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"The Soldier on the Grave"

Episode 1x21

Written By: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Jonathan Pontell

Transcribed by ashiya

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[Fade in: BRENNAN and BOOTH walk into the scene, ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY]

BOOTH: I never get used to the magnitude of this place, what it's taken to keep this country free.

BRENNAN: All societies build monuments to their dead, to convince future combatants that it's an honor to die in battle.

BOOTH: For these servicemen it was. And somebody to use this place to protest the war just pisses me off. These are the lives that gave them the right. These men, they should be respected.

BRENNAN: If they were really respected, maybe not so many of them would be buried here.

BOOTH: Are we gonna get into something here, Bones?

BRENNAN: I don't see why. I think we both wish this place were a lot smaller.

AGENT #1: Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan. Right this way.

[Camera pans out, AGENT #1, BOOTH and BRENNAN walk towards the scene. Jeffersonian employees are taking pictures of the scene and collecting samples.]

AGENT #1: It must've happened in the middle of the night. Place is so big no one saw the fire.

[ZACK is taking photos of a burned skeleton, leaning against a headstone. BOOTH, BRENNAN and AGENT #1 approach.]

ZACK: The accelerant was charcoal starter.

AGENT #1: We didn't find a suicide note.

BRENNAN: If he was a protester, wouldn't he have left a note?

BOOTH: Didn't need to. It's on Charlie Kent's grave.

BOOTH (offscreen): Press was coming out to do a tribute to him.

[BRENNAN looks up, pulls out latex gloves.]

BOOTH: One-year anniversary of his death.

BRENNAN: [Nonplussed] Charlie Kent?

BOOTH (offscreen): He was in the National Guard. About to be drafted by the NBA when he got shipped out to Iraq. He gave his life taking out a group of insurgents to save his unit.

BOOTH: Won the silver star.

BRENNAN (offscreen): It's male.

BRENNAN: African descent. Approximately 20-29 years old. Too early to determine cause of death.

BOOTH: I'm not a pro, but I'm guessin' fire.

[BRENNAN looks up at him pointedly.]

AGENT #1: The White House and the D.O.D. want an I.D. as soon as possible.

BRENNAN: So they can brand him a traitor.

BOOTH: Why do you have to be so cynical?

BRENNAN: I'm not cynical. It's a necessary psychology of warfare. Heroes and villains.

[BRENNAN stands and circles around the remains.]

BRENNAN: Without clear distinctions like that, we'd never be able to fight.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, I always found being shot at... was a motivating factor.

[BOOTH turns and moves away from the remains. Camera turns back to BRENNAN and ZACK, working with the remains.]

BRENNAN: Bag these fragments of his clothing. I also want any singed plant life or debris you find around him.

[BOOTH moves the crime scene tape, fixated on something beyond the frame.]

ZACK (offscreen): I'm on it.

[BRENNAN turns to stare at BOOTH. BOOTH shakes his head, standing in front of a headstone not unlike Kent's. BRENNAN joins him at his side.]


BOOTH: It's Jamie Richards.

[The headstone reads
DEC 3 1970
OCT 26 2003

BOOTH (offscreen): We were in the Rangers together.

BOOTH: He was hit by a roadside bomb... just outside the green zone. He left a wife and two kids. The fact that he was near this --

BRENNAN: You believe somehow he's still here watching?

[BOOTH swallows hard.]

BOOTH: Yeah. You don't. I get that.

BRENNAN: I know you think he's a good man. That's -- that's enough for me.

[BRENNAN turns back to the scene. Camera pans down to BOOTH crouched in front of JAMES RICHARDS' grave.]

BRENNAN: Zack, I want pictures of all remaining tissue before he's moved.

[CUT to: JEFFERSONIAN MEDICO-LEGAL LAB. A television is tuned into the local news channel.]

FEMALE REPORTER: The unidentified suicide victim was found at Private Kent's grave this morning. Services had been planned to honor Kent on the one-year anniversary of his death in Iraq.

[GOODMAN moves into the scene as the camera pans out. Television report shows footage of KENT playing basketball.]

GOODMAN: Ah. I used to love watching Kent play. He could fly.

ZACK: He made 46.4% of his three point attempts in his last season.

GOODMAN: A basketball fan? I'm surprised, Mr. Addy.

[BRENNAN walks onto the platform, and turns off the television.]

BRENNAN: Zack, I'd like you to keep cleaning the bones.

ZACK: Did you see the game against North Carolina?

ZACK: Fifty-three points, and he grabbed 18 rebounds.


[BRENNAN gives him a pointed look, gesturing to the remains on the examination table as she puts latex gloves on.]

[ZACK, chastised, turns back to the remains, turning on a UV light.]

ZACK: Sorry. Cleaning.

GOODMAN: It's difficult knowing Kent will never play again. Makes the war so real.

HODGINS: Which is odd since it was all fiction that got us there in the first place.

GOODMAN: So you don't think we should stand up to tyrants?

HODGINS: Sure. [Smirks] I've been waitin' for the press to do that for three years now.

ANGELA: I can't believe you took the bait.

GOODMAN: Yeah. Me neither.

[Cell phone rings. GOODMAN winces as he pulls it out, rolls his eyes.]

GOODMAN: Oh! Press Office of Defense. Please I.D. him. This is the third call in an hour.

[GOODMAN answers the call, looking annoyed.]

GOODMAN: Hello? [Suddenly looks tired, annoyed and weary.] Yes. It's a pleasure to hear from you *again*, sir. Yes, we're very close.

ANGELA (offscreen): All right.

ANGELA: I fed his dentals, approximate age, height, along with the rough sketch I made from the tissue markers into the D.O.D. database.

[Camera changes, shows BOOTH swiping his card through the security reader and mounting the platform.]

HODGINS (offscreen): The victim had lamb about an hour before his death.

HODGINS: Of course, it's a little overcooked now.

BOOTH: Toasted himself. Who cares what he ate?

BRENNAN: Just doing our jobs, Booth.

HODGINS: Big boys telling you to sweep this one under the rug?

BOOTH: Just can the left-wing conspiracy, Hodgins.

BOOTH: Probably one of your nut-ball friends here on the table.

HODGINS: Don't think so. Fabric found at the scene was cotton with synthetic polymers. Dye: olive green. 

[Camera shows BOOTH's face. ANGELA is in the background, still at the computer.

HODGINS (offscreen): This dude was wearing a military uniform.

HODGINS: He's one of yours, not mine.

ANGELA: Okay. His name is Devon Marshall.

[BOOTH turns to ANGELA. Scene changes to show BRENNAN looking towards ANGELA and BOOTH's direction.]

ANGELA: He served in the Guard with Kent.

BOOTH: What?

ANGELA: He was there in Mosul the night Kent was killed.

[Focus on computer screen, shows DEVON MARSHALL's official photo as well as his basic information.]

ZACK: He was protesting?

HODGINS: Marshall could've had a change of heart. It's not like support for the war is increasing.

BOOTH: It also could've been survivor's guilt. The guy who saved his life didn't make it. You can't imagine what it's like carrying that around.

[BRENNAN looks at BOOTH.]

BRENNAN: I don't think so, Booth. There's evidence of damage on the external auditory meatus...

[Camera pans to follow BRENNAN back to the remains on the table. Zoom into the skull, which shows a hole in the skull.]

BRENNAN: ...here and here.

BOOTH: I'm sorry, you know, but I left my phrase book at home.

ZACK: The opening in the skull where the auditory nerves feed into the brain.

[BOOTH looks and sounds exasperated.]

BOOTH: So we're talking ear hole?

[BRENNAN looks at BOOTH, looking perplexed and annoyed with him.]


BOOTH: They simplify these words for a reason, people.

BRENNAN: Something was jabbed into his ear.

BOOTH: [Slowly] Okay, that's clear. But why?

BRENNAN: There's scrapings within the cranium and marks on the inside of the parietal and occipital.

BRENNAN: Whatever was used was pushed completely through his skull.

HODGINS: Someone scrambled his brain, then set the fire so there'd be no tissue left to see what had been done.

BRENNAN: Exactly. Devon Marshall didn't die in the fire. He was murdered first.

[BRENNAN looks to BOOTH, camera pans to BOOTH's face staring in BRENNAN's direction, looking tense and grim.]


[FADE IN: WASHINGTON, D.C. in daylight. A black SUV is driving and makes a turn.]

BRENNAN (offscreen): Marshall was against the war.

[CUT to: BRENNAN and BOOTH in the SUV. BRENNAN is talking to BOOTH as she is on a cell phone. BOOTH stares ahead, driving.]

BRENNAN: They knew he'd look like a protester, so no one would expect murder.

BOOTH: As far as anyone knows, this is still a suicide.

BOOTH: I want the killer to think that he got away with it.

BOOTH: He's smart. I want the edge.

BRENNAN (into cellphone): Okay, Zack, then magnify the marks on the cranium. Call me if you match them to any kind of weapon.

[BRENNAN ends the call.]

BOOTH: Y'know, I'm just gonna be asking his mother a few questions. You could've just stayed back there and played with your bones.

BRENNAN (offscreen): I know. Just wanted to keep you company, that's all.

BOOTH: Company?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I'm trying to be more sociable. You know?

[BOOTH doesn't look convinced.]

BOOTH: Lousy liar.

BRENNAN: I just think inside, you're still military, Booth. You might be too close to this one. I just wanna make sure you stay objective.

BOOTH (offscreen): I know how to do my job.

BOOTH: I was doing it just fine long before I met you.

BRENNAN: You're angry.

BOOTH: [Annoyed] Well, because I have people all around me with opinions about the war who don't know what the hell they're talking about!

BRENNAN: I've been in Sudan, Rwanda. For two months I sifted through the wreckage of 9/11 trying to help the families of the victims.

BOOTH: All I'm saying is that this is just another case. That's all. It's just-- It's another case.

BRENNAN: [Looks away.] You're not such a great liar yourself.

[BOOTH sighs.]

BRENNAN: I'm your partner. Let me be your partner.

[CUT to: a framed photo of DEVON MARSHALL, presumably being held by BOOTH in his office.]

BOOTH: Did he, uh, have any troubles since he came back? Any personal problems?

[BOOTH hands the photo back to the red-suited figure in front of his desk.]

[Camera follows and focuses on an African-American woman, REGINA MARSHALL.]

REGINA MARSHALL: Some days... [She sighs, looks down at the photo and then back up.] I didn't know him.

REGINA MARSHALL (offscreen): He used to be very outgoing, happy.

[BOOTH and BRENNAN are listening to REGINA MARSHALL, both studying her.]

REGINA MARSHALL: But since he came back, all he did was spend time with his little sister...

[Camera pans back to REGINA MARSHALL, and there is a younger African-American female sitting next to her. KIARA MARSHALL, DEVON's sister.]

REGINA MARSHALL: take her to school, help her with her homework.

KIARA MARSHALL: Said his job now is keeping me safe.

KIARA MARSHALL: But most of the time, it was like I was taking care of him.

[BRENNAN glances over at BOOTH. BOOTH looks back and focuses on DEVON'S SISTER again.]

KIARA MARSHALL (offscreen): It was like he was scared all the time.

BOOTH: Did he, uh-- Did he talk, you know, to anyone else he served with?

KIARA MARSHALL (offscreen): Just Jimmy. He talked to him when Jimmy wasn't in the hospital, the V.A.

REGINA MARSHALL (offscreen): When he was over there, he really believed in what he was doing.

REGINA MARSHALL: He wrote us all the time, saying how good he felt seeing the people free... Voting. 'Cause he remembered when his grandpa was a young man he didn't have the right to vote. [To Brennan] When can I have my son back? When can I lay him to rest?

BRENNAN: Soon, Mrs. Marshall.

BRENNAN: We just wanna make sure we have all the facts.

[REGINA MARSHALL and KIARA rise to leave. Camera focuses on BOOTH, who looks tired and grim. BRENNAN looks at him and sighs.]

[Camera does a wide pan shot of a large building.]


BRENNAN (offscreen): I know it's his sister, but it seems odd...

[Camera cuts to BOOTH and BRENNAN walking side to side down a hallway. A man using a cane walks by.]

BRENNAN: ...for a grown man to be spending so much time with a 13-year-old.

BOOTH: You come back from combat, it's still all over you.

BOOTH: You know, you wanna be around something pure, something innocent.

BOOTH: Adults, they want you to relive it all.

BOOTH: They, they want war stories like they're entertainment.

BRENNAN: It makes 'em feel better. If they hear you survived, then maybe war isn't so bad.

BRENNAN: John Wayne syndrome.

BOOTH: Don't tell me you're gonna trash the Duke?

BRENNAN: Wh- are you kidding? I love the Duke.

BOOTH: [Imitating] I wouldn't have guessed that one, little lady.

BRENNAN: Remember "Stagecoach?"

BRENNAN: [Imitating] "Listen, cowboy. Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."

BOOTH: What was that? The Duke? That was horrible.

BOOTH: That was like, Jerry Lewis.

BRENNAN: Was not.

[Camera cuts to a painting of a soldier saluting, and continues to pan out into a wide open common/rec room. Men are sitting together, talking.]

BOOTH (offscreen): Just a couple of quick questions, Jimmy.

[Camera continues to pan and shows, JIMMY, his wife, BOOTH and BRENNAN sitting around a coffee table on couches.]

JIMMY: I-I-I can't-- I can't talk about Devon now, man.

JIMMY: I-I just can't.

JIMMY'S WIFE: Why can't you just leave him alone? He's got enough troubles.

BOOTH: I understand, okay? It's-- readjusting takes time.

[Camera focuses on JIMMY'S WIFE.]

BOOTH (offscreen): It's different for every one of us.

JIMMY: It sure as hell was different for Devon. He's gone, man.

JIMMY: Son of a bitch should've never checked out on me like that.

JIMMY'S WIFE (offscreen): That's when Jimmy came back in here-- when he heard about Devon.

[Camera shows BOOTH and BRENNAN listening carefully.]

JIMMY'S WIFE: He was doing pretty good before that.

JIMMY: [To his wife] Baby, I can't hold a job yet. I can't even provide for my family.

BOOTH: Did you and Devon ever argue?

JIMMY: Oh, no. We, we had to stick together. That's what it was all about.

JIMMY'S WIFE: Devon would call, and Jimmy would take off to meet him. Middle of dinner, playing with Sarah-- It didn't matter. [Bitterly] Jimmy would go.

JIMMY: He needed me, Karen. [To Booth] Man, you served. You know what it's like when you get back. You got no one but the guys you served with.

BRENNAN: You and Devon would visit Corporal Kent's gravesite?

JIMMY: It never should've happened like that. Not to Kent. We would go and tell him that we-- we were sorry. We needed him to know.

BOOTH: I understand.

BRENNAN: I don't. How did it happen, Jimmy?

BOOTH: It doesn't matter, Bones.

BRENNAN: But, Booth --

[BOOTH begins to stand up.]

BOOTH: We'll see you later, okay Jimmy?

KAREN: At home. He'll be at home next time with me and the kids. Right, Jimmy?

[JIMMY doesn't answer. BOOTH pats him on the shoulder as he and BRENNAN move to leave the V.A. Hospital.]

[Cut to: BOOTH and BRENNAN walking down the hallway.]

BOOTH: Jimmy loved that guy. He didn't kill him.

BRENNAN: Now you're a mind reader.

BOOTH: Maybe. You want me to guess your weight?

BRENNAN: You do and you could loose a tooth. Booth, you've gotta stay objective. Jimmy was one of the last people to see Devon alive. He admitted they went to the cemetary. Jimmy could've killed him.

BOOTH: Oh, here we go. I thought you didn't like speculation.

BRENNAN: I don't. That's why I took this. Cigarette butt [pulls an object out of her pocket]. See if we can pull any DNA from it and match it to anything he left on Devon.

BOOTH: Right. If you got what you need, then why are you giving me such grief?

[BRENNAN puts a restraining hand on BOOTH's arm.]

BRENNAN: Because I thought you could've been a little tougher in there. 

BOOTH: I'm tough.

BRENNAN: Most of the time.

BOOTH: [Chuckles] Do you always have to get the last word in?

BRENNAN: I like to, yeah.

[BOOTH is about to say something, but is interrupted.]

MAN: Booth!

[Camera pans out to a man in a wheelchair, looking pleased to see BOOTH.]

MAN: Son of a bitch.

BOOTH: Hey, Hank! Hey!

[HANK pulls him down and they hug, patting each other on the back.]

BOOTH: How the hell are ya, man?

HANK: Great, just got some new wheels.

BOOTH: Sweet ride, man. Hank Lutrell, Dr. Temperance Brennan.

HANK: The bone lady. 

[They shake hands. BRENNAN has a wry look on her face.]

BRENNAN: That's me.

Hank: I heard you two were working together. Booth and I were in the same unit in Kosovo.

HANK (offscreen): Hey you gotta come over for dinner. Janie and the kids keep asking about you.

BOOTH: Yeah, I'd love to. I'll call. We'll uh, make it a date, okay?

HANK: Great. I gotta roll. I gotta be in court at 3:00.

BOOTH (offscreen): Yeah.

HANK: They can't start without the judge.

[BOOTH pats him on the shoulder as HANK wheels away.]

BOOTH: I'll call.

HANK: Hey, call me or I'm gonna kick your ass.

BOOTH: [Sighs] Uh-huh.

BRENNAN: What happened to him?

[BOOTH looks exasperated and irritated.]

BOOTH: [Curtly] He got hurt.

[BOOTH walks away and BRENNAN stares after him for a second before following.]

[Cut to: LAB INTERIOR. Close-up of the bones laid out on the table.]

ZACK (offscreen): There are signs of additional damage on C-1 at the base of the skull.

ZACK: This mark couldn't have come from the assault inside the cranium.

[Camera pans out to show ZACK, ANGELA and HODGINS in the room, also examining the bones.]

ANGELA: [Exasperated] I just think that you should be aware that Booth went through something over there.

HODGINS: So I'm not supposed to tell the truth?

ANGELA: Truth? It's *opinion* Jack.

ZACK: [Frowns] Looks like a dimple in the bone. Could be genetic.

HODGINS: There were no W.M.D.'s. That's the truth.

ANGELA: Every major intelligence agency in the world thought there were.

[HODGINS looks amused and stubborn.]

ZACK (offscreen): We should get magnification of the area to determine what else could've caused it.

HODGINS: Are you defending what's going on over there?

ANGELA: No. Mistakes were made, *obviously*.

HODGINS: Yeah! Like establishing military bases over there instead of investing a fraction of what this war costs into alternative energy projects.

ANGELA: Nothing is that simple.

HODGINS: To me it is! We're ruled by the corporate oligarchy. Face it.

[ANGELA looks exasperated and clearly unamused; ZACK continues his analysis.]

ZACK: There's also some discoloration. You should do some scrapings to see what it might be.

ANGELA: [Sighs] You want to make the world a better place, Jack? Try shutting your yap long enough to hear something other than the sound of your own voice.

[ANGELA walks away.]

HODGINS: [Surprised, calls after her.] Hey, where are you going?

ZACK: The scrapings?


HODGINS: Oh, yeah. I thought we were having a good time. [Scoffs]


COL. SHORE: It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Dr. Brennan. You've helped us with some casualties that we never thought we'd be able to I.D.

BRENNAN: Someday, maybe I won't be needed.

COL. SHORE: That's what we all hope. CAPTAIN FULLER, give Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan all the help they need.

CPT. FULLER: [Snaps to attention.] Yes sir. [Gestures for BOOTH and BRENNAN to move ahead.] Please.

[BOOTH and BRENNAN move to sit in front of CPT. FULLER's desk.)

BOOTH: So uh, this is your third tour in Iraq, Captain?

CPT. FULLER: Yes. A National Guard unit can be difficult to lead. Nothing against the Guard, but usually they're inexperienced, shortchanged on equipment.

CPT. FULLER: But Kent's unit, they were one of the best I ever had.

BOOTH: And Devon Marshall?

CPT. FULLER: Marshall was a good soldier. But after he came back, he seemed to turn against the military. Saw us as the problem over there. You must've known men like that.

BOOTH: Some people just aren't cut out for it.

BOOTH: Like Jimmy Martin.

CPT. FULLER: Jimmy's been having some troubles, but he still supports us.

BOOTH: Both Marshall and Jimmy, uh, seemed like they had trouble getting over Corporal Kent's death. Any idea why it was so tough for 'em?

BOOTH (offscreen): Tougher than usual.

[CPT. FULLER looks at BOOTH. BOOTH stares back knowingly. CPT. FULLER looks away.]

CPT. FULLER: We were on a patrol in Mosul.

Cpt (offscreen): Intel reports indicated there were insurgents in this neighbourhood.

CPT. FULLER: We were canvassing the area.

[Camera whites out and fades back in to show a SOLDIER sitting in the driver's side of a military vehicle.]

CPT. FULLER (voiceover): PRIVATE CAMPBELL, she stayed in the Humvee as the unit headed towards a small house up the street.

[Five SOLDIERS climb out of the military HUMVEE, armed and checking their equipment.]

CPT. FULLER (voiceover): There were five of us -- Kent, Marshall, Martin, Lefferts, myself.

[They move in a line towards the house. CPT. FULLER stops and gestures for two soldiers to go around.]

CPT. FULLER: It was a small house -- two rooms. I looked through the slat and saw three insurgents in the back room, one a woman.

[Camera shows fleeting images of a man with a gun slung on his shoulder, another man with a gun standing next to the woman.]

CPT. FULLER: They men had AK-47s. I sent KENT and LEFFERTS to cover the back so no one could run.

[KENT and LEFFERTS quickly round the corner, guns ready. KENT looks back and LEFFERT nods tensely. CUT back to CPT. FULLER, MARSHALL and MARTIN at the front door.]

CPT. FULLER: I was getting the others into position when one of the insurgents must've spotted Kent.

[FLASH to KENT peeking into the door and FLASH back to FULLER's group.]

CPT. FULLER: I heard the pop, pop, pop of the enemy AK-47.

[KENT comes barging through the door, gun raised and firing into the room.

CPT. FULLER: Kent made entry to take them out before they could get to the rest of us. Lefferts followed him in while we were kicking in the front door.

[LEFFERTS fires at the insurgents, quickly shadowing KENT.]

CPT. FULLER: When we got to them, Kent had already been killed taking out the insurgents.

[CPT. FULLER, MARSHALL and MARTIN kick in the door and move quickly, making sure that other insurgents were not present. They stop at the entrance to the room; LEFFERTS looks up as he applies pressure to KENT's wounds.]

CPT. FULLER: Sight like that stays with you. Two part-times like that, I guess it was too much.

[Camera whites out and cuts back to present time.]

CPT. FULLER: But whatever Marshall was trying to do desecrating Kent's grave, Kent saved the unit. Marshall can't take that away.

BOOTH: [Flatly] Devon Marshall was murdered, captain.


BOOTH: Any bad blood between him and Jimmy Martin?

CPT. FULLER: Not that I know of.

BRENNAN: We only have the after-action summary of the incident. I'd like to have the full report, Kent's autopsy, the photographs you took of the scene and any other evidence that exists.

CPT. FULLER: You'll have whatever you need.

[Cut to: BRENNAN and BOOTH walking out of CPT. FULLER's office.]

BRENNAN: I thought we were keeping the murder to ourselves.

BOOTH: He's the company commander, Bones. He's a decorated officer.

BRENNAN: And you think a soldier wouldn't kill someone?

BOOTH: Huh, and suddenly it's your job to question the motives of everyone who served?

BRENNAN: No, it's my job to solve a murder. Yours too. [Opens the car door and climbs in.] Treat him like you would anyone else involved in an investigation. You're not in the military anymore, Booth.

BOOTH: [Irritated] I will find out who killed Devon Marshall. That's all you need to know.

[CUT TO: LAB - BRENNAN'S OFFICE - Camera pans to show ANGELA leaning on BRENNAN's desk.]

ANGELA: How's Booth doing?

BRENNAN: He's angry. I think I said some things.

ANGELA: Sweetie --

BRENNAN: [Defensively] He wasn't being objective. I just had to get him to focus.

ANGELA: You have to think before you speak.

BRENNAN: Why? I can say anything to you without thinking about it first.

ANGELA: Yeah. Men aren't like us. They're much more fragile and needy. The fact that they think *we're* the needy ones is a testament to our superiority.

BRENNAN: [Grins, amused.] Yeah. I guess I forgot.

[ZACK walks in.]

ZACK: Dr. Brennan, the military delivered all the paperwork you requested. [Offscreen] Private Kent's autopsy report is careless and incomplete. There was no incision, no X-rays. [Camera turns to show Angela looking down, dismayed] So there's no way to confirm the amount of bullets he was hit with.

BRENNAN: The M.E. marked seven entry points but the report says there were only six bullets.

ZACK: I could've done better with a Crayola.

BOOTH: [Throws the folder down] Medical reports are done on the fly in combat situations. That doesn't mean that they're falsified.

BRENNAN: Booth, the report is a mess. [Turns to Angela] Ange, I'd like you to input these photographs and enhance them for as much detail as possible.

[HODGINS walks onto the platform.]

HODGINS: I couldn't salvage much flesh from Marshall's ear but I'm sending anything useful up to Pathology, see if they can match anything with the DNA they pulled from Jimmy Martin's cigarette. [Faces Angela] Were you really mad before?

ANGELA: Why? Because of your strident, paranoid ramblings?

HODGINS: I'm guessing mad. Fair enough. Can I at least give you some material to read?

ANGELA: [Doesn't look up at Hodgins] You could try, but you'd walk funny for a week.

HODGINS: [Cowed] I'd better, uh, work on these scrapings for Zack.

BRENNAN: This is a murder. We know Devon would visit Kent's grave. Jimmy said to apologize. He knew something about Kent, Booth, something these reports will never tell us.

BOOTH: [Furtively looks around, then looks at Brennan] So what do you wanna do?

BRENNAN: I wanna exhume Charles Kent.

BOOTH: [Incredulous] Exhume a *war hero*? Do you have *any* idea what you're asking?

BRENNAN: [Stares back at Booth squarely, determined.] It's the only way we'll really know what happened to him.

BOOTH: The report.

BRENNAN: Which is sloppy and incomplete.

BOOTH: He is supposed to be honored this week, Bones, not humiliated.

BRENNAN: Doesn't Devon Marshall deserve as much respect and honor as Kent?

BOOTH: [Shakes his head] I'm sorry Bones, I can't let you do this.

BRENNAN: I'm not asking for your permission Booth. I can get the court order on my own. I was just kind of hoping for your support. [Walks off.]

[BOOTH stares as she leaves, turns his head and looks tired and conflicted.]

[CUT to: ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY - CPL. CHARLES KENT'S GRAVE. A dirt-covered but ornate coffin is lifted out as BOOTH, BRENNAN, BRADLEY KENT, TINA KENT and two anonymous soldiers look on.]

[Camera moves to MRS. KENT, who looks heartbroken and angry as she walks over to BOOTH and BRENNAN.]

TINA KENT: Agent Booth, I'm Tina Kent.

BOOTH: Listen ma'am, I'm very sor- [Cut off as TINA KENT slaps him across the face.]

[BRADLEY KENT leads his wife away.]


[FADE IN: LAB - MORGUE. A bird's eye-view of Cpl. Kent's body on a gurney; the crew surrounding the table. BOOTH stands away, examining Cpl. Kent's belongings laid on the next table.]

[BOOTH picks up one of the medals, taking it in.]

BOOTH: You know, this is a Silver Star. [In the background, Hodgins and Brennan look over towards him. Booth clenches the medal in his hand.]

BRENNAN: I know how much you hate this, Booth.

BOOTH: [Swallows hard.] Let's just get this over with, all right?

BRENNAN: [To Zack] Okay, I want a full set of X-rays, and a clear picture of all fracture patterns. [To Hodgins] And a tox screen and analysis of any particulates in the wound.

GOODMAN: D.O.D. wants this done fast. They want this out of the press as soon as possible.

BRENNAN: [To Goodman} It will take the time it takes to do properly. [To Angela] Can you run scenarios on the angles and the entry order of the shots?

ANGELA: Yeah. [Leafs through photos] I should be able to give you something.

HODGINS: [Turns to Booth, starts to ramble] I know we don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff because you know, politically, I think we live in an Orwellian nightmare due to --

BOOTH: [Crosses his arms and tensely interrupts] What-- what are you trying to say?

HODGINS: Just-- I'm sorry, man. I reall am. [Walks past him]

[Camera lingers on the carefully-folded uniform and the medals laid out on top of it, and Booth gives it a final glance as he turns towards Brennan.]

BRENNAN: I'll need X-rays of L-1 through four, and the left scapula.

BOOTH: Uh, he's just a kid.

BRENNAN: It's always the young. Anthropologists have theorized that wars break out when there's an increase in the population of unmarried men under the age of 25.

[BOOTH shoots her a blank stare.]

BRENNAN: [Awkward, apologetic.] I'm sorry. I need to create a distance from the victim. It's how I deal. I-- I didn't mean--

BOOTH: [Tense, uncomfortable] Just, you know, do what you have to do. I'm gonna go do my thing. [Quickly walks off.]

[BRENNAN stares after him, looking unsure, but even more unsure as to what to say.]

[CUT to: INTERROGATION ROOM. Jimmy Martin is pacing the room as Booth sits in the chair, watching him.]

JIMMY: I-I-I should've been with Kent, man. May-maybe I could've shielded him, you know? But, but the captain, he put me and Devon on the front door. And by the time we got to Kent, it-it was too late.

BOOTH: What did you see from where you were?

JIMMY: Oh, no. [Sits down] Come on, man. I don't need to go through that again, okay? The captain told you. You-you read the report.

BOOTH: [Leans in, looking earnest] Come on Jimmy. Please. All right? This is for Kent and Devon.

[Jimmy shakes his head for a few seconds, but looks up at Booth.]

JIMMY: It was the first action we saw. Man, nobody was ready.

[Camera whites out and fades in; five soldiers walk away from the HUMVEE. Quick cut to the soldiers standing by the front door.]

JIMMY (voiceover): We were outside the front door, sweatin' in the heat.

[Camera cuts back to the interrogation room.]

JIMMY: Just waitin'.

BOOTH: What's the first thing you heard?

JIMMY: First? It was the pop, pop, pop of the enemy AK. And all hell broke loose. [Booth looks at him oddly, leans back.]

[Camera cuts back to the soldiers as they burst through the front door.]

JIMMY (voiceover): We broke down the door and made entry. [Soldiers moving in, camera shows quick shots of the dead Iraqis.] Those people, the Iraqis, they were already dead when we got to the backroom. Kent too, Lefferts standing over him all freaked.

[Kent lies on the ground, his eyes closed; camera cuts to Cpt. Fuller, Marshall and Martin standing there, looking shocked and dismayed at Lefferts, who looks stunned as he stares back at them, still pushing on Kent's chest. Marshall slowly lowers his gun, follwed by Martin.]

JIMMY (voiceover): We were all freaked, man. These were real people, you know?

BOOTH: [Scrutinizes Jimmy] Did you see 'em firing on Kent?

JIMMY: No. But like I said, it took time to kick in the door and push through to the backroom. If I'd got there faster, I-- [Pauses] There was nothing I could do, you know? I swear.

[CUT to: LAB - MORGUE. The X-ray of Kent's chest is displayed on the monitor. Camera pans to the side to show BRENNAN and ZACK as they go through the X-rays.]

ZACK: The X-rays show that six of the bullets are still in the remains.

BRENNAN: I need to see which entries were fatal. Anything more on Devon Marshall?

ZACK: We're still working on the bone dimple on his neck.

BRENNAN: All right. Set up a tray so we can start extracting bullets.

ANGELA: [Walks over to Hodgins, but doesn't look at him] Did you find anything in the wounds that might've changed the trajectory of the bullets?

HODGINS: [Looks discomfited] Not yet. Just residual sesquioxide, in silico accumulation. A little decayed organic matter. Probably food that was on the floor. So--

ANGELA: Thank you. [Turns to leave]

HODGINS: Look, Angela. [She stops and turns back.] Look, I run on sometimes, I know. I guess I think if I yell loud enough, maybe someone will listen.

ANGELA: Well you have to be careful people don't go deaf. [Sighs] You know, what you did for Booth before... showing him you understood, that was good. Everyone hears something like that.

[ANGELA gives him a small smile as she walks away. HODGINS watches her before turning back, looking bashful, please and contemplative.]

[CUT to: INTERROGATION ROOM. BOOTH is sitting across from a woman. This is PRIVATE CAMPBELL, the driver of the Humvee that night in Mosul.]

CAMPBELL: I joined the Guard 'cause they helped pay for medical school. All my life I wanted to be a doctor. It's all I ever wanted. [Looks rueful] I never thought I'd get sent overseas, much less Iraq.

BOOTH: Your service record is exemplary. 

CAMPBELL: I survived. That's my achievement.

BOOTH: Look, I'm sorry to do this, Miss Campbell. I'm just trying to reconstruct the night of the firefight.

CAMPBELL: [Sighs, looks up and then back to Booth] I was parked in the alley. The Captain told me to stay in the Humvee. Women aren't supposed to engage in direct combat.

[Camera flashes white and fades into the scene of Cpt. Fuller climbing out of the Humvee, the other four following him.]

CAMPBELL (voiceover): He took the unit to the house. [The soldiers are advancing up the street carefully] The street was quiet. I was waiting. [Cuts to Campbell sitting alone in the driver's seat.] Then I heard the pop, pop, pop of the AK-47. [Cuts the interrogation room to Booth, who stares at her intensely.] Then Kent and Lefferts firing...the captain and the others breaking down the door. Then everything stopped.

[Quickly cuts to a lone soldier running.]

CAMPBELL (voiceover): It went quiet again. Then the captain came back, told me Kent had been hit. [Camera shows Cpt. Fuller talking to Campbell, no sound. Campbell runs out of the car, carrying a medkit.] He knew I was a med student, so he sent me in while he radioed for a medevac. [Cpt. Fuller is rapidly talking into a radio.]

[Campbell quickly walks in and kneels next to Kent. Lefferts is on his other side, his hands still on Kent's chest.]

CAMPBELL (voiceover): As an intern, I've seen a lot of horrible things. [Campbell listens for breathing, checks his pulse but finds nothing as she stares back up, looking bleak.] But when it's your friend... [Quick cut back into the interrogation room] someone you serve with--

BOOTH: [Quietly] Yeah.

[Another man is sitting in the chair. LEFFERTS is wearing a suit, looking discomfited.]

LEFFERTS: Been in the Guard for years. Didn't think I'd ever get called up again. I mean, I'm 45. There's just not enough men for this mess.

BOOTH: Look, Mr. Lefferts, if we could just-- [Booth pushes away from the wall and sits in the chair.]

[LEFFERTS looks away for a long moment, seemingly trying to get his nerve. Closes his eyes and starts to talk.]

LEFFERTS: We were 22 hours into a 12-hour detail. You try that when it's 110 degrees out. [Sighs] They called me Dad 'cause I was the old guy. [Cuts to Cpt. Fuller signaling Lefferts and Kent to go around back.] [Voiceover] Kent was a kid. Captain sent us around back. I was supposed to look out for him. [Kent moves in front of Lefferts, alert, gun raised. Lefferts scans around as they round the corner.] It got like I really was the damn kid's father.

LEFFERTS: Kent was gung-ho, you know? [Cuts back to the interrogation room] Would've fought the whole damn war himself. Heh. So he sees something move inside. Something shines off the light. [The Iraqi woman walks into the backroom.] A barrel, he says. And then we hear people moving around. Somebody coming towards us from inside. [Bright lights flash in the small window of the door.] Then somebody fires.

BOOTH: What did it sound like-- the shots? [Looks at him intently]

LEFFERTS: It was like a pop, pop, pop. [Cut to Kent kicking the door in, firing as a man moves into his line of sight.] [Voiceover] Then Kent rushes in, sees the first guy, blows him away. He wasn't supposed to go in by himself. So I rush in. [Lefferts moves in, firing his gun. The Iraqi man jerks and falls to the ground.] I take out the last guy. And then it all stops. And when it does, Kent is lying there. [Lefferts gapes and then crouches next to Kent's body.]

[Cut back to the interrogation room. Lefferts is looking horrified, reliving those moments.]

LEFFERTS: I-I-I can't believe it! I'm-I'm-I'm staring down at Kent, and-- [Cut to Cpt. Fuller and the others coming into the back room] And then the others, they ask, "What happened, Dad? Dad, what happened?" [Lefferts breathes hard, cut back into the interrogation room.]

LEFFERTS: [Moaning] And I'm-- And I'm staring down at Kent like he really is my kid. I'm a lawyer! [Sighs] A damn lawyer. I shouldn't have been there. *None* of us should've been there.

[BOOTH continues to stare at him, a grim look on his face.]

[CUT to: LAB - PLATFORM. BRENNAN is working with a piece of evidence under a microscope.]

BOOTH: Their stories don't line up.

BRENNAN: You said the events seemed consistent.

BOOTH: Exactly. We got a group of traumatized soldiers who all managed to say the same words to describe the first shots. "Pop, pop, pop." It was rehearsed.

[BRENNAN looks at him, curious.]

BOOTH: They're hiding something.

BRENNAN: That makes sense. [Pulls out a bullet from one of the entry wounds, squinting at it.] There's something Devon knew about.

BOOTH: And someone else didn't want to get out.

[BRENNAN pulls out another bullet, studies it and places it in a tray.]

ZACK: That's all of them.

BRENNAN: The way the blood pooled around the bullets these three were the ones that killed him.

BOOTH: [Looks at the screen with the fatal bullets displayed] These rounds aren't from an AK-47. [Gestures to the other tray] These are.

BRENNAN: Well, they didn't kill him. Circulation had stopped by the time these bullets hit.

BOOTH: Wait. The ones that killed him are from an M-14. [Pauses in realization] Those are from our weapons.

BRENNAN: [Knowingly] Friendly fire.

BOOTH: Oh, God.

BRENNAN: Booth--

BOOTH: [Interrupts] You know what? Let's just find out who did this. All right? Not all personnel in a unit carry the same weapons. We have to find out who was issued the M-14.

[BRENNAN nods and looks down while BOOTH looks aside, arms crossed.]



BOOTH: Lefferts was the only one issued an M-14. 

BRENNAN: So Kent runs into the house firing. The insurgents fire back. Lefferts follows Kent in. Lefferts is shooting, and he kills Kent.

BOOTH: Devon wanted to tell the truth, but Lefferts, he's got a successful legal practice. Too much to lose. Lefferts kills Devon. Son of a--

[CUT to: OFFICE. Lefferts is dead, hanging lifelessly from the ceiling by the cord wrapped around his neck. He's still dressed in the shirt and tie he was wearing in the interrogation room. Camera pans away to show local police and forensics people crowding by the door.]

[Camera then pans onto BOOTH, staring at the dead man stonily. BRENNAN walks into the room behind him.]

BOOTH: [Holds up a piece of papers and reads.] "I shot Kent that night. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. But I can't live with it anymore."

BRENNAN: His assistant says he was out of town the night that Devon Marshall died. He couldn't have killed him. The murderer's still out there, Booth.

[CUT to: Black.]

[FADE IN: J. EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING - BOOTH'S OFFICE. BRENNAN is sitting in front of his desk.]

BRENNAN: Devon Marshall was too badly burned. Hodgins couldn't get enough usable tissue to match the DNA from Jimmy Martin's cigarette.

BOOTH: The one person who had a motive killed himself, but he couldn't have killed Marshall.

BRENNAN: The M.E. confirmed suicide?

BOOTH: Yeah. Plus, no one was in or out of the office. [Hands her a folder] He uh, definitely killed himself.

BRENNAN: [Paging through the file] But we still have no idea who killed Devon Marshall. [Knocking]

BRADLEY KENT: Agent Booth? [Booth and Brennan look towards the door.]

BOOTH: Mr. Kent. [Stands] This is Dr. Brennan.


BRENNAN: I'm sorry I exhumed your son, sir. But we needed--

BRADLEY KENT: No, please. Thank you. It's important for us to find out how he died.

BOOTH: You wanna sit?

BRADLEY KENT: No. I-I just wanted to ask. There's so many conflicting stories. Now the captain says he can't talk to us. I just wanted to ask you to find the truth. My wife and I can't live not knowing what happened to Charlie. We need the truth.

BOOTH: Of course.

[BRADLEY KENT backs out and leaves the office.]


CPT. FULLER: I can't talk to the family. There's an ongoing investigation.

BRENNAN: Convenient.

BOOTH: Bones.


BOOTH: And you had no idea this was a friendly fire incident?

CPT. FULLER: If I had, don't you think I would've reported it?

BRENNAN: Well, there are just so many inconsistencies in the report, captain, it seems like--

CPT. FULLER: [Cuts her off] You're good at your job, Dr. Brennan, but you don't know the first thing about combat. We were taking fire. One of my men was killed. The area wasn't secured. Do you think I'm counting bullets and drawing pictures?

CPT. FULLER: [To Booth] You've been through it. Does it ever go the way you want it to? Is it ever the way it should be in combat?

BOOTH: We have to ask these questions. It's a murder investigation. You understand that?

CPT. FULLER: And I'll cooperate any way I can. I don't want any more of my men to die either. Now, if there's nothing else-- [Turns and leaves. BOOTH and BRENNAN share a look.]

[CUT to: a close-up of a bullet wound with jagged items protruding from the skin.]

HODGINS: Got something. A splinter pattern. Particles of wood were blown back into one of the exit wounds from the AK-47s.

BRENNAN: The missing bullet.

ZACK: But he wasn't leaning against wood when he was shot. He was in the middle of the room.

[Image on the screen changes as Hodgins goes through them.]

HODGINS: No. He was on the *floor*.

BRENNAN: Someone stood over him and squeezed off some rounds from an AK-47 after he was already dead.

ZACK: The missing round passed through him and into the wood floor.

ANGELA: Yeah, but all the insurgents had already been killed and they were the only ones with AK-47s.

HODGINS: I hate to say conspiracy, but, my peeps, we've got a conspiracy. [Grins]

BRENNAN: Someone wanted to cover up the friendly fire incident by making it look like he was killed by the insurgents.

[Camera is on Hodgins, who looks incredulously gleeful at this news.]

BRENNAN: Angela, enhance all the pictures of the aftermath so we can see body positions, bullet holes, damage to the house. I wanna reconstruct what happened that night.

[CUT to: a waiter bringing out dishes from the kitchen; pan out to see BOOTH and HANK sitting at a table.]

HANK: Look at the two of us-- you with a badge, me in the courtroom. Both trying to find justice, eh?

BOOTH: That's why we fought, right?

HANK: That's what they told us.

BOOTH: What? You don't believe it?

HANK: Sure I do. You don't look like you do. [Groans] You're not gambling again, are ya?

BOOTH: No, man. No, I've been good. You know, I've been going to my meetings. I haven't even played a game of Monopoly.

[HANK leans in.]

BOOTH: Listen, Hank. Um, I got this case. Uh, Charles Kent. [Swallows] It's friendly fire.

HANK: Oh, God.

BOOTH: Yeah. Covered up. Two of the members of the squad are dead. One murdered. You know, whatever went down must've been pretty ugly.

[HANK shakes his head.]

BOOTH: You know, Hank-- heh, you know what, uh-- You know what we did--

HANK: Don't go there, Booth.

BOOTH: Was it worth it? I mean, look at you.

HANK: You saved my life. I got a great family because of you.

BOOTH: Yeah. But I mean, why was it always a secret?

HANK: We were given a choice. They always gave us a choice.

BOOTH: Yeah, but that last time--

HANK: Well, you knew what was at stake.

BOOTH: Yeah. Yeah. [Nods]

HANK: [Leans in closer] You never talked to anybody about it? [Booth shakes his head] You've got to. How about your girlfriend? That doctor?

BOOTH: Nah. No, she's-- You know. She's just my partner. [Quickly] You know, look, I got work. I should go.

HANK: [Bemused] Sure. Uh, we're on for Sunday dinner, right?

BOOTH: Yeah.

HANK: Okay.

BOOTH: See you Sunday. [Walks off]

[HANK turns to watch him leave, a look of concern on his face.]

[CUT to: ANGELA at the computer, the photos from Cpl. Kent's death on the screen. BRENNAN leans in to see the pictures.]

BRENNAN: I wanna see all the walls. Can you scan them for bullet holes? [Computer beeps] Okay, single out the ones that came from Lefferts' weapon. This is hard for Booth. He's idealistic.

ANGELA: Well, it's nice to know somebody that wants to keep honor and responsibility alive. 

BRENNAN: I feel like Booth thinks I'm taking that away from him. [Looks down at the files] Okay, it says Insurgent "A" opened fire when he saw Kent and Kent took him out. Let's see "A" again.

[Photo changes to the Iraqi man with his hands held out, gun in his lap.]

ANGELA: You're just doing your job. He knows that.

BRENNAN: I guess. [Frowns] Magnify his hands. 

ANGELA: What are you looking for?

[Computer zooms into the photo, focusing on the dead man's hands.]

BRENNAN: Well his hands are splayed like he was shielding himself from the rounds coming at him. Cadaveric spasm. The muscles became rigid when he died. He might not have been holding that weapon.

ANGELA: What do you mean?

BRENNAN: Show me Insurgent "B."

[Photo changes to a man lying face-down on the carpet, gun by his side.]

BRENNAN: [Sighs] I tell Booth we're on the same side. [Flips the page] I'm not the one who's disillusioning him. It's my findings. But when I look at him, I-- [Sighs] I don't know what else I can do.



ANGELA: [Huffs] As a friend, Brennan.

BRENNAN: Yeah, that whole "friends with benefits" thing, that's-- that's not happening.

ANGELA: I'm not talking about that. I'm-- I'm talking about being there for him. Knowing when a simple touch is enough.

BRENNAN: Maybe I can write him a note. I can be very articulate on paper. [Angela concedes defeat] Zoom in. Okay, magnify the blood smear.

[Computer zooms in on the blood smeared on the carpet.]

BRENNAN: I mean, you can see by the smear he was moved, turned, that gun placed next to him. Okay, show me "C." [This photo shows Kent lying in the foreground, dead. Behind him lies a woman, lying on her side.]

ANGELA: Okay, this is the third insurgent woman, about 40, holding the unexploded grenade in her hand.

BRENNAN: Magnify her torso.

ANGELA: Wait, she's lying on a dinner plate.

BRENNAN: The serving spoon is next to her. She'd been holding it when she was shot. 

ANGELA: And a grenade? [Looks skeptical]

[BOOTH walks into the office.]

BOOTH: Found anything yet?

BRENNAN: Yeah. [Turns to face him] None of these people were armed when Kent went in there. All of the weapons were plated on them after they died. Fuller's unit killed an unarmed family.

[BOOTH and ANGELA are stunned.]


[FADE IN: LAB - ANGELA'S OFFICE, direct continuation from the previous scene.]

BOOTH: Kent shot unarmed people?

BRENNAN: They look like a family.

ANGELA: About to sit down to dinner.

BRENNAN: Were there any other questionable operations with this unit?

BOOTH: None. They served another six months without incident.

ANGELA: How could something like this have happened?

BOOTH: Woman could've heard 'em. She was on her way to the backdoor. Kent probably thought the spoon was a weapon.

BRENNAN: A spoon?

BOOTH: It's dark. It happens. [Flash to the serving spoon held in the woman's hand.] He's inexperienced. He's scared out of his mind. You only have an instant to make a choice. Kent probably thought he was being attacked so he burst through the door.

[Flash to Kent bursting into the house.]

BRENNAN: From the spray pattern, he was shooting as he entered. [Cut to the muzzle of Kent's gun flashing, woman and man falling to the ground, shot.] He must've killed the woman first, the others as they rushed to the woman to help.

BOOTH: He probably thought they were attacking too. Lefferts hears all the firing. He goes in. [Cut to Lefferts coming through the door, gun raised.] Kent turns. Weapon's still pointed. [Cut to Kent turning, gun at the ready. Lefferts fires. Kent goes down.] Lefferts shoots, killing Kent. It all happens in seconds.

ANGELA: But if Kent turned to face him--

BOOTH: It doesn't matter. I mean, after all the shooting all Lefferts sees is a weapon pointing right at him. He just reacted.


BOOTH: Yeah.

ANGELA: So this was more than a friendly fire incident. 

BOOTH: [Nodding] A hell of a lot more.

[CUT to: BOOTH bursting through a door.]

BOOTH: You son of a bitch! [Grabs CPT. FULLER and slams him against the cabinet] You covered up the whole thing!

CPT. FULLER: Stand down, Agent Booth!

BOOTH: They were innocent!

CPT. FULLER: I don't know what you've heard, but my report clearly states--

BOOTH: We've taken your report apart! We have the *facts*, Captain! Your squad blew away a family of innocents!

CPT. FULLER: Kent! Kent did! [Booth releases him] A kid so green he never should have been there in the first place. Do you know what that town was like? Our guys were being blown up by I.E.D.'s every day while we were trying to build hospitals and schools. A mistake was made. No one likes it. But you know what happens. If it got out what we did that neighborhood, the whole damn city would've exploded.

CPT. FULLER: What would you have done? Would you have let the city burn? This can't come out, Agent Booth. Don't make this any harder with an ugly story like this.

BOOTH: I don't know what you're fighting for, Fuller, but it sure as hell wasn't my country. [Pulls out handcuffs] We'll start with obstruction of justice. 

CPT. FULLER: [Leers] You have no jurisdiction on this base. 

COL. SHORE: But we do, Captain, and we're cooperating fully with Agent Booth. You will not disgrace us, Captain. You will be held accountable.

[BOOTH turns CPT. FULLER around and cuffs him harshly.]


BOOTH: Devon Marshall's killer is still out there. Fuller placed some confiscated weapons on the Iraqis, pressured the others to keep quiet, but he still has an alibi for the night of Marshall's murder.

BRENNAN: Zack found some discoloration on Devon's vertebrae. It was caused by residue from pethidine, an opiate affectionately known as Demerol.

BRENNAN: Someone jabbed a syringe into his neck, creating the indentation in the bone. He would've been unconscious in seconds. That's why the instrument could've been placed in his ear without a struggle.

ZACK: It was a nine-inch surgical curette like this. [Holds up the item.]

BRENNAN: So we're looking for someone with access to surgical tools and prescription drugs.

BOOTH: Someone the army sent to medical school.

[CUT to: CLINIC - INTERIOR. PVT. CAMPBELL places a band-aid on a young girl's cut on her shoulder.]

CAMPBELL: All done.

[BOOTH, BRENNAN and Army soldiers walk in. CAMPBELL looks up and is not surprised, but resigned. BOOTH and BRENNAN look expectant. CAMPBELL looks down, nods to herself and looks back up.]

CAMPBELL: He was gonna tell. I-- It's like the war was still going on. I was just trying to survive.


MAN: Forward!

[A line of soldiers holding ceremonial guns and dressed in their formal gear march past KAREN and JIMMY MARTIN, REGINA and KIARA MARSHALL, COL. SHORE, all standing by DEVON MARSHALL's casket.]

[The MARSHALLs walk towards the gathered mourners, BOOTH and BRENNAN standing in the front row.]

REGINA MARSHALL: My boy was just trying to do the right thing. Thank you for letting people see that.

BRENNAN: You can be proud of him.

[They leave, leaving BRENNAN and BOOTH alone. They meet with the KENT family, and TINA KENT embraces REGINA MARSHALL, sharing their mutual loss.]

BRENNAN: I would never have expected to see that.

BOOTH: Well, people will always surprise you.

BRENNAN: That hasn't always been my experience.

BOOTH: I've done some things.

BRENNAN: I know.

BOOTH: No, no, you don't.

BRENNAN: But it's okay.

BOOTH: Well, not-- not as a secret... [Booth sits] it's not. I have to be uh, honest about myself. [Brennan sits next to him] I-- I have to be able to tell someone.

BRENNAN: You will in time, Booth. You will.

BOOTH: [Haltingly] I was sent to Kosovo. There was this Serb, General Raddick, who led a unit who would go into villages and, you know, destroy 'em. Women, children, all-- all killed because he wanted to ethnically purify his country. He'd done this twice before. I mean, we had facts, proof. 232 people just erased. 

BOOTH: I was the sniper sent in to stop him. He was set to leave in a couple hours. It was his son's-- son's birthday. A little boy maybe about six or seven. I can still hear the music from the party, you know? That song just playing in my head. Nobody knew where the shot came from, but, you know, they knew why it came.

BOOTH: They said I saved over a hundred people. But, you know, that little boy who didn't know who his father was, who-- who just loved him... he saw him die, fall to the ground right in front of him. That little boy all covered in his daddy's blood was changed forever. [Sighs] It's never just-- It's never just the one person who dies, Bones. Never. Never.

[BRENNAN places a hand on his forearm, silent. BOOTH sniffles, and places his hand atop hers, grateful.]

BOOTH: You know, we all die a little bit, Bones. With each shot, we all die a little bit.

[Camera pans to show BRENNAN's own tears, and then moves down to show BOOTH's thumb rubbing her hand.]



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