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“Judas on a Pole”

Episode 2x11

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: David Duchovny


Transcribed by traciepwns

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.



(Open – roof of a hotel)

(A man is shot dead on the rooftop of a hotel. The shooter, in a hood, straps the victim to a cross, guts him, and then lights him on fire. The shooter leaves him to burn.)
(Cut to: Jeffersonian – conference room – Zack is in front of a panel - made up of  5 people including Dr. Temperance Brennan, Professor William Grayson and Professor Constance Wright))

PROFESSOR WILLIAM GRAYSON: Mr. Addy. Your dissertation is entitled “Analysis of Bone Trauma” 

ZACK: When viewed in cross section, the pressure force excerpted by the weapon can be assessed.

PROFESSOR CONSTANCE WRIGHT: Obtaining the cross section, will compromise the original bone.

ZACK: My technique preserves bone surface morphology, through the use of polyvinyl replication. A transparent positive is made by covering the impression with an aqueous solution of synthetic polymer.

(Booth barges in the room and heads towards Brennan)

BOOTH: Hey, Bones. Come’on. We’ve got a body, went up like a roman candle. Hey, Zack! How’s it going?

ZACK: So far, they don’t like me.

BOOTH: Shocker. Come’on. Let’s go. ( he pulls her out of her chair)

BRENNAN: What? I’m in the middle of something…

BOOTH: Well, ya know, real life murder and mutilation versus academic clap trap, no contest. (to Prof. Wright) I’m sorry, no offence.

WRIGHT: This committee can carry on without you, Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: Zack, just answer the questions.

BOOTH: Yeah.

(Booth drags her out of the room and down the hall, as the review continues)

ZACK: Next question?

WRIGHT: How do you expect anyone to take you seriously as a working Forensic Anthropologist when you look – the way you do?

ZACK: (looks confused) What?

(Cut to: Roof of the motel – FBI is at the crime scene along with Booth and Brennan)

BRENNAN: Male. Middle - aged.

BOOTH: What was with Zack back there.

BRENNAN: Defending his dissertation, last step before he gets his Doctorate. (picks up intestines) I think these are what’s left of his intestines.

BOOTH: Is he gonna make it?

BRENNAN: No. He’s very dead. (she laughs at her own joke)

BOOTH: I mean Zack.

BRENNAN: Uhh. 50/50.

BOOTH: He’s a stoolie.


BOOTH: Our victim. Ya know, he’s a rat. Snitch.

BRENNAN: What makes you say that.

BOOTH: His guts got spilled. Alright, Spill your guts.

BRENNAN: Very literal.

BOOTH: Yeah. Hang up there like a scarecrow on a rooftop of a hotel used to house witnesses, it’s a warning.

BRENNAN: Oh look.  There’s something jammed down his trachea.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab - Platform)

ZACK: I rectified their erroneous assumptions concerning polyvinyl replication.

HODGINS: You corrected them?

ZACK: Only when they were wrong. (Hodgins laughs) Are the remains ready for x-ray?

CAM: Yes. Maybe we’ll get lucky and ID the poor bastard that way.

HODGINS: Oh, we just got lucky. 

(shows them a piece of paper with writing on it)

ZACK: (reads) “My name is Garrett Delaney”

CAM: (looking in the mouth) There’s something metallic here. (she pulls out a coin and places it in a dish) This is going to turn out to be some freaky, weird ritualistic thing, isn’t it?
HODGINS: Oh man, I hope so.

ZACK: (looking at the coin) Christopher Colombus.

CAM: Where’s Dr. Brennan?

ZACK: Her brother came for a visit.

(Cut to – Brennan’s Office)

BRENNAN: Dad called you? You sure it was him.

RUSS: He said “You and your sister are in danger” and he hung up.

BRENNAN: I spend half my time with a sniper-trained FBI Agent. I feel safe.

RUSS: Tempe. I know someone is watching me.

BRENNAN: What’s your evidence?

RUSS: I can feel it on the back of my neck. You spend some time in jail, you develop a sixth sense.

BRENNAN: Maybe you should stay with me for a few days.

RUSS: No, Tempe. I have work and Ihave , I have Amy and the girls..

BRENNAN: What about your sixth sense?

RUSS: Hey!

BRENNAN: (laughing) What?

RUSS: You can’t not believe in something one second and then use it against me in the next.

BRENNAN: It’s a long drive. You can start fresh tomorrow and I’ve got (she hold out her keys to him) cold beer in the fridge.

(Booth enters)

BOOTH: No, Don’t drink the Moroccan Beer, it tastes like earwax…how you doing, Russ.

RUSS: Okay Booth. (they shake hands) You? Good.

BOOTH: Yeah.

RUSS: Good.

(Brennan tosses Russ her keys, and he leaves)

BOOTH: I still make him nervous, don’t I? Come’on, let’s go. (He goes to pull her out of her chair)

BRENNAN: Wha..What? Why do I always feel like you’re abducting me!

(cut to: Booth’s car) 

BOOTH: Yeah, it turns out our corpse is a former FBI Agent.

(Cut to: Garrett Delaney’s Apartment – Brennan & Booth are looking around the apartment)

BOOTH: Garrett Delaney left the FBI about, uh,  15 years ago. He’s now head of security of some big K Street lobbyist.

BRENNAN: So why did he end up a human torch?

BOOTH: That’s what we’re here to find out.

BRENNAN: His place is much better than yours. Ten times better.

BOOTH: I told you, he left public service. He makes, uh, more money that I. So that’s all your dad said, huh,  “You’re in danger” 

BRENNAN: Yes (Brennan is trying to open a locked door using a credit card) and Russ’s sixth sense agrees.

BOOTH: (sees that Brennan is trying to open the door – he smiles) What are ya doin’?

BRENNAN: I’ve been practicing some of the black ops stuff you taught me.

BOOTH: (he walks towards her) Let me show ya (he laughs)

BRENNAN: Every FBI Agent in the country is looking for my father, maybe he’s trying to scare us off.

BOOTH: Six months without a break in the case, he ain’t gonna be nervous…let me show ya…

BRENNAN: Ya know. My dad’s a career criminal. Just because he says Russ is in danger, doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

BOOTH: (takes the credit card of of Brennan’s hand) Let me show you how it’s done, okay…(he kicks the door open)

(They enter the room to find a wall full of surveillance photos of Russ)

BOOTH: Oh. He might have gotten it right this time.

BRENNAN: Russ. These are all pictures of Russ.

(Opening Credits)


(Cut to: FBI Headquarters  – Conference Room – Brennan, Booth & Russ)

RUSS:  Me at work. Me and Amy. This is the day before yesterday. Dad was right. Someone’s watching.

BOOTH: This is worse than watching.

BRENNAN: What do you mean?

BOOTH: This is hunting.

RUSS: Hunting.

BOOTH: As in kill. You see these (points to pictures) right here. These are ranges. He’s picking out a spot from which to shoot at you.

RUSS: So what do I do now?

BRENNAN: The hunter’s dead. The hunt is over, right?

BOOTH: Anyone else know you’re here?

RUSS: Only Amy.

BOOTH: Great. You call Amy and tell her if anyone calls looking for you, she doesn’t know where you’re at.

BRENNAN: You should stay with me until we find out why Delaney intended to kill you.

RUSS: How are you going to do that?

BOOTH: By figuring out who killed him.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Angela’s Office)

ANGELA: This is the paper that was pulled from Delaney’s throat. It was dated, signed and initialed on both sides of the page. February 1978. 

HODGINS: It looks like a cop’s notebook.

ANGELA: That makes sense, except (she reads from the scans) “I will not put an innocent man in prison just because he is a political threat. Marvin Beckett hasn’t broken any law.”

HODGINS: Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Marvin Beckett? Back in the 60’s, Marvin Beckett was a civil rights activist. He made his bones protesting African American over-representation in the Vietnam war. ’78 he was sent to prison for life.


HODGINS: He killed an FBI Agent named Gus Harper.
ANGELA: Wait. Augustus Harper?

HODGINS: Yeah. You know the case?

ANGELA: August Harp (she reads off the paper) Look. Augustus Harper.

HODGINS: Oh wow. This means Delaney’s murder has something to do with Marvin Beckett going to prison. Oh, when you’re good, you’re very, very good.
(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Hallway)
HODGINS: 1970’s. Ohio. There’s a task force made up of FBI, state police and local cops. It goes bad. Starts taking a cut from the same bank robbers they’re supposed to be catching. Well, then they conspire to plant a stack of stolen money on Marvin Beckett. Well, then this young Agent, right, Harper, okay. He decides he can’t live with that and decides to blow the whistle.

(As Hodgins explains he keeps pointing at the papers, while Booth continuously swats his hand away) 

BOOTH: I can read.

HODGINS: The same guy who was gonna blow the whistle on them for framing Marvin Beckett, then gets murdered by Marvin Beckett? Come on. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

BOOTH: Great. Who else knows about this?

HODGINS: Us and you. That’s it.

BOOTH: Let’s keep it that way.

HODGINS: I’ve seen this movie. I get killed on the way home.

BOOTH: Then don’t go home.

HODGINS: You serious?

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Conference room – Brennan, Booth & Barbara Harper)

BARBARA HARPER: 30 years ago, I was married to Gus Harper for exactly 8months. I’m not sure I can help you.

BOOTH: What about the contents of the note?

BARBARA: What do you people want?

BRENNAN: The truth.

BARBARA: The last time the FBI came to talk to me, they told me to keep my mouth shut or ‘you won’t get your husband’s death benefits’

BOOTH: You’re husband’s a good man, and he tried to do the right thing and he ended up dead. I can’t let that stand.

BARBARA: The FBI murdered Gus. Then they had a state funeral for him, complete with the grieving widow as the centerpiece.

BRENNAN: (shows Barbara a page from the notebook) Is this your husbands handwriting?

BARBARA: Yes. He was compiling evidence.

BOOTH: And there’s more?

BARBARA: There was a diary, a dozen audio tapes, field notes…

BOOTH: Where did Gus keep it?

BARBARA: Safety deposit box.

BOOTH: Can you tell us where that uh, safety deposit box was?

BARBARA: Ohio First Savings and Loan in Dayton.

(Brennan and Booth exchange glances – they both have a realization and Brennan leaves the room – Booth goes to follow her)

BOOTH: (to Barbara) Excuse me one moment. 

(he follows Brennan outside the conference room)

BRENNAN: My parents robbed that exact bank just days after Gus Harper was killed. They were looking for that evidence. That has to be why Delaney was stalking Russ.

BOOTH: Go home. I have a few more questions for Barbara Harper, Okay. You go home and you be with your brother, alright?

BRENNAN: Okay. (to self) Okay.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Zack’s Office)

ANGELA: (shows a photograph to Zack) You think it’s Delaney?

ZACK: Definitely. I hope to keep working here when I receive my Doctorate.

ANGELA: We’d all like that.

ZACK: What did she mean when she said “How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?”

ANGELA: It’s a comment on – your deportment.

ZACK: Dr. Brennan doesn’t care about deportment…

ANGELA: That’s true, but if you work here, you won’t be Brennan’s grad student anymore. You’ll be a full blown Forensic Anthropologist. Cam, will be your boss.

ZACK: In your opinion, does deportment matter to Cam?

ANGELA: Let’s just say that Cam’s not the kind of woman you catch with crusties in the corner of her eye.

(Cut to – Brennan’s apartment)

RUSS: (holding photographs of two young girls) Hayley’s 6 and Emma’s 8.

(Brennan doesn’t seem to be paying much attention)

RUSS: Tempe.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry. Preoccupied.

RUSS: If I play my cards right, these little girls are gonna be your nieces in the next couple of months, the least you can do is memorize their names.

(Brennan picks up the pictures and looks at them)

BRENNAN: They’re cute.

RUSS: Hayley has lung trouble. They’re trying to figure it out. You ever deal with an HMO?

BRENNAN: If it’s money, Russ, I can help.

RUSS: No. Forget it. If I’m gonna become these little girls daddy, I gotta man up for the job.

(There’s a knock at the door – Brennan gets up to get it)

BRENNAN: That’s not rational.

RUSS: I’m a good mechanic. I’ll take care of my own.

(Brennan opens the door and in walks Booth)

BOOTH: (holding file folders) Gus Harper’s - service history. ‘kay. Graduated top half of his class at Quantico. He was assigned the joint State/Federal Bank Robbery Task Force. Right there. 

BRENNAN: The victim.

BOOTH: Back when he was Special Agent Delaney, supervising Gus Harper.

RUSS: The guy that was hunting me.

BOOTH: That’s right. Okay, here’s a list of the bank robber’s with their FBI code names. (he hands a list to Brennan)

BRENNAN: Dad’s code name was Columbus.

BOOTH: (throws down a picture after each name) You got Lewis, Clark, Magellan, Cook, Columbus.

BRENNAN: All named after explorers.

RUSS: (points to 2 photos) That’s Mom and Dad.

BOOTH: Everyone of these people are deceased…

BRENNAN: Except for Dad.

BOOTH: Delaney was killed (holds up coin) to send a message to the FBI. This Columbus coin was found in the victim’s mouth.

BRENNAN: Columbus – shot a man in the head, hung him from a pole, gutted him and set him on fire. And Columbus - is our father.

(Cut to – Brennan’s apartment)

RUSS: Dad had it under control. I mean, for 15 years, everything was fine – until..

BRENNAN: Until what?

RUSS: Dad left you a message, he said stop looking. You didn’t.

BRENNAN: Uh. So this is my fault?

RUSS: Well, consequences aren’t the same as fault. My parole officer if very philosophical.

BRENNAN: Well, all we have is a voice tape of Dad saying “Back Off” and a little silver dolphin that I found at Mom’s grave. That’s as far as the investigation has gone.

RUSS: According to Booth.

BRENNAN: What? Booth and I are partners.
RUSS: Tempe. He’s FBI. You aren’t. You’re the daughter of a career criminal and the 
sister of a loser on parole.

BRENNAN: What? I wouldn’t let anyone else call you a loser, Russ. What makes you think you’re allowed?

RUSS: I love you too.

(Cut to – Royal Diner – AUSA Caroline Julian and Booth)

CAROLINE JULIA: What you’re asking is the kinda thing that destroys careers. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of putting bad men in jail (Booth steals a donut hole) Put that back – which is why I became an Assistant United States Attorney.

BOOTH: Okay, look, you don’t have to help me..

CAROLINE: Of course I have to help you. Marvin Beckett is still a hero to a lot of African Americans. Some of us never believed he killed this FBI boy. Now you buy me breakfast, tell me you found a way to clear his name, release him out of wrongful incarceration after 30 years? I can not walk away – which you already know.

BOOTH:  Maybe you should have some more coffee..

CAROLINE: Of course I want more coffee. We have to come up with our plan of attack.

BOOTH: Okay, Well I was thinking Judge Moran..

CAROLINE: We should exhume Gus Harper. See if your genius, scientist partner, can ascertain whether he died in the manner the FBI said he died 30 years ago.

BOOTH:  Moran’s got a long….

CAROLINE: No. We want Kemper.

BOOTH: Hang ‘em high, Kemper?

CAROLINE: Hey. I’m ruining my career, I’m doing it my way. Understand? Now. Take a donut hole. I’m offering.

BOOTH: (takes a donut hole) Thanks.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Platform)

ZACK: (holding up a bullet) This was lodged in Garret Delaney’s sinus cavity

BRENNAN: .22 caliber.

ZACK: These dimples – indicate that the bullet ricocheted around inside the cranium.

BRENNAN: You worried about your Doctorate?

ZACK: No. Dr. Grayson touched me with an open hand on the shoulder.

BRENNAN: You mean inappropriately?

ZACK: No. I read a book on body language. Apparently, in our culture when an older male lays an open hand on a younger male, it conveys approval but if he bumps younger male with a closed fist – it conveys doubt. Dr. Grayson, went like this (he demonstrates by tapping Brennan on the shoulder 3 times with an open hand), not like this (he lightly taps Brennan on the shoulder 3 times with a closed fist). Like this (he repeated the open handed tapping). Not like this ( he repeats the tapping with a closed fist).

BRENNAN: Dr. Grayson is elderly and arthritic, perhaps he simply needed help getting to his feet like this (she  pushes down on Zack’s shoulder 3 times with an open hand – demonstrating someone getting up)

SECURITY GUARD: Dr. Brennan? Visitors in your office.  

(Brennan turns back to Zack and lays an open hand on his shoulder and taps him three times)

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Outside Brennan’s Office)

RUSS: Tempe. This is a friend of dad’s. Father Coulter. It’s Toby Coulter. Train tressel guy.

BRENNAN: Ah, yeah. I remember that story, when dad and his friend accidentally blew up a train tressel.

BOOTH: Come on. How do you “accidentally” blow up a train tressel?
FATHER TOBY COULTER: Well, we were hired by a farmer to dynamite the ice off a stock pond. Anyway, we get this competition going – who’s gonna slide the dynamite farther across the ice before it blows.

BOOTH: You know it’s a Federal offense to blow up a train tressel, Father, even if it is accidental.

BRENNAN: Father Toby Coulter. Meet my partner, Seeley Booth.

RUSS: Careful, he’s FBI.

FATHER COULTER: Well, I’m innocent. It was Max’s toss that, uh, brought the tressel down.

BOOTH: Max Keenan’s best friend grows up to be a priest.

FATHER COULTER: I’m sure your people have that fact on file somewhere.

RUSS: Tempe, Father Coulter has a message from Dad.

FATHER COULTER: It’s a private message.

BRENNAN: Come to my office.

(They all follow her in – Father Coulter tries to close the door on Booth)

RUSS: She’s just gonna tell Agent Booth anyway, might as well let him listen.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Inside Brennan’s Office)

FATHER COULTER: “Back off.” That’s the message. He’d said you’d understand.

BOOTH: We’d you see him?

FATHER COULTER: In confession.

BRENNAN: We’re not Catholic.

BOOTH: Well, the sanctity of confession is extended to all. Um, did he ever call you on your cell phone, Father?

FATHER COULTER: Two days ago.

BOOTH: Can I see your phone?

FATHER COULTER: You wanna trace the call?

BOOTH: Yeah. (he takes the phone and writes down a number) So uh, Max Keenan. He, uh, come to you for absolution?

FATHER COULTER: Well, I’m sure you know the requirements for confession.

BOOTH: Contrition and intent – not to repeat the sin.

FATHER COULTER: Max doesn’t have either and as a Priest, I failed him. I was never able to get him to walk the straight and narrow.

BRENNAN: Is there anything else you can tell us?

FATHER COULTER: Well, he was angry. Felt his hand had been forced.

BRENNAN: Where can we reach you, Father?

RUSS: Father Coulter is staying at the St. Augustine’s Seminary for the next few days before heading back to Ohio.

BOOTH: (he hands back the phone) Here Father.

FATHER COULTER: (to Brennan) Your father loves you.

BRENNAN: Is that part of Dad’s message?

FATHER COULTER: That’s a personal observation.

(Cut to – FBI Headquarters – Booth’s Office)

BOOTH: Delaney’s murder, the threats on Russ’s life - this is all happening now because of a little metal dolphin we found on your Mother’s grave. FBI field unit in Denver, traced it to a local artist in Mead, Colorado.

BRENNAN: …who identified Dad as the buyer. But Delaney left the FBI, 15 years ago.

BOOTH: And somebody told him about your Dad..

BRENNAN: And didn’t tell you?

BOOTH: They’re part of the conspiracy.

BRENNAN: You must be annoyed.

BOOTH: Yeah. Ya know what? I am. And I don’t like finding out there’s a dirty FBI Agent in this building. (he closes the door to his office) Here’s what I think happened. Delaney goes to your Father, he asks him to hand over the evidence. He doesn’t do it, he kills you or Russ.

BRENNAN: Dad calls Russ to warn him…and then..kills Delaney.

BOOTH: Guts him, burns him. Leaves a calling card. “Don’t mess with Max Keenan’s kids”

BRENNAN: Am I supposed to like that?

BOOTH: Ya know, Bones. I’ll take a stand up crook over a crooked cop anyday of the week.

CAROLINE: Booth. I got us a meet with the judge, let’s go. And you (points to Brennan) better get back to your lab, in case we’re successful.

BOOTH: Ya know. I find it best to do what she says.


(Cut to – Judges Chambers of Judge Theodore Kemper)

JUDGE TED KEMPER: You want to exhume the young FBI Agent that Marvin Beckett murdered?

CAROLINE: That’s correct, Your Honor.

KEMPER: That is a big, noisy mess in the making.

BOOTH: Uh, The FBI has credible evidence that the homicide case against Marvin Beckett was uh, manufactured.

(door opens and in walks Asst. U.S. Attorney Dan Burridge)

ASA DAN BURRIDGE: Assistant United States Attorney, Dan Burridge, arguing against this writ, Judge Kemper.

KEMPER: on…on..on behalf of…


KEMPER: (pointing to Booth) I thought you were FBI.

BOOTH: I am, Your Honor.

KEMPER: I told ya. A big, noisy, mess. Alright, let’s hear your argument, Mr. Burridge.

BURRIDGE: This is a precipitate exhumation in a highly inflammatory case. The evidence to which Miss Julian alludes, has not been authenticated.

BOOTH: It’s been authenticated by the Jeffersonian Institution.

BURRIDGE: The FBI would like to do their own, in house analysis before proceeding.

CAROLINE: Of course they would. They’re the ones that did the framin’ 30 years ago.

BURRIDGE: I take exception to that.

CAROLINE: Why? You weren’t even born 30 years ago.


CAROLINE: Not like me and Judge Kemper who got to see first hand what Marvin Beckett was really like.

KEMPER: Ms. Julian, did you bring this to me because I knew Marvin Beckett personally?

CAROLINE: Did you? I – I wasn’t aware of that, Your Honor. We’re you aware of that Agent Booth? ( He shakes his head no)

BURRIDGE: We’d like to do this slowly and carefully, Judge. That’s all.

CAROLINE: And we want to exhume Gus Harper, so we can make sure he was murdered in exactly the way the damn FBI said he was murdered. Your Honor.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab)

(As the voice over is happening, we see a casket being wheeled through the doors of the Medico Legal Lab and into the Autopsy Room – The casket is then opened to reveal the body of Augustus Harper)

CAM (v.o):  As mandated by the Writ of Exhumation by Judge Theodore Kemper of the D.C. Federal Judicial District – I, Dr. Camille Saroyan, will be performing an autopsy of Special Agent Augustus Donald Harper under the auspices of the Jeffersonian Institution. Date of Death – June 25, 1978. Date of Internment – July 2, 1978. Date of exhumation – that would be today. Also present at the post exhumation autopsy is Dr. Temperance Brennan. The original autopsy, in 1978, found that Agent Harper was killed when he was shot 3 times, at close range by a .38 colt, detective special revolver.

CAM: (examining the body) 2 shots to the chest. One piercing the heart, the other the left lung. The third, a shot to the frontal bone.. (Cam pauses)


CAM: That bullet hole in the head, that’s from a .38…

BRENNAN: Just like the corner said.

CAM: I can already tell. These two holes (sticking her finger in the ones in the heart and the lung) are from something a whole lot bigger than a snubbed nosed revolver. Something more like a rifle that a sniper would use.

BRENNAN: Zack, you better get a full set of x-rays before Dr. Saroyan re-opens.

CAM: We’re gonna conduct this one, like the whole world is watching.

(Cut to – Royal Diner- Russ approaches Booth, who is already seated at a table)

BOOTH: Russ.

RUSS: Okay. I’m here. What’s up?

BOOTH: You know, you’re an idiot, Russ. I like you but – you’re a real idiot.

RUSS: What’d I do?

BOOTH: I got a call from your parole officer today.

RUSS: Why?

BOOTH: Why? Because you crossed state lines without informing him. I just told him you were aiding in an FBI investigation.

RUSS: Thanks.

BOOTH: You’re slipping, aren’t ya?

RUSS: Look. I wanna marry Amy and raise her kids. One of them is sick, that costs money. I’m a felon on parole, I work part-time as a mechanic. You tell me what job am I gonna get that lets me be the man I need to be to raise a family.

BOOTH: You got this sick little girl depending on you, I get that. But you go back inside and you cross that line, you’re not helping anyone out–

(A shot is fired through the window of the dinerBooth and Russ fall to the ground.)

BOOTH: Everybody down!

(Russ put his hand against his neck, it’s been grazed but Booth is unharmed.)

(Cut to – FBI Headquarters- Booth’s Office)

TV VOICEOVER: Civil rights activist and convicted murderer, Marvin Beckett, when a second autopsy on his alleged victim, FBI Agent Gus Harper, revealed inconsistencies with Mr. Beckett’s trial back in 1979.

FATHER COULTER: What kind of inconsistencies?

BOOTH: Well, you have your confidences to keep, Father. I have mine.

BRENNAN: It’s over right? Now that it’s out, there’s no reason to kill Russ

BOOTH: Ah, ya know. The men behind this don’t care about Marvin Beckett, they care about being exposed.

BRENNAN: Lucky you were together. Why were you together?

BOOTH: Oh, ya know. A man’s gotta eat.

FATHER COULTER: To think that ah, some people still refuse to believe in guardian angels. 

(Brennan watches as Father Coulter taps Russ’s shoulder with an open palm. While Deputy Director Kirby stands near the doorway)

KIRBY: Booth! (He signals with a pointed finger for Booth to join him and Booth stands immediately, looking flustered and nervous – they all turn to look at Kirby as he leaves.)

RUSS: Who’s that?

BOOTH: Deputy Director Kirby. My boss’s boss’s boss.

(Cut to – FBI Headquarters- Kirby’s Office)

KIRBY: You’re what’s known as a real pain in the ass, Agent Booth.

BOOTH: Yes, sir.

KIRBY: I just had my testicles handed to me by the Attorney General of the United States of America. He wanted to know why this Marvin Beckett issue wasn’t done slowly and carefully with greater forethought and tact. You know what I told him?

BOOTH: No, sir.

KIRBY: I told him, I did not know.

BOOTH: Sir, I had to do it the way I did it because the FBI is -

KIRBY: Not. Your. Decision, Booth. You’re suspended without pay. Gun, ID, Security card, please.

BOOTH: Sir, I’m entitled to the reading of the charges against me.

KIRBY: The charges - against you - is that I was pissed upon from a very great height. You’re outta here in ten minutes.

(Booth takes his gun and badge and lays it on Kirby’s desk)

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab – catwalk meeting area.)

BRENNAN: Can they do that? Just kick you out without any warning?

BOOTH: Well, the two guys standing behind me, with the guns, seemed to think so.

ZACK: As you can see, Harper’s ribs and sternum were practically obliterated by the two shots to his torso.

ANGELA: Zack, Booth got fired.

BRENNAN: Suspended, not fired.

CAM: Suspended’s FBI speak for fired.

BOOTH: Ah. You know what hurts the most?  They took the car. Got no wheels.

ZACK: The bullets themselves, removed from the body – of course, but Hodgins found some very small fragments –

HODGINS: Copper, lead, polymer. This is a conspiracy, baby.

CAM: Guys. What we’re dealing with here is that – Booth - won’t be working with us anymore.

BOOTH: Well, I got my own gun, it’s just – god, why did they have to take the company car….

ZACK: I assume the only way Booth can get his car back, would be to solve the case on his own and that we’d help.

BOOTH: Oh, no. No, no. I can’t let you guys do that.

BRENNAN: Anyone that wants to help Booth, raise their hands. (Brennan raises her hand followed by everyone else. At this, Booth smiles.)

ZACK: Alright. I reversed engineered to find the most likely design of the bullets. After the bullet spread, lead pellets were released – like buckshot.

BOOTH: Wait a second. That’s a home made round invented back in the ’70’s

HODGINS: We’re talking a military-issues, M40A1 sniper rifle.

BOOTH: Nice.

HODGINS: Dude. What you call being a ‘conspiracy theorist’, I call being well informed.

ANGELA: Wait. Gus Harper was murdered by a military sniper?

BOOTH: Who makes his own rounds.

BRENNAN: Maybe we can compare it to the bullet that grazed Russ?

BOOTH: I’m a civilian. We don’t have access to that round. Maybe Caroline can help us.

(Cut to – Street – Caroline’s Car)

BOOTH (on phone): You still have a job?

CAROLINE (into phone): Not for long I’m on performance review.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab - hallway)

BOOTH: Well, look. None of the bank robber on the FBI robbery task force has sniper training in the ‘70’s. I need to know who else was on that task force. Local - 

BRENNAN ( running down the hallway): Booth.

BOOTH: State cops –



BRENNAN: Booth! I got it figured out.

BOOTH: and if any of them had sniper training. Once you find out, you keep your head down.

(Cut to – Street – Caroline’s Car)

CAROLINE: Task force, sniper training, 70’s, duck. Got it.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab - hallway)

BRENNAN: I figured out a way to solve the case and get your job back.

BOOTH: Wow. That would be great.

BRENNAN: We need my father to give us the rest of the evidence he stole from that safety deposit box.

BOOTH: Great – 

BRENNAN: (grabbing him by the arm) I’ll drive.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab – catwalk meeting area.)

ZACK: Dr. Saroyan? When I get my Doctorate…I’d like to work – here.

CAM: Zack, you’re an excellent scientist, but an important part of the job is appearing as an expert witness in court.


ZACK: Ooh, what?

CAM: Jurors have to take you seriously and frankly, you look like a weekend fill-in at a college radio station.

HODGINS: Truth hurts, dude. Learn from it and grow.

(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – outdoors)

FATHER COULTER: You weren’t able to find Max by tracing him through the cell phone call he made to me?

BOOTH: Call came over the internet. It was untraceable.

FATHER COULTER: Well, Max, always uh, did things his way.

BOOTH: Guess you being a priest didn’t have much of an effect on him.

FATHER COULTER: Son, I spent my whole life trying to turn Max’s life to Jesus. He knows exactly one bible verse. Numbers 35:19.

BOOTH: “The revenger of  blood himself shall slay the murderer. When he meteth him, he shall slay him”.

BRENNAN: What’s that mean?

BOOTH: That’s the Law of the Jungle.

BRENNAN: Father Coulter, if my father makes contact with you again, please tell him he needs to trust me. His way got my mother murdered and almost got Russ killed. It’s time he tried my way.

FATHER COULTER: He won’t contact me again.

BRENNAN: Well, how do you know?

FATHER COULTER: Ask him. He put me under surveillance.

BOOTH: If a parish priest can figure out the FBI is watching him, then so can an experienced fugitive like your father.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab –Angela’s Office)

ZACK: I need a makeover.

ANGELA: Zack. I am a big believer in people being themselves. You’re actually kinda cute..

ZACK: Yes, I’ve been told that many times usually followed by the word but and in this case “but no one takes you seriously. I need help, Angela. So what do I do first?

(Angela circles him, checking him out to try to figure out what he can change)

ANGELA: Lost the floppy hair. (Zack groans)

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab –Brennan’s Office)

BOOTH: Why are ya mad at me?

BRENNAN: (sighs) I need a gun.

BOOTH: No, you don’t. You got me. I’m your gun. You want equipment, here (he hold up handcuffs and puts them on the table) have these, alright. New division of labor. I shoot ‘em, you cuff ‘em.

BRENNAN: Why didn’t you tell me you had Father Coulter under surveillance?

BOOTH: It is my job to find your dad and put him in prision.

BRENNAN: And you don’t think I’ll help?

BOOTH: What? He’s your father. I really don’t think I should have to ask you to help.

BRENNAN: He abandoned me, Booth. And that’s the best thing you can say about him.

BOOTH: Your father lives by a certain code, and part of that code is defending his family by whatever means necessary.

BRENNAN: You mean killing people and setting their corpses on fire.

BOOTH: Any means necessary sorta covers that.

BRENNAN: You respect him?

BOOTH: I’m just saying, in his world, he’s a very honorable man.

BRENNAN: That’s ridiculous. There’s only one world; it’s this one.

BOOTH: Would that be the one world where you’re mad at me for trying to catch your father or the other world where you actually want him caught?

BRENNAN: Neither.

BOOTH: Well, you have to pick one.

BRENNAN: Either.

BOOTH: Oh, mhmm.


CAROLINE: Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth. I thought you’d like to meet the reason we’re all losing our jobs and gettin’ shot at. This is Mr. Marvin Beckett.

MARVIN BECKETT: I wanted to thank you, personally.

BRENNAN: You’re welcome, Mr. Beckett.

BECKETT: Thirty years ago, crooked Agents put me in jail for something I did not do. I did not kill the young FBI Agent. I did not steal the money and I thank you for proving it to the world. That’s why I’m here, to tell you to your face, to assure you I did not do those things. You free’d an innocent man and in return, I must warn you. The people that did this to me aren’t just a bunch of corrupt cops. They server masters of MUCH greater influence. You’re looking to bring their world down around their ears. They will strike at you. Watch yourselves.

CAROLINE: Here’s your list of snipers from the decade of disco. This time, I’m advising you - Duck.

BRENNAN: Anyone you know?

BOOTH: Yeah. The ATF ref on the task force was a marine sniper, Robert Kirby.

BRENNAN: FBI Deputy Director, Robert Kirby? That just suspended you?

BOOTH: Call your brother, tell him to get out of the house. Tell him to get out, now.

BRENNAN: (picks up the phone to call Russ) Why? What’s going on?

BOOTH: Seconds after Caroline got this list, Kirby knew about it.

BRENNAN: He’s not answering. I don’t understand, Booth.

BOOTH: It’s not us that Kirby is afraid of, it’s your father. The only way to strike at him, is to go through you or Russ. Kirby was the one that took a shot at Russ.

BRENNAN: No answer.

(Cut to – Brennan’s Apartment – Booth & Brennan kick the door in and enter)

BOOTH: Russ.


BOOTH: All right, just stay back.


BOOTH: There’s no sign of a break-in. I’ll check the back. Russ!

BRENNAN: Russ? (at that moment, Brennan sees a pool of blood on the floor in front of her) Oh, my god. Booth?

BOOTH: What?


BOOTH: Alright, just take it easy. Alright, we don’t know that for sure.

BRENNAN: That’s too much blood. Nobody could survive tha- that much blood loss. Nobody.

BOOTH: (Brennan falls into him – holding him tight.) Alright. Okay. It’s alright.

BRENNAN: Oh my god.

(Cut to –Interior – Brennan’s car)

BRENNAN: It’s against the law…us not calling in a murder.

BOOTH: It wasn’t a murder. It was a bloodstain.

BRENNAN: That much blood…it’s mur-it’s murder.

BOOTH: We call it in, the next thing is - we find ourselves under arrest.

BRENNAN: That had to be Russ’s blood.

BOOTH: You got a sample, right? We’ll check the DNA at the lab. Until then, hey -  who’s the one that always says ‘don’t jump to conclusions’?

BRENNAN: Yeah, you’re right. Thanks. I wish you wouldn’t keep letting me hug you when I get scared.

BOOTH: Hey, I get scared and I’ll hug you. We’ll call it even.

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab –Outside Autopsy Room)

BOOTH: Results.

CAM: The blood’s not Russ’s.

BOOTH: See, even you can’t do a DNA test that fast.

CAM: Didn’t have to. Both Brennan and her brother are O type blood, as was their mother. The blood sample you brought me, was AB – therefore…

BOOTH: ‘kay, let’s go tell Bones.

CAM: I just saw her. She’s on the way to see the priest.


CAM: He said he had something for her.

BOOTH: No, she can’t be going places without me. Not when it’s open season on Brennan’s.

(his phone rings)

BOOTH: (answering): Bones.

CAROLINE (on phone): Not even close, Cherie. We need to talk.

(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – courtyard)

FATHER COULTER: Well, first, I want to tell you that your brother, is uh, with his father.

BRENNAN: You mean….with God?

FATHER COULTER: No, his earthly father. Your father.

BRENNAN: Are you certain?

FATHER COULTER: Saw it with my own eyes.

BRENNAN: Oh, thank god – which I use only as a figure of speech.

FATHER COULTER: Well, I mean, you have to start somewhere. You know, you’re – you’re very much like him.

BRENNAN: I’m – nothing like my father.

FATHER COULTER: Black and white, the two of you. You always saw the world in black and white. Your mother wasn’t like that, either is Russell.

(Cut to – Royal Diner)

BOOTH: All right, go.

CAROLINE: I was clearing out my desk, when my phone rings and it’s this FBI Agent named Carlsen-

BOOTH: He heads up a surveillance unit.

CAROLINE: And he tells me, “You and Booth are wasting my time with this damn priest”. I tell him ‘you better mind your mushy mouth”…

BOOTH: Caroline, I gotta find Bones, keep her from gettin’ killed-

CAROLINE: Father Coulter is 90 years old, confined to bed with alzheimer’s at a convalescent home out there at the seminary – which does not much sound like the priest you told me about.

(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – courtyard)

FATHER COULTER: Your father, he talked about uh, when you were four and your, your brother was nine and he hid behind this door and he jumped out at you…

(Cut to – Royal Diner)

BOOTH: I- I, ya know what? Just give me the keys to your car.


(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – courtyard)

FATHER COULTER: Boo! (they laugh) He hollers, Boo! And you, you had this doll, had this string in the back for talking…

BRENNAN: Chatty Cathy.

(Cut to – Royal Diner)

(Caroline throws her keys to Booth)

(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – courtyard)

FATHER COULTER: Wham! You took that doll and you wound up and you hit your brother so hard you knocked him flat as a pancake. I said to your mother, “No one, no one will ever jump out at that girl again.” And your mother said, “just like you Max. She’s just like you”

BRENNAN: (finally realizing who Father Coulter REALLY is) Hair color…plastic surgery…colored contact lenses, chin and cheek implants…fifteen years older. Still…I should have seen it.

(Cut to –Caroline’s Car – Booth driving)

(he picks up his cell phone and calls Brennan)

BOOTH: Come on, Bones, pick up. Pick up!

BRENNAN’S VOICEMAIL: This is Dr. Temperance Brennan. Leave a message.

BOOTH: Dammit.

(Cut to –St. Augustine’s Seminary – courtyard)

BRENNAN: Russ knew it was you all along?

MAX: Yeah.

BRENNAN: You talk to Russ, but not to me?

MAX: You know. To tell you the truth, you do – you do better without me and Russ does worse. Take this. 

(he hands her his bible)

BRENNAN: I’m not religious.

MAX: No. We’re gonna play this your way. Please.

BRENNAN: (she thumbs through the book) This is Gus Harpers journal.

MAX: There’s a key there that’s to a safety deposit box. In that safety deposit box, is all the evidence.

BRENNAN: Why didn’t you give it to them? Back in 1978.

MAX: Because your mother took one look at it and said “If you turn this over to them, they will kill us. And our kids.”

BRENNAN: They got Mom anyway.

MAX: Yeah, there’s not a day that goes by that my heart is not broken.

(Russ pulls up in a truck)

RUSS (from inside the truck): Dad! Come on.

MAX: I gotta go.

(he goes to stand up and as he does, Brennan hugs him)

BRENNAN: Wait. I can’t let you go.

MAX: Oh, I love you too.

BRENNAN: No. I mean I can’t let you go. ( she kicks him and he falls to the ground) I’m sorry.

MAX: Ooh. I must be getting old. I let you get the drop on me. 

(Russ gets out of the car and comes around to the side, but Max signals to him that it’s okay)

BRENNAN: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just can’t let you get away (Max reverses her hold and put the handcuffs on her and handcuffs her to the bench)

MAX: I’m sorry. Listen to me. If you find somebody that you can trust, you hang on to ‘em. Remember that.

RUSS: Dad! Let’s go!

MAX: I’m proud of you, I love you. (he kisses her on her head)

(Max heads to the truck just as Booth pulls up in Caroline’s car)

RUSS: Dad, get in.

MAX (to Booth): You take care of her. (he heads to the truck)

BOOTH: FBI. Stop or I’ll shoot.

BRENNAN: Booth. (Max gets in the truck) Booth. Booth!

(Booth lowers his gun and races to Brennan’s side, as Russ and Max drive away but not before backing into Caroline’s car)

BOOTH: Right. I mean, did he really have to hit the car? I wasn’t gonna chase him.

(Brennan sits down on the bench, defeated. Booth sits next to her and put his hand on her shoulder)

BOOTH: You okay?

(Open – roof of a hotel)

(On the rooftop, where the episode began, Max has FBI Agent Kirby crucified as he lights him on fire. Scene fades out with Max being replaced by Booth as the FBI processes the scene)

(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Medico-Legal Lab –Cam’s Office)
(Brennan places a folder in front of Cam on her desk)

CAM: What’s this?

HODGINS: Zack’s Doctorate.

BRENNAN: I’d like to recommend him for a job.

CAM: I can’t put him in front of a jury, I’m sorry. I’ll put in a good word in Pure Research. That way he can come visit once in a while.


ANGELA: Dr. Saroyan? Dr. Brennan, Dr. Hodgins. I’d like to present your colleague. (she steps aside and reveals Zack, in a suit) Dr. Zachary Uriah Addy.

HODGINS: Look at you…all grown up.


CAM: Very impressive.

ZACK: I can learn how to be effective in front of juries…

BRENNAN: Zack can learn anything.

(The four squints look at Cam, awaiting her answer)

CAM: All right, he’s hired. Who am I to break up this team?

ANGELA: Lunch is on me, Dr. Addy. Anywhere you wanna go.

ZACK: The diner.

ANGELA: Anywhere I said..

ZACK: I like the diner!

HODGINS: Do me a favor, Uriah, I need a little time to adjust to your fascist haircut (he places a hat on Zack’s head and grabs his ears) Let’s go.

(Angels follows and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Cam walks by and pats him on the arm and just as he’s about to walk out, Brennan grabs him and pulls him into a hug)

BRENNAN: Congratulations, Dr. Addy.

ZACK: Thank you, Dr. Brennan. (they pat each other on the shoulder with an open palm)

(Cut to – Royal Diner – Outside – Booth approaches and sees the squints celebrating and waves Brennan outside)

BRENNAN: What happened?

BOOTH: Uh, the uh, Attorney general took one look at the uh, evidence your father provided and you know, he reinstated me.

BRENNAN: I’m glad.

BOOTH: Listen, we uh, found another burned body. Same place, same setup.


BOOTH: I’m pretty sure (he holds up a coin) It was Kirby’s blood in your apartment.

BRENNAN: Dad’s still trying to warn people – “leave me and Russ alone”.

BOOTH: No, Russ..he’s safe with your father. They’re warning people to stay away from you. You know what? I’m sorry..that you had to go through it again. Watching your family drive off, leaving you behind. I’m sorry.

BRENNAN: My Father is, is—

BOOTH: He’s your dad, and he loves you. (they hold a gaze with one another for a few moments)

BRENNAN: Ya know. I’m just…I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family. That’s -- 

BOOTH: ( he places his finger underneath her chin, lifting her head up) Listen, Bones, hey. There’s more than one kind of family… ( they hold each other’s gaze again until they’re interrupted by Zack knocking on the diner window to get their attention). Well, hell, Zack got the job, right? 

BRENNAN: Come in and congratulate him.

BOOTH: Nah, you know he’s your squints, not my squints.

BRENNAN: No, Booth…we are all of us, your squints. Do me a favor and pat Zack on the shoulder with an open hand.

BOOTH: What? Why? Does that mean something?

(Brennan laughs as they enter the diner together)



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