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“Mother and Child in the Bay”

Episode 2x02

Written by: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Jesus Salvador Trevino

Transcribed by Eden

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.





(Open in Jeffersonian - Brennan’s office, Booth is removing her windbreaker from a hook)


BOOTH: Cops say the body washed up on the bay. They think it could be Carlie Richardson


(He crosses to hand the jacket to Brennan)


BRENNAN: And I’m supposed to know who that is?


BOOTH: Yeah. Disappeared a year ago, she was pregnant. C’mon Bones, you have to get a TV, y’know. Or, hey, or at least just, uh, hey, thumb through a People at the checkout stand


BRENNAN: Was it in the Journal of Forensic Anthropology?


(Brennan starts to walk out of her office, Booth follows her as they walk through the lab)


BOOTH: Oh, you know, I forgot to renew my subscription. You know what, Bones? You really need to take up some other interests.


BRENNAN: (a little tersely) Well, I’m reading Ted Gioia’s History of Jazz, was she mentioned in there? Or maybe in McGhee’s Science and Lore of the Kitchen? Or perhaps I should develop an interest in the mainstream media’s exploitation of crimes for their entertainment value.


BOOTH: (laughing a little) You know, it’s amazing Bones. You can really be snotty sometimes


BRENNAN: (ignores his chuckle) So, Carlie Richardson?


BOOTH: Carlie Richardson, newlywed. Everyone assumed she was murdered. (Brennan swipes her card and walks onto the lab platform, Booth follows) Husband was cheating on her, there was evidence that they had a fight that day. He was covered in scratches. Witnesses said they saw him down by the marina. Yeah, but, hey you know without the body, they had to kick him free.


(Brennan begins packing supplies into her field bag)


BRENNAN: Well if she’s been in the water for a year, the bones will be saturated. I’ll need nylon mesh bagging and –


BOOTH: Cam’s bringing in everything on the truck.


BRENNAN: Well after a year there’s not going to be a lot of flesh for Cam.


BOOTH: Well, you know, hey, Bones, you know, Cam is – she’s in charge now. She runs the place, it’s her call.


BRENNAN: Then lets hurry, I don’t what my remains to be compromised.


(Brennan picks up her now packed back and begins to leave the platform, forcing Booth to jog a little to keep up with her)


BOOTH: Okay (hums to himself as he follows)


BRENNAN: I don’t care if she’s the boss


(Booth’s cell phone rings and he goes to answer.


BRENNAN: The bones belong to me.


BOOTH: Hey, oh. (into phone) Booth. Oh, yeah. Rebecca.


(Bones stops walking and turns to watch Booth’s conversation)


BOOTH: Whoa, wait a second, slow down, okay? This is my weekend with Parker, okay? I am his father, all right? Stu is your boyfriend. (he sighs)


(Brennan sees Cam crossing the lab on her way out. She is followed by Zack, both carrying equipment.)


CAM: We’re going to be in the water, Doc. Remember to bring Traxon and soluble tape.


(Zack waves at Brennan and he and Cam exit the lab)


BRENNAN: (Insulted, she moves towards Both who is still on the phone) Does she think I’m new at this? I developed the use of Traxon – (Booth makes a ‘silence’ motion, cutting her off)


BOOTH: (whispers) On the phone, Bones


BRENNAN: I know, get off. We have to go. (She tries to pull him away but he shakes her off)


BOOTH: (into phone) It’s – Rebecca, he’s spending a lot of time with Parker and I don’t even know this guy.


(Brennan tries again to interrupt Booth)


BRENNAN: She took Zack, Zack’s mine.


BOOTH: (Still on the phone) Because you know what? I just – I just want to make sure that he’s a good influence. The fact that he (drops his voice to a whisper as Brennan repeatedly taps his shoulder), you know, rocks you – rocks your world, surprisingly, that really, you know, doesn’t concern –


BRENNAN: I’ll just meet you there.


(Brennan walks towards the lab doors)


BOOTH: - doesn’t concern me. I – I gotta run, okay Rebecca? We’ll talk about this later. (He hangs up the phone and runs after Brennan) Bones, wait up!


(CUT TO: Booth’s car, driving through DC streets)


BRENNAN: (VO) Why can’t you go faster? I don’t see why I couldn’t drive.


(CUT TO: Inside the car, Booth is driving)


BOOTH: Because you’re agitated.


BRENNAN: I am not.


BOOTH: You know what, you’ve turned this into a competition between you and Cam.


BRENNAN: I just like to be first on the scene, that’s all. To protect the evidence.


BOOTH: She’s not going to disturb anything.


BRENNAN: No, it’s all tissue and blood and DNA with her. She doesn’t appreciate the skeletal system. (points out the windshield) You can take the I-70, it’ll be quicker.


BOOTH: Don’t back seat drive, okay?


BRENNAN: (smiling) Oh, I think I know who’s agitated.


BOOTH: (scoffs) Someone is annoying me, okay? That’s different.


BRENNAN: Your ex.




BRENNAN: (in a teasing tone) That’s who’s annoying you because she had a new man in her life


BOOTH (clearly not amused): That’s funny, you know? Okay, I am concerned about my son. I wanna know what kind of guy this new boyfriend is. And you know what? If she’s not gonna tell me, I’ll find out on my own.


BRENNAN: You’re going to run a background check on him?


BOOTH: You have kids and we’ll talk.


BRENNAN (sarcastically): That’s a lot to ask for a little conversation.


(Booth scoffs dryly at her as Brennan indicates outside again) if you make a right we can cut through Grafton.


BOOTH: Fine.


(CUT TO: Divers removing a plastic wrapped body from a body of water. FBI agents secure the crime scene, erecting tape and running around generally. A Police Officer is talking to press gathered behind the yellow tape)


POLICE OFFICER: We have no information right now.


(His voice fades away, indistinct as we see Zack and Cam unloading equipment from the Jeffersonian truck. They kneel down beside the body, now resting on the grassy bank, and begin to unwrap the plastic. Booth’s SUV pulls up.)


BRENNAN: (as she climbs out of the car) She beat us here, she was in a truck.


BOOTH: Well, you know, you’re the one who wanted to go through Grafton.


BRENNAN: Well, you could have used the siren. You know, why do you have one if you’re not going to use it?


BOOTH: (groans) What’s that smell? (They approach where Cam and Zack are working with the body)


CAM: Zack, I need some sterile tubes before she’s fertilizer.


(Booth stares at the body for a moment before exhaling)


BOOTH: Okay, that’s the smell.


(Brennan kneels down beside the body, quickly examining)


BRENNAN: Caucasian, female, 25-30. (she examines something on the body) And barnacle and small muscle incrustation indicates she’s been in the water for about a year.


CAM: Mmm-mm, they have. (She peels back the plastic sheeting around the body to reveal the skeletal remains of a very small baby)


BOOTH: (looks horrified) God.


BRENNAN: (now examining the infant) Size of the fetal bones indicates this fetus was viable.


BOOTH: How could someone do this to their own kid? (He and Brennan exchange a look as Zack begins to speak)


ZACK: Multiple fractures. They could be from an assault or from being battered by rocks and debris while in the water. (he examines the skeletal remains, indicating the chest area) Stab wounds evident on ribs, manubrium and clavicle.


BRENNAN: And ulna, radius. One to the sphenoids.


(CUT TO: The sound of a woman screaming, played over a knife stabbing up and down, blood spattering everywhere. CUT BACK: to Brennan)


BRENNAN: This was a very violent attack.


BOOTH: Find the murder weapon?


CAM: Not yet, scoop guys just got here. (She indicates the diving team, now working out in the water on a life-raft.


BRENNAN: Then tell them to look for a left leg and missing fetal bones.


CAM: (sighs) Looks like we finally get to put Richardson away. I love being a hero.


BRENNAN: A heroine.


CAM: Mmm, sounds too druggy. I’m going with hero. (She moves to scrape something off of the bones)


BRENNAN: (Stops Cam) Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?


CAM: Scraping the adipocere from the hand.


BRENNAN: (clearly agitated) No, you could compromise the bones. You should use suction back at the lab. If you want a conviction. (she tosses up her hand) Of course it’s your call.


BOOTH: Are we gonna have another murder here or what?


CAM: No, no. I have the utmost respect for the doc. (She begins to stand up) Glad she works for me.


(As Cam stands up, Brennan gives Booth an incredulous look. Booth ignores her look and keeps talking)


BOOTH: Good. And, you know, the clothes, they match the ones she was last seen wearing. The rope could be a match to the type found in Richardson’s house. (he indicates the group around the bones) While you two do your thing, I’m gonna go bring the son of a bitch in. (He walks off)


(CUT TO: A front door being smashed in by police. Booth and several uniformed police enter the house, guns drawn. A TV plays in the background)


WOMAN ON TV NEWS: …the body of a mother and child thought to have –


(Booth leads the police through to the kitchen where a very blonde woman is standing, obviously scared. She has a cut lip and is holding a towel to her face)


BOOTH: Where’s Richardson?


KAREN: Uh, I don’t know. He saw this (she indicates the news on TV) and then he took off. (her voice wavers) I tried to stop him but then he hit me. (Booth lowers his weapon as she begins to cry) He said he’s never coming back.


WOMAN ON TV NEWS: Sources indicate both the mother and her fetus were stabbed to death. Kyle Richardson remains the chief suspect.








(Open on Jeffersonian Lab – Autopsy Room. Booth enters, carrying a white evidence box sealed with red tape.)


BOOTH: Cam, this is the evidence taken from Kyle Richardson’s house a year ago. (he places the box on a bench before her and opens it). So, we got rope, the plastic sheeting, knife set – one knife missing, Richardson’s DNA results.


CAM: File says witnesses placed Richardson at the marina on the bay this night that she disappeared. Looks like he’s not walking this time, Seeley.


(Booth walks over to where Brennan, Hodgins and Angela are examining the body)


HODGINS: Ironic since he’s running now.


ANGELA: Hodgins, you know Booth is bigger than you, right?


HODGINS: (confused) Right. (Looks up at Booth’s tight expression) Wasn’t your fault, dude.


CAM: Let’s focus people, this should be a slam dunk. We screw this one up, I’m gonna look like a fool and someone’s gonna have to pay for that.


BRENNAN: (Looks up from the body) We just started collecting evidence.


CAM: There are boxes of evidence. The remains are the icing on the cake.


(Booth watches this interaction with slight amusement, aware of Brennan’s annoyance with Cam)


CAM: Let’s just hand the prosecutor what she needs to I can have a nice weekend knockin’ back shots and playing poker.


BRENNAN: (scoffs) Yeah, that should motivate us.


CAM: (puts on gloves) I’m gonna strip the flesh and adipocere. Remove anything from under the fingernails.


ZACK: There was a dead fish in the plastic. (Offers it to Hodgins on a tray)


HODGINS: Ooh! And it’s not even my birthday!


BOOTH: (To Cam) You saved the fish?


CAM: (smiling) Yeah.


BRENNAN: The stomach contents and particulates could give us drift patterns, show where she was left before she washed ashore.


CAM: (Hands deep in the body now) Now much left of the organs. Looks like I can still find a few surprises from what’s left of this lung. (poking through organs) Looks like some liver here.


HODGINS: I’ll take any tissue that’s stuck to the plastic. There’ll be sediment and organic particulates.


CAM: (To Angela) What do you want?


ANGELA: George Clooney naked on a white sandy beach. But, I can give you faces after the skulls are reconstructed.


BRENNAN: Zack will start on them right away. After you’ve stripped any tissue I’d like to reassemble the victim and the fetus.


CAM: (nodding) Sounds like fun, let’s do it.


(Cam and Brennan begin removing organs and generally examining the body while Booth watches somberly.)


(We see that he is looking at the tiny skeleton of the fetus reconstructed on a small white exam table. Brennan walks up.)


BRENNAN: It was male.


BOOTH: ‘He’. Not ‘it’, Bones. I’m gonna go talk to his girlfriend. No mistakes on this one.


(He tosses aside the file he was holding and walks out quickly)


CAM: He always was a little touchy.




(Fade into FBI – Interrogation room. Booth is interviewing Kyle Richardson’s girlfriend, Karen. Her lawyer, Michael Jules is present)


KAREN: I – I didn’t know Kyle then. We started going out after his wife went missing.


BOOTH: Did he ever mention the night she disappeared?


KAREN: Of course. I mean, it was terrible for him. I just tried to support him and help him get past it.


BOOTH: (looking through photographs) It looks like he has a lot of people to help him. (Places photos down on the table that show Kyle Richardson with various women, eating out and kissing) I mean, he looked really, really broken up.


KAREN: I know he dated other women. But he is not who you think he is.


BOOTH: (sarcasm evident in his voice) Nah, of course not.


(Booth places down photographs of the body from the crime scene on the table before Karen. She gasps and covers her mouth, looking horrified)


KAREN: Oh, my god.


MICHAEL JULES: Agent Booth, is that necessary?


BOOTH: Just trying to help her remember.


KAREN: He would never do this. He could never do this!


He hit you when he was leaving, didn’t he?


KAREN: (stammers) This is because I wanted to go with him. A-And he knew everyone would be after him. He was just trying to protect me.


BOOTH: Yeah, he’s a real prince.


(Karen looks at booth for a moment, clearly not impressed by his sarcasm.)


BOOTH: If he contacts you, call. Otherwise you’re looking at obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting and I’m sure we could find a few other charges to make it worth the money you’re paying your lawyer.


(CUT TO: Jeffersonian Lab – Bone room. The bones, now clean, are arranged on a lighted exam table. Brennan is looking at them with a magnifier, Angela watching and taking notes.)


BRENNAN: There’s another gash on the second rib, right side. Approximately 45 degrees, left to right. (She demonstrates with a blade)


ANGELA: Why didn’t he just divorce her?


BRENNAN: Why did they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual. Carlie Richardson believed in it, trusted her husband and look what happened.


ANGELA: (amused) So this is marriage’s fault?


BRENNAN: Committing yourself to one person isn’t in the interest of the species. I mean, you have multiple partners.


ANGELA: Don’t say it like that. I date.


BRENNAN: The notion of a committed relationship, it’s fantasy. Look at Booth. Fighting with his ex, his son caught in the middle.


ANGELA: We make our lives out of chaos and hope and love. Someday you’ll meet somebody.


BRENNAN: I don’t need anything more than I have now.


ANGELA: (nods and raises her eyebrows a little) Talk about a fantasy.


(Zack enters, carrying a tray)


ZACK: The sculls are in multiple pieces, but the damage is from debris in the water.


BRENNAN: Then let’s start on the stab wounds. I’d like to confirm the type of knife used in each of these.


ZACK: These all appear to be from the knife that was missing from the set taken from Richardson’s.


BRENNAN: Appear? No conclusions without corroboration.


ZACK: But Dr Saroyan seems certain that Richardson –


BRENNAN: Seems? You’re my grad student. You work for me.


CAM: (entering the room) Remember Doc, were building a case here. Not getting our rocks off on research.


BRENNAN: Rocks and sediment are Hodgins’s specialty.


CAM: You’re serious? (There is a pause as Brennan looks at Angela, a little confused) Okay. I bought your hand back (Hands Brennan a tray which contains a skeletal hand) Found organic materials under the fingernails, should match Richardson. And I found something else I’d like you to look at.


(CUT TO: Cam showing Brennan something in one of the organs which is projected up on a TV screen in the Autopsy Room.)


CAM: It’s here in the lung, it’s a locket. (She lifts a piece of tissue to reveal the edge of a gold, heart-shaped locket)


BRENNAN: It must have been around her neck and melted into the lung during putrefaction.


CAM: before I remove it I wanted to see if any of your cyborgs could do anything with the photo paper.


(Cam removes the locket and places it in a Petri dish)


BRENNAN: There’s not enough left, it’s liquefied.


(Cam squirts liquid over the locket, cleaning away tissue)


CAM: It’s probably just another picture of the lovebirds anyway. (She lifts it from the dish with forceps) Oh, what’s this?


(Cam places the now-clean locket under the magnifying camera. She zooms in on the image to reveal the words ‘I LOVE YOU KENNY’ engraved in the locket)


CAM: Oh, no.


BRENNAN: Who’s Kenny?


CAM: I don’t know, I don’t want to know. Just want it to be Richardson.


BRENNAN: That’s right because of the drinking and the poker.


(CUT TO: Royal Diner. Booth is sitting at the counter, speaking into his cell phone. Brennan enters)


BOOTH: (Into phone) Yeah I know there’s a lot of animals at the zoo. The monkeys – the monkeys are Daddy’s favorite. Did you see? They’re just like people! (Booth begins to make monkey noises into the phone.


BRENNAN: (Sitting down beside Booth) Actually 3 million base pairs of the genome differ in protein coding and other functional areas.


BOOTH: (confused) What?


BRENNAN: Genetic differences between chimps and humans.


BOOTH: (whispers) I’m talking to a four-year-old, Bones. (Louder, into phone). Oh. Yeah. You’re spending a lot of time with Drew, huh? Oh, that’s great. Okay, you gotta go eat. Okay, go eat. Make sure – Okay, I love – (The call ends and he hangs up the phone) Yeah.


BRENNAN: New boyfriend spending a lot of time with your son?


BOOTH: Yeah. So you got any new information for me Bones?


BRENNAN: I’m sorry.


BOOTH: Ah, there’s no need.


BRENNAN: It must be hard not being able to see him when you want to.


BOOTH: See, this is information that I already know, Bones. Why don’t you – Let’s just say we discuss the case, hmm?


BRENNAN: (eyebrows raised) Sure.


BOOTH: (Nodding, trying to be jovial) You know, I’m his father. You know, Parker knows that. I mean, that – that’s what’s important not some stupid trip to the zoo.


BRENNAN: No, absolutely.


BOTH: Right.




BOOTH: Done!


BRENNAN: Of course.


BOOTH: Boom.


(They are silent for a moment, Booth still a little unsettled. After a moment Brennan offers him the locket, sealed in a plastic evidence bag)


BRENNAN: We found this in her lung.


BOOTH: What? Her lung?


BRENNAN: It was enveloped during decomp.


BOOTH: (examining the locket) ‘Kenny’?


BRENNAN: Any reference to a Kenny in the case file?


BOOTH: No, but whoever Kenny is liked her enough to get her a locket. Maybe Kyle wasn’t the only one who was cheating.


BRENNAN: Opens up a lot of possibilities.


BOOTH: (pockets the evidence) Yeah. What do you say we just go talk to Carlie’s friends and see if they know who Kenny is?


(Booth and Brennan get up to leave the diner)


(CUT TO: A children’s playground, Booth and Brennan are interviewing a group of mothers, Mary, Tina and Faith. All three women have babies in their arms.)


FAITH: The four of us got so close being in the same Lamaze class. Losing Carlie was like losing a sister.


TINA: It was her idea to start this baby group.


MARY: We all felt so connected. Feeling something growing inside, waiting to meet them. Do you have kids?


BRENNAN: He does.


MARY: They make you feel whole.


BRENNAN: It’s just a release of serotonin necessary for the survival of the species.


MARY: Huh?


BOTH: Never mind. Um, we found this locket on Carlie’s remains. (Shows her the locket) It says, uh, ‘I love you Kenny’. Did she ever mention a Kenny?


MARY: (smiling) Yes.


FAITH: She talked about Kenny all the time.


BOOTH: He was never mentioned in the police report.


TINA: Kenny was her dog.


BOOTH: Her dog?


FAITH: Kyle bought her the dog when things were better between them. She loved that dog. There used to be a picture of the two of them in there.


BOOTH: Well, where is her dog now?


FAITH: It died. Mary took care of it.


MARY: I’m a vet. They brought it in a few months before Carlie disappeared. Kyle said he backed over it accidentally. Carlie always felt he did it on purpose. He was a real piece of work when he got mad.


(CUT TO: Jeffersonian Lab – Autopsy Room. Cam is placing containers into a fume hood)


CAM: A dead dog, excellent.


BOOTH: So we’re back to one suspect: Richardson.


CAM: I like this. Good work.


BRENNAN: Do you want children?


CAM: What?


BRENNAN: Children?


CAM: Maybe, if I could find one that sleeps late and cleans. Does this apply to the case in any way?


BRENNAN: No, just curious. (Turns to Booth) Most people think it’s odd when a woman doesn’t want children. (Turns back to Cam) But, obviously, you don’t.


CAM: (nodding, not sure where this conversation is going) Are you pregnant?


BRENNAN: No. I’m not, no.


BOOTH: Why are you looking at me?


CAM: Well, as long as you aren’t leaving the lab every two minutes to pee.


BRENNAN: No intention of it


CAM: So all of this back-and-forth was for nothing? Good to know. Now unless the liver has a written confession in it by a pet parakeet we should have enough to build a solid forensic case against Richardson for the prosecutor.


HODGINS: (Entering the room) I found something that might put a new wrinkle in things.


BOOTH: Great.


(Booth and Brennan leave with Hodgins, Cam leans forward on the Autopsy table, clearly frustrated.)


CAM: Oh, god.


(CUT TO: Hodgins showing the others the dead fish, magnified on a screen on the lab platform)


HODGINS: The fish was a Pomatomus saltatrix, a blue fish common to Delaware Bay. And there were dinoflagellates consistent with the salt water in the bay.


(Hodgins moves to one of the computer terminals to being something up on screen)


CAM: Dozing off, Hodgepodge.


HODGINS: But I also found Didinium, a ciliate. And Oomycota, a mold. Both of which are found in freshwater.


BRENNAN: So the body was in fresh and salt water.


HODGINS: Exactly. Fresh water first for at least six months.


BOOTH: Okay, we have witnesses that put Richardson at the marina that night. There is no freshwater in that area.


BRENNAN: So, maybe Richardson didn’t do it.


(Cam sighs, looking very frustrated. Booth walks off, also seeming frustrated. Hodgins and Brennan exchange looks as the other two walk away.)






(Open in the Jeffersonian Lab, Cam, Hodgins and Brennan are walking down the stairs into the lab.)


CAM: What the hell’s going on here? Richardson is the only logical suspect. Are we working for the defense now?


BRENNAN: I’m working for the victims and we have to be open to the evidence as it presents itself.


CAM: The knife, the rope, the plastic sheeting are all from Richardson’s house, that’s been confirmed. We’re trying to build a case here, people.


BRENNAN: Don’t ignore facts just because it might change the outcome of the case.


CAM: Not asking you to. I just want you to fill in the blanks. There must be freshwater close enough for Richardson to have dumped the body.


HODGINS: It has to have the same sediment, larvae, archea, helminths.


CAM: Great. Whatever the “hell-minths” those are, find them.


BRENNAN: And if we find a body of water that matches, it has to be dredged for additional body parts. We’re still missing the left patella, tibia and calcaneus. And the fetus –


CAM: Okay, fine. Just stop talking and do it.


(Cam walks off leaving Brennan and Hodgins on the lab floor)


(CUT TO: The shores of a lake, Booth is overseeing a search operation)


BOOTH: Hey, so, is this the only freshwater near the bay?


(We pan back t reveal Hodgins standing knee deep in the water, safari helmet on, taking samples in small tubes.)


HODGINS: The only body of water that might have algae and sediment that could match what we found on the remains. (He lifts up a full tube, examining it with a magnifying glass) Whoo! Seems to be a lot of Gamophyta.


BOOTH: Is that good?


HODGINS I won’t know until I compare it to the samples in the lab.


BOOTH: Then why’d you act so excited?


HODGINS: I guess I just like Gamophyta.


BOOTH: You know, you really don’t have to act any geekier. The whole outfit does it for you.


HODGINS: Geek chic, dude. Agent Blondie over there thinks I’m hot. (calls to pretty female agent standing on the shore) How you doin’? (Booth tries not to laugh).


(Behind Hodgins in the water, Brennan surfaces in full scuba gear, obviously having been searching the lake for more bones.)


BOOTH: Anything?


BRENNAN: Another Top-Flite! (She tosses the golf ball to Booth who catches it neatly. Brennan dives back under the water.)


HODGINS: You know, I went out with a woman who had a little kid once.


BOOTH: Aren’t you supposed to be looking for slime?


HODGINS: (Ignoring his attempt at change of topic) The kid hated me. You know, he said I used too many big words.


BOOTH: (miming putting with the golf ball Brennan threw at him) Well, he got that right.


HODGINS: He hit me I the head with a Tonka truck. Ah, I could never sleep with his mom again.


BOOTH: Well, you know, at least the story ends well.


HODGINS: I was good to him though, you know. I did not deserve an 18-wheeler into the parietal bone. (Examines another sample of water) Oooh! Nematodes and planaria.


BOOTH: Does that mean anything?


HODGINS: Not sure.


(Booth sighs and tosses his hands in frustration just as Brennan surfaces again)


BOOTH: Anything?


BRENNAN: (holding up a container of water with something in it) Bones, could be from the fetus. Hamate, triquetral, portions of the phalanges. And another Top-Flite. (tosses the golf ball at Booth who catches it neatly, again)


(CUT TO: Jeffersonian Lab – Bone Room. Carlie’s skeleton is once again laid out on the lighted exam table, as it the fetus. Zack and Brennan enter the room)


ZACK: According to the reconstruction with these new bones the fetus has seven fingers (he shows her on the remains)


BRENNAN: And two right hands.


ZACK: I don’t understand, was there another victim?


BRENNAN: Double the magnification. (Zack does this and the hand gets bigger on the computer screen) Okay, look at the structure of the phalanges.


ZACK: (realizing) Ah. The bones from the lake are from a raccoon.


BRENNAN: Mm-hmm. The formation of the hands is almost identical to an infant’s hand.


(Hodgins enters the room)


HODGINS: How did you do?


BRENNAN: I found a raccoon. You?


HODGINS: Sediment and organic material from the lake doesn’t match what was taken from the remains. I have to look for another body of freshwater, I don’t think it’s around here.


(Cam enters the room)


CAM: What have you got?


BRENNAN: (shaking her head) Nothing.


HODGINS: The next body of freshwater that might match is over 60 miles away.


BRENNAN: Richardson couldn’t have been there, it wouldn’t match the timeline.


CAM: (sighing) I’ve got the board of the Jeffersonian, the federal prosecutor and Nancy Grace ready to devour me if I don’t hand them enough to indict Richardson.


BRENNAN: Well, if you want us to manufacture evidence –


CAM: No, I want us to find out who killed Carlie and I’m pissed ‘cause whoever did it is messing with me and I don’t like that. I like doing the messing.


BRENNAN: Then we have to determine whether we’re wasting our time on Richardson.


CAM: Tell me what you need.


(CUT TO: FBI Building – Conference Room. Agent Sanders is briefing Booth on the search for Richardson)


SANDERS: His plates were founding a ditch on Route 432, his car in a vacant lot in Huntsville. He could be using another car or he could be hiding out.


BOOTH: Anybody ID him?


SANDERS: We’ve got ID’s coming in from all over the place. This is where the concerned citizens all come out for the reward


(Door to the room opens and Carlie Richardson’s parents – Dennis and Patricia Campbell - enter)


DENNIS: Excuse me, Agent Booth.


BOOTH: (To Sanders) Let me know if you find something else.




(Sanders exists, Booth stands to great the couple hovering near the doorway)


DENNIS: I’m Dennis Campbell. This is my wife Patricia. We’re Carlie’s parents.


BOOTH: Yes, I know. Please, sit down. (He gestures to the conference table and all three sit.) I’m so sorry for your loss.


PATRICIA: Well, at least now our daughter can rest with her baby and Kyle can never touch them again.


DENNIS: The reason we’re here –


PATRICIA: We were going through some photos for the funeral and we came across this one.


(Patricia shows Booth a picture of Carlie and Kyle Richardson sitting at a dinner table in a restaurant, various people in the background)


DENNIS: Kyle used to go out of town on business. His firm had an office in Boston. Carlie went with him once.


PATRICIA: This is them with some people in Boston. That woman on the news, Karen Tyler, she said she met Kyle after Carlie disappeared. But – but here she is, looking at him. (Indicates a woman in the background of the photo who we can now clearly see is Karen Tyler, looking at Kyle)


DENNIS: he admitted to being involved with those other girls. Why did he lie about knowing her?


BOOTH: May I keep this photo?


PATRICIA: Of course.


DENNIS: (very upset) We need them to answer for this. She was our little girl. She wasn’t supposed to go before us. That’s not the way its supposed to be.


BOOTH: (quietly) I know. We’ll find Kyle, I promise.


(Fade out and into FBI Building – corridor. Booth comes around a corner, talking on his cell phone)


BOOTH: You want me to what?


(Cut to Jeffersonian – Lab. Brennan is on the phone with Booth. The scene cuts between the two of them)


BRENNAN: Stab the body for me. We need to match force with the injuries recorded on the remains.


BOOTH: Okay, I’m stabbing the body.


BRENNAN: Well, it’s a replica. We’re all going to do it, you’re just the closest to Kyle Richardson.


BOOTH: Okay, you know what, that’s great. I’ll be there in 20. But in the future you’re just going to have to ask me differently, Bones. Because you know what? Come over to your place to stab a body – that is just freaky.


(A blonde woman chases Booth down, calling out)


REBECCA: Seeley, you son of a bitch.


(Booth turns, surprised and hangs up his cell phone)


BOOTH: Oh, I – Rebecca. Wow. You look great.


REBECCA: Yeah, okay, save it ‘cause I need a lot more than compliments from you right now.


(As they talk, Booth is walking backwards towards his office, Rebecca stalking him down. He makes shushing motions with his hands as they cross through a crowded area)


BOOTH: Okay, just, keep it down a little bit. ‘Cause I’m at work, all right?


(They enter Booth’s office)


REBECCA: You sent agents to investigate Drew? Because you’re going to stop that now.


BOOTH: Okay listen, I’m just being cautious. What do you really know about this guy, anyway?


(Rebecca continues to advance on him, forcing him to walk backwards around the back of his desk)


REBECCA: (clearly annoyed) I know – I-I-I know that he has a good job. And I know that he fixes stuff around the house when he says he’s going to And I know that Parker is crazy about him and he’s not terrified every time he goes off to work that he’s going to get shot. And I know that I love him. (Booth turns, finally facing her) I love him. And now everyone at work thinks he’s a criminal.


BOOTH: Well, he’s been spotted with explosives.


REBECCA: He is a construction foreman, he does demolition. You must have figured that out when you were doing all ok your snooping.


BOOTH: Okay, well I have a right to know who’s around my son, all right?. He spends more time with Parker than I do.


REBECCA: Okay, you think that I would put Parker in danger?


BOOTH: Let me ask you a question. Why is it that you keep all the men in your life such a secret?


REBECCA: Because you always interrogate them or intimidate them, and it freaks them out!


BOOTH: Well, I mean, c’mon. A lot are a little strange. I mean, the guy with the tattoos on his neck?


REBECCA: I don’t even have to let you see Parker, okay? Not-not-not legally. That-that’s one of the upsides of not being married.


BOOTH: (forcefully) Don’t. (Rebecca feigns shock) I’m a good father. You know that.


(There is a moments pause)


REBECCA: You’re got to stop trying to run things. I’ve got things in my life that have nothing to do with you. (She makes to leave but Booth grabs her arm)


BOTH: Look, we are always gonna have something to do with each other because we share a son.


REBECCA: Drew’s a good man. And you need to back off or you’re not gonna see Parker again, I swear. Back off.


(She turns and leaves, Booth looking worriedly behind her)


(CUT TO: Jeffersonian – Lab Platform. The squints are all gathered around as Booth enters)


CAM: Here comes Kyle.


BOOTH: Ha, ha. Funny. Don’t we have something to stab?


ANGELA: This. I hate my job.


ZACK: From the depth of the stab wounds we can tell the approximate force required in Newton meters to inflict the marks we see on the bones.


BRENNAN: (she indicates a mannequin dressed in women’s clothes) So we have to measure the amount of force generated when we stab to give us the size, weight and body type of the assailant.


BOOTH: Mm-hmm, you had to dress her up? (he indicates the mannequin)


ZACK: The clothes she wore figure in the resistance to the blows.


(Hodgins comes over and hands Brennan a knife)


BRENNAN: The knife is consistent with the one that caused the wounds. We fitted it with an instrumented blade that with give us a digital readout of the Newton meters of each stab.


ZACK: It’s a dual-mass drop system.


CAM: All I hear is blah, blah, blah.


HODGINS: Cliff Notes version: we all stab, one of us is the killer.


BOOTH: Thank you.


ANGELA: Sort of like a real creepy party game.


BRENNAN: (Standing before the mannequin with the rigged knife in her hand) The violence of the attack shows rage. So everyone should stab as hard as they can.


(She looks around at Angel and Booth who both have pained expressions on their faces. Booth indicates for her to start.)


(CUT TO: Montage of them all stabbing the mannequin. First Brennan, then Hodgins - both forceful. Then Cam, grunting as she stabs)


CAM: This better work!


(Cut to: Zack placing a single, very tentative stab into the mannequin, causing Brennan to smile and exchange glances with Hodgins and Cam. Booth steps up and stabs the mannequin several times, an annoyed expression on his face. Once done, he tosses the knife to the side.


BOOTH: That was weird.


(Cut to: Angela, stabbing quickly at the mannequin, unable to even watch what she is doing as she shudders in distress. Hodgins steps forward to take the knife from her hand)


HODGINS: Okay, okay. (he chuckles a little to himself)


BOOTH: Results?


ZACK: The force used to make the injuries on the bones was 24 Newton meters. (he turns to the computer, typing) And the winner is, with 24 Newton meters – (Booth makes a ‘hurry up’ gesture with his hands) – Angela.




HODGINS: Congratulations.


ANGELA: (turns to Brennan) Really?


BRENNAN: Height and weight?


ANGELA: Oh, god. Uh-uh-(sighs). 5’8”. One hundred and (mutters a little) hundred…




ANGELA: 135. It’s all muscle. (Hodgins smirks)


BRENNAN: (looking over the file) Karen Tyler is 5’7” and 132 pounds.


(CUT TO: Karen Tyler stabbing down, blood going everywhere, screaming in the background)


(Cut back to Jeffersonian – Lab)


BOOTH: So Kyle’s girlfriend kills Carlie, so they can be together.


ANGELA: Well then why did Kyle run?


CAM: Maybe he didn’t. It sounds nuts but if she’s the killer maybe Karen got rid of him too to keep him from talking.


(The look at each other, unsure.)






(Open on Jeffersonian – Bone Room. Brennan and Hodgins are examining the bones once again under magnification, Booth is in the room)


BOOTH: Okay, so you’re sure there’ no way Richardson could have made these wounds?


BRENNAN: With his strength the blows would have sliced deeper into the bone.


HODGINS: (Examining a part of the body) Well, these seem to go right through.


BRENNAN: Well, those were delivered after she was on the ground)


(CUT TO: shot of Karen stabbing again, blood flying)


(Cut back to Jeffersonian – Bone Room)


BOOTH: So Karen does the killing because they know everyone will be suspecting Kyle.


BRENNAN: I’d prefer not to make any more assumptions.


BOOTH: (more a scoff than a word) Oh.


HODGINS: (had a rib in one hand) There are particles in the knife marks. (he brings the bone over to a microscope) When she was on the ground the knife passed through the body and picked up sediments from the dirt. The next stab embedded that into the bone. If I can get enough information from these particulates I might be able to locate the site of the murder.


(Cam enters the room)


CAM: DNA results came back. It was Kyle under her nails.


BOOTH: So he was there too.


BRENNAN: Maybe. But we know he had a fight with her earlier that he admits.


CAM: Fortunately there was also the skin of somebody else. Tests showed it was a woman.


BOOTH: (smiling) Karen Tyler.


CAM: (nodding) We should get her DNA drawn as soon as possible.


BOOTH: Smart. Lets go, Bones.


(Cut to FBI – Interrogation Room. Karen Tyler is being questioned again. Her lawyer, Michael Jules, is present.)


KAREN: I-I didn’t do it, I swear. I would never hurt her.


BOOTH: Hmm. And the other day you said you and Kyle didn’t know each other until after Carlie disappeared.


KAREN: Because we both knew what everyone would think.


MICHAEL JULES: Karen, please don’t say anything.


BOOTH: Hmm, even your lawyer thinks you did it.


KAREN: Kyle thought we should separate and meet up in a few months so, you know, it wouldn’t look so bad.


BOOTH: Well that didn’t work out now, did it?


(Brennan approaches with a DNA swab)


BRENNAN: Open your mouth.


(Karen looks at her lawyer, worried)


KAREN: Do I really have to do this?


MICHAEL JULES: They have a warrant.


(Brennan reaches over and swabs the inside of Karen’s cheek)


BRENNAN: When you were sleeping with Kyle, didn’t it matter to you that you were destroying a family?


KAREN: We were in love.


BRENNAN: (sarcastically) Oh. Love. Sorry. Now it’s a beautiful story. (She reaches for another swab) Open again.


(Brennan roughly swabs the inside of Karen’s cheek, causing her to wince)


KAREN: ouch.


BRENNAN: (not sorry at all) Oops.


KAREN: Kyle was going to tell her. We were going to be honest.


BOOTH: Mmm, ‘cause, you know, you do that so well.


KAREN: I would never hurt her. And neither would Kyle.


BRENNAN: Kyle, right. The love of your life who no one has seen for two days. (Walks over to Booth and leans in) Can you see why I’m leery of relationships? (Brennan leaves the room)


(Cut to: Jeffersonian – Lab. Hodgins is explaining some results to Booth and Brennan.)


HODGINS: We hit pay dirt. Actually, we hit silt containing the feces of the gypsy moth, some quartz and mica. That and the zinc levels in the dinoflagellates from the freshwater as well as the Pinaceae pollen led us to a patch of pitch pines outside of Gloucester City, New Jersey. (He indicates on one of the computer screens where a map is being displayed.)


ANGELA: She was killed right here. (Indicates yellow dot on map)


BRENNAN: Then when did they move her to the bay?


ANGELA: They didn’t. They left her in New Jersey in the Rancocas Creek. She made it to the bay on her own.


BOOTH: What, did she take the shuttle?


ANGELA: Basically. Two days after Carlie disappeared there were thunderstorms in central New Jersey. Heavy, heavy rains. The body must have been flushed down the Rancocas and into the Delaware River. (The map on screen shows this progression as Angela traces the yellow dot down fiver with her finger) Then, she slowly made her way down the Delaware and into the bay.


BRENNAN: The movement and the battering on the rocks loosened her weight so she floated to the surface and washed ashore.


BOOTH: (smirking) I’m pretty sure Karen didn’t see that comin’.


(Cut to: New Jersey – Rancocas Creek banks. FBI and Jeffersonian techs are combing the shoreline and searching the water for evidence. Various shots of people taking water and plant life samples are seen. Then cut to Hodgins sitting at a makeshift lab, looking into a microscope.)


BOOTH: Now, are you sure this is it?


HODGINS: Zinc, mica, feces. This is the place. (he looks around) Oh, it’s beautiful.


BOOTH: Yeah, because, you know that’s important for a murder.


(Brennan finishes piecing together a large sifter and hands it to a Jeffersonian tech.)


BRENNAN: Okay, the bodies were wrapped on the bank of the river. Sift the soil for the missing bones.




FBI AGENT: (Calling out) Agent Booth. Over here.


(Booth, Hodgins and Brennan move over to where the FBI agent is kneeling next to something almost buried in the dirt. It appears to be a suitcase, with initials on the front)


BOOTH: Look at that – “C.R” – Carlie Richardson’s initials. (He opens the lid of the case) Ugh.


(Brennan and Booth start to remove items from the case, studying them.)


BRENNAN: You don’t pack face cream and a night gown if you’re being abducted.


HODGINS: A lot of vacation cabins nearby. If she was upset, this would be a good place to unwind.


BOOTH: Well, Karen Tyler said that she liked Carlie. She could have befriended her to lure her up here. Maybe, Carlie’s friends knew that she and Karen were getting chummy.


(Cut to a playground. Booth and Brennan are showing Carlie’s friends a photo of Karen Tyler.)


BRENNAN: Did Carlie know her?


MARY: I thought they just started going out.


BOOTH: No. They knew each other from before.


TINA: Bastard.


MARY: (realizing) Carlie knew Kyle was cheating on her, that’s why they were fighting.


FAITH: And why she didn’t want the baby.


BOOTH: Did she say that?


FAITH: I don’t care what’s happening. To say you don’t want your child when you’re getting ready to give birth? It’s not right.


MARY: (looks at the photo of Karen again) I think I did see this woman. I was driving home from work, they were in front of a Starbucks. I’m not sure if it was the day she disappeared but I’m pretty sure it was around the same time.


(Booth and Brennan exchange a look. Booth reaches out to take the picture back)


BOOTH: Thanks.


(A child starts to cry causing Brennan to look down to see Mary’s son sitting in the sandbox, wailing)


BRENNAN: Your kid’s eating sand. (She walks off after Booth as Mary hurries to pick her baby up.)


(Cut to: Booth’s car, he and Brennan are driving back to the Jeffersonian)


BRENNAN: I don’t know how they can do it.


BOOTH: They’re self-obsessed, they have no conscience.


BRENNAN: I don’t know.


BOOTH: They destroy anything that gets in their way. They’re not even human.


BRENNAN: (highly confused) The mothers?


BOOTH: (also confused) Huh?


BRENNAN: I was talking about the mothers.


BOOTH: I’m talking about the killers.


BRENNAN: I understand killers. I just don’t know how mothers can do it. I mean, dogs can be trained in a couple of weeks. With kids, mothers have to give up their lives for years.


BOOTH: No, when you’re looking at your kid, you don’t feel like you’re giving up anything.


BRENNAN: So you would do it again?


BOOTH: What?


BRENNAN: You’d have Parker even with everything you’re going through?


BOOTH: What kind of question is that?


BRENNAN: Wouldn’t it be easier if Parker wasn’t caught in the middle of this drama f yours with Rebecca and the new boyfriend?


BOOTH: God, no. No, Bones. He’s my son. Whatever we’re going through, it’s not about that. He knows that.


BRENNAN: That’s what parents say when they want to justify themselves.


BOOTH: You know, I haven’t walked out on Parker, all right? I would never have done what your parents did.


BRENNAN: Well, I didn’t say you would. I just – I don’t know. (sighs in frustration) You’re the father. I don’t know anything about raising kids, so –


BOOTH: Parker’s fine.


(Brennan glances at her partner for a moment)


(Cut to: Jeffersonian – Autopsy Room. Cam is showing Booth and Brennan the DNA results on a computer display)


CAM: It’s not Karen Tyler.


BOOTH: What?


CAM: The DNA from under Carlie’s fingernails doesn’t match. And something else is weird. (she leads them over to another area of the room) Tissue from the fetus shows evidence of escitalopram.


BOOTH: What’s that?


CAM: It’s a drug prescribed for depression.


BRENNAN: (reading the file) It’s not weird, Carlie Richardson was having emotional problems with her husband.


CAM: Carlie Richardson wasn’t taking the drug.


BOOTH: Hold on, none of this is making any sense.


CAM: I agree. The only way the fetus could have the drug in its system is if it were passed from the mother in utero.


BRENNAN: Or through breast milk.


BOOTH: How do you breast-feed an unborn child?


(Brennan rushes out of the room, calling)




BOOTH: Woah. (hurries after her)


(Cut to Brennan and Zack on the lab platform, the fetal bones on the table before them.)


BRENNAN: An infant’s skull is made up of several separate bones that are eventually fused together. (She lifts up the infant skull, displayed on a tray, for Zack to see) Look at the molding.


ZACK: Oh, my god.


CAM: I don’t believe it.




BOOTH: Okay, now everybody knows but me.


BRENNAN: This is not a fetus. The skull bones have shifted and overlapped because this child passed through the birth canal. (she indicates on the skull) This baby was born alive and lived about two weeks.


BOOTH: But Carlie was pregnant when she was last seen.


BRENNAN: This isn’t Carlie Richardson’s child. The escitalopram in its system came from breast milk.


CAM: Then what happened to her baby?


(CUT TO: quick shot of a baby being removed from a body, a infant screaming over the image)


(Cut back to the lab)


BRENNAN: The baby was cut out of her and stolen. This child replaced it.






(Open in Jeffersonian – Bone Room. Zack and Brennan are looking at the infant’s skull, magnified on the screen.)


BRENNAN: This child was dead before Carlie was murdered. You can see the traces of blood pooling in the cranium.


ZACK: Abusive head trauma.


CAM: Evidence of shaken baby syndrome.


BOOTH: Oh, god.


ANGELA: You said the little guy was only two weeks old.


CAM: Whoever the mother was she was probably taking the medication for postpartum depression. She got upset with the baby. Crying’s the most common cause. And she shook him to quiet him down.


BRENNAN: It can take as little as five seconds for an infant to die by shaking.


BOOTH: Five seconds?


BRENNAN: The veins that attach the brain to the inside of the skull detach. Blood pools, the brain swells.


BOOTH: Okay, I get it. Right so what you’re saying is that the mother kills her own son and replaces him with Carlie’s.


CAM: Fits the pattern. She feels the guilt at what she’s done and needs to make it right, prove to herself that she’s still a good mother. So she takes Carlie’s child and makes it her won. It’s only been two weeks, not many people have seen her kid. Who would know?


BOOTH: But the stab wounds?


BRENNAN: All of Carlie’s stab wounds are to the upper part of the body. The killer was careful not to hit lose to the uterus because she wanted the baby alive.


CAM: Your report indicates there were knife marks on the lower ribs.


BRENNAN: They seem to be made by whatever instrument was used to remove the child after Carlie was dead.


ZACK: Yep. I’m working on identifying it.


(Brennan examines the infant’s skull again)


BRENNAN: We might be able to use the infants most prominent genetic characteristics to see similarities with the mother. Ange, can you input the information from the infant’s skull to give us a face?


ANGELA: (nods but looks unsettled) Sure.


(Booth’s cell phone rings and he answers it)


BOOTH: Booth. Yeah. Right away. (He hangs up and speaks to the others in the room) They found Kyle Richardson.


(Booth and Brennan exit)


(Cut to: Booth and Brennan in Booth’s car)


BOOTH: I wonder if he’ll even care, you know. Finding out tat his wife is dead.


BRENNAN: He didn’t kill her.


BOOTH: No, but he ran. How do you just cut your family out of your life like that?


BRENNAN: Well, what about Abraham?


BOOTH: What, you’re going to throw religion in my face right now?


BRENNAN: I thought you found answers in what you believe.


BOOTH: Well, I mean, that’s just one Bible story that I just don’t like. I mean, God commands Abraham to kill his own son, and he does.


BRENNAN: No. Abraham does not kill Isaac.


BOOTH: But old Abe, you know, he had the intention.


BRENNAN: Well, I thought what he had was faith.


BOOTH: Look, I have faith. But if God himself came down, pointed at Parker and said, “I want you to, you know” – that ain’t gonna happen.


BRENNAN: But God’s messenger stopped Abraham?


BOOTH: Yeah. Grabbed his hand at the last second right before the knife was about to go in.


BRENNAN: Okay, then the lesson I would learn from the myth –


BOOTH: Myth?


BRENNAN: Well, it fits the definition.


BOOTH: Okay, fine.


BRENNAN: That when it comes to your children your love has to be absolute. The messenger represents goodness, what you know to be right. Ergo, you have to remain open to what you know is true.


(Booth chuckles softly, smiling at Brennan)


BOOTH: Are you sure you’re not religious?


BRENNAN: (nods) Science all the way.


BOOTH: Science all the way.


BRENNAN: Hey, even an empiricist can have a heart, Booth.


BOOTH: Too bad Richardson doesn’t.


(Cut to: FBI – Interrogation Room. Kyle Richardson is being questioned by Booth and Brennan)


KYLE: Just lock me up. I can’t go through this anymore.


BOOTH: We know you didn’t do it.


KYLE: What?


BOOTH: Evidence doesn’t fit you.


KYLE: Then who was it? Who killed them?


BRENNAN: You ran. Seems like you’d be the one who’d know.


KYLE: I would have told someone if I knew.


BOOTH: Right. ‘Cause, you know, you’re such an honorable guy. The knife, the rope, the sheeting. It all came from your place and why didn’t you tell the police it was missing?


KYLE: (scoffs) What, you check out what’s in your garage every day?


BOOTH: If you didn’t know anything why did you take off.


KYLE: Because I’m a bastard. I’m a selfish, pathetic bastard and everyone had already decided that I was guilty.


BRENNAN: That’s true, Booth.


BOOTH: Bones.


BRENNAN: No one wanted to find another suspect. (To Kyle) I kept insisting.


KYLE: Thank you.


BRENNAN: But I didn’t do it for you. You are a pathetic bastard. Your wife was having your baby.


KYLE: Look. I did wanna leave her, yeah. I was out that night trying to figure out how to tell her. What with the baby and everything. But for God’s sake, I didn’t want them to die.


BOOTH: So you have no idea who did this?


KYLE: (beginning to get emotional) I should, shouldn’t I. I mean, I ignored her for so long. It’s like this whole thing is my fault anyway. You know, if I had been there that night, maybe they’d still be here.


BRENNAN: We think your child might still be alive.


KYLE: I don’t understand, the bodies you found –


BOOTH: That wasn’t your child. Whoever killed Carlie took your child and left theirs.


KYLE: (slightly stunned) Oh, my God. Then – So where’s my kid?


BOOTH: We don’t know.


(Cut to: Jeffersonian – Angelator. Booth enters as Hodgins discusses evidence with him)


HODGINS: Zack was working in the other knife mark. I saw something staining the groove it left, so I did tests. The stain was from Betadine. It’s an antiseptic used to prep patients for surgery.


BOOTH: Oh, someone was being really careful when they were cutting her up.


(Cam enters the room and stands to one side of the Angelator where Angela and Brennan are already gathered)


CAM: It was the baby they were concerned with.


BRENNAN: (to Angela) Were you able to get enough detail from the skull for a digital reconstruction?


ANGELA: Yeah. Since someone this young is still being formed the, uh, features are generalized.


(Angela brings up an image of the infants skull on the Angelator.)


CAM: (slightly awed) The last place I worked had a drunk sketch artist. Wow.


(Flesh starts to form over the image of the skull, eventually forming a chubby faced baby)


HODGINS: It’s a baby. It looks like every baby.


ANGELA: That’s why I ran the reconstruction though an aging matrix. It posits the most likely growth pattern the skull would follow. Now as it ages, the features become more distinct. (She changes the image on the machine and it begins to age) By the time he’s about 10, he shows very definite genetic characteristics.


(The image on the Angelator becomes the face of a 10-year-old boy. Brennan studies the image closely, suddenly realizing who he looks like. Booth too looks startled.)


(Fade out on the face on the Angelator and up into the face of Mary, one of the mother’s in the park. She calls out to her child, moving toward him)


MARY: Robbie! Don’t eat that, honey. (She runs up to where her baby is sitting in a red wagon and removes the offending object from his mouth and grasp, ticking the baby) There you go, there you go!


(Cut to: Booth, Brennan and a Social Worker walking through the playground toward Mary and Robbie)


BRENNAN: The mark on the ribs was made by a scalpel. The woman is a vet, so she has medical training, which also explains the Betadine.


BOOTH: Look at her, playing with the kid.


(Mary is now holding Robbie, kissing him on the head to soothe him)


MARY: It’s okay. Shh.


BOOTH: Ms. Corbis.


(Mary turns, startled)


BOOTH: I’m going to have to ask you to hand us the child.


MARY: What? Why?


BOOTH: I think you know why.


MARY: No. You want me to give you my son? No.


BRENNAN: He’s not your son. We know what happened.


(Mary is getting a little nervous, clutching the baby closer to her.)


MARY: He is, Robbie is my son.


BRENNAN: We have a warrant to take a DNA sample from you, Ms. Corbis. It’ll be pretty hard to argue with that.


(Robbie starts to fuss and she settles him.)


MARY: Shh. Shh. (She stares at Booth and Brennan for a moment before speaking) She didn’t want him. She told me she wished she had never gotten pregnant. It was wrong for her to have him.


BRENNAN: And killing your own child wasn’t wrong?


(Robbie is crying in earnest now as Mary clings tighter to him, upset and yelling)


MARY: That was a mistake! I am a single mother! I’m alone. I just - just wanted him to stop crying. It was just – It was just a few seconds. (She breaks down crying, clutching at the now sobbing baby) The doctor said I was sick but I’m all better now. (She tries to comfort Robbie) I know sweetie, I know.


(Booth and Brennan exchange looks before Booth begins to approach Mary carefully and slowly)


BOOTH: Ms. Corbis.


MARY: You can’t talk him from me. I’m a good mother, you can ask anybody. I’m a good mother. (to Robbie) It’s okay, it’s okay.


BOOTH: (hands outstretched to the baby) Give us the child.


(Mary looks down at her baby then up at Booth. She hugs Robbie tight, kissing his head and sobbing a little before finally the Social Worker can reach over and take him from her.)


MARY: (sobbing) I’m a good mother.


(Booth grabs her hands behind her back and begins to place her in handcuffs)


BOOTH: Mary Corbis, you’re under arrest for the murder and kidnapping of Carlie Richardson and the murder of your son, Robert Corbis.


MARY: No (nodding towards the baby) That’s my Robbie, that’s my Robbie!


(Brennan looks at her sadly as Mary continues to cry)


MARY: I’m a good mother. I’m a good mother!


(Booth leads her away in handcuffs, Brennan and the social worker with Robbie following a few steps behind.)


(Fade into: FBI – Booth’s office. Kyle Richardson is pacing back and forth, clearly nervous as he talks to Booth and Brennan)


KYLE: He’s fine?


BOOTH: He’s perfect.


KYLE: And you’re sure?


BRENNAN: He’s yours.


(Kyle stops pacing, looking excited and nervous all at the same time)


KYLE: When I thought he was gone, and Carlie…I wished I could have changed how things had been.


(The Social Worker enters the room carrying the baby Robbie. Kyle just stand where he is for a minute, watching. Booth and Brennan watch his actions)


SOCIAL WORKER: Don’t you want to hold him?


KYLE: I don’t know, um – The kind of guy I am – I’m no father.


BOOTH: You don’t get to decide that. You have a son. Step up. Take him.


(Kyle steps nervously over and takes the baby from the Social Worker.)


KYLE: (to baby) Hey. (He settles the baby in his arms, smelling him and hugging him close before turning to Booth) Thank you.


(Brennan and Booth both watch as Kyle holds his son close, sighing a little in disbelief but obviously happy to have him)


(Cut to: The Royal Diner, Booth and Brennan are sitting at a table in the window.)


BRENNAN: So you think Richardson can rise to the occasion?


Be a decent father?


BOOTH: Well, he’s got Carlie’s parents to help him and – I like to think that people can change.


BRENNAN: Faith and hope, right?


BOOTH: (smiling) Right.


BRENNAN: Angela threw in love, too.


BOOTH: Love is good.


(The door to the diner opens and Parker comes running in carrying something)


PARKER: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


(Rebecca follows through the door, her boyfriend Drew beside her. Parker climbs into Booth’s lap and places his object on the table before them)


BOOTH: Parker!


PARKER: Look what I did.


BOOTH: Wow! Look at that!


(Booth glances up to see Rebecca and Drew hovering over near the counter)


BOOTH: (To Parker) Um, listen, you stay here with Dr. Brennan, okay? I’m gonna go talk to your mommy, all right?


(Booth removes Parker and stands up, placing his son on the seat. He kisses his head quickly before moving over to talk to Rebecca)


BOOTH: Listen, uh, this is how it’s gotta go down? I gotta meet your boyfriend with Parker here?


DREW: Look man, we’re here because we wanna –


BOOTH: I’m talking to Rebecca.


REBECCA: Look this was – this was Drew’s idea. And I told him that it was gonna be a bad one.


PARKER: Dad, look!


BOOTH: One second, bud.




DREW: Parker wanted you to see what he made for school. And he kept saying how much he wanted us to meet, that we’d be friends. (Booth looks at Drew, not impressed yet) Look, I got a kid I don’t get to see much, myself. I know what it’s like. And I swear the – the explosives were for work.


(Brennan has been watching this exchange and she tries once again to get Booth’s attention)




(Booth makes to move back to the table but Rebecca stops him)


REBECCA: Okay, look, look, look, look, look. We are what we are. And-and-and you can fight it if you want but you’re just gonna fight with yourself.


DREW: Maybe this isn’t a good time. Maybe later.


(Booth looks over at the table and see Parker looking at him sadly over his diorama)


BOOTH: No, no. It’s – it’s a good time. Let me buy you a cup of coffee, all right?


(He leads them over to the table)


BOOTH: Nah, it’s cool, have a seat.


REBECCA: Seriously?


DREW: Thanks, man.


(Brennan stands up to allow them all to sit but Booth stops her)


BOOTH: It’s okay, Bones. You can stay.


BRENNAN: It’s a family thing. Bye, Parker. (she waves)




(Brennan says goodbye to Rebecca as well then begins to walk out of the diner. Booth sits down with Parker on his lap once again, Drew and Rebecca sitting together opposite.)


BOOTH: All right, what do we got here, huh?


PARKER: A di – a diorama!


BOOTH: Woah!


(Brennan pauses at the door and turns to watch Booth with his son)


PARKER: It’s the zoo. Drew helped me.


BOOTH: The zoo? I hope you thank him, huh?




BOOTH: You did, huh?


PARKER: We got to go to the zoo. He knows all the animals.


BOOTH: All the animals? Wow!


(Brennan watches this exchange, smiling a little)


BOOTH: Okay, well maybe afterwards we could, uh, all go out to dinner if it’s okay with your mom.


(Rebecca looks surprised but smiles at Booth)


REBECCA: Yeah. That – that sounds good.


PARKER: My dad knows a burgers place.


BOOTH: Yeah. I used to take him there after his T-Ball.


(Brennan smiles again and leaves the diner. As we fade out from the Royal Diner the conversation can still be heard)


BOOTH: Tell Drew about the burgers.


PARKER: He says they’re as big as my head.


BOOTH: Yeah, big as your head. We can all go, we can even bring “Stu”.






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