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"Titan on the Tracks"

Episode 2x01

Written by: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

Transcribed by seralis8

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.





(BOOTH and BRENNAN are driving at night in the rain, with sirens and flashing lights on.)


BOOTH: What’d you do?


BRENNAN: I read, walked on the beach, chilled.


BOOTH: You chilled. In Darfur. You chilled in Darfur.


BRENNAN: In North Carolina. I changed my vacation plans to spend time with my brother. Russ and I talked about it and we really want to find Dad.


BOOTH: No, okay, well just so you know, the FBI is going to find your father, no matter what you want.


BRENNAN: My brother and I don’t want the FBI to backburner it’s search.


BOOTH makes a sharp left turn, and the tires squeal on the wet pavement.


BRENNAN: Is it okay to go over on two wheels like that?


BOOTH: Only when making sharp turns at high speeds. Okay, Bones, why don’t you have a little, uh, you know, faith in me, okay? I’m not gonna backburner the case all right? I’m gonna…find your father.


BRENNAN: My brother said you’d say that.


BOOTH: You really keep saying ‘my brother’ a lot.


BRENNAN: Well, I lost Russ for fifteen years. I like the sound of it. …my brother. (she makes a face) What’s with the siren? And why are you driving like a maniac?


Cut to a car engulfed by flames, panning out to show BOOTH and BRENNAN arriving at the scene. We see several people milling about, as well as a fire truck in the background; firefighters are working to put out the car fire as well as a smoking overturned train car. A man with a bloody face is being treated by a paramedic.


BOOTH: Got passenger cars on the tracks, one on the side…there’s gonna be fatalities.


DR. CAMILLE SAROYAN emerges on screen, holding a severed arm.


CAM: Stan! I need some gauze. Danny? You don’t find the owner of this in the next ten minutes, he’ll bleed to death. Starting…(sets timer on the watch around the wrist of the severed limb)…now.


CAM looks up, and spots BRENNAN and BOOTH.


CAM: Seeley.


BOOTH: Camille.


CAM: Don’t call me Camille.


BOOTH: Don’t call me Seeley. Dr. Brennan, Dr. Saroyan. You two know each other, huh?




CAM: No.


BOOTH: Uh-oh.


CAM: Dr. Brennan, I’d like you to check out the automobile this train hit. It’s probably what caused the derailment.


BOOTH: Accidental?


CAM: NTSB guy says the train struck the car at least 200 yards from the nearest access.


BOOTH: Deliberate.


CAM: (over her shoulder) Eight minutes, Steve! (to BOOTH) Probably suicide. (to BRENNAN) Why are you still here, Dr. Brennan?


BRENNAN: Because I’m not a coroner, and I don’t work for you?


CAM: You got that half right.


BRENNAN looks at BOOTH questioningly.


STEVE: Got him, Cam! Still breathin’!


CAM: Thanks, Steve! All right. (tucks the severed arm beside the man who is being carried away on an emergency gurney) Every survivor is one less person for me to autopsy. (to BOOTH) You look good out of your suit, Seeley. But then, you always did.


CAM walks off, and BOOTH turns to watch her go.


BOOTH: Yeah, that’s…great to have you back in D.C., Camille.


BRENNAN: One minute she’s holding a severed arm, the next, she’s hitting on you.


BRENNAN moves towards the burnt out car, and BOOTH follows.


BOOTH: No, she wasn’t hitting on me, and you know what, she is your boss, Bones.


BRENNAN: What? Goodman’s my boss. (to FIREFIGHTER) May I approach?


FIREFIGHTER: All yours, Dr. Brandon.


BRENNAN: Brennan. Dr. Brennan.


FIREFIGHTER: You wanna guess my name?


BRENNAN: (leaning into the car from the front passenger side with a flashlight) No, but there are thousands of you in D.C. and only one of me.


BOOTH: You know, while you were away, Goodman decided that there should be a head of forensics at the Jeffersonian. Never occurred to you to check in, huh?


The flashlight illuminates a charred, skeletal hand, with a silver band around the wrist.


BRENNAN: Why didn’t Goodman hire me?


BOOTH: Oh, my guess? People skills.


BRENNAN: I have people skills.


BOOTH: Oh, all right. That firefighter’s name is Nelson, and it’s at least the fourth time that you’ve met him. Odds are, Cam knows his kids’ names after meeting him once.


We see a blackened leg still wearing a black shoe.


BRENNAN: A lot of jewellery. Male. Thigh bones suggests he was tall. I.D. bracelet. It’s good quality gold, slightly melted.


Scene flashes to a pair of hands on fire; we see the I.D. bracelet melting slightly in the heat.


BRENNAN: Too melted for a regular car fire. Do you see a skull?


BOOTH: Hey Bones, I’m not looking for a skull.


BRENNAN: Burn damage to the body is more intense than I’d expect from a car fire. Even if the fuel tank ruptured and was absolutely full at the time of impact.


We see what appears to be a thigh and knee, blackened and covered with what remains of the victim’s flesh.


BOOTH: Do you see anything on this car that isn’t ruptured?


CAM: Booth! Three deaths in the first class car.


BOOTH: Oh, homicide! That makes it my case.


CAM: One of them’s a senator.


BRENNAN: That makes a difference?


BOOTH: Facts of life, Bones.


BOOTH hurries off, leaving BRENNAN with the car.



(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Platform - BRENNAN swipes her security pass to enter the central platform.)


ANGELA: Apparently Cam is autopsying a senator.


ANGELA and HODGINS watch BOOTH and CAM’s friendly conversation nearby.


HODGINS: A senator? Oh, we’re moving up in the world.


ANGELA: They have a past.


HODGINS: Cam and the senator?


ANGELA: Cam and Booth. Look how she touches his arm when he laughs.


HODGINS: You touch my arm when I laugh.


ANGELA: No, no. You touch me. It’s a big difference.


HODGINS is left speechless as the mechanical beep of the security system heralds BOOTH’s arrival.


BOOTH: Okay, what have we got?


ZACK: Male. Forties. Approximately 6 foot 7, right-handed.


BOOTH: 6 foot 7? (he turns the monitor towards him, but is thwarted by BRENNAN, who turns it back to it’s original position.)


BRENNAN: Athlete in his youth, worn shoulders from repetitive motion.


BOOTH: Baseball pitcher, maybe.


BRENNAN: More like a…(makes a pushing upward motion with her right arm)




BOOTH: Basketball.


ZACK: Basketball.


ANGELA: At 6 foot 7, it makes sense.


ZACK: Every bone in his body is broken.


HODGINS: Dude, he got hit by a train.


We see the melted I.D. bracelet on the computer screen, the engraving mostly burned away.


HODGINS: W-A-R…it’s all I can make out of one name. And then, ‘love Brianna’. …dude.


ZACK: You’re saying ‘dude’ way too much.


HODGINS: Forties. 6 foot 7. W-A-R…Brianna? This is Warren Lynch.




ZACK: Who’s Warren Lynch?

BRENNAN: Who’s Warren Lynch?


BOOTH: No way.


ANGELA: Wait, Warren Lynch as in Lynchpin International, Warren Lynch?




CAM: I am not telling the press that Warren Lynch killed Senator Paula Davis until we’re completely certain.


BRENNAN: I know Senator Davis. I signed a book for her to give to her daughter.


ANGELA: Man, I love Paula Davis. She could have been President.


HODGINS: Warren Lynch and Senator Davis, killed in one accident? No way it’s a coincidence.


CAM: Hey, Hodge-Podge, all engines reverse. First we identify beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we get paranoid.


HODGINS: Cool. As long as paranoia’s on the schedule somewhere.


BRENNAN: It wasn’t suicide.


ZACK: The jagged edges to the breaks. Small fragments. Lack of circular or radiating fractures or adherent spurs*.


CAM: What does that mean?


BRENNAN: This man was dead for several hours before the train hit him.


Cut to a black and white scene of a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, head facing the left, eyes open and unblinking. A white light approaches, grows brighter and brighter until the whole screen is white.






(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Upper Level Lounge Area)



CAM: We are tighter than a nun’s knees on this one. No press, no conjecture with anyone outside this room.


ZACK: Why?


CAM: Because, we are going to find the details of Senator Davis’s death without giving Oliver Stone or Michael Moore any more ideas.


BRENNAN: Are we assuming Senator Davis’s death was a coincidence?


CAM: You want to kill someone, planting yourself in front of a train probably not the best idea. (HODGINS gives ANGELA an amused look.) But, too early to make any assumptions. I am a diuretic seagull, people. Everything goes through me. Ten AM, here, tomorrow? Zackaroni, your turn to bring the doughnuts.


ZACK smiles and nods as everyone stands to leave.


BRENNAN: Zackaroni?


ZACK: Cam noticed that I eat macaroni and cheese every day for lunch.


BRENNAN: Every single day?


ZACK: Yup.



(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab - BRENNAN’s office)


HODGINS: You should be okay with Dr. Saroyan getting the Head of Forensics job.


BRENNAN: Why is that?


HODGINS: Because you are strictly rubber-to-the-road, hardball scientist. Not a flesh pressing, ink stained, policy making…wanktard.


BRENNAN: What are her qualifications?


CAM: Chief Coroner of New York for two years, Assistant Federal Coroner before that. How am I doing?


BRENNAN: Very well. Impressive.


BRENNAN’s cell phone rings, and she reaches for it as CAM turns her attention to HODGINS.


BRENNAN: Brennnan.


HODGINS: We were discussing her mother’s case.


CAM: Fine.


BRENNAN: (on her phone) I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.


BRENNAN exits her office in a hurry.


CAM: Yes. Good, Dr. Brennan. We’ll chat later.


BRENNAN turns around to give a brief wave of acknowledgment.


HODGINS: (laughs nervously) It’s a…very interesting case. Brennan identified skeletal remains as her mothers. Killed by a blow to the head. Initial suspect was her father, but in the end we arrested a pig farmer hitman in Witness Protection Program, added wrinkle, but –


CAM: (interrupts) Dr. Hodgins? You’re chattering me to death because you’re hoping I’ll forget you called me a wanktard.


HODGINS: It’s a…made up word. No meaning.



(Cut to – FBI HQ – Conference Room)


LISA SUPEK: My name is Lisa Supek and I am the Assistant U.S. Attorney attached to this case. I’d like to hear first from the National Transportation and Safety Board, Mr. Hobbs?


HOBBS: Thank you. At 8:04 this evening, a high-speed commuter train struck a private vehicle from a car derailed, killing three people including Senator Paula Davis. Preliminary indication shows that it was placed there, purposely.


LISA SUPEK: Dr. Brennan, was the Jeffersonian able to confirm that the driver of the car was Warren Lynch?


BRENNAN: Dental records and physical characteristics establish that, yes.


BOOTH: The vehicle is registered to Mr. Lynch, we verified that the jewellery found on the body was his, plus we have this. (picks up a remote and presses a button.)


We see a wide screen, pulling up a picture of a man in the driver’s seat of a car, taken head on, through the windshield.


LISA SUPEK: A photograph from the carpool lane?


BOOTH: At 1:56 this afternoon, Mr. Lynch drove illegally in the diamond lane on I270. The good ol’ Maryland state police cameras, they caught the infraction.


BRENNAN: This is definitely the vehicle found on the tracks.


BOOTH: No one saw or heard from Warren Lynch after this photo was taken. (Passes around prints.)


LISA SUPEK: You can’t honestly expect someone to believe that Warren Lynch committed suicide by driving into a train.


DANIEL BURROWS: Daniel Burrows, Securities Exchange Commission. We were about to lay charges against Mr. Lynch that would not only wipe him out financially, but send him to prison for several years.


LISA SUPEK: I’d heard rumours, but for a man like Lynch to kill himself…


BRENNAN: Mr. Lynch did not commit suicide.


BOOTH: Dr. Brennan’s examination shows that he was dead for at least six hours before the train struck his car.


LISA SUPEK: Dead how?


BRENNAN: I don’t know that yet.


LISA SUPEK: But can we assume that it was foul play?


DANIEL BURROWS: When it become public knowledge that Warren Lynch is dead, the stock in Lynchpin International is going to plummet.


LISA SUPEK: Well, it sucks for the people who invested in Lynchpin, but otherwise…


BOOTH: That’s motive for murder.


BRENNAN: How is losing money a motive?


DANIEL BURROWS: How is losing money a motive? Basically you bet the share price is going to fall, and if it does, you collect.


LISA SUPEK: How much we talking?


DANIEL BURROWS: Tens, maybe hundreds of millions.



(Cut to – FBI – Booth's Office)


BRIANNA LYNCH: Yes, these are Warren’s things. I bought him the ID bracelet on our first anniversary.


(We see the back of a damaged watch, with an engraving.)


BOOTH: (reading) Casu Consulto. What does that mean?


BRENNAN: Accidentally on purpose.


BOOTH: (aside) Why do you know things like this?


BRIANNA LYNCH: It was kind of my husband’s motto.


DIANNE HOCHMAN: Mr. Lynch wrote about it in his autobiography. He played basketball in college. Made it all the way to the national championships.


BRIANNA LYNCH: Warren was about to score, but another player locked him out of the key…


DIANNE HOCHMAN: He injured the opposing player, sent him to the hospital, and made it look completely inadvertent.


BOOTH: Accidentally on purpose.


BRENNAN: He wrote this about himself, as if it were a good thing?


DIANNE HOCHMAN: Well, you don’t become Warren Lynch by playing by the rules.


BRIANNA LYNCH: I’m still his wife, so this all comes to me now, is that correct?


BOOTH: Still his wife? Mrs. Lynch, were you and Mr. Lynch having marital problems?


BRIANNA LYNCH: Warren and I were separating.




BRIANNA LYNCH: Infidelity.


BOOTH: Hmm. On who’s part?


(BRENNAN raises her eyebrows at BOOTH.)


BRIANNA LYNCH: I found out that Warren was seeing someone, only someone turned out to be –




BOOTH: I’m going to need a list.


DIANNE HOCHMAN: When Brianna confronted Warren, he had a private investigator look into her activities.


BRIANNA LYNCH: I admit, he didn’t come up dry.


BOOTH: Private investigator’s name?


DIANNE HOCHMAN: Rick Turco. He was one of Lynch’s all-purpose, go-to, dirty-work fixer.


BOOTH: Yeah, I’m familiar with Rick Turco. Thank you, for your cooperation.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Booth & Brennan walking)


BOOTH: Cheating spouse that stands to inherit all corrupt business practices and Turco the private dick, where do we start?


HODGINS: Two types of glass were embedded in what was left of Lynch.


BRENNAN: Start with glass.


HODGINS: Tempered automotive safety glass and silicate.


BRENNAN: Tempered glass came from the car windows, what about the other?


HODGINS: It’s 70% amorphous silicon dioxide.


BRENNAN nods and heads off.


BOOTH: What’s that?


HODGINS: It’s like a common domestic container.


BOOTH: Oh! Like a jar. Why can’t we just say a jar?


(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Another Room)


BRENNAN: (entering an experiment lab) Anything new Zackaroni?


BOOTH: Zackaroni?


ZACK: The victim’s left elbow and shoulder were badly dislocated post-mortem.


BOOTH: You mean the between the time he died and the time he got hit by the train.


BRENNAN: Blood flow was non-existent when the dislocation occurred.


BOOTH: Okay. You guys do this stuff and I’ll start on Turco.


ZACK: What’s that?


BRENNAN: Private investigator.


BOOTH: Turco’s an affliction. I’ll set up a meeting and call you.


ZACK: You shouldn’t call me Zackaroni.


BRENNAN: Yeah, I knew that the moment I said it. I’m going to get a bone mineral density reading.



(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Platform. A bone being placed on a glass table, through which we can see ANGELA and BRENNAN talking.)


ANGELA: You didn’t actually want the job, did you?


BRENNAN: I don’t even know what the job is.


ANGELA: Well, Goodman won’t explain his decision.


BRENNAN: Goodman appointed Dr. Saroyan while I was on vacation, then took a two-month sabbatical to avoid me. That explains a lot.


ANGELA: Okay, well I think it’s because you are very task-oriented.


BRENNAN: Zack? (to ANGELA) Task oriented is a euphemism for lacking overall perspective.


ANGELA: Oh, no. No! …well, yeah. Yeah, a little. Like, when’s my birthday?


BRENNAN: I can get the computer to remind me about birthdays.


ANGELA: (groans) That’s one of a gajillion examples.


BRENNAN: You could tell me the other gajillion minus one. (pointing to computer screen) What do you see, Zack?


ZACK: Bone loss. Lack of bone density suggests that Warren Lynch was much older than his forties. But the other indicators of age - epiphyseal rings, radial sutures - all disagree.


BRENNAN: Age doesn’t explain the ossification of cartilage where the ribs meet the sternum.


ANGELA: What does explain it?


BRENNAN: Opiates.


(Flash of white, and we see a filled syringe, into which blood billows.)


BRENNAN: Warren Lynch was a heroin addict.




(Cut to – Royal Diner - Night)


RICK TURCO: Agent Booth, I’m a private investigator. My greatest asset is my discretion.


BRENNAN: Brianna Lynch already told us that you worked for her husband, Mr. Turco.


RICK TURCO: Well, Miss Lynch is welcome to say whatever she likes.


BOOTH: You know the client confidentiality routine no longer exists when the client is dead.


RICK TURCO: That’s not the assurance I give my very demanding, very high-profile clients. Till death do us not part.


BOOTH: Yeah, how would your very demanding, very high-profile clients feel if they find out you procured heroin for Warren Lynch.




BRENNAN: Warren Lynch was a heroin addict.


BOOTH: I open up a drug investigation on you, Mr. Turco. Once the press gets wind of that, your high-profile clients find some other unprinciples Mr. Fix-It.


RICK TURCO: Warren Lynch was a junkie? What’s your evidence?


BOOTH: Bones?


(BRENNAN hands RICK TURCO a file of their findings.)


RICK TURCO: Well. So what does all of this mean?


BOOTH: Sum it all up for me, Bones.


BRENNAN: Warren Lynch suffered declining bone mass, due to long-term abuse of his hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis.


BOOTH: Nothing says ‘junkie’ like your gonad’s axis, Ricky.


RICK TURCO: I had no idea. I certainly never procured any heroin for him.


BOOTH: Warren Lynch sure wasn’t trolling for ten dollar hits in Lincoln Heights.


RICK TURCO: Well, Agent Booth. You know my rep. I’m a sin eater. I make problems go away.


BRENNAN: You mean like when Lynch’s wife found out he was sleeping with other women?


RICK TURCO: All right, anything I say, strictest confidence, correct? Warren Lynch brought me in to deal with a blackmailer.


BOOTH: Warren Lynch was being blackmailed?


BRENNAN: By one of his girlfriends?


RICK TURCO: That would be my assumption, yes. I’d paid them off before, but this was a much bigger deal, more serious. Had to be the heroin, right?


BOOTH: Let it play out.


RICK TURCO: I negotiated the payment from a mill. to a quarter million, paid ‘em off, that was three days ago.




RICK TURCO: Dead drop at Rock Creek Park.


BOOTH: And you have no idea who it was.


RICK TURCO: No. I got a phone call. When I traced it back, it dead ended on a stolen cell phone.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Platform. BRENNAN picks up a reconstructed skull.)


BRENNAN (to ZACK): You did a good job.


CAM: Given your heroin bombshell, I went back to what tissue remained traces of laudanine and reticuline, alkaloids found in the opium poppy.


BRENNAN: (to ZACK) I’d like Angela to do a facial reconstruction. (to CAM) Confirm my finding?


(CAM nods)


ZACK: It’s handy having a pathologist right in the building.


CAM: To turn opium into heroin, it’s exposed to hot acetic anhydride, which produces eighteen neutral impurities. The ratio of these impurities indicates the heroin’s origin; in this case, Mexico.


BRENNAN: Mexican heroin is very common. I wonder if there’s anything we can do to narrow it down further.


CAM: Gas chromatography shows there’s also fentanyl in the heroin.


BRENNAN: What’s that?


ZACK: This reminds me of when you interviewed me to be your grad student. (to CAM) She knows what fentanyl is.


(CAM smiles and nods.)


CAM: It’s a narcotic which boosts the effects of the heroin. According to Metro cops, fourteen addicts OD’d this week, off this one shipment.


BRENNAN: Have you told Booth?


CAM: No, I’ll leave that up to you. …how’d I do?


(CAM leaves)


ZACK: I thought she did quite well.


BRENNAN: You said you had something else to show me?


(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Experiment Room. A humanoid figure is on fire, inside a glass enclosure while HODGINS, BRENNAN & ZACK watch it)


ZACK: In a car fire, gasoline ignites at 28 degrees Celsius and rises to a temperature of 2200 degrees.


HODGINS: If the gas tank were full at the time of impact, the fire should have burned for approximately twenty minutes without intervention.


(We see an unidentifiable part of the burning figure drop onto the mesh floor of the case, still flaming.)


BRENNAN: Tell me that’s not a real skeleton.


ZACK: No, we made him out of calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite.




ZACK: Twenty minutes now.


(HODGINS turns off the flames.)


BRENNAN: It’s still a significant amount of SPAM.


HODGINS: According to the fire department report, the car burned for forty minutes and it still took four minutes to put out.


ZACK: Which means there was extra fuel.


BRENNAN: And the extra glass you found?


HODGINS: Five gallon Mason jars.


ZACK: Six of them.


BRENNAN: Filled with gasoline.


HODGINS: That, or moonshine.


CAM: (walks in) Why does the whole lab smell like a luau?


BRENNAN: Zack and Hodgins are proving there was extra accelerant in the Lynch’s vehicle.


CAM: Using what medium?


BRENNAN: Artificial bone covered with SPAM.


CAM: Turn this off.


All look at CAM in surprise; HODGINS turns to BRENNAN who nods her assent. He then turns the flames down.


CAM: Why wasn’t I told about this?


BRENNAN: (chuckles) I encourage independent inquiry.


CAM: Your encouragement does not signify my authorization. If it happens again, I will take action. And I’m from New York, which means that I will take New York action. Am I clear?


BRENNAN: Not at all.


ZACK: I’m from Michigan.


HODGINS: Dr. Saroyan means she’ll make us watch musical theatre.


CAM: Wrong New York. I’m more from the get-mugged-in-broad-daylight tradition. This is not a high school science fair; this is the Jeffersonian Institute. Unauthorized experiments in forensics will get you fired.


ZACK: But…we’re Hodge-Podge and Zackaroni.


BRENNAN: And, they work for me.


CAM: You know, what I’d really like to do here is enjoy a meeting of the minds. But, if you insist on an organizational pyramid, I will be at the top.


(As CAM walks away, HODGINS turns up the flames with a huff.)



(Cut to – Royal Diner - Day)


BOOTH: Spam?


BRENNAN: There were Mason jars in the backseat, intended to break when the train hit.


BOOTH: And they got this with SPAM?




BOOTH: Mmhmm. And Cam, she got all…bent out of shape.


BRENNAN: She wants to authorize all experiments.


BOOTH: Great, you know Zack and Hodgins, they do an experiment with fake bones in spam.


BRENNAN: What is your spam fixation?


BOOTH: Defence lawyer hears spam, he makes a joke, and the jury laughs, and everything we get from the Jeffersonian is framed as ‘goofy science’, you know, from a bunch of squints with no connection to the real world.


BRENNAN: That wouldn’t happen.


BOOTH: Oh, really, and the time you dropped a dead monkey down the elevator shaft…


BRENNAN: No, that was to show - (smiles) Okay, I take your point.


BOOTH: Cam’s goal is a successful prosecution in a court of law.


BRENNAN: Same as mine and yours.


BOOTH: Oh, you’re all about finding the truth.


BRENNAN: Okay, your words say ‘good’, but your tone says ‘bad’, so it’s confusing.


BOOTH: Cam knows that too much truth is just as bad as too little. (His cell rings, and he reaches inside his jacket to pick it up.) Which is why she got the job. (on the phone) Booth.


BRENNAN looks at him incredulously before leaning over.


BRENNAN: You know, Angela says that you and Cam had a sexual relationship. Does that affect your view of her?


BOOTH: (on his phone) Patch me through. (to BRENNAN) Wildly out of line, just so you know that. (on his phone) When?


BRENNAN: You know, personal prerogative is at the heart of scientific inquiry.


BOOTH: Bones. (on his phone) Thanks for the notification.


BOOTH closes his cell phone and put it back in his jacket pocket.




BOOTH: The man who was charged with murdering your mother.


BRENNAN: The pig farmer. Vince McVicker.


BOOTH: He was killed. Today, at Alexandria Federal Holding Facility.


BRENNAN is shocked, tearing up.


BRENNAN: I don’t…he was the only connection to my father. His trial was going to be my…(she shakes her head) How am I ever going to find out what really happened?



(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Holographics Room. A rotating image of a man’s head being projected by the Angelator.)


CAM: That’s not Warren Lynch. How accurate is this thing?


BRENNAN: It’s not the machine that’s accurate, it’s Angela. And she’s good.


CAM: That is not Warren Lynch.


ANGELA: Hey, Zack provided a skull, and this is the face that goes with it.


BOOTH: Could it be the wrong skull?


BRENNAN: Zack doesn’t make that kind of mistake. He’s also very good.


CAM: What about the dental records?


ANGELA: I’ll check ‘em for tampering.


BOOTH: So you’re certain that the body in the car…


BRENNAN: Is not Warren Lynch. Absolutely certain.


(Flash to a man in a car, apparently dead on the steering wheel)




(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Holographics Room)


LISA SUPEK: The man in the car was not Warren Lynch?


ANGELA: No. This was the man behind the wheel. (hands her a photograph)


LISA SUPEK: You had dental records.


ANGELA: Well somebody digitized Lynch’s dental records and then re-filmed them utilizing authentic alpha-numeric bar codes.


CAM: The records were expertly faked.


LISA SUPEK: Then where the hell is Warren Lynch?


CAM: I’ve informed the FBI that they might want to start looking for him. In the meantime, we’re moving to I.D. this guy.


LISA SUPEK: Mistakes like this cannot happen when a case concerns a dead Senator.


CAM: Miss Montenegro uncovered a fraud; that’s the opposite of a mistake.


LISA SUPEK: Save it for the press conference, Dr. Saroyan.(she leaves)


ANGELA: Thank you.


CAM: Hey, if you had made a mistake, I’d have thrown you to the wolves.


(Cut to – Alley - Night – Booth and Brennan are on a stakeout in a car)


BOOTH: Metro cops say that the guy pushing the Mexican heroin laced with fentanyl is Eddie Bean. Young guy, bald-headed, 5’5”, 145 pounds.


(BRENNAN sits up in the passenger seat to look. BOOTH pulls her back down and gives her a disparaging look.)


BRENNAN: You know, if drugs were legalized, they could be dispensed from a clean, safe, controlled outlets by trained personnel. Not in alleyways by criminals.


BOOTH: Yeah, right.


(A guy in a leather jacket walking down the street.)


BRENNAN: Hey, that’s our guy!


(She moves to exit the car, but BOOTH stops her.)


BOOTH: Oh, no, no, shh. What we gotta do is we got to wait until he deals. Catch him in the act.


(They both look out the driver’s side window.)


BRENNAN: We wait? For how long?


BOOTH: However long it takes.


BRENNAN: Well what do we do while we wait?


BOOTH: This is a stakeout. We converse.


BRENNAN: Well, I tried to initiate conversation about the drug war, but…


BOOTH: (sighs) Oh God. Fine, you know what, let’s talk about something we’re not going to argue about.


(They sit in silence.)


BOOTH: Been out to your mother’s grave?


BRENNAN: Not since the funeral.


BOOTH: Really?


BRENNAN: Why would I?


BOOTH: You know, to connect.


BRENNAN: She’s dead.


BOOTH: Fine. You know what? Forget it.


BRENNAN: Dead. As in, gone from this world.


(BOOTH continues staring out the window. BRENNAN leans over, and taps his shoulder.)


BRENNAN: Excuse me? I’m curious. What you…talk to the headstone? What do you say?


BOOTH: It looks like I’m talking to the headstone, but what I’m really saying is…forget about where the words are aimed. What I say is that I remember them.


BRENNAN: They can’t hear you. Because they’re dead.


BOOTH: My mouth moves, words come out, but none seem to get across the drawbridge to the princess I know who waits within.


(Two figures across the street, and one reaches into his jacket to pull something out.)


BOOTH: We’re on.


They both exit the car, hurrying to the alley.


BRENNAN: What princess?


(BOOTH looks back to wave her question off as they near the two men in the alley.)


BOOTH: Whoa, hey, hey, hey.


(The buyer runs from the alley, and BOOTH shoves EDDIE to the ground by the throat.)


BOOTH: Pockets, watch out for needles.

BRENNAN: Don’t you have to read him his rights before you strangle him? (checks his pockets) Empty.


BOOTH: You know I had to hold his throat closed so he wouldn’t swallow the evidence, all right? (to EDDIE) If you bite me, I will squeeze your little pinhead off. Okay. (he reaches into EDDIE’s mouth.) Ugh, okay, easy. (he pulls a tied-off condom of heroin from EDDIE’s mouth).


BRENNAN: You shouldn’t swallow heroin. It’s dangerous.


(BOOTH hauls EDDIE off the ground and throws him against the wall.)


BOOTH: (slaps EDDIE around) Eddie? Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. I’m going to ask you a question, okay? You answer, you walk away, all right? You don’t answer…


EDDIE: You book me, I get sick, I know the drill.


(He grabs EDDIE by the face)


BOOTH: You don’t answer, and I’m going to cram this back down your throat without the protection, all right? (waves the heroin in front of his face) You sold some of this crap to a tall guy. Over six and a half feet tall. Show him, Bones.




BOOTH: Show him!


BRENNAN: Oh, um…(she extends her arm above her head) Like…that tall?


EDDIE: Uh, nobody I know.


(BOOTH breaks the condom open, and shoves it into EDDIE’s mouth, who coughs and resists)


BOOTH: Okay, c’mon, here. Eat it. Eat, that’s it. Get it in there, that’s it.


(EDDIE spits it out, coughing.)




BOOTH: Ray. Ray, tell me about Ray.


EDDIE: Everybody knows him down here, man. He’s a long time skould? Scauwld?


BRENNAN: When was the last time you saw him?


EDDIE: Bought a stick of dynamite about three days ago.


BRENNAN: I feel I should alert you. There’s an additive in this heroin that causes overdoses.


BOOTH leads BRENNAN away.


EDDIE: Hey, where’d you find her?


BOOTH: Museum. (his cell phone rings) Oh!


BRENNAN: He should warn the addicts.


BOOTH: Yeah, like they do on a pack of cigarettes. (on his phone) When? Thanks.




BOOTH: They found Warren Lynch.



(Cut to – Hospital Room)


DOCTOR: Mr. Lynch was thrown from a speeding car. It’s a minor miracle he’s still alive. Maybe because he was already unconscious at the time.


BOOTH: Unconscious?


DOCTOR: Yes, badly beaten. Internal bleeding, broken ribs, both legs. Some spinal damage, broken pelvis.


BRENNAN: When can we talk to him?


DOCTOR: Any time you want, as long as you don’t expect a response. This man has severe brain damage. Off the record, he’s not going to wake up. Best case scenario, he spends the rest of his life hooked up to feeding tubes.


BRENNAN: This is one of the richest men in the country.


DOCTOR: Most of the time, that might mean something. Not now.


BRENNAN: Doctor Lawrence, this man holds the key to how and why Senator Paula Davis died.


DOCTOR: I’m sorry. Anything that man has in his head; it’s going to stay there. Excuse me.




(Cut to – Jeffersonian – In the Holographics Room)


ANGELA: After Zack nagged me a hundred times…


ZACK: It’s important for us to show how the victim’s shoulder and elbow were dislocated.


ANGELA: I recreated the most likely sequence.


(The projected arm bending backwards with a snapping sound that we hear again as the shoulder dislocates.)


BOOTH: Ouch!


ZACK: The victim was dead when this happened. He didn’t feel it.


BOOTH: Run it again.


ANGELA re-runs the simulation.


BOOTH: It’s like he was putting his jacket on.


ANGELA: Corpses don’t usually do that.


ZACK: These injuries occurred when the corpse was forced into a jacket.


ANGELA: Yeah, most likely by two people.


BOOTH: Yeah, in a big hurry.


ANGELA: They had a train to meet.


BOOTH: Anything on the HOV lane photograph?


ANGELA: Yeah, it was relatively easy to get the license plate numbers from these two cars.


(Two car license plates being pulled up on the computer screen: IRA 5C3 and 742 1J1 from Virginia.)


BOOTH: I’ll check ‘em out.


ANGELA: There was another car.


ZACK: In the next lane.


BOOTH: How do you know that?


ANGELA: Rich guys keep their cars shiny.


(A reflection of the car in the next lane on the side of Lynch’s car being highlighted and refined.)


ZACK: Adjusting for the defraction of light caused by the curve –


ANGELA: It’s an Navigator. But get this. (she crops and enlarges the image) I don’t know if that’s any use to you.


BOOTH: Yeah. That’s of use.


ZACK: Booth. Do either of these count as experiments?


ANGELA: ‘Cause if they do, we could both get fired. By your old sweetheart.


BOOTH: You know, you just…quit telling Bones who you think I’ve slept with.


ANGELA: Think? What do you mean, think?



(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Autopsy Bay)


CAM: Two people forced the corpse into the jacket, that’s excellent work. (taps the reflection image) Who’s that?


BOOTH: I think it’s Rick Turco.


CAM: Means Turco’s probably the last person who saw Lynch before he fell off the radar.


BOOTH: Of course, Angela and Zack are scared that this counts as an experiment and you’re going to fire them.


CAM: Ah! I am getting through.


BOOTH: Why did you take this job, Camille?


CAM: Why shouldn’t I, Seeley?


BOOTH: Because it’s basically herding cats, and you’re a dog person.


CAM: Dogs herd cats.


BOOTH: Dogs…don’t do that.


CAM: Chase ‘em up trees, whatever.


BOOTH: Seriously, Cam. Why did you take this job?


CAM: These. (picks up a metal implement) Are titanium rib-clippers from Germany. My last job? Used bolt cutters from Home Depot. These are much, much nicer. This autopsy table? Has downdraft ventilation. No rotting corpse smell, Seeley. My last table didn’t even have a drain. Think about that a second. Leaky corpse, no drain.


BOOTH: So you took this job for better equipment.


CAM: I’ve spent my whole professional life in basement rooms with no windows. Now I’m in the Jeffersonian Institute. …what?


BOOTH: Gotta ask.


CAM: You so do not.


BOOTH: Did you take this job because of – (gestures to himself)


CAM (laughs): God, the ego!


BOOTH: Say it.


CAM: Nothing to do with you.


BOOTH: I need Bones this afternoon.


CAM: Okay.


BOOTH: It’s about her mother’s murder and her father’s disappearance.


CAM: Plus, she dedicated her book to you, so…


BOOTH: It’s a legitimate case, Cam.


CAM: I know. I read the file.


(he moves to leave)


CAM: Why hasn’t she confronted me?


BOOTH: About what?


CAM: About me, being parachuted in over her head? Finds me intimidating, right?


(BOOTH laughs.)


CAM: Hey, I intimidate people.


BOOTH: Yeah, Bones doesn’t intimidate.


CAM: Then…what?


BOOTH: Have you seen the way she stares at human remains before she makes a decision?


CAM: Yes.


BOOTH: You’re human remains and…she hasn’t made a decision yet.


CAM: How do I help her make the right decision?


BOOTH: Go for the truth. You know, Take care of her people. Oh, and I like the whole intimidation thing. I think it’s cute.


(Cut to – Alexandria Federal Prison - inmate sitting in a holding room.)


DOWNS: Got no reason to lie. Facing life at least. Probably going to get executed.


BRENNAN: What did you do?


BOOTH: Mr. Downs killed his entire family.


DOWNS: I killed your friend, ‘cause he cut in the cafeteria line to snag the last orange juice. Broke off a sharpened toothbrush in his jugular.


BRENNAN: Mr Downs, the man you killed –


DOWNS: McVicker.


BRENNAN: He’s not my friend. He killed my mother.


DOWNS: You come to tell me thanks?


BRENNAN: No, McVicker was my last chance to find out some things. McVicker might have known something about my father. I can’t ask my father because he left a message on my answering machine telling me to stop looking for him.


DOWNS: I’ll tell you what. Maybe…look at McVicker’s murder as a second message from Max. One that he didn’t use the phone for. (he looks up to signal the guard)


BRENNAN: We never mentioned my father’s name was Max.


BOOTH: Did you perform a hit for Max Keenan?


(The guard leads DOWNS away.)


BOOTH: Did you perform a hit for Max Keenan?


DOWNS: Take it as a sign from God.


(Cut to – In the SUV, driving - Night)


BRENNAN: How am I going to tell Russ that our father ordered the death of another human being?


BOOTH: If he did that, and I’m not saying it happened that way, then your father took down the man who murdered his wife.


BRENNAN: Good people don’t have other people murdered. Good people don’t even know how.


BOOTH: Well, your father buried your mother in a pair of new shoes in a cemetery. With her dolphin belt buckle that reminded her of you because you both loved dolphins.


BRENNAN: That does not make him a good man.


BOOTH: People can be more than one thing. We were a dead end! All right, we know that your father got to Mitchell Downs, persuaded him to kill McVicker. We find out how he did that, we’re that much closer to finding out what happened to your old man. I mean that’s…if you still want to find him.




BOOTH: Okay. Silver lining.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian – Brennan's Office – Night. She is looking at old photographs. She picks up her mother’s dolphin belt buckle and turns it over in her hands. SONG: “The Greatest” by Cat Power)


(Cut to – Hospital - WARREN LYNCH in the hospital, a gold ring on his finger)


(Cut to – FBI – Booth's Office – Brennan walks in)


BRENNAN: Warren Lynch was in on it.


BOOTH: Where did that come from?


BRENNAN: He had his own dolphin, that NC-lots of “A”s, national championship ring?


BOOTH: His own dolphin.


BRENNAN: All the rest of his jewellery was removed and placed on the dead man. His ten thousand dollar watch, his I.D. band from his wife, his two other rings…but not the championship ring.


BOOTH: That’s good, Bones.


BRENNAN: The only reason they wouldn’t rip it off his hands is ‘cause -


BOOTH: ‘Cause Lynch was calling the shots. And I know exactly who was in on it.



(Cut to – FBI – Interrogation Room)


RICK TURCO: So Warren Lynch and I conspired to disappear him for a few days so we could profit from shorting Lynchpin stock, huh?


BOOTH: Well, you know, that’s my thinking.


RICK TURCO: (chuckles) And dress a junkie in Warren’s clothes, planted him in front of a train, and – wait, did I murder the junkie?


BOOTH: No, Bones said you probably found him dead. But what I think is that you and Lynch intended a white-collar crime. But, a Senator died…


RICK TURCO: And then I got all hickey and I tossed Warren out of the car at eighty miles an hour?


BOOTH: Is that a confession?


RICK TURCO: Naw, naw. Just getting it straight. You know, as a professional investigator myself, I have to point out that blackmailers make much better suspects.


BOOTH: Lynchpin has no record of a quarter-million payout three days ago.


RICK TURCO: Well, there’s not exactly a column for blackmail payouts in the corporate books. If I had only agreed to the full payout, Lynch might never have been taken by those animals.


BOOTH: Hey, let’s play a little show-and-tell, huh? ‘Cause we can put you with Lynch moments before he fell off the radar. (shows him the reflection image)


RICK TURCO: That’s maybe me. Before he fell off the radar. We worked together. Huh, you got nothing.


(BRENNAN bursts into the room.)




(She leaves, and BOOTH rises to follow her out.)


BRENNAN: Do that lying thing!


BOOTH: Could you be more specific?


BRENNAN: Tell him…Lynch woke up and gave a statement incriminating him.


BOOTH: Turco knows the lying thing.


BRENNAN: Tell him Lynch said something that only Lynch could say.


BOOTH: Ooh, great idea, except for the ‘only Lynch could say it’ part.


BRENNAN: The ring?


BOOTH: He’ll ask for specifics of the conversations. I gotta cut him loose.


BRENNAN: He’s going to get away with it?


BOOTH: Well, that happens sometimes, Bones. That’s the brown, little smelly part of the job.


BRENNAN: Shoulder and elbow. The junkie’s shoulder and elbow were dislocated when they forced him into Lynch’s jacket.


BOOTH: We don’t know if Lynch was there for that.


BRENNAN: Well, It took two people! It was him. C’mon Booth. The part of you with a big gambling problem must love this idea.


BOOTH: Right there. Mhmm. That’s the reason you didn’t get Cam’s job.


(They both re-enter the interrogation room)


RICK TURCO: Oh, two against one? That’s unfair.


BOOTH: Warren Lynch woke up.


RICK TURCO: Ah, and he’s talking, right? Huh? Is he pointing his finger straight at me?


BRENNAN: That’s correct.


RICK TURCO: What’s he saying?


BOOTH: That you let him take all his jewellery except his championship ring.


RICK TURCO: No, I asked, what did he say? In words?


Both BOOTH and BRENNAN are silent.


RICK TURCO: (getting to his feet) Hey, unless I’m under arrest, I’m leaving, folks.


BRENNAN: Mr. Lynch said it was difficult getting his jacket onto the corpse.


BOOTH: Rigour mortis. You have a train to meet. You’re in a hurry.


BRENNAN: And the sound of the shoulder popping?


(A flashback to the junkie’s arm being pulled back and dislocating.)


BRENNAN: And the elbow. Like…knuckles popping. (flashback to the elbow making a popping sound) Only louder.


BOOTH: Sickening.


(Cut to – Jeffersonian - Medico-Legal Lab – Upper Level Lounge Area)


LISA SUPEK: Turco will admit to helping Lynch place a body in Mr. Lynch’s car, and rigging it to burn, with the intent of moving the market. Everything else, including placing it on the tracks, he said Mr. Lynch did himself.


BOOTH: Well, he’s lying.


LISA SUPEK: There’s the small matter of proving that in court.


CAM: What’s the maximum sentence on those charges?


LISA SUPEK: Ten years.


ANGELA: He killed three people.


HODGINS: And put one in a coma.


ZACK: Yeah, but Lynch deserves to be in a coma, so it doesn’t count.


BOOTH: All right, look, Turco puts all the blame on Lynch, does the ten years, and he gets all the money from shorting the stock.


LISA SUPEK: It’s ten years or nothing. I can only work with what I’m given, and the forensic work on this was not good enough.




LISA SUPEK: You were fooled by fake dental records, you baked some SPAM.


CAM: What did you want us to do?


LISA SUPEK: Your job.




CAM: No, Ms. Supek, you want us to do your job. My people gave you all the evidence you need to fry Turco with any reasonable jury.


LISA SUPEK: Forensically –


CAM: We gave you everything you needed to arrest Turco.


LISA SUPEK: Arrest is not a conviction.


CAM: We gave you enough to reject his plea bargain and indict him on the wrongful death of a Senator.


LISA SUPEK: Indictment is not a conviction.


BOOTH: You accept that plea bargain, the investigation stops.


BRENNAN: Indict him. Give us time to give you what we need.


CAM: You accept this plea bargain, you don’t deserve to be a federal prosecutor.


LISA SUPEK: Dr. Saroyan –


CAM: Yeah, it’s scary. The whole country will be watching the trial, and you don’t want to go in with less than a sure thing. But you put my people on the stand as expert witnesses and that’s a sure thing.



BRENNAN: Not Zack.

ANGELA: Not Zack.

HODGINS: Not Zack.


CAM: You tell people the story of what happened using the evidence these people provided and if you have any ability as a prosecutor, you’ll win the case.


LISA SUPEK: Are you finished?


CAM: No, Ms. Supek. In the future, when you have problems with my team, you register them with me in private, not by grandstanding in a public forum.


(With a tight smile, LISA SUPEK leaves, followed by CAM.)


BRENNAN: Okay, I, um, sort of see why she got the job.


(Cut to – Graveyard – Day - BOOTH and BRENNAN are standing in front of a grave.)


BOOTH: Well, looks like your brother was here.


BRENNAN: Never understood the idea of bringing flowers.


BOOTH: (handing her a bouquet) Just for once, Bones, do what people do. Kay? See how it feels. That’s it. I’m going to go stand over here, while you talk to your Mom.


BRENNAN: I told you, I don’t do that.


BOOTH heads off, leaving BRENNAN standing alone in front of her mother’s grave.


BRENNAN: Mom, it’s me. Temperance. I have questions, but you can’t answer them. No offence, but I don’t think there’s anything here of you but your bones, so…(quietly) can’t believe I’m doing this. (pauses) Is Dad a good man or…a bad man? He had someone killed. Had him murdered and…what’s the truth? Do I…do I keep looking, or do I let it go like he asked? Who’s he protecting? Himself? Or me, and Russ?


(She falls into silence and looks doubtfully at BOOTH.)


BRENNAN: Booth? I asked the questions and guess what? No answer.


BOOTH: Well, maybe if you weren’t standing right on top of her, took a step to the left, showed just a little respect. Sometimes it takes a while to get an answer, okay? Just leave the flowers.


(BRENNAN reluctantly leaves the flowers at the base of the headstone.)


BRENNAN: I get answers from a lab, you get them from people. Nobody gets answers from a slab of stone.


BOOTH: Yeah, well I see an answer in the stone. See, you buried your mother as Christine Brennan, the woman that you knew as your mother and not by her real name, Ruth Keenan. That tells me who you are.


BRENNAN is preoccupied with pulling on a latex glove to pick a tiny silver dolphin up from the base of the headstone. (SONG: “Be Here Now” by Ray LaMontagne)


BOOTH: What do you got?


BRENNAN: A dolphin.


(She slips the dolphin into a plastic bag.)


BRENNAN: What does that tell you?


BOOTH: What does it tell you?


BRENNAN: My father was here.


BOOTH: Because he loves your mother, grieves her loss, and he came here to talk to her.


(He takes the dolphin out of the bag.)


BRENNAN: You’re tainting evidence.


BOOTH: It’s not that kind of evidence, Bones. It’s evidence of something else. Something that can’t be tainted.


(He hands her the dolphin, which she holds up and examines)


BRENNAN: It’s beautiful.


BOOTH: Yeah.


(Fade out as they stand, looking at the dolphin)




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