -I have the money.


(Cut to: Halton Inn – Hallway. Max breaks down the door to Kennedy's room and find Veleska Miller – who aims a stun gun at him and Brennan.)


BRENNAN: Dad! Look out.


(He uses her bag to block the hit)


BRENNAN: (to Max) Who is she?


MAX: I don't think she's gonna tell us.


(Veleska knocks max down and Brennan attacks her with a crutch but Veleska knocks Brennan down and runs out into the hallway. Brennan and Max step out in to the hallway. Max notices a rug.)


MAX: Come on, help me. Pull! Pull!


(They pull the rug and Veleska falls hits the wall and falls to the ground.)


MAX: She reminds me of your mother. (going over toVeleska) Hey. Hey, listen to me. I like you but if you make another move on me, I will hurt you, understand?


BRENNAN: IF her name's Veleska, she's the same bounty hunter who brought in Kennedy's leg.


MAX: How'd you find him?


VELESKA: It's not that hard to find a one-legged, old white hit man in Baltimore.


(Brennan finds a tooth on the ground and picks it up and examines it.)


BRENNAN: Why is she after him?


MAX: She has to make sure that Kennedy stays gone.


VELESKA: I helped a wanted fugitive evade arrest. I'm not going to jail.


MAX: What do you got?


BRENNAN: It's a left anterior molar. It's Booth's tooth. (she punches Veleska in the face) Where's Booth?


MAX: Temperance, honey. (he grabs her hands to stop her from hitting Veleska again.)


BRENNAN: Kennedy has Booth, Dad. He's got Booth!


MAX: Okay.


(Cut to: Perdue Airfield. Booth is tied to a chair and Gallagher hits him across the face. It seems like Booth has been beaten up quite a bit.)


LIGHTHER: Perhaps he didn't see Kennedy.


GALLAGHER: Yeah? Now how'd you come to that though?


LIGHTNER: Well, Kennedy would've have left him with an ice pick protruding from his head.


GALLAGHER: Just one simple question, big dog. Did you see Kennedy? (Booth says nothing)


LIGHTNER: We could get our own ice pick, make it look like Kennedy killed him.


GALLAGHER: You know we can't let you live, right?


LIGHTNER: You've been struck and restrained. Technically, kidnapping a federal agent is as bad as murdering him these days. (to Gallagher) How would you like to kill him?


GALLAGHER: First I gotta know for sure if Kennedy's dead or alive.


BOOTH: (sarcastically) Good luck with that one, big dog.




LIGHTNER: Oh, I suppose we could do that thing that McKenna used to do. But I'd need a blow torch and a sharpened screwdriver.


GALLAGHER: Just tell us.


BOOTH: (quietly) Woof.


(Lightner pulls a picture of Booth's wallet and hands it to Gallagher.)




GALLAGHER: Oh, cute. Must be his kid, huh. (Booth remains stoic. Gallagher punches him in the face again.) Head like an anvil. I hurt my hand. Alright. (he hold up the picture of Parker) Gonna let you take a look at your sweet boy. Consign his face into your memory and then I'm gonna ask you which one of your eyes you like best.


(Booth head butts Gallagher – knocking him to the ground. Lightner kicks the chair, that Booth is tied to, over and starts kicking him in the stomach. Repeatedly.)




(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Brennan's office. Zack is holding up dental x-rays)


ZACK: Definitely Booth's tooth.


BRENNAN: I knew it.


(She grabs her bag and goes to head out the door)


CAM: Brennan. (Brennan stops and turns to her) You're not alone in this.


BRENNAN: I know I'm not alone.


CAM: We all want to find Booth.


BRENNAN: I know.


(She leaves and Angela heads after her.)


ZACK: This is one of those times when I have no idea what's happening.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Hallway. Angela is chasing down Brennan)


ANGELA: Brennan, wait.


BRENNAN: I have to go, Ange.


ANGELA: What's goin' on?


BRENNAN: I've got to find Booth.


ANGELA: I'm coming with you.




ANGELA: I can't fight or shoot a gun, but if something bad happens I can spit with deadly accuracy.


BRENNAN: Thanks, but no.


ANGELA: What can't you tell me?


BRENNAN: By definition, I can't tell you.


ANGELA: Alright, alright. Hodgins is outside in his fastest car. It's Italian. One call, and he follows you everywhere.


BRENNAN: Angela..


ANGELA: Alright, you're after a crazy, old, ice-pick hit man who has Booth. You need help. Look at my face. Do you really see me back down?


BRENNAN: I- I already have help, Ange.


ANGELA: From whom?


BRENNAN: From someone worse than Kennedy.


ANGELA: Are you serious?


BRENNAN: Don't say it.


ANGELA: Your father is helping you?


BRENNAN: I have to go.


(Brennan walks off as Angela stares after her.)


ANGELA: (to herself) Oh, my....


(Cut to: Cut to: Halton Inn – Room. Max has Veleska tied to the bed with a pillow over her face. Brennan enters.)




MAX: Was it Booth's tooth?


BRENNAN: Yes. Stop that. (Max removes the pillow) What are you doing?


MAX: Well, we have to know for sure if Kennedy's alive or dead. I mean, what if she and her friends took Booth? (He covers her face again -then to Brennan) If this bothers you, maybe you should go.


BRENNAN: No. Alpha male, man of action- I- I get it.


MAX: Now. Tell us.


VELESKA: Okay. Okay. Kennedy's alive. (Max goes to cover her face again) I was chasing him for the bail. He was smarter than me, and he gave me a choice – help him fake his death or die myself.


BRENNAN: Where'd you get the body?


VELESKA: We stole some dead old geezer from a mortuary in Charleston.


BRENNAN: Where's my partner?


VELESKA: When I got here, no one was here. (Max goes to cover her face again) I swear.


BRENNAN: (to Max.) What do we do with her?


VELESKA: Oh, god. No. (Max goes to put the pillow under her head but she thought that he was going to cover her face again)


MAX: The room is paid for through the end of the week.


(Cut to: Brennan's car. Brennan and Max are driving and talking)


MAX: Kennedy does not have Booth.


BRENNAN: How do you know?


MAX: He's only got one leg.




MAX: Well, so he's retired. He's like me. He just- he just wants to disappear.


BRENNAN: (sighs) Then who's got Booth?


MAX: Well, there's only one other significant player in all this.


(He holds up the chart on yellow paper that Booth had written at the beginning of the episode)


BRENNAN: Gallagher. What am I gonna do with you when I get to the lab?


MAX: Mmm, I'll just take a nap here in the car. Been an awfully exciting day for an old guy like me.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Forensics Platform. The team is sifting through files when Brennan enters.)


BRENNAN: Booth is being held by Melvin Gallagher.


CAM: That's a leaf. How do you know?


BRENNAN: Can we just go with this, please?


CAM: Of course not.


ANGELA: Obviously, Brennan found out from her father who is a wanted fugitive.




CAM: Now that I can go with.


BRENNAN: We need to figure out where Gallagher is holding Booth.


(They all look towards Hodgins)


ANGELA: Has anybody noticed that every time there's a panic situation, all eyes turn to Hodgins?


HODGINS: It's okay.


ANGELA: What's he suppose to do?




ANGELA: Shoes?


BRENNAN: Gallagher said, the last time he saw McKenna he was leaving for vacation after a tough night of work.


CAM: You think Gallagher might have a place he takes people for that sort of thing.


HODGINS: Let me go over Cement Head's shoes, see what they tell us.


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Hodgins work area. He's entering some information in the computer)


HODGINS: Methyl ethyl ketone.


ZACK: It's a solvent.


HODGINS: See if it has any specialized uses. Also chromic acid.


ZACK: M.E.K and chromic acid are both used to prepare metals.


HODGINS: Prepare metals for what?


ZACK: Coating – uh, painting mostly. Electroplating.


HODGINS: I'm seeing microthin deposits of aluminum here.


ZACK: Shavings?


HODGINS: No, it's more anodized. Vapor deposition.


ZACK: Gallagher flies everywhere? An aluminum propeller requires a coating that could withstand between 10 and 20 tons of centrifugal force- preferably anodized.


(Hodgins points at Zack – letting him know he's on to something and then runs off)


(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Brennan's office. Everyone is in her office.)


BRENNAN: These are Gallagher's tax returns. We're looking for a purchase of any machine that can be used for anodization.


ANGELA: What, like a copier, or -


HODGINS: Oh, that's so cute but no.


ZACK: Look for the words “lamination,””electroplating”-


HODGINS: “Alloy membranes,” “catalytic bed reactor” -


ZACK: “Serial thermal processor.”


BRENNAN: “Vacuum pyrolysis.”


ANGELA: “D-330 vacuum plating processor.”?


HODGINS: Yeah. That's it.


BRENNAN: That's it.


(Brennan runs over to the phone and starts dialing)


BRENNAN: (into phone) Yes. This is Dr. Brennan at the Jeffersonian. I just received a call from Agent Booth that he's being held at the Perdue Airfield in Oakville, Virginia. Send backup. I'm going in. (she hangs up)


ANGELA: You just lied your ass off to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


(Brennan grabs her jacket and runs out)


HODGINS: That is so hot.


(Cut to: Montage. Cuts back and forth between Brennan and Max driving in the car, Booth getting beaten and burned by Gallagher and Lightner and the rest of the team in the lab. Lightner uses a blowtorch to head a screwdriver to press it against Booth's leg just as Brennan and Max break through the door. Booth uses his shoulder to knock down Lightner while Brennan rushes over to him and Gallagher turns and runs. He gets as far as outside before the rest of the FBI is there to catch him. Max, who was following him sees the agents and turns and runs back in to where Brennan is leaning over Booth. Lightner has the screwdriver embedded in his chest)


BRENNAN: (to Lightner) If you lie really still, you may not die.


MAX: I need your car.


BOOTH (still on the ground tied to the chair) Max Keenan, you're under arrest.


MAX: Not if I get the keys.


BRENNAN: They're in the ignition.


(Max kisses her on the forehead and heads out. Booth gives her a surprised look.)


BRENNAN: Well, it's not like I actually gave him the keys.


(The agents show up inside the airplane hanger. Booth is safe.)


(Cut to: Brennan's apartment. Max is writing her a note. He kisses a picture of her and her mother and places it on the notepad as well as a glass dolphin. He gets up and leaves the apartment. The note says: “Honey, Next time I really want to tell you some things about your mother. Love, Dad”)


(Cut to: Royal Diner. Booth and Brennan are sitting, talking.)


BRENNAN: Why didn't you just – just tell them about Kennedy?


BOOTH: Well, ya know, I needed to give you time to find me. (he looks up at her) Ah, I've been tortured worse. So, uh, you hear anything from your old man?


(She takes out the letter and the glass dolphin and places them on the table. Booth picks up the dolphin.)


BRENNAN: He left my car in the garage.


(Booth picks up the letter and reads it)


BOOTH: He'll be back.


BRENNAN: How do you know?


BOOTH: Max Keenan does not strike me as the kind of guy who, uh, leaves things undone.


BRENNAN: Next time he shows up, what do I do? Do I call you? Do I knock him on the head? What's my obligation?


BOOTH: Well, if I were you, Bones, I'd wanna know what he has to tell you about your mother, but, uh, that's just me.


BRENNAN: (she has a throught and smiles) There's, uh, this old song. It's called “Keep on Trying.”


BOOTH: Yeah. Poco.


BRENNAN: You know it?


BOOTH: (singing quietly) I've been drinking now, just a little to much.

BRENNAN: (joining him) Much.


BOOTH & BRENNAN: (singing) And I don't know how


BRENNAN: (singing) I can get in touch with you.

BOOTH: (joins her) You.


BOOTH & BRENNAN: (singing) And there's only one thing for me to do.


BRENNAN: It's to keep on tryin'

BOOTH: (joins her) Tryin'.


BOOTH & BRENNAN: (singing) To get home to you. (They both smile and laugh)


BOOTH: Yeah, what about it?


BRENNAN: It's a good old song, right?


BOOTH: Right.


(Camera pulls back as the end of “Keep on Tryin” by Poco plays - scene fades out.)


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