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"The Man on the Fairway"

Episode 1x14

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

Transcribed by Cassie

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[Begin with Brennan driving a golf cart and Zach riding shotgun to what can only be assumed as a crime scene at a golf course] 

Brennan: 	We’ll be meeting with agents from the FAA, the NTSB, and local police. 

Zach: 		Usually Booth handles those people. 

Brennan: 	Plane crashes don’t belong to the FBI. 

Zach: 		Why not? FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration. The NTSB stands for 			National Transportation Safety Board. That sounds Federal to me and FBI 			stands for Federal Bureau… 

Brennan: 	Zach. 

Zach: 		This is the third time in a row we’ve investigated without Booth. I don’t like it. 

Brennan: 	Why? He mostly ignores you. 

Zach: 		Ignoring me is Booth’s way of acknowledging my presence. It’s a guy thing. 

Brennan: 	Here we are. 

[Brennan slows the cart as they reach an area cordoned off by yellow police tape protecting what looks to be a small plane crash] 

Dyson: 		Dr. Brennan? 

Brennan: 	Yes. 

Dyson: 		I’m Ian Dyson with the NTSB. 

Brennan: 	This is my assistant, Zach Addy. 

Dyson: 		At approximately zero four hundred last night, a private jet with five passengers 			on board reported horizontal stabilizer trouble, two hundred miles southeast of 			Norfolk. Yeager Airport in Charleston tracked them for thirty minutes until they 			dropped off the radar screen at zero four thirty. The plane tried to make an 			emergency landing here when it clipped some trees and slammed to the ground. 		We found another mostly intact body over near the trees. The rest is bits and 			pieces. 

Zach: 		What makes this one of our cases? 

Dyson: 		I beg your pardon? 

Zach: 		We’re kind of special. We’re elite. We don’t sort though just any set of bodies. 

Dyson: 		It was a state department flight with a bunch of VIP’s on board. Is that special 			enough? 

Zach: 		I apologize if I have offended you. Usually we have an FBI Agent who mediates 			our interpersonal encounters. 

[A woman dressed in a Jeffersonian Medico-Legal Lab coverall walks up to Zach and Brennan] 

Woman: 	We found another skull. 

Zach: 		Two skulls, those pieces are from two different skulls. 

Dyson: 		I’ll leave you super elite types to it. 

Brennan: 	Zach, we don’t need Booth to mediate our interpersonal encounters. [Leaning 			down, she examines what’s left of the cockpit of the plane] Okay, pilot, copilot, 			brings our count to six. Three mostly intact sets of remains, one partial, and two 			fragmented. 

Zach: 		Obviously bodies are burnt to a crisp but no dermis, very little soft tissue, 			indications of high impact trauma, burst fractures to the lower thoracic and 			lumbar vertebrae consistent with injuries caused by the vertical impact of the 			falling aircraft. Should I keep talking as though you are paying attention? 

Brennan: 	[Picking up a fragment of bone] What do you make of this? 

Zach: 		Femur fragment. 

Brennan: 	No charring. 

Zach: 		You think this fragment doesn’t belong to the plane crash. 

Brennan: 	What are the odds? 

Zach: 		A crashing plane falling directly on a human being? One in ten million. 

[Cut to the Jeffersonian, Dr. Goodman’s office. Angela and Brennan are seated opposite of Dr. Goodman who is standing behind his desk. Zach and Hodgins are standing behind Angela and Brennan.] 

Dr. Goodman: 	The information that I’m about to tell you must not leave this room 

Hodgins: 	I am philosophically imposed to institutional secrecy in all its forms. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Fine, get out. 

[Hodgins scoffs] 

Dr. Goodman: 	Two communist Chinese trade attachés were on that plane when it crashed both 		high ranking party men. 

Hodgins: 	Well obviously we shot it down. 

Dr. Goodman: 	[Sitting down at his desk] The FAA and the NTSB can prove that it was an 			accident. Also on the manifest was an American business man, a pilot and a co-			pilot, five people. 

Zach:		 Dr. Goodman, we found six sets of human remains on that airplane. 

Brennan: 	Not to mention, three bone fragments which were not on the plane. 
Dr. Goodman: 	Is there any chance those bone fragments were on the plane? 

Angela: 	What, you mean as carry on luggage? 

Brennan: 	No, everything on the plane burned. They were untouched by fire. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Hmmm. Then forget about the bone fragments for the time being. The state 			department is extremely anxious to find the identity of that sixth person. No one 			wishes this to become an international incident. Therefore, this is our only 			priority. 

Brennan: 	I disagree! 

Dr. Goodman: 	For the love of God, why? 

Brennan: 	Because the plane crash was an accident. The bone fragments were not. 

Dr. Goodman: 	How do you know? 

Brennan: 	Zach found unusual cut marks. 

Zach: 		Cut marks congruent with dismemberment. 

Dr. Goodman: 	People, one hour ago I received a call from the secretary 					of state requesting that the unidentified extra passenger be our first priority. 

Brennan: 	So now politics are more important then murder? 

Dr. Goodman: 	I’m not saying please. I’m not being reasonable. I’m making the decision. First 			and foremost identify that sixth body! 

[Cut to the lab with Brennan holding up a bone fragment and looking at Booth]

Brennan: 	You got it or do you want me to explain again? 

Booth: 		No, I got it okay. The plane goes down, Kablooey, there’s an extra body on board 		which you really don’t care about because you’re more interested in these bone 			fragments that you found on the ground. 

Booth: 		Hmmm. Is this all you got? 

Brennan: 	So far, a piece of skull, a chunk of vertebrae, part of a femur. 

Booth: 		Not much to go on. 

Brennan: 	These fragments come from a person who was hacked. 

Booth: 		[Wincing] Hacked to little bits. 

Brennan: 	No, medium sized bits. I’m not sure how it turned into little bits yet. 

Booth: 		Okay and I’m here why? 

Brennan: 	Dismemberment, little bits, it’s a murder. 
Booth: 		Well FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction at a golf course. 

Brennan: 	Well who does? 

Booth: 		I don’t know. Try the PGA. [Smiling knowingly] Uh huh. You know you’ve done a 			couple of cases without me and you miss me. 

Brennan: 	Zach misses you not me. 

Booth: 		Zach and I don’t even talk. 

Brennan: 	He seems to think it’s a male bonding ritual. 

Booth: 		Maybe he’s right? 

Brennan: 	No he’s not. 

Booth: 		Could be? 

Brennan: 	You told him that so you wouldn’t have to talk to him. 

Booth: 		Well it was nicer then shooting him. 

Brennan: 	[Frustrated] Mmmm. Goodman has ordered me to investigate the other extra body. 

Booth: 		Well then you better get on that. Next time you know, you miss me pick up the 			phone call me we’ll do lunch or something. 

Brennan: 	I do not miss you! 

Booth: 		Yeah you miss me. C’mon. 

Brennan: 	I do not miss you! 

Booth: 		Say it. 

Security Guard: [Interrupting] Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth, you have a visitor. 

Booth: 		You miss me. 

Brennan: 	[Walking away] No I don’t. 

Booth: 		You miss me. You miss me. 

[Cut to Booth and Brennan entering her office to see a man waiting for them] 

Kane: 		Dr. Temperance Brennan. 

Brennan: 	Yes. 

Kane: 		Special Agent Seeley Booth, I’m Jesse Kane. 

Booth: 		You’re Jesse Kane? 

Kane: 		You’ve heard of me? 

Brennan: 	I haven’t. 

Booth: 		Jesse here is sort of an expert in missing person’s cases. 

Kane: 		I’ve done some writing on missing person laws and investigative techniques, 			inner agency cooperation, jurisdictional dispute, that kind of thing. I heard about 			the bones you found at the golf course. 

Brennan: 	I can’t really talk about that. 

Kane: 		I don’t mean the Communist Chinese on the plane. 

Booth: 		Whoa, whoa, whoa, Communist Chinese… 

Kane: 		The other bones, the fragments. 

Booth: 		How did you hear about the Communist Chinese? 

Kane: 		[Ignoring Booth speaking to Brennan] Those pieces of bone you found at 			the golf course, I’m pretty sure that’s my dad. 

[Roll Intro.] 

[Cut to Kane, Booth, and Brennan all sitting at a table in the middle of  Wong Foo’s] 

Kane: 		My expertise in missing person’s investigations derives from one thing, my 			search for my father.  He went missing five years ago during a trip to his cottage 			in Virginia Beach. 

Brennan: 	What makes you think these bone fragments come from your father? 

Booth: 		Alright, you know there is a question of National security here that is my 				jurisdiction. [To Brennan] He’s not supposed to know about the Chinese. 

Kane: 		My investigations lead me to conclude that my father was murdered in the area 			and his body disposed. 

Brennan: 	What did the police say? 

Kane: 		They gave up four years ago. 

Booth: 		Because there was no evidence of foul play. 

Kane: 		The investigation was bungled. The city police didn’t have the manpower, the 			state troopers said it was a federal matter, and you guys suggested a private 			investigator. 

Booth: 		It was not bungled, okay, because there was no evidence of foul play. It’s a 			common story, okay? A guy goes in for a pack of cigarettes and ends up renting 			out snorkeling gear in Guam. 
Kane: 		He doesn’t know what it’s like to loose a parent you do. 

Booth: 		[Pissed] You want to back down a jot there buddy? 

Brennan: 	How do you know about that? 

Kane: 		No offense, Dr. Brennan but you’re a writer. You’re a well know scientist, it’s out 			there plus you’re one of us. 

Brennan: 	One of us? 

Kane: 		People who’s loved ones have simply vanished, in your case both parents. 

Booth: 		Okay, how do you know about the Chinese? [Kane ignores him and Booth snaps 		in his face and puts his hand in front of Bone’s face] Do not look at Dr. Brennan, 			okay? Whether you like it or not, this is an issue between you [Brennan moves 			his hand away] and the FBI. 

Kane: 		If body parts are found in roughly the area where my father disappeared, I’m 			going to know about it. Radio chatter, the internet, the local law enforcement, 			that’s all I’m prepared to tell you. [To Brennan] Do you mind if I ask you how 			many bone fragments you found? 

Brennan: 	Yes I do. I don’t discuss ongoing investigations. 

Booth: 		She doesn’t discuss ongoing investigations. 

Kane: 		Fair enough, Dr. Brennan. [Referring to a box beside him] These are my notes 			from the last five years, every lead, every clue; every person I have ever talked 			with is here. 

Booth: 		And why would Dr. Brennan care about that? 

Kane: 		Cause it will least give her a candidate to eliminate. 

Brennan: 	He’s got a point. 

Kane: 		My father’s medical records, pictures, last known whereabouts, even a 				connection to the golf course. Also my phone number but don’t worry if I don’t 			hear from you, you’ll hear from me. 

Booth: 		Wow! Pushy. 

Brennan: 	Well maybe he discovered that being pushy is how you get cops to pay attention. 

Booth: 		What are you hawking at me for? 

Brennan: 	The Chinese, the plane crash, that’s geo politics. This is murder. Will you help? 

Booth: 		Well you know I guess if you’re uh, really asking me, I guess I could uh you know 		fudge it with my boss to make it look like it was attached to the Chinese plane 			crash thing. 

[Cut to Jeffersonian where Brennan is looking at the three bone fragments. Angela walks in with Zach and Hodgins.] 

Angela: 	We’ve made some progress on the mystery passenger. 

Brennan: 	Fill me in. 

Zach: 		Nasal ridges indicated she was a Caucasoid female approximately 5’10” 				epiphyseal fusion puts her age somewhere between twenty to twenty-five. 

Angela: 	I have a theory. 

Hodgins: 	Femme fatal assassin. 

Zach: 		Unregistered flight attendant. 

Angela: 	Young, beautiful girl, doesn’t appear on the in flight manifest, group of how 			powered politicos. 

Hodgins: 	Oh. 

Zach: 		Wait. What? What? 

Brennan: 	Someone on that flight might have been doing his daughter or girl friend a favor. 

Angela: 	Ugh, you’re so sweet, honey. You really are. 

Zach: 		Oh, you think she was the in flight entertainment. 

Angela: 	Yeah… [To Brennan] Anything you want to tell us about the bone bits you care 			about? 

Zach: 		Supra orbital margin is rounded suggesting a male. 

Brennan: 	Yes and there are signs of osteolytic liping or polish on this piece of vertebrae. 

Hodgins: 	Arthritis. 

Angela: 	So middle aged guy. 

Brennan: 	Weathering and discoloration suggests these bones have been out there 			for approximately five years. I’m going to ask you guys to help me on 				this. 

Angela: 	You mean after the Communist thing? 

Brennan: 	No, immediately. 

Hodgins: 	I’m in. 

Zach: 		You want us to defy Dr. Goodman. 

Hodgins: 	I’m in. 

Brennan: 	Not defy per say, do both jobs but keep one a secret. 
Hodgins: 	I’m in. 

Angela: 	We get it. You’re a rebel. 

Brennan: 	Zach, I need you to analyze the cuts on the bone. 

Zach: 		I was kinda hoping to keep my job. 

Angela: 	There’s not enough skull here for me to do a reconstruction. 

Brennan: 	If I gave you a picture, you could tell me if the skull piece doesn’t match? 

Angela: 	Ah, I could construct a schematic and see if the shard fit the general shape of 			the skull, if I had a picture. 

Hodgins: 	Has anyone noticed that I was the first to offer help and apparently I’m useless. 

Brennan: 	Not true. You are the one that’s going to keep Goodman from finding out. 

Hodgins: 	I’m in. 

[Cut to Brennan sitting at a diner counter with Kane]

Kane: 		So the bone fragments were the same sex and age of my father. 

Brennan: 	Yes. 

Kane: 		Thank you. 

Brennan: 	It’s a long way from conclusive. 

Kane: 		Yeah I know at times like these not to get hopeful but on the other hand you’ve 			got to have hope. 

Brennan: 	Even after five years? 

Kane: 		People are found after decades, Dr. Brennan, after centuries. You’ve done some 			of the finding. 

Brennan: 	Booth says you’ve made a living off of the disappearance of your father. 

Kane: 		About six months after my father disappeared, I found out nobody was actually 			looking for him. Next thing I knew I was an expert in motivating the police, victims 		rights, becoming well known is a by product of my search for my father not the 			goal of my search. You should understand my motivation better then most 			people in law enforcement. 

Brennan: 	I’m not really interested in bonding over the loss of my parents. Booth is looking 			over your file now. 

Kane: 		I wasn’t looking for his help. 

Brennan: 	We work together. Booth knows that the bone fragments are evidence of foul 			play. That’s all the motivation he needed. 
Kane: 		You didn’t have to lean on him? 

Brennan: 	[Smiling] Not at all. 

Kane: 		If you say so. 

[Cut to Medico-Legal Lab on the platform. The camera pans over the six bodies lined up next to each other on tables. Each has a picture to identify the body except for the last one. Hodgins, Zach, and Angela are looking at the bone fragments on a computer screen.] 

Zach: 		Well, one of the bone fragments has distinctive ridge mark indentations. 

Hodgins: 	Knife mark. 

Zach: 		Yes, specifically a carving knife. 

Angela: 	What about the other ones, the jagged marks? 

Zach: 		Some kind of machine blade. 

Angela: 	What like a jigsaw or a chainsaw? 

Dr. Goodman: 	[Clearing his throat to make his presence known] Are you suggesting one of the 			Chinese diplomats was wielding a chainsaw? 

Hodgins: 	Ah, good one sir, very droll. Zach knows much more about this then I do but we 			weren’t discussing a literal chainsaw cut but rather the pattern it leaves on the 			bone. Right? Zach? [Zach just stares at Dr. Goodman with his mouth open.] 

Angela: 	You know blades move in several distinctive ways. 

Hodgins: 	Several distinctive ways. 

Zach: 		Circular elliptical segmented, chainsaws are designed to cut soft 				materials at high speed when cutting hard materials like bone they create wave 			marks by the action of the blade. This pattern is too organized, too linear. 

Hodgins: 	Therefore, no Chinese chainsaw massacre scenario. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Hmmm, yes, fascinating. What has it got to do with the victims of the plane 			crash? 

Hodgins: 	We not only have to reassemble each of the plane crash victims but figure out 			how their remains were scattered. 

Zach: 		Not by being cut up, that’s for sure. 

Hodgins: 	Now we’ve eliminated blades. [Dr. Goodman rolls his eyes and walks away.] 

Hodgins: 	[To Zach] Never. Freeze. On. Me. Again. 

Zach: 		I find Dr. Goodman scary. 

Angela: 	Well, I’m never trusting any of us again. We’re that good at lying, huh? 
Hodgins: 	We’re going to do much better. 

[Cut to Brennan and Booth driving in his SUV] 

Booth: 		Well, you know, I have to admit Jesse Kane’s file on his father is both well 			organized and complete. Yep, his main suspect is his fathers’ girlfriend. 

Brennan: 	Karen Anderson. 

Booth: 		No alibi and since they were living together at the time of the disappearance she 			remains in the house and has access to their joint accounts. 

Brennan: 	Well how much money are we talking about? 

Booth: 		Max Kane, he was a stockbroker, he was worth millions but you know, after 			seven years missing the courts will declare him officially dead but you know, by 			that time she could have siphoned out half of the money so I say we go visit 			Miss. Anderson and we’ll know pretty fast if she’s a suspect. 

Brennan: 	How? 

Booth: 		How? Subtle psychological indicators, Brennan. 

Brennan: 	I looked those up on the internet, body language, sweat, tonal quality, shifty 			eyes. 

Booth: 		Hey you know what? I don’t go poking around your bone stuff, okay. Just leave 			the human stuff to me. 

[Cut to Booth and Brennan sitting across from Karen Anderson and another gentleman, Karen’s boyfriend Eddie, in Karen’s home] 

Karen: 		Why has Max’s disappearance become a matter for the FBI? 

Booth: 		Max’s disappearance is not an FBI matter. 

Eddie: 		You’re an FBI agent. 

Brennan: 	Human remains were found in the course of a Federal investigation. Agent Booth 		is taxed with the job of identifying them. 

Booth: 		I’d like to eliminate Max Kane as a possibility and just move on all together. 

Karen: 		So this is a proforma interview? 

Booth: 		Yes, yes, absolutely. 

Karen: 		Because I know Max’s son Jesse accuses me of Max’s murder. 

Booth: 		Why do you think he suspects you? 

Karen: 		Because of the age difference between me and Max, because I’m still living in 			the house, because after five years I dared to fall in love with someone new.  			Who knows. 
Brennan: 	Some people find it harder then others to get over the loss of a loved one. 

Booth: 		Bones.

Brennan: 	What? 

Karen: 		Jesse got to you, didn’t he? The dimples and the sad smile, and melancholy on 			a mission to find his beloved father, you know all that. 

Brennan: 	Jesse didn’t love his father? 

Karen: 		Max and Jesse didn’t speak for the two years before Max disappeared and that 			was before I came into his life. 

Booth: 		What do you think caused the riff? 

Karen: 		Max cut Jesse off financially. Max thought Jesse was lazy running around New 			York doing nothing with his life and well Jesse was furious. 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab with Brennan, Hodgins, and Zach discussing the bone fragments.  Angela is by the door, watching for Goodman] 

Zach: 		The hack marks were caused by a Heidal carving knife. 

Hodgins: 	The osteological profile suggests evidence of post mortem freezing. 

Brennan: 	Max Kane disappeared mid winter. What about the jagged cut marks? 

Angela: 	This is the part that makes me queasy. 

Zach: 		The victim was frozen, dismembered, and fed into a wood chipper. 

Hodgins: 	And spread over a golf course. 

Angela: 	Either talk loudly enough so I can hear all the way or whisper so I can’t. 

Zach: 		Maybe if we told Goodman what we know, he’d authorize a change in priorities. 

Angela: 	Or he’d suspend us all for defying him. 

Brennan: 	Angela’s right. 

Zach: 		[Hopeful] So we’re going to drop this and get back to what Dr. Goodman told us 			to do in the first place? 

Brennan: 	[Smiling] No, we are going to keep doing what we are doing behind Goodman’s 			back. 			
Hodgins: 	[Excited] That’s the spirit! 

[Cut to Booth’s office where he and Brennan are questioning Jesse Kane about the rift with his father]

Kane: 		Yeah it’s true. My father cut me off financially so I take it that means you talked to 		Karen. 
Booth: 		Is there anything else you failed to mention to us? 

Brennan: 	Why didn’t you tell us? 

Kane: 		I know I didn’t kill my father so I’d rather you didn’t waste your time on that line of 

Booth: 		Too late so what happened between you and your father, hmm? 

Kane: 		About five years ago I was enrolled at NYU. All I really did was go clubbing and 			have a good time. My father was right to cut me off. I was a disappointment to 			him. 

Booth: 		But, you know, if he could see you now. 

Kane: 		I’d like to think he can see me now. 

Brennan: 	Your father is dead. A dead person can’t see anything. 

Kane: 		Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t but either way at least I know my dad would be 			proud. 

Booth: 		Bones, tell Jesse what happened to the victim. 

Brennan: 	Really? 

Kane: 		What? 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] It’s just that usually you tell me not to tell people. 

Kane: 		It can’t be worse then some of the things I have imagined. 

Brennan: 	The victim was frozen, dismembered, and fed through a wood chipper. 

Booth: 		Brennan has figured out what type of wood chipper was used. We’re going to 			trace it to the manufacturer and see if one was sold in Virginia Beach. 

Kane: 		I can’t believe someone would do that to my dad. 

Brennan: 	We haven’t positively identified the victim as your father. I have our artist 				comparing the skull fragment to pictures of your dad. 

Kane: 		Could I see the bone fragments? 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab where Brennan is showing Jesse the fragments] 

Kane: 		This is all? 

Brennan: 	Yes. I mean…it’s all of somebody. 

Kane: 		He was a big man, my dad. It’s hard to believe that this is all that is left of him. 			How can you get anything from three small bits of bone? 

Brennan: 	It’s more then a lot of people get. 

Kane: 		I know where my dad was right before he disappeared. I know my dad met with a 		client at the North Star Grill in Virginia Beach. I know he had meatloaf.  I 				know he was supposed to meet Karen at the pier but he didn’t show up. I know 			she waited two days, before reporting him gone. I have a good timeline and I 			have three small bits of bone. You don’t have any of those things and I realize 			how hopeless you must feel. 

Brennan: 	Come with me. 

[Cut to Brennan‘s office where she hands a file to Jesse] 

Kane: 		This is all you have? 

Brennan: 	Yes, you were right about how little it is. 

Kane: 		No, I mean this is simply your copy of the official file. 

Brennan: 	Yes, what else would there be? 

Kane: 		You never tried to hire any private investigators, did any poking around by 			yourself? 

Brennan: 	Well I’m pretty new at field work. I’ve mostly been a lab rat my whole career plus I 		trusted the authorities would do what they could. 

Kane: 		The authorities have rooms filled with files like these, warehouses. 

Brennan: 	I’m the authorities, Booth is the authorities. 

Kane: 		Did you ever show this file to Booth? 

Brennan: 	No, no. [Kane leans in to kiss her and she backs up.] This is where I work. 

Angela: 	[Interrupting] Uh which is my cue? 

Brennan: 	Uh, um, Angela, come in. This is Jesse Kane.  

Angela: 	Hello. 

Kane: 		Hi. 

Angela: 	Hi, Angela Montenegro. 

Brennan: 	[Referring to a piece of paper in Angela’s hand] What’s that? 

Angela: 	Oh, uh nothing that can’t wait. 

Kane: 		Is it about my father? 

Angela: 	In as far as I know, which is quite far believe me, no one has tried to kiss 			Brennan in this office and lived to tell about it. 

Brennan:	Angela. 

Kane: 		Would one of you please tell me what that piece of paper is? 

Angela: 	It’s a uh, it’s a schematic comparing the skull fragments we found on the golf 			course to pictures of your father. 

Kane: 		And? 

Brennan: 	It doesn’t not match your father. 

Kane: 		So it could be him? 

Angela: 	Yeah there’s a pretty good chance. 

Kane: 		I knew it. 

[Cut to Angela and Brennan walking through the lab] 

Angela: 	Are you hooking up later? 

Brennan: 	We didn’t arrange anything. 

Angela: 	Why not? 

Brennan: 	Cause you were right there! Hovering .

Angela: 	I was not. I was being your wing man. 

Brennan: 	What’s that? 

Angela: 	I was rendering assistance and enabling where needed. 

Brennan: 	Booth thinks he might be a suspect. 

Angela: 	Oh now you’re just looking for excuses not to get involved. 

[Cut to Angela‘s office.  Brennan, Goodman and Angela are gathered around the Angelator reviewing the victims and their profile from the plane crash] 

Angela: 	Plane crash victim number four, captain Jacob Howard, pilot, age forty-seven, 			height five foot six, weight approximately one hundred and sixty seven pounds. 

Brennan: 	[To Angela] Overlay the photograph. Frontal zygomatic sutures line up, cranial 			meninges are in sync. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Excellent that’s one more off our list. 

Angela: 	Victim number five, Shen Ru Fong, age fifty-six, height five foot six, weight 			approximately one hundred and forty pounds. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Yes that’s terrific except we knew all of these people were on the plane. What the 		state department wants to know is the identity of our mystery woman. I hope I 			can count on your full energies on this Dr. Brennan. 
Brennan: 	If I could be completely honest sir… 

Hodgins: 	[Walking in and interrupting] Toxicology reports came back from all six victims. 			Pilot and co-pilot were clean. Our two Chinese nationals had elevated levels of 			alcohol and Sildenafil more commonly know as Viagra and our mystery girl 			showed traces of alcohol and cocaine. So will the cover up start now or 				somewhere between here and the State Department? 

Dr. Goodman: 	[To Brennan] You were saying about being completely honest? 

Brennan: 	Yes sir. Regarding the bone shards…. 

Zach: 		[Interrupting] Uh, the prostitute was six inches taller then anyone else on the 			flight and she had occupational stress markers. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Let’s not call her a prostitute yet, Mr. Addy. What occupational markers? 

Hodgins: 	Eh, it’s a foot thing. 

Dr. Goodman: 	She was a fetishist? 

Zach: 		Both her Cuboid and Medico Malleolus show signs of wear. 

Brennan: 	You can relax Dr. Goodman. She wore extremely high stiletto heels. 

Angela: 	I reconstructed her face from the partial skull. [Angela enters data and a blonde 			woman’s upper torso shows up.] 

Hodgins: 	She was hot. 

Dr. Goodman: 	[To Brennan] What’s our next move? 

Brennan: 	I suggest we try to match this reconstruction with escort ads both internet and 			print in the DC area. 

Zach: 		[Quickly] Oh, I’ll do that. Was that overly enthusiastic? 

Dr. Goodman: 	Thank you for the update. This case continues to be your top priority, correct? 

Brennan: 	If I could suggest… 

Hodgins: 	Dr. Brennan has been very clear about your priorities on this, Sir. 
[Cut to Jeffersonian parking lot] 

Brennan: 	What’s that? 

Booth: 		It’s the only Black Mantis wood chipper in Virginia Beach. I subpoenaed the 			records from the manufacturer and traced it back to the town equipment yard. 			Uh, my people they uh, couldn’t find any blood residue. 

Brennan: 	That makes sense if the corpse was frozen. 

Booth: 		Yeah not to mention this puppy here has grinded up about ten thousand trees, 			you know. Hey I figured you could match the blades to the cuts in the bones, 			right or do something I haven’t though of much more confusing and scientific? 
Zach: 		[Approaching Both and Brennan] Booth, nobody told me you were working this 			case. 

Booth: 		[Ignoring Zach and speaking to Brennan] Only two people have had access to 			this machine in the past seven years, a city maintenance foreman and a city 			maintenance worker by the name of Ray Sparks. Sparks has got a jacket so… 			What do you say, huh? You want to come with me to go talk to him? 

Zach: 		[To Brennan] Told you. It’s a guy thing. 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Um, yes I’d like to come. 

Booth: 		Alright, here we go. 

Brennan: 	[To Zach] Let Angela do the escort matching. I have something a lot more 			interesting for you and Hodgins. 

Booth: 		What’s more interesting then escorts? 

Brennan: 	I need you guys to run a dispersal pattern test on the chipper. 

Zach: 		Using what medium? 

Brennan:	Assume the victim was frozen solid when he was fed into the chipper.

Zach: 		No way. 

Booth: 		[To Brennan] The correct response would be [whispers] yes way. 

Brennan: 	Oh. [To Zach] Yes way. 

[Cut to Spark’s house, Booth and Brennan walk up the front porch to the door.] 

Brennan: 	You ignore Zach to make him think that you’ve got some special bond. 

Booth: 		Yeah but it works doesn’t it? I’m happy. He’s happy. 

Brennan: 	It’s not the truth. 

Booth: 		[Knocking on the door] But it works. Ray Sparks I would like to have a word with 			you please. 

Brennan: 	Zach wants to fit into the real world more then anything. You’re not helping. 
Booth: 		[Knocking again] FBI, Special Agent Booth. [Both here a loud crash from inside] 

Booth: 		He went out around the back. [Booth takes off down the porch steps and heads 			left around the house. Brennan follows him and bumps into him at the corner. 			Booth stops for a second and looks at her] 

Booth: 		No, no, the other way, Bones! 
Booth: 		FBI! Freeze! 

[Sparks turns and tries to run the other way. Brennan comes out from her side of the house and grabs him by the throat and shoves him backwards. Sparks falls on his back on the ground in front of her grunting. She puts her foot on his throat to keep him down] 

Booth: 		[Muttering] Bones… [To guy on the ground] Ray Sparks? 

Sparks: 	Hey, I didn’t do nothing wrong! 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] I feel like kicking him. 

Booth: 		[Pulling out handcuffs] That’s normal after a pursuit. We try not to do that. 

Booth: 		[To Sparks] Come on, up. 

[Cut to Jeffersonian parking lot. There is yellow security tape roping off the area with the wood chipper inside. Hodgins and Zach roll out a gurney holding something large and completely covered] 

Zach: 		[Looking around] Too many people. How are we going to keep this from Dr. 			Goodman? 

Hodgins: 	Ah, he’s having lunch with the President of Harvard. 
Angela: 	[Walking up and noticing the scene] What’s going on? Why is every guy from 			the Jeffersonian out here? 

Hodgins: 	They’re scientists, this is a fascinating, scientific inquiry. 

Angela: 	Oh my God! They’re all out here because you’re going to feed something 			through this wood chipper. 

Hodgins: 	Not just something. [Removing the sheet from the gurney] Ta da! A frozen pig. 			Ha ha!

Angela: 	[Disgusted] Oh, ugh. 

Zach: 		The morphology of pig bones is almost identical to human bone. 

Hodgins: 	By feeding the pig through the wood chipper we’ll be able to determine the 			dispersal pattern of the fragments. 

Zach: 		By comparing the pulverized pig remains to the fragments we found at the golf 			course we’ll be able to tell if this is the actual wood chipper the victim was fed 			through. 

Angela: 	Liars! You just want to see what happens when you toss some frozen pig into a 			wood chipper. 

Hodgins: 	Ready? [Everyone counts with him] One, Two, Three! [Zach and Hodgins 			throw the pig into the chipper. It grinds it up and shoots it out into the air.] 

Hodgins: 	Yeah. 
[Everyone is clapping and cheering as they watch pieces of the animal fly through the air.  Angela is disgusted and throws a hotdog she had gotten for lunch, into a nearby garbage can. Zach notices Dr. Goodman standing a little ways behind Hodgins. Hodgins turns to see Dr. Goodman flicking pieces of the shredded pig off his lapel]

[Cut to interrogation room with Booth and Ray Sparks] 

Booth: 		[Smacks Sparks in the back of the head with the file and sits] Okay. What do we 			got here?  Break and Enter, Assault,  Drunk and Disorderly…Wow!

Sparks: 	Yeah, I’ve been keeping myself out of trouble for the past four years now. 

Booth: 		How long have you been a maintenance worker for the city of Virginia Beach? 

Sparks: 	Since 92. 

Booth: 		You ever meet a guy by the name of Max Kane? 

Sparks: 	No. 

Booth: 		Karen Anderson? 

Sparks: 	Yeah, I know her. 

Booth: 		How? 

Sparks: 	She bartends at the golf course. 

Booth: 		[lGrinning] You don’t strike me as a golfer, Ray.

Sparks: 	[Chuckling] City land is right across the creek from the course and I…I go to the 			club house a couple times a week to have lunch. 

Booth: 		Hey, how did you pay for that house you live in Ray? I mean that’s… that’s 			pretty nice. 

Sparks: 	You got a hard time sticking to one topic, huh? My mom left me the house. She 			left it to me and my brother Frank, five years ago. 

Booth: 		Five years ago Max Kane disappeared, Karen Anderson’s boyfriend, so you 			know you can see how my suspicions might be a little aroused. 

Sparks: 	Yeah but the thing is I didn’t live in Virginia Beach five years ago. I was in South 			Hampton Correctional Center doing six months for skipping out on a DUI 			warrant. Guess I don’t need a lawyer, right? 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab with Hodgins sitting at a computer typing]
Dr. Goodman: 	There’s no way that wood chipper experiment is connected to the plane crash at 			the golf course. 

Hodgins: 	Look. 

Dr. Goodman: 	Don’t say anything. Just listen. Your primary job is to do what I say failing that 			your job is to fool me. You failed to fool me, Dr. Hodgins. 

Hodgins: 	I’d have fooled you if you would have gone to lunch as planned. 

Dr. Goodman: 	I’ll find some administrative ways to punish you, parking, dining room privileges, 			budget reviews, that sort of thing but if it happens again. 

Hodgins: 	I got it. 

Dr. Goodman: 	No you don’t. [Leaning in] You think I’m a kind and fair man, ego less, 				balanced, ruled by intelligent reflection but I do have an ego. I can be vindictive 			and petty. I will take you down even if it means striking at you through your 			friends and co-workers. [Hodgins looks shocked] Now you understand. [Dr. 			Goodman turns to leave with a sly smirk on his face] 

[Cut to Booth’s office with Brennan from Kane and Booth standing next to him] 

Booth: 		Ray Sparks was in jail when your father disappeared. 

Kane: 		He might have acted as a go between, put Karen in touch with the hit man. 

Booth: 		One of the things that you lecture about is that the simplest theory usually turns 			out to be true. 

Kane: 		Usually, not always. 

Brennan: 	What’s the simplest theory in this case? 

Booth: 		Disowned son realizes that his father may remarry, loose his inheritance. 

Brennan: 	Booth, are you accusing Jesse of murdering his own father for money? 

Booth: 		Did you ever hear of the Menendez brothers? 

Kane: 		I came to you about the bone shards saying it might be dad. 

Booth: 		Hey look, your father is declared dead, you get your inheritance before Karen 			Anderson spends it all. [Kane doesn’t react] Well, you don’t seem too upset 			about the accusation. 

Kane: 		Agent Booth. For four years I have been making enemies with law enforcement, 			attacking me is a pretty typical response. 

Brennan: 	Booth, is this one of the times when you just poke and prod to get reactions? 

Booth: 		Listen Bones, we have to treat him like a suspect. He is not a member of the 			team. 

Kane: 		[To Brennan] Look, I’m like you. I need the truth. 

Brennan: 	[Upset] I have to get back to the lab. 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab. Angela is sitting at a computer and Brennan is sitting next to her. There is a overhead picture of the golf course on the screen with three red dots on it.] 
Angela: 	Satellite imagery of the golf course. These three dots show where the bone 			fragments were found. 

Brennan: 	Can you show me the results of the wood chipper test? 

Angela: 	The V shape indicates the maximum distance from the point of origin a bone 			fragment could have traveled given similar wind speeds and ambient 				temperatures. 

Brennan: 	Okay and remove the plane crash it’s irrelevant to this. 

Angela:		The question is, in order to use the guy’s pig grinding experiment, where do we 			place the wood chipper? 

Brennan: 	I bet the murderer aimed the wood chipper over the stream. 

Angela: 	So the evidence would wash away... 

Brennan: 	[Points to a clear section of the map] What’s that? 

Angela: 	That is a small access road for maintenance vehicles. 

Brennan: 	Try putting the wood chipper there. [Angela enters the data] 

Angela: 	[Looking pleased] Ooooo, sweet smell of success… 

Brennan: 	We should see if we can find anymore bone fragments here and here. 

Dr. Goodman: 	[Entering Angela’s office] Are we any closer to identifying our mystery woman? 			[Angela clears the previous information from the screen] 

Brennan: 	[Startled] Um, I’m not …I’m not certain.  

Angela: 	Brennan is still waiting for an update. [Hodgins enters] 

Hodgins: 	[Enters Angela’s office as well] I saw you come in, Sir and I have an update. I 			have a list of possible matches on our Geisha in the sky. 

Brennan: 	She is Caucasian, our mystery woman is definitely Caucasian. 

Hodgins: 	We sent a list to the FBI and they’re checking it out. 

Dr. Goodman: 	[Sarcastically] Ah, well in that case you might want to turn your attention back to 			the bone fragments. 

[Cut to Jesse‘s motel room] 

Brennan: 	[Knocks then comes further into the room] I came for the file on my parents. 

Kane: 		[Passes the file to her] You think I might have killed my father. 

Brennan: 	No, it’s just…I asked the wrong person to help me and… 

Kane: 		What? 
Brennan: 	I just don’t think it’s healthy what you are doing, putting your whole life into this. 

Kane: 		And I suppose what your doing, putting nothing into solving the disappearance 			of your parents, I suppose that’s healthy? 

Brennan: 	We’re searching the golf course for more bone fragments. 

[Cut to the Golf course.  Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol is playing. There is an area roped off in red where lab workers from the Jeffersonian along with the team are scouring the area for more bone fragments. Booth is nearby the area watching them. Booth turns and sees Kane standing up on a hill top behind. Brennan turns and also sees Kane and he hangs his head.] 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab]

Hodgins: 	Amazingly we found a finger with a nail still attached and underneath that nail… 

Zach: 		Polyurethane, the tough stuff. The victim must have been scraping at something 			before he died. I… I can’t identify this bone anomaly. It’s full of osteoids, thick, 			maybe part of the mandible? 

Brennan: 	Human, something odd with the cell structure. 

Hodgins: 	A wood chipper wouldn’t do that damage at the cellular level. 

Brennan: 	It’s a non-malignant bone tumor. I need the most recent bone scans from Max 			Kane’s medical records. 

Hodgins: 	[Picks up phone that’s ringing] Hodgins. [To Brennan] It’s Booth. The locals just 			arrested Jesse Kane for attacking Karen Anderson. 

[Cut to Booth and Brennan driving in Booth’s SUV] 

Booth: 		The local Sheriff’s say Jesse Kane showed up at Karen Anderson’s house to 			confront her. He was ranting about the murder of his dad. Eddie tried to throw 			him out. The two of them they exchanged punches. The fact that Jesse 				confronted him doesn’t mean that he isn’t the killer. 

Brennan: 	I know. 

Booth: 		Alright, you know what? He might have done this just to make us think that he 			was angry at her, alright? He’s smart. 

Brennan: 	No poking and prodding, do you think Jesse murdered his father? 

Booth: 		You know Bones, all I’m saying is we get into these things, we look into 				murders, and we can’t let our heart strings get all plucked. Okay? We got to 			poke at people wounds, we got to make them bleed a little, we got to make them 		tell us things that they normally wouldn’t want to tell us. Alright? We got to be 			willing to be hard on them is what I’m trying to say, even when we know that 			we’re no different then them. 

Brennan: 	You didn’t answer my question. 

Booth: 		Well I have an opinion. You want to know? If I had to bet, I’d say he didn’t do it. 

Brennan: 	Me too. 

Booth: 		I’m going off my gut. I mean what…what’s persuading you? 

Brennan: 	The bone fragments at the golf course, they didn’t come from Max Kane. 

Booth: 		That’s great. You knew that when you asked me what I thought. You testing out 			my instincts, Bones? 

Brennan: 	Poking and prodding. I learned from the best. [Pinches his cheek and Booth 			laughs] 

[Cut to local police station holding room. Brennan is sitting across a table from Kane who is in handcuffs and a dark blue jump suit. Booth is standing in the corner of the room.] 

Kane: 		It’s not my dad? 

Booth: 		No. We don’t know who it is yet. 

Kane: 		How can you be certain? 

Brennan: 	We found a juxtacordical chondroma, a non-malignant bone tumor. Your father’s 		x-rays showed no sign of such a tumor. 

Kane: 		Maybe he got it after the x-rays? 

Brennan: 	The x-rays were taken two months before he disappeared. It’s a slow growing 			tumor. It would have taken years to get to the size and density that we found. 

Booth: 		Look, I’m going to see if I can get this assault stuff to go away and get you out of 			here. 

Brennan: 	I’m sorry Jesse. 

Kane: 		For what? Suspecting that I killed my own father? 

Brennan: 	No, I’m not sorry for that. I know what it’s like not to know what happened. I know 		how painful that can be. And I’m sorry for you. 

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab with Booth leaning on a railing playing with a lighter] 

Hodgins: 	If the bones don’t belong to Max Kane, who’s our dead guy? 

Brennan: 	We can send out a description of the chondroma to area hospitals. See if it leads 		to any missing patients. 

Booth: 		Yeah, we can do that. [To Zach] List the pertinence. 

Zach: 		Me? Are you talking directly to me? 

Booth: 		Yeah, you can tell because my eyes are looking at you. My mouth is aimed in 			your direction. 
Zach: 		But what about our guy thing? If you’re speaking to me, then does this mean I’m 		not on the team? 

Brennan: 	Zach, lets concentrate on the work. 

Zach: 		Pertinence…

Booth: 		Pertinence. 

Zach: 		The victim died. We…we don’t know how. He was then frozen, dismembered 			with a Heidal carving knife, and pushed through a black mantis 1200 wood 			chipper. 

Angela: 	The exact wood chipper you fed the frozen pig through. 

Booth: 		The exact wood chipper that Ray Sparks had access to. 

Zach: 		But Ray Sparks was in jail. 

Hodgins: 	Sparks was in jail when Max Kane disappeared. 

Brennan: 	But our victim isn’t Max Kane. 

Angela: 	Well who else would Ray Sparks have motive to kill? 

Zach: 		The victim is a middle aged male… 

Booth: 		His brother. 

Hodgins: 	What motive? 

Booth: 		They both inherited the house. Okay, you guys, you look at that tumor and 			Brennan and I will go talk to Sparks. Come on. 

Zach: 		While you’re there, look for a large freezer. 

Booth: 		Why? 

Angela: 	The body was frozen. 

Zach: 		Polyurethane is a common insulating liner in freezers. 

Hodgins: 	We found it under the victim’s finger nail, like he was scratching to get out. 

[Cut to Spark’s house. Booth and Brennan are in the basement looking for evidence] 

Brennan: 	[Looking into a chest freezer] The detectives who picked up Sparks say he 			claims his brother was alive and well the last time he saw him. 

Booth: 		Well, he might have been for about thirty minutes until he ran out of air in here. 			My guys found claw marks on the inner linings on both sides. 

Brennan: 	What kind of person could lock a living human being in a freezer? 

Booth: 		What is that? 

Brennan: 	That’s a finger nail. 

Booth: 		His own brother. 

[Cut to Jesse’s motel room. Jesse is packing up his things as Brennan appears at the open door] 

Kane: 		Hey. 

Brennan: 	Booth got you out. 

Kane: 		Twelve hundred bucks bail, I promised to stay away from Karen and Eddie. 

Brennan: 	I solved the case. I’m sorry it’s not your father. We identified the victim. His name 		was Frank Sparks. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you Jesse. 

Kane: 		How do you live with it? 

Brennan: 	What, the disappearance of my parents? 

Kane: 		The fact that nobody’s looking. 

Brennan: 	I never thought about it that way until I met you.  There’s a Zen Koan, it says that 		if you want to find something, you have to stop looking. 

Kane: 		I can’t do that. My dad’s watching and I don’t want to disappoint him again. 
		[Hugging Brennan] Even if you don’t believe it, I know your parents are 				somewhere proud of what you do. 

Brennan: 	It’s not rational but, I love the thought of that. 

[Cut to Wong Foo’s. Booth is sitting at the bar with squints in a booth behind.  Brennan enters and goes straight to Booth]

Booth: 		How did Jesse take it? 

Brennan: 	Like an orphan. [Catching Booth’s stare] What? 

Booth: 		[Chuckling] That’s just, that’s a little poetic for you. 

Brennan: 	I didn’t mean it that way… I want to ask you another favor. 

Booth: 		Oh geez, another favor. 

Brennan: 	I wonder if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at this. 

Booth: 		The file on your parents? Yeah okay. 

Brennan: 	Do you want to think about it? It’s a pretty big favor. 

Booth: 		You’d do it for me. 

Brennan: 	Yeah I would. 

Booth: 		I’m proud you asked, Temperance. 

Zach: 		[Interrupting] Ah, Dr. Brennan, Angela wants to know if we should order anything 		for you. 

Brennan: 	No, I’m not staying. Thanks Zach. 

Zach: 		[To Booth] Guess we caught another one, right? [Booth ignores him.] All for one 			and one for all. 

Booth: 		[To Brennan] I’ll take a look at this and see what they didn’t give you and I’ll get 			back to you. Okay? [Zach smiles and walks back to his table.] 

Brennan: 	You’re back to ignoring Zach? 

Booth: 		Alright look, I know you don’t approve but you know, it works for us; it worked for 			him so… 

Brennan: 	Yeah I get it and it, it’s kind of sweet. 

Booth: 		Hey, you know, your people are my people. 

Brennan: 	What I have people? Hey, I have people. 

[Brennan smiles, gets up and leaves. While Look After You by The Fray plays, Booth opens the file and looks at a picture of Brennan’s parents and a picture of Brennan as a little girl.  Staring at it a slow smile spreads across his face]



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