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"Two Bodies in the Lab"

Episode 1x15

Written By: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Transcribed by Cassie

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[Open in Brennan’s office at the Jeffersonian with Brennan sitting at her computer chatting online. Pan to a shot of her computer screen showing a site called sensiblepartners.com. She is online as Doc206 talking to Firstimer34551 and we see the text below] 

<Firsttimer34551>: It’s been two weeks of typing; I think we’re ready to have a meal, if only to give our fingers a rest. 

<Doc206>: I’m enjoying the anonymity. 

<Firsttimer34551>: Oh God, don’t tell me your picture was a fake. 

<Doc206>: Just carefully lit. How about yours? 

<Firsttimer34551>: I Photoshopped out my third eye. I’ll meet you at 7 at Nolita’s on K Street. 

[Brennan pauses thinking about what to say.] 

<Firsttimer34551>: Still there? 

[Dr. Goodman enters her office.] 

Dr. Goodman: 	Temperance. 

Brennan: 	[startled] Oh… 

Dr. Goodman: 	I startled you… 

Brennan: 	Yeah, I was just chatting with a friend online. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Sorry but we have a new delivery, top priority. 

[Brennan turns back to her computer to type in “I’ll be there. 7.” Then ends the conversation while Dr. Goodman waits.] 

Dr. Goodman: 	Sounds like a good friend. 

Brennan: 	Yes, it’s fascinating how interests and intimacy can be cultivated online. 

Dr. Goodman: 	So you’ve never met this friend? 

Brennan: 	I’ve done enough Googling to schedule a dinner. You said there was a delivery? 

[Cut to the Lab Platform. There is skeleton on the exam table with Hodgins and Zach looking at it. The skeleton has what appears to be cement blocks on its feet. Brennan and Dr. Goodman walk up and she puts her hair up.] 

Zach: 		The bones washed ashore on Chesapeake Bay. 

Hodgins: 	Judging from the algae, he’s been fish food for quite awhile. 

Brennan: 	They ate through both tibia. 

Zach: 		The remains show evidence of bullet wounds. 

Hodgins: 	Which would explain why he has all those holes in him. 

Zach: 		Looks as though they weren’t made by a thirty-two, maybe a thirty-eight? 

Angela: 	[Joining the group] Heard you might need a face. 

Dr. Goodman: 	The FBI is pretty certain this is James Cugini. They’re looking for evidence that 			could lead them to the killer. 

Hodgins: 	Wow, Jimmy Cugini. 

Brennan: 	I don’t know who that is. 

Angela:		It’s a mob boss who disappeared six years ago after his daughters dance recital. 

Hodgins: 	Cement shoes, pretty trite. 

Brennan: 	Why mess with the classics? 

Angela: 	Hmmm. 

Brennan: 	Did they find any of the bullets? 

Zach: 		No. 

Brennan: 	They really are quite good at this. 

Hodgins: 	Should we really be involved in mob stuff? I mean they’re really into to the whole 			killing thing. 

Dr. Goodman: 	I can provide you with a job description if you’ve forgotten what we do here, Dr. 

Brennan: 	After you clean him up Zach, I want you to x-ray the bone for any bullet 				fragments. Be very careful cleaning the exit and entrance wounds. I want to 			recover any markings the bullet left as it passed through the bone. 

Zach: 		Yeah, I can have them ready about eight tonight. 

Brennan: 	Uhhh, can’t work tonight. Tomorrow morning is fine. 

Angela: 	You have a date tonight. 

Brennan: 	It’s not a date, it’s a meal. 

Hodgins: 	With a man? 

Angela: 	Did you meet him on the website I told you about? 

Booth: 		[Swiping his card, he and another man come up onto the platform] You’re dating 		online? 

Brennan: 	Well it’s a practical way of objectively examining a potential partner without all the 		game play. 
Angela: 	That comes later if it works out. [Looking at the man with Booth] Hi, I’m Angela. 

Kenton: 	Special Agent Jamie Kenton.  Hi. Dr. Brennan. 

Brennan: 	Hey. 

Angela: 	You two know each other? 

Brennan: 	Well, I was at the Bureau when Booth took his coffee cup.  Apparently their both  		the worlds greatest FBI Agents. 

Booth: 		That’s right. Kenton is working the Cugini case. He’s one of the original 				investigators. This is Brennan’s brain trust. 

Brennan: 	[Leading them to the table] Your victim is over here

Booth: 		So what if your computer date’s a psycho? 

Angela: 	Only about a billion people date online. 

Hodgins: 	Yeah, I have. 

Booth: 		You know, what ever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room, eyes 		meeting, that old black magic gets you in its spell… 

Brennan: 	There’s no such thing as magic. 

Booth: 		Oh there’s magic. 

Brennan: 	Are you here for a reason because Kenton is handling this. 

Booth: 		We have some remains to look at. 

Brennan: 	I’m already looking at them. 

Booth: 		Nope, no, not the Cugini case. Kenton will baby-sit him. These are fresh. 

Brennan: 	Well I was told that our friend in the cement shoes took precedence. 

Booth: 		That was before we found someone tortured and ripped apart by dogs. 

[Cut to an abandoned warehouse. Brennan, Booth, and Zach are inside surveying a rather gruesome crime scene. There’s a body with its wrists tied to a pole above its head and large dogs in cages all around the room barking and growling] 

Brennan: 	[Speaking into a voice recorder] Ninety percent of the flesh is missing because of 		mutilation and post mortem anthropophagi caused by canine scavenging. 

Zach: 		[To Booth] They have to stay here? 

Booth: 		We’re waiting to see if you need them for anything. 

Brennan: 	No, not now. Ask him to save the excrement for Hodgins. 

Booth: 		Lucky Hodgins. What about the eyes? 

Brennan: 	Gone. 

Booth: 		Gouged out? 

Brennan: 	Yes, you can see the scrapings in the orbital cavities much rougher then the 			knife scaring. It was done with a different weapon. 

Booth: 		Son-of-a-bitch. 

Brennan: 	You’ve seen this before. 

Booth: 		Yeah, two years ago we found a seventeen year old girl in a tool shed bound, 			slashed, eyes gouged out, nothing for her parents to identify. Suspect was Kevin 		Hollings, everything pointed to him but couldn’t get the hard evidence so the DA 			refused to prosecute. He’s twisted, 

Brennan. 	You know, it’s like a game to him. 

Brennan: 	He used dogs before? 

Booth: 		No, he’s making the killings more elaborate. It’s like he’s testing us. 

Brennan: 	Until he goes to far and he gets caught. Isn’t that the expected pathology. 

Booth: 		Yeah. 

Brennan: 	Well I can determine the kinds of weapons, time of death. Hodgins might find 
		something useful in the dogs… 

[Bone’s cell phone rings and she goes to her bag to answer it.] 

Brennan: 	[Answers ringing call phone] Brennan? Just working. [An arm fall off the victim, 			Brennan instructs Zach] Bag that. [To her date] Yeah of course. I’m starving. 			Seven thirty, okay, yes. I’ll meet you there. Okay. Bye. [To Booth] My reservation 			just got pushed by a few extra minutes. 

Booth: 		[Ever the smart ass] Oh, a few extra minutes. Great. 

Brennan: 	What? 

Booth: 		Nothing. 

Brennan: 	You disapprove? 

Booth: 		I said great. 

Brennan: 	With attitude. 

Booth: 		Don’t go overboard with psychology. It’s not your thing. 

Brennan: 	Look, I am an adult Booth. I see men. I go out with them on occasion. I sleep 			with them. 
Booth: 		Hey, you know what? That’s cool but you don’t even know who this guy is that 			you’re meeting. 

Brennan: 	I have trekked through Tibet avoiding the Chinese army. I think I can handle 			meeting someone for dinner. 

Booth: 		Fine, you know what? You have fun with Dick431 or whatever his handle is. 

Brennan: 	Yeah I will. 

Booth: 		Good. 

Brennan: 	Thanks. 

Booth: 		Fine. 

Brennan: 	Good. [To voice recorder] Victim is female, late teens to mid twenties, knife mark 			on the bone evidence of deep cuts probably to open up the flesh make it more 			appetizing for the dogs. 

[Cut to a restaurant named Nolita’s. Brennan is standing outside waiting for her when her cell phone rings]

Brennan: 	David, hi. Yeah I’m here well I guess I’m two doors down. No, I know 				the traffic on the beltway can be brutal. Okay. Bye. 

[She accidentally drops the phone and bends to pick it up. Shots whiz by her and she runs to duck behind a car to avoid getting shot.] 

Guy: 		Get down! You there! Are you alright? 

[Intro. Rolls] 

[Cut to the Jeffersonian.  Brennan is examining the dead girl while Angela, Hodgins, and Zach gather around.] 

Brennan: 	Need enlargements of the super orbital notch. [to Hodgins] Have you examined 			the dogs’ excrement? 

Hodgins: 	I’m doing the fecal floatation now. I don’t get to say that a lot. 

Brennan: 	Check for fibers the FBI might have missed as well. 

Angela: 	You’ve already told him, twice.  Are you sure you don’t want a drink? 

Zach: 		You know it wouldn’t be difficult to someone to encode a secure data strip 			implant it on an ID card with a correct digitally encoded authentication data and 			sneak in here. 

Hodgins: 	That is possible. 

Brennan: 	Are you two going to help or not? 

Angela: 	You know Booth’s pissed that you came here. He had more questions for you at 			the scene. 

[Zach and Hodgins walk away.] 

Brennan: 	He just doesn’t want to come here because he has to park in the structure.  I 			need her face as quickly as you can. 

[Brennan goes over to look at the bones that Zach has cleaned.] 

Brennan: 	Zach these bullet holes haven’t been cleaned. 

Zach: 		I worked on them for hours, Dr. Brennan. 

Brennan: 	[Angry] Then that wasn’t long enough was it? 

Brennan: 	[Noticing the look on Hodgins face behind Zach, she softens] I’m sorry but… 			You take a sinus probe, you put a little cotton swab on the end of it. You dip it in 			water and you dab it inside the wound until it’s clean. The Sistine Chapel took 			thirteen years to clean properly. 

Zach: 		I didn’t think we had that kind of time. 

Booth: 		Bones! What the hell are you doing? 

Brennan: 	Working. Why does everyone find that so odd? 

Booth: 		Why? Oh, I don’t know. Why? Because maybe an hour ago someone tried to kill 		you. [Angrily swiping his card and barging up the stairs to the platform]  I don’t 			think it’s a good idea for you to continue to work these cases. 

Brennan: 	This is what I do Booth. 

Booth: 		Alright look, whoever killed these victims wants to make sure you don’t finish your 

Brennan: 	Hundreds of criminals would like me to stop what I do. Are you suggesting that I 			just give up my career? 

Booth: 		Just be reasonable. 

Brennan: 	Fine. Logic suggests that the shooter is involved in one of these cases so I 			should find out who killed them before he tries to shoot me again.  Did Forensics 		recover the bullets that were meant for me? 

Booth: 		Ballistics is running tests on them right now. 

Brennan: 	And have you picked up the suspect in the young woman’s murder? 

Booth: 		Hollings, I don’t want to spook him until we have enough evidence but I’ve got 			guys watching him. 

Brennan: 	Did you get a list of woman missing age eighteen to twenty… 

Booth: 		Eighteen to twenty-five, yes. They are on your server. Brennan, everyone is doing 		their job. 

Angela: 	[walks up] Okay I will see if any of them match the victim. [sits at a computer] 

Brennan: 	Well what about the Romano family? Hodgins says they were feuding with the 			Cugini’s. 

Booth: 		Kenton is pulling all the files on the case on all mob activity six years ago. 			Brennan there is one other person we have to look at, your date. 

Brennan: 	Well I spoke with him, Booth. He was in his car in traffic and why would he want 			to kill me? 

Booth: 		Why would somebody want to kill your victim over there? Look Brennan, I know 			it’s hard for you to admit you’re wrong about something but I really don’t care 			about your feelings right now, I’m more concerned with your life. So they’re 			bringing your date in for interrogation, grab your coat. 

Brennan: 	I’m working. 

Booth: 		Brennan! I’m not letting you out of my sight until I find out who is trying to kill 			you. 

[Cut to FBI Headquarters. Booth and Brennan enter an interrogation room where Brennan’s date, David, is sitting at the table]

David: 		Temperance. 

Brennan: 	[Shaking hands] David

David: 		Someone shot at you? 

Brennan: 	[Referring to the rip in her jacket] Yeah. 

David: 		Oh my God. 

Brennan: 	I know. 

David: 		What can I do? 

Booth: 		Excuse me, I’m special Agent Seeley Booth. I’ll be asking the questions. You 			want to sit down? 

David: 		Sure, I mean I didn’t see anything. When I got to the restaurant I saw the 			cops but I had no idea that it had to do with you. 

Booth: 		You’re an investment banker, good looking guy but yet you find your women 			online. 

David: 		Excuse me? 

Booth: 		Can’t you find any woman at work? 

David: 		Well she was online too and she’s a great looking doctor. Your picture doesn’t do 		you justice by the way. 

Brennan: 	[smiles] Thank you. Yours either. The resolution must not be very good online. 

Booth: 		[Brennan moves to sit next to David.] Bones!

Brennan: 	Oh he’s a Luddite. 

Booth: 		Hey! 

Brennan: 	[To Booth, comfortingly] That’s someone who’s afraid of technology. 

Booth: 		I know what a Luddite is. So are you saying that you were stuck in traffic? 

David: 		What? You think I shot at her? I’m a fundraiser for the Brady 					campaign against gun violence. [To Brennan] Do you think I tried to kill you? 

Brennan: 	He has to do this. 

Booth: 		Yeah I have to do this so what time did you leave work? 

David: 		About six forty-five. 

Booth: 		Any witnesses? 

David: 		Yeah, yeah, my assistant; Margaret Jenson, the client I was with, the valet that 			saw me pull out of the parking garage. I mean unless they are all suspects too. 

Booth: 		We’ll be talking to everyone. 

David: 		Well did you check the traffic report? It was a mess. 

Brennan: 	He did. [To Booth] You did. 

David: 		Do I have to get an attorney? 

Booth: 		Just stay close in case we need you for anything else. 

David: 		Yeah, sure. I mean anything I can do to help. [David gets up to leave] 

Booth: 		So this whole online thing, how long does it last because if it’s just a way to, 			[whistles.] hook up. I gotta tell you. It’s pretty low. 

David: 		You know one of my partners met his wife online. 

Brennan: 	You’re kidding? 

David: 		No, they’ve been married for five years. 

Booth: 		Doesn’t mean it’s not creepy. 

David: 		Okay, I’m sorry. Did I miss something cause I don’t want to get in the way or 			between… 

Brennan: 	What? Uh, no. 

Booth: 		[Scoffs] No. 

Brennan: 	No. 

Booth: 		God. 

David: 		Well then maybe we could reschedule dinner? 

Booth: 		[Booth turns away muttering] No. 

Brennan: 	Sure. 

David: 		Great. 

Booth: 		You know I think someone needs this room. Let’s go. [he escorts David out of 			the room putting himself between David and Brennan.] 

David: 		Ah yeah sure. Well I’ll email you. Stay safe. 

Booth: 		She will stay safe. 

[David leaves and Booth stops in the doorway of the room. Brennan is looking around Booth at David.] 

David: 		He’s nice. Don’t you think? 

Booth: 		Yeah, he’s nice as a suspect. [Notices Brennan staring after David.] What? 			[Waves a hand in front of her face.] Hello? [Moves in front of her to block 				her view.] 

[Cut to Brennan‘s office] 

Angela: 	[Handing Brennan a photo] Hey. The victim was Penny Hamilton, nineteen. She 			was a student at American who disappeared walking back to her dorm. She was 			about to go to Haiti to work at a medical clinic. 

Brennan: 	Booth is going to think that this is his fault. 

Angela: 	He knew her? 

Brennan: 	The killer has done before. Booth couldn’t get the evidence he needed. The guy 			promised Booth he never would. 

Angela: 	Where is Booth anyway? Thought he wasn’t going to let you out of his sight. 

Brennan: 	Gave him the positive ID on Cugini. He’s calling it in to Kenton. 

Angela: 	So how do you like David? It’s not often you can interrogate a guy on a first date. 

Brennan: 	I like him. Booth still doesn’t approve but I told him to mind his own business. 

Angela: 	Hey, Booth is a big strong hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean you 			actually have a knight in shining FBI standard issued body armor, so cut him 			some slack. 
Booth: 		Kenton heard the Romano’s were pissed that they were reopening the I				investigation. They get pissed, they shoot. 

Zach: 		[At the doorway] I cleaned the bones Dr. Brennan. You could eat off them. 

Booth: 		Is this her? 

Brennan: 	Yeah. 

[Cut to Brennan examining the cleaned bones on an exam table]

Brennan: 	Nice work Zach. You can see some of the markings left on the bone where the 			bullet passed through. 

Booth: 		I can? 

Brennan: 	[Referring to an enlargement on the computer screen} Yes. Here and 				here on the outer compact brow. Do you think you could use a computer to 			recreate the complete imprint the bullet left? 

Angela: 	I don’t know if I have enough here to work with. 

Booth: 		What are you getting at? 

Brennan: 	Well after it’s discharged every bullet has a distinct pattern etched into it from the 		barrel of the gun, right? 

Booth: 		Mm. Hm. 

Brennan: 	That same pattern would be etched into the bone as it passes through. If we can 		recover that pattern, we can reverse engineer the bullet. 

Booth: 		Then you’d be able to tell which weapon was used, its make, model…the whole 			shebang. 

Zach: 		I’ve never heard of that technique. 

Brennan: 	It’s a theory I’ve been working on. I thought this would be a good time to test it. 

Booth: 		Great. Knock yourself out. [To Zach] Alright, anything more about the girl? 

Zach: 		The knife marks were made by a non-serrated blade consistent with a pocket 			knife like this one. I found additional knife marks on C-5 indicating that the throat 		was slashed. 

Booth: 		What about her eyes? 

Zach: 		The grooving in the eye sockets doesn’t match anything on the knife. 

Booth: 		And Hodgins is playing with dog poop so everyone’s got something to do. [To 			Brennan] Let’s go. 

Brennan: 	What? 

Booth: 		Kenton is putting together everything he’s got on Cugini’s disappearance. 

Brennan: 	I’m probably more valuable here. 

Booth: 		No, you’re definitely more valuable alive. Alright? I’m not leaving you alone. 			Come on. 

Zach: 		If it’s so dangerous here why are you leaving us? 

Booth: 		[Punches Zach in the arm] Big strong guy like you, huh? You’ll be able to take 			care of yourself. 

Zach: 		[Grimaces] Ahhh. 

[Cut to Booth’s office. He and Brennan are talking with Kenton.] 

Kenton:		I worked undercover with the Romano’s for two years, never got very high in the 			organization. I left when I thought my cover was being blown. 

Booth: 		So you think someone from the Romano’s did this? 

Kenton: 	It had to be, hard to tell who though. They use a lot of different guys for a job like 			this. This is Frank Lombardi; he’s been seen in the area, suspected of killing 			more then twenty-five people, shooting mostly. Although he likes the occasional 			garroting. 

Booth: 		So you think they tried to do away with the good doctor here. 

Kenton: 	Well they are trying to look more legit. They don’t want any ancient history 			resurfacing, bad for business. 

Brennan: 	You don’t know it’s them. 

Kenton: 	I still have my sources. They tell me the Romano’s know you’re working this case 		and they know you’re the best. I recommend you walk away. 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Is that why you brought me here, to scare me into giving up? 

Booth: 		I want you to get real, alright? These people you are dealing with. 

Brennan: 	We don’t know who we are dealing with. It could be them. It could be Hollings. 

Kenton: 	No, no, no. Serial killers, they follow a pattern. They don’t bind and torture and 			then start picking people off with a high powered rifle. 

Brennan: 	You said Hollings promised no one would ever find enough to get him. Maybe he 		knows that I can. 

Kenton: 	Either way, too dangerous. 

Booth: 		You almost caught a bullet in the skull. 

Brennan: 	I can give you answers, Booth. I can help you get Hollings. You really want me to 		walk away because it’s dangerous? 

Kenton: 	Sorry man, I tried. 

Brennan: 	Any word back from ballistics on the bullets that were meant for me? 

Kenton: 	Yeah it was a military issue, Colt AR 15. 

[Brennan cell phone rings and she turns in her chair and answers it.] 

Brennan: 	Brennan. 

[Hodgins is in the lab looking through a microscope while Zach is looking on. They talk on speaker phone to Brennan.] 

Hodgins: 	Fasciola hepatica, it’s a parasite found in beef liver. I found their eggs in the dog 			excrement. The dogs were strays that were starving so someone must have lured 		them to the scene with liver scraps because there was no evidence of any liver 			found at the scene. 

Brennan: 	So if we find any traces of liver parasite we can tie them to the dogs. 

Hodgins: 	It’s possible. 

Zach: 		I also found that the cut marks on her bones showed that the pocket knife had a 			knick in the blade. 

Brennan: 	Okay, thanks. 

[Cut to Hollings apartment. Booth knocks at the door and Hollings answers] 

Hollings: 	Agent Booth, long time no see. 

Booth: 		Hollings, I was wondering if we could take a look around your place. 

Hollings: 	Do you have a warrant? 

Booth: 		No, but you enjoy being cooperative if I remember. 

Hollings: 	Come in, please. You must be, uh, Dr. Brennan. I read about the incident the 			other night. You must have had quite a fright. 

Booth: 		Don’t play with her Hollings. 

Hollings: 	Oh, I hope you don’t think I was being insensitive. Maybe you could tell me what 			you are looking for and I could help? 

Booth: 		We just want to look around that’s all. 

Hollings: 	Be my guest. 

[Brennan and Booth walk farther into the apartment. She notices a Swiss army knife sitting in a metal bowl on the coffee table and picks it up.] 

Brennan: 	Can I open this? 

Hollings: 	Of course. 

[She opens it up and inspects the blade while Booth steps into another room off to the side.] 

Hollings: 	Is this about the girl they found the other night? Terrible thing. I hope you don’t 			think I’m involved in this one too, do you Agent Booth? 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Blades are clean, no nicks. 

Hollings: 	I guarantee that whatever you are looking for you’re not going to find here. 

[Brennan goes into the room Booth is in. It has several glass jars on shelves and table full of keys.] 

Brennan: 	What we need might be locked up someplace. 

Booth: 		Wow. There are dozen of keys here. 

Hollings: 	Tens of thousands. 

Booth: 		[Whistles] Maybe we’ll just take them down to the Bureau and look through 			them. 

Hollings: 	That’s a private collection. I’m afraid without cause or a warrant… 

Booth: 		[Picking up a key with the tip of his pen] Oh, you see I do have cause. You see this 		key here is from a federal building it says do not duplicate and the other one 			looks like it was used in a burglary just around the corner and oh since you did 			allow us into your home. 

Hollings: 	This is very rude, Agent Booth. I opened my home to you and this is how… 

Brennan: 	Before anything is removed we should photograph everything. How he’s 				arranged the items in the room could be very important. 

Hollings: 	[Sighs] If you would excuse me I would like to call my attorney. 

Booth: 		Games not so fun now is it, Hollings? 

[Cut to interrogation room with Hollings and his attorney sitting across the table from Booth. Brennan is watching on from the other room through the double mirror.] 

Attorney: 	I have a court date tomorrow morning at ten you had no right to confiscate his 			collection. 

Booth: 		Well there were burglaries in the area. Those keys, they could give us some 			answers. 

Attorney: 	My client can’t be tied to any of those burglaries. 

Booth: 		You’re probably right but you see I have a job to do and Mr. Hollings here has 			always been so understanding of that in the past. 

Hollings: 	Oh I do understand. I’ve given you a statement, explained where I got the keys…
Attorney: 	And since you haven’t charged him with anything… 

Booth: 		Yet, but I’m really looking forward to charging him with this. [Whistles] Look at 			that, hmm. [Booth pulls out photos of the crime scene] 

Hollings: 	I imagine it must be very frustrating when you uh, when you can’t solve a crime. 

Attorney: 	My client is a respected researcher with Whitney Chemical. He hasn’t missed a 			day of work in the past two weeks unless you have evidence to hold him… 

Booth: 		Can’t stop looking at it, can you Hollings? Hmmm? What does it do to you? 			Does it 	make you hot? 

Kenton: 	[Entering the room with a box] Is that the psycho? 

Brennan: 	He’s brilliant. He knew we were looking for a pocket knife so he left one in plain 			site, the wrong one. 

Kenton: 	If you don’t find anything concrete, he walks again, right? 

Brennan: 	I don’t know if Booth could live with that. Those keys have to lead somewhere. 

Kenton: 	[Handing Brennan a file] I have all the files we have on all the suspects. People 			we knew who worked for the Romano’s six years ago, you’ve got physical 			descriptions, blood types, everything we had. It might come in handy if you find 			anymore evidence on the body. 

Brennan: 	Thanks. After we recreate the bullet we can track the angle of entry based on 			height and… 

Kenton: 	I don’t get it. You don’t have the physical round that was shot. 

Brennan: 	I’m trying to make one based on the wounds. It could give us the murder 			weapon. 

Kenton: 	Sweet. 

Brennan: 	If it works. 

Kenton: 	Well you let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. 

Brennan: 	Sure. [Kenton leaves and Brennan goes back to watching the interview.] 

Booth: 		I can and I will. 

Attorney: 	You’re fishing. No judge is going to let you keep that collection, Agent Booth. 			You have to know that. We’ll have it back by tomorrow. 

Hollings: 	Nice try. 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab on the balcony, Booth is walking with Dr. Goodman.] 

Booth: 		I got the keys on pretty shaky ground. The judge is going to release them in less 			then eighteen hours unless we can find something tangible so Brennan thought 			maybe you could help. 

Dr. Goodman: 	I don’t see how I’m an Archeologist. 

Booth: 		[Handing Goodman a photo] She thought maybe you could look at it as though 			some kind of historical site. 			

Dr. Goodman: 	Uh, I suppose that’s a reasonable assumption. A person’s environment is a 			reflection of who he is. 

Booth: 		He’s a predator, very smart, enjoys the game, you know feels like he’s 				untouchable. 

Dr. Goodman: 	The room is centered around this chair. You can see how he 					surrounds the back and sides by the bulk of keys. If this were an innocent 			collection it would be facing it. This configuration, he’s displaying it. 

Booth: 		Well a guy like this, you know his kills are prizes. The bureau is searching 			through these keys know to see if they can match one to a storage locker or 			another apartment but there’s just too many of them. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Mayan rulers kept souvenirs of their kills. They called the display a tzompantli. It 			was believed it showed their strength and power and would strike fear into 			anyone who saw it. 

Booth: 		He’s a loner. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Yes but his gave him enough power and security that he let you into his home. 			He’s right handed, correct? 

Booth: 		Yeah, right. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Well the bulk of the keys are on his right side. Those of the greatest value to him 			would be in reach. They hold his power. I would look at any of the keys in the 			containers on his right side over here. 

[Cut to Brennan and Zach looking over the skeleton of the woman.] 

Zach: 		I thought it could be a saw blade of some kind. I compared the damage with 			these. [Referring to various blades] But the crenulations form a regular pattern. 			They don’t match what we see in the orbital cavities. 

Brennan: 	And what if she were struggling? 

Zach: 		Lack of hemorrhage in the surrounding eye tissue suggests she was already 			dead before the eyes were removed. 

Brennan: 	We need to look for something smaller, maybe a surgical instrument. 

Hodgins: 	[Joining the group] The concrete used to sink Cugini is composed of class F fly 			ash instead of Portland cement which is very exciting. 

Zach: 		Not yet. 

Hodgins: 	Each concrete company has its own unique mixture, certain building codes have 		to be met. But after that it’s up to each company. [Hands Brennan a file] These 			people were cutting corners by using fly ash which is much cheaper. Tapford 			Construction, six years ago it was owned by Carlo Romano. 

[Cut to interrogation room where Carlo Romano is waiting patiently to be questioned. Booth, Brennan, and Kenton are in the adjoining room looking at him through the two way mirror.] 

Brennan: 	Romano doesn’t seem very worried. 

Booth: 		That’s hubris. 

Brennan: 	Good word. 

Booth: 		Thank you. He won’t seem so smug after we’ve talked to him. 

Kenton: 	I’m running the names of everyone of his employees from his construction 			company six years ago, pulling sales invoices. It’s going to be a lot of stuff to sort 		through. 

Brennan: 	Hodgins is going to try to see if there’s any skin or fingernail in the concrete to 			pull DNA from. It’s another remote possibility. 

[Booths phone rings and he picks it up.] 

Booth: 		Booth. Yeah. [Sighs angrily and hangs up] Judge order a release of Hollings 			possessions, there’s no grounds to hold him. 

Brennan: 	How many keys have they made it through? 

Booth: 		Well the lab had to match key types, serial number, you know cross reference 			those to the locks, compare the crenulations. 

Brennan: 	The crenulations. 

Booth: 		We haven’t even been through the first five hundred, Brennan. So I don’t think… 

Brennan: 	There is no lock. Those keys don’t open anything. 

Booth: 		What are you talking about? 

Brennan: 	The crenulations, the grooves, carved into the bone around the victims eyes, 			they were irregular like ….like the grooves of a key. [she holds up her key ring.] 

Booth: 		Brennan, how many keys do you need? 

Brennan: 	Car, house, lab, morgue, I need a lot of keys. 

Kenton: 	[Clearing throat] Grooves? 

Brennan: 	He must have used a key to gouge out the eyes and he kept it near him in his 			apartment. That was his souvenir. How much longer can you keep the keys you 			confiscated? 

Booth: 		He’s on his way to reclaim them right now. 

Brennan: 	So you have at least a half an hour maybe more? 

Booth: 		At least. 

Brennan: 	Ok so tell forensics to forget about matching them to any locks. Have them 			image each key and send those to Zach so he can find a key that matches the 			grooves on the bone. That shouldn’t take long. 

Booth: 		Image keys, send them to Zach. Right. 

Kenton: 	She’s good, huh? 

Booth: 		Told ya. 

[Cut to Brennan’s apartment. Brennan walks in with Booth behind her.] 

Brennan: 	Romano didn’t give us anything so I should probably be back at the lab. 

Booth: 		No you’re squints can handle it. You haven’t slept in over a day, Alright? You 			need to get some rest. I’ll sleep on the couch. 

Brennan: 	You think you’re staying here with me? 

Booth: 		Yeah. Nice place by the way Brennan. 

Brennan: 	No, I’m locked in here, Booth. I’ll be fine. 

Booth: 		Okay look I want you to stay away from your windows too, okay? A sniper has a 			clear shot from any of these surrounding buildings. 

Brennan: 	I could have just stayed at the lab. The security is tight there. 

Booth: 		Then you would have worked. You would have gotten tired and you would have 			been more vulnerable when you did go out. Trust me this is the best, alright? So, 			where’s the TV? 

Brennan: 	I had one but it broke. I’m…I mostly just read and listen to music. 

Booth: 		[Smiling] So let’s listen to some music. Huh? 

[Booth walks over to her stereo and begins to look through the CD holders for something to listen to.] 

Booth: 		Music, what do we got, Bones? Wow!  World music. Oh, there’s a shock. 			[Picking up a CD] Tibetan throat singers. Rock on, Brennan. 

Brennan: 	That’s mostly for work so… 

[Booth moves over to the other CD holder and starts browsing through it.] 

Booth: 		Kanye West, Cat Power…Oh, oh. Look at this! Man, lots of jazz. Wow! I think all 			that free-form stuff would be a little bit too unpredictable for you.

Brennan: 	No, I love it. The artist has to live within a set tonal structure and trust his own 			instincts to find his way out of an infinite maze of musical possibilities and the 			great ones do. [Booth smiles at her] What? 

Booth: 		Oh nothing, I just…I just never expected that you would, you know. 

Brennan: 	That I would love music? Well I don’t usually get to talk about it but since you 			brought it up I thought… 

Booth: 		No, hey. I didn’t mean to make you feel self conscious or….[sees a CD lying in 			front of her stereo] Whoa, what’s this? Ha. 

Brennan: 	What is it? 

Booth: 		Nice. 

Brennan: 	Booth. 

[He plays the CD and it’s the song Hot Blooded by Foreigner.] 

Brennan: 	Uh, how did that get there? 

Booth: 		Oh please everybody loves Foreigner. 

[Booth starts to bob his head to the music.] 

Booth: 		Hot Blooded? Talk about a guilty pleasure. Check it baby. 

[Booth starts to sing and play air guitar to the music. Brennan stares at him for a minute then smiles. She starts to join him by singing and pretending to play guitar too. After a few minutes Brennan’s phone rings and she runs to pick it up. Booth doesn’t turn down the music. He just keeps dancing and singing.] 

Brennan: 	Brennan. David, Hi. I’m fine thanks. Booth, yeah. I’m still under lock down until 			we solve these crimes. Yes, Foreigner. Okay I’ll. Okay sure. I’ll talk to you 			tomorrow. Okay, thanks for calling. Bye. [Brennan hangs up the phone and 			walks over to Booth. He stops dancing and looks at her for a moment.] 

Booth: 		Wait, I hope he didn’t think. 

Brennan: 	No. 

Booth: 		No cause I …I wouldn’t want to uh, you know ruin things for you, or ruin anything. 

Brennan: 	Not a problem. 

Booth: 		Hey, you got a soda, juice? 

Brennan: 	Yeah in my fridge. I’ll get it. 

Booth: 		No, no, no. You know what? I’m... I’m not your guest. You don’t have to wait on 			me. I’ll get it. Wait, do you want anything? 

Brennan: 	That’s okay. 

Brennan: 	Oh, there are uh glasses in the cupboard to the right of the fridge. 

[Booth grabs the refrigerator with his left hand while reaching over with his right to open the cupboard. As he opens the refrigerator door, there’s an explosion which blows Booth backward. He lands on his back unconscious with the refrigerator door covering his lower half.  Brennan turns shocked but breaks in to motion right away running to him grabbing a blanket off her couch. When she reaches him, she attempts to put out some small flame and tries to remove the refrigerator door.  Cut to Booth sitting up in a hospital bed covered with bruises, his arm in a sling, and a brace supporting his collar bone. Brennan is sitting in a chair next to the bed reading through his medical file] 

Booth: 		Kenton is on his way over. You have to promise me that you are going to stay 			with him. 

Brennan: 	I will. 

Booth: 		Did they gather all the evidence from the explosion? 

Brennan: 	Yes. 

Brennan: 	You’re sure? 

Brennan: 	Yes. Booth, I was there. They were very thorough and I was very annoying. 

Brennan: 	Sorry, Booth. It’s should be me lying in that bed. 

Booth: 		I’m fine. You know, I…I don’t even know if…if I have to stay here. You know? 

Brennan: 	You got blown up. 

Booth: 		I’ve been worse. 

Brennan: 	You have burns, lacerations, two broken ribs, green stick fracture of the 				clavicle… 

Booth: 		Okay, I got blown up. 

Booth: 		Can you…Can you hand me one of the puddings? 

[Brennan stands up and grabs one, opens it, then hands it to him.] 

Booth: 		Oh man. Thanks, Brennan. Look at that. 

Brennan: 	You know on your x-rays, there’s a history of multiple fractures on your feet 			consistent with beating. It’s a common method of torture in the Middle East, 			beating the soles of the feet with pipes or hoses. 

Booth: 		Yeah I know. 

Brennan: 	And there are indications of injuries sustained while you were shielding someone. 

Booth: 		How the hell can you tell something like that? 

Brennan: 	The scaring shows that the rib cage spread in such a way that… 

Booth: 		Yeah, okay. A buddy of mine, he lost his weapon and I uh, I tried. He didn’t 			make it. You know you shouldn’t be looking at my x-rays. 

Brennan: 	Sorry. 

Kenton: 	[Standing at the door] Hey. 

Booth: 		Yeah. 

Kenton: 	You look like crap. 

Booth: 		Yeah well a little bit more of this pudding and I’ll be just fine, you know. Stick with 		her. 

Kenton: 	Yeah if you want me to. 

Brennan: 	Don’t you think I should be consulted. 

Booth: 		[To Brennan] No. [To Kenton] Keep her close. 

Kenton: 	Don’t worry. 

[Cut to the Medico Legal Lab. Brennan, Angela, and Zach are looking at a computer screen with Kenton standing behind them.] 

Zach: 		It could have been you. 

Brennan: 	Yes, Zach. I know 

Zach: 		The only reason he survived is that he was reaching for the glass. 

Brennan: 	I know. Can we change the subject? 

Angela: 	Let’s talk revenge, bloodlust. 

Brennan: 	The cathartic release we are looking for can only be achieved when we 				successfully gather enough evidence to neutralize the person or persons 			responsible for putting Booth in that hospital. 

Zach: 		Neutralize can mean either kill or arrest. 

Brennan: 	Yes, it can mean either. 

Kenton: 	I don’t get it. What exactly are you doing? 

Angela: 	I’m using a digital enhancement program to fill in the missing markings made by 			the bullet when it passed through the bone. Impressed? I have so many more 			tricks. There’s no ring, Single or Gay? 

Kenton: 	Gay? Why would you say gay? 

Angela: 	Brokeback baby, gotta ask. 

Kenton: 	Not gay. 

Brennan: 	Angela. 

Angela: 	We’ll talk later. 

Kenton: 	So you match a digital replica of the bullet with any recovered bullets the FBI 			has? 

Brennan: 	Yes so we can cross reference crime, suspects, weapons. 

Kenton: 	Amazing. 

Hodgins: 	[Joining the rest]  I just finished working with Forensics at the FBI, analyzing the 			chemical compositional of the explosives. The isotopes and the sulfur are like a 			fingerprint.  It is a perfect match to the sulfur manufactured by the 				chemical company Hollings works for. 

[Cut to Hollings apartment] 

Agent: 		FBI! Go, go! Show yourself! Clear! 

Kenton: 	He took off. 

Brennan: 	[Finding a map in a drawer[ He marked the same part of town we found the other 		victim. 

Kenton: 	He’s going after someone else. [To Swat Team.] I want all this bagged. 

Agent: 		Right, let’s go. 

Brennan: 	[Phone rings] Brennan. 

Zach: 		We found the key. FBI said Hollings never returned to claim them. It matches the 		bone damage exactly. 

Brennan: 	And it’s definitely one of Hollings keys? 

Zach: 		Yes, Hodgins tried to retrieve DNA from it but he says it was dipped in some kind 		of chemical bath to remove anything organic. 

Brennan: 	Good work. 

Zach: 		Maybe you should come in now, Dr. Brennan. 

Brennan: 	I’ll be fine, Zach. Any luck with the bullet? 

Kenton: 	[Walking up behind Brennan] Do you want to go back to the lab until we get any 			other news? It will be safer there. 

Brennan: 	[To Zach] Actually Zach, I’ll see you in a few minutes. 

[Cut to Booth‘s hospital room] 

Hodgins: 	Hey. 

Booth: 		[Confused] Why are you here? [Panicking] Is Brennan alright? 

Hodgins: 	Sure, yeah no. She’s with your compadre. I came by to see how you are. 

Booth: 		Oh. 

Hodgins: 	[Beelining for the pudding] Pudding, I still remember this stuff from when I got 			my appendix out. 

Booth: 		[Booth slaps his spoon on top of the container] Yeah and that’s as good as you 			remember. The key fit? 

Hodgins: 	Yeah and they found a map of the neighborhood where the other body was 			found and some more keys. 

Booth: 		Found a map? No we didn’t…we didn’t catch that before? 

Hodgins: 	No, I guess not or maybe your killer is getting sloppy. 

Booth: 		That’s not like him. 

Hodgins: 	Well it wasn’t like him to use explosives either. People change. It’s the wonderful 			thing about life. Now we can get him before he gets Brennan. [Snatches a 			pudding] Can I have this one? 

Hodgins: 	You okay? 

Booth: 		Huh? Yeah, yeah. I’m just thinking people don’t really change. We like to believe 		they do but they don’t. 

Hodgins: 	You’re thinking that it’s the mob guys we’re after. 

Booth: 		I’m just thinking that things, they don’t make sense. 

Hodgins: 	You’re feeling something a little more devious more like a frame up. Oh I like it, 			very conspiratorial. 

Booth: 		Things are just too neat. You know Hollings would never leave a map there. 

Hodgins: 	Go with me on this. Mob guys know you’re closing in and want to throw you off 			by making it look like the psycho, and these guys have been involved in 				conspiracies a lot more complicated then this. They set up Lee Harvey Oswald, 			worked with the CIA to kill Castro. Forget about what they did to Marilyn Monroe. 

Booth: 		Someone planted that evidence so that we’d find it. Someone who knew what we 		were up to. 

Hodgins: 	Someone at the lab works for the mob. I can see it. There’s not much difference 			between a corrupt corporate government and organized crime. 

Booth: 		[Throws the spoon down on the table] You’re right. 

Hodgins: 	Excuse me? 

Booth: 		The only way that this could unfold [Takes off the blood pressure cuff] is if 			someone on the inside was orchestrating things. 

Hodgins: 	People never tell me I’m right. They only say I’m crazy. Love you, man. 

[Booth starts to sit up to get out of bed.] 

Hodgins: 	What the hell are you doing? 

Booth: 		You’re driving. 

Hodgins: 	Cool. 

[Cut to Kenton and Brennan driving in Kenton SUV]

Kenton: 	[On cell phone] Yeah? Okay, make sure there is backup. [To Brennan] They 			spotted someone taking a woman into those old abandoned buildings off Hunter 			Boulevard. I’ll drop you off at the lab. 

Brennan: 	No, I’m coming. 

Kenton:		 Booth said it was pointless to argue. 

Brennan: 	He is a smart man, Booth. I’ll just call Zach.[gets her cell phone] I think I know 			how to complete the bullet. [dials] Even if we only have one side if we can 			approximate the spin as it was fired [brings phone up to her ear.] 

Kenton: 	[Leveling a gun on Brennan and knocking the phone from her hand] You really 			are the best. It’s too bad…

[Cut to Booth and Hodgins in Hodgins Mini Cooper]

Booth: 		[Waiting on the phone] Work with the FBI and they put you on hold when you 			want get information. Kenton was working organized crime at the same time that 			Cugini was killed. Alright, he was the only one who knew the details of both 			Investigations so he takes what he knows about Hollings to throw suspicions off 			himself. 

Hodgins: 	[Grimacing as Booth groans when they hit a pot hole] Maybe that nurse was right 		to be pissed that you were leaving. You don’t seem good, Booth. 

Booth: 		You know if we weren’t in a toy car… [To the phone] Yeah. Listen to me Bobby. 			Just get some units out there now, okay? I want to know about any activity in the 		abandoned buildings on that map. 
Hodgins: 	Brennan is not picking up her cell. 

Booth: 		Kenton, he never called for backup or surveillance or anything. Geez, how can I 			be so stupid? Everything pointed to him. 

Hodgins: 	Hey, it is not your fault. 

Booth: 		How could it not be my fault? It was my job to protect her instead I hand her over 		to him. 

[Cut to abandoned warehouse.  Kenton pushes Brennan in at gun point] 

Kenton: 	There are certain crimes you just got to let slide. A death like Cugini’s, it’s an 			internal issue, doesn’t affect anyone else. 

Brennan: 	You killed Cugini? 

Kenton: 	You don’t get rich working for the FBI. When I was undercover the Romano’s 			were very good to me. When you accept their generosity; you have no choice but 		to do what they ask. 

Brennan: 	Is that how you live with yourself if you take choice out of the equation. 

Kenton: 	It’s no different then Booth taking out someone from the other side when he was 			a sniper in the Gulf. 

Brennan: 	That was a war. His actions saved lives. 

[Entering a room, Brennan sees dogs on metal chains along the walls] 

Kenton: 	You don’t think getting rid of Cugini ended a street war? 

Brennan: 	So my death will be justified now? 

Kenton: 	The Bureau keeps a shell from every weapon it issues. You match that slug it 			points to my weapon and I go down and the Romano’s make sure I don’t talk. 

Brennan: 	Well at least then I’m dying for a good reason. 

[Brennan elbows Kenton in the stomach causing him to move back. She follows it up with a kick to his hand knocking his gun to the floor. As he comes towards her, she kicks him backwards knocking him to the floor. She tries to run however, he gets up quickly and grabs her from behind. She ducks and swings out of his grip, then kicks him again. She then head butts him, knocking him over top of an old table.  Seeing the gun on the floor, Brennan does a shoulder roll, grabbing the gun as she rolls over it. Kenton is behind her as she gets up and he wrestles the gun out of her hands forcing her to the ground.  As she kicks him in the knee, he falls again and she wraps her legs throwing him flat on the ground. When he attempts to get back up, she kicks him again then wraps her legs around his neck to choke him.  Kenton reaches for the gun and pistol whips Brennan, knocking her out cold.  Cut to Booth and Hodgins still in the car] 

Hodgins: 	You know maybe you’re wrong. I mean Hollings is missing, right? 

Booth: 		Convenient huh? Kenton planned the lead so that we would find her and go after 		Hollings who we would never find. 

Hodgins: 	Because he is dead? 

Booth: 		Because he’s dead. 

Hodgins: 	This conspiracy thing is a lot more intense when you’re in the middle of it. 

Booth: 		[Phone rings] Yeah? Yeah, okay. [To Hodgins] Look an Agent talked to a 			witness who saw a couple go into a building off of North 23rd. 

Hodgins: 	Oh.  A building. Oh yeah that’s really specific. 

Booth: 		Well crack heads aren’t that detailed oriented. Step on it. 

[Cut to Kenton and Brennan. Kenton has Brennan bound and gagged with her hands held up by a hook in the middle of thee room] 

Kenton: 	They’re not going to find Hollings. Uh uh. You know he used to slit their throat 			like they were cattle. He told me he used the key to unlock the soul behind their 			eyes. That’s one sick bastard the world ain’t going to miss. 

[Cut to Booth and Hodgins outside warehouse. An agent walks up to Booth] 

Agent: 		We used thermal imagery to see what activity there was inside the buildings, 			found a crack house, a couple of squatters, was about to move in here next. 

Booth: 		No, no, no. He hears noise; you know he could freak out and kill her. We got to 			be careful. 

Agent: 		There’s no we, Booth. 

Booth: 		Yeah, I’m going in with you. 

Agent: 		You can barely stand. 

Booth: 		[Not Joking] I said I’m going with you. Give me my gun. 

Agent: 		[Hands Booth a gun and yells to another Agent] Bring me that vest for Booth. 

Agent: 		[Passing the vest to Booth] Wear this. 

Booth: 		Yep. Alright, you know what? [Throws it to Hodgins.] You can come too. Alright, 			put that on and you stay back. 

Hodgins: 	I can do that. 

[Cut to Kenton and Brennan] 

Kenton: 	[As he prepares the knife] I’m sorry. I really am. 

[Cut to Booth and Hodgins. They break open a chain fence doorway and enter in further to the warehouse]

Hodgins: 	[When Booth groans] Maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding. 

[Cut to: Kenton and Brennan.] 

Kenton: 	[Pulls out his gun to hit Brennan and knock her out] I’m not like him at all. The 			things I have to do to you, you’ll be gone first. You’ll never know a thing. I never 			expected anyone to find out. 

[Booth enters and takes a shot, hitting Kenton]

Booth: 		[Hurrying to Brennan and pulling off the gag] Alright. Okay, Alright. Hold on. 			[Ducking his head under the hook between her arms, he lifts her off the hook and 		they both fall to their knees holding onto one another] Oh, it’s okay. I’m right 			here. It’s all over. Okay. Shh. I’m right here, alright. It’s all over. Shh…alright. 

Brennan: 	[With her arms still around his neck, she moves back a bit to look at him] How d			id you get out of the hospital? 

Booth: 		[Wincing] Hodgins gave me a ride. Maybe…maybe you could give me a ride 			back though, huh? [Brennan grabs him and hugs him tightly again]

[Cut to Booth‘s hospital room.] 

Booth: 		Kenton is telling us everything. I mean I guess he figures there’s nothing to hide. 		He’s finished anyway. 

Brennan: 	Better late then never, huh? 

Booth: 		Yeah, I guess. You know, I let you down, Brennan. I’m sorry. 

Brennan: 	You saved my life. 

Booth: 		Yeah but you know, I shouldn’t …it shouldn’t have gone down like that. 

Brennan: 	What a pair. 

Brennan: 	[Phone rings] Brennan. Um, I’m leaving right now. [To Booth] David. We’re finally 		having our dinner. 

Booth: 		[Smiling] Well I figured you didn’t dress up for me. 

Brennan: 	You sure you don’t want anything? 

Booth: 		Nah, I’ll be fine. I’m just going to you know, flip around the TV here. 

Brennan: 	Okay I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Booth: 		Yeah, have a good night. 

Brennan: 	Thanks. 

[Booth flips through stations and stop on The Grape of Wrath.  He looks down thinking and when he looks back up, Brennan is standing at the foot of his bed]

Brennan: 	I rescheduled. My…my head still hurts. 

Booth: 		Well you can watch TV if you’d like. 

Brennan: 	Sure. 

[Sitting back in the chair next to his bed, Brennan leans in toward Booth] 

Booth: 		Bones, arm. [Brennan sits back up] Thanks.



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