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“The Woman in the Car”

Episode 1x09

Writer: Noah Hawley

Director: Dwight Little

Transcriber: Crystal Posey

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[The scene opens with an uncomfortable Dr. Brennan being interviewed by Stacie Goodyear on Brennan’s newest Novel, “Bred in the Bone.”]

STACIE:  I’m Stacie Goodyear and joining me on Wake Up, D.C. is Dr. Temperance Brennan.  She is the Author of the best selling mystery novel Bred in the Bone and she’s also, now tell me if I get this wrong, an anthropologist who works with the F.B.I. to solve crimes?

BRENNAN:  Yes, that’s correct.  I use the bones of people who have been murdered, or burned, or blown up, or eaten by animals or insect or just decomposed.

STACIE:  Well that’s exciting Uh Dr. Brennan your book has sold over 300,00 copies.  How do you juggle twin careers as a best-selling author and a crime-fighting scientist?

BRENNAN:  Well, I do one, then the other.

STACIE:  [Beginning to find Brennan odd and hard to interview.]  And is the work enjoyable?  I mean, the part involving rotten bodies?

BRENNAN:  Enjoyable?  Well, satisfying, yes.  Like cracking a code.  Bun in general, when you’re looking at someone who’s been brutally murdered . . . it’s complicated.

STACIE:  [chuckling]  ‘Cause I just thought, you know, yuck! [laughing and then sighs because Brennan herself is not laughing]  Doesn’t leave you much time for a personal life, does it?

[Booth enters, taking a seat.  Brennan takes notice]

BRENNAN:  It’s true I’m more focused on my career right now

[Booth motions for Brennan to smile.]

STACIE:  Most of our viewers are parents at home with their preschool-aged children. [Booth continues to urge her to smile more. Brennan attempts but it’s only a fake, uncomfortable smile.]  What will you tell your kids about the horrors that you see everyday?

BRENNAN:  I’m not going to have any children.  [Stacie and Booth are taken back.]

STACIE:  Really?

BRENNAN:  Yes, really.

STACIE:  [Nearly speechless]  Do you have any advise for budding authors out there?

BRENNAN:  [Stumbles for an answer.]  Well, the first thing you should have is an idea and then . . . well first you need something to write with.  They . . . they know that.  Well, obviously you need a writing instrument and you need an idea.  [Booth looks to the floor feeling bad for Brennan.] I’m just not sure which should come first.

[TV Show Theme Music]

STACIE:  The book is Bred in the Bone by Dr. Temperance Brennan.  Next up after the break, “Wicker, the new leather but is it safe for your children?”  [Stacie gets up to leave eyeing Brennan.]

BRENNAN: [Stands to head for Booth forgetting she is attached by a microphone.]  How was I?

BOOTH:  We’ll talk about it on the way?

BRENNAN:  On the way where?

[They arrive at a scene with a burned car that has wrecked into a tree.  Sirens are wailing]

BOOTH:  State troopers called in the Fire Department to put out a burning car.  They found a body in the driver’s seat.  License plate and the V.I.N. are missing.

BRENNAN:  Why is the F.B.I. involved?

BOOTH:  One burned backpack, child-size sneaker plus the right side of her seat belt went missing, sliced away.

BRENNAN :  You think it was a kidnapping?

BOOTH:  I have to act that way.  The first 48 hours after a child abduction are crucial.  That’s why you’re here.  You I.D. that victim, that tells me what kids I’m looking for. [Zach snaps photos, Brennan examines body]

[Bones Intro Theme]

[Fade into missing child’s shoe.  Zach and Brennan are on the platform.]

ZACH:  Shoe size, four.  That’s a school bag, but he contents are burned beyond recognition.

BRENNAN:  What about the human remains. 

ZACH: The victim was female.  Her skull shows Caucasoid and Mongoloid features.  Also, Preauricular Sulcus to the pelvis shows the victim gave birth five to eight years ago.

BRENNAN:  The kidnapping victim could be her child.

ZACH:  Maxillary Molars have been pulled and replaced with removable dentures.  [He removes them from victim’s mouth]  Lots of gold.

BRENNAN:  In parts of the Caucasus, when girls from wealthy families turn 16, there given good teeth to display of affluence.

ZACH:  I’ll dissolve a Bicuspid in Nitric Acid and do a chemical workup.

BRENNAN:  There’s something lodged in the larynx.

ZACH:  Part of her tongue?  [Zach pulls it out as Brennan holds a flashlight on the object.]

BRENNAN:  It’s not fleshy enough for tongue.  This is cartilage.

[Goodman enters with guest.]

GOODMAN:  Dr. Brennan, Mr. Addy.  This is Miss Pickering.  She’s performing a security review for the state department.

HODGINS:  One man’s security review is another man’s witch hunt.

PICKERING:  That would be Dr. Jack Hodgins.

GOODMAN:  It would be, yes.  

HODGINS:  You know us all, don’t you, Miss Pickering?  Or is it “Agent” Pickering from the national security agency?

PICKERING:  I don’t yet know you as well as I will, Dr. Hodgins.  Is something burnings?

ZACH:  Not anymore.  She’s pretty much extinguished by now.

GOODMAN:  Miss Pickering will require a few minutes of everyone’s’ time to perform a routine security review.  I expect everyone to be cooperative.

HODGINS:  I’m not swearing any damn loyalty oath.

 GOODMAN: [Speaking specifically to Hodgins]  And civil.

BRENNAN:  Send this to Dr. Chen in Pathology.  Ask him to identify it as soon as possible.

GOODMAN:  Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN:  Yes.  Security check.  Civil.  [Now speaking to Hodgins] Zach will grind a segment of the femur so you can perform trace element analysis.

[Hodgins nods to Brennan]

PICKERING:  Didn’t I see you on Television this morning, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN:  How could I possibly know what you watched on television?  [Notices Booth]  Booth.  I have to talk to you

PICKERING:  Yeah, it was definitely her.

GOODMAN:  Maybe work your way up to Dr. Brennan.

[Brennan now off platform discussing case with Booth.]

BOOTH:  How close are you to I.D.’ing the victim?

BRENNAN:  I may be jumping the gun but—

BOOTH:  [Interrupting]  That’s music to my ears.

BRENNAN:  Considering this 48 hour thing,  we should be looking at eastern European immigrants going back 10 years.

BOOTH:  I can get that information for you.  Angela doing facial reconstruction?


BOOTH:  You know if this works, I’m gonna buy you a puppy.

[Heading towards Angela’s office.]

BRENNAN:  That would be inadvisable.  You never told me how I was this morning.  I asked, “How did I do?’  You said, “We’ll talk about it in the car.”  We never did.

BOOTH:  Was it your first TV interview?


BOOTH:  It was fine, you know, for your first interview.

BRENNAN:  That was a qualified response.

BOOTH:  What?  No.  It was lively

[Enters Angela’s office]

BRENNAN:  Lively?  What kind of words is that?

BOOTH:  It’s an adjective. Though ironically, most works that end in a “Y” are adverbs, like “Ironically.”

BRENNAN:  Okay, what did I do wrong?

BOOTH:  Next time, tell a funny story. Oh, and never, never say you don’t like children

BRENNAN:  I didn’t say I don’t like children.  I said I don’t want any.

BOOTH:  On TV it’s the same thing.

[Cut to Angela, Booth, and Brennan at the Angelator.]

ANGELA:  The victim’s skull was in good shape.  No real shrinkage from the fire.  I’m running a comparison between the facial reconstruction and the photos in the immigration database.  I hear we’re all gonna get grilled by some mysterious government chick.

BRENNAN;  I’ve been through this before.  It’s so we can work on classified cases.  C.I.A., Military.

BOOTH:  Why?  You have something to hide?

ANGELA:  Better believe it, Bucko.

BOOTH:  What kind of something?

ANGELA:  The best kind.

[Brennan walks to computer that is going through immigration photos and picks a good match.]

BRENNAN:  There. [Points to a photo] That one.

ANGELA:  Okay.

BRENNAN:  It’s a good match

ANGELA:  Polina Rozalina Semov.  Born in 1970.  Cherdyn, Perm District of the Urals.  She immigrated to the U.S. in ’94 with her sister Maria.  Married Carl Decker.  They live in Cleveland Park.

BOOTH:  Children?

ANGELA: [nodding]  Donovan Dimitri Decker.  Born 1997.  He’s eight years old.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan in car, Booth drives.]

BRENNAN:  Polina and Carl separated three months ago, separated addresses for Mom and Dad.

BOOTH:  Well we know that Mom is in a drawer back in your lab.  Lets go find Dad.

BRENNAN:  Arrest someone really small lately? [Points to car seat]  Car seat in back?

BOOTH:  I had Parker for the weekend

BRENNAN:  I don’t know how you do that.

BOOTH:  Install a car seat in an F.B.I. vehicle?

BRENNAN:  Bring a kid into this world, knowing what you know.  I’ll bet Parker was an accident, right? Because his mother wouldn’t marry you?  What?

BOOTH:  It never occurred to you that might be a sensitive topic?

BRENNAN:  Well, you could’ve gone with the very small felon story.

BOOTH:  It’s better for Parker being in the world someday you will see that.

BRENNAN:  I won’t.

BOOTH:  You’ll change your mind.

BRENNAN:  I don’t do that.

BOOTH:  You will.

BRENNAN:  Yeah, maybe after I see how Decker reacts when you tell him his wife is dead and his child has been kidnapped.

BOOTH:  Well statistically speaking, we’re gonna find Donovan with his dad.

BRENNAN:  What?  Why?

BOOTH:  Because most kidnappings happen by estranged spouses.

BRENNAN:  You’re certainly making the whole domestic scene more and more attractive.

[Cut to neighborhood, Booth and Brennan coming up on a house.]

BRENNAN:  This is it?

BOOTH:  Yea.  This is the correct address.  You just hang back and let me do all the talking.  Okay?  [Booth knocks on door and motions for Brennan to hang back.]  Mr. Decker!  [noticing Brennan heading for the window] ]Bones, what are you doing?

BRENNAN:  What?  [Looking through window.]  Oh, it’s tidy, Spartan even.  Is that normal for a recently separated man?

BOOTH:  Guy’s supposed to be some super-rational, tight-ass Geek.  [Looking around taking notice of something.]  No offense.

BRENNAN:  There’s no TV, no magazines, no art, no stereo.  [Booth sees a man with binoculars looking at them from a vehicle; he glances back at Brennan before heading off to the vehicle]  There’s dust on everything.  I don’t think he’s been here in a while.  [She turns noticing him walking off]  Where are you going?  Booth?  Where are you going?

[Engine starts. Booth now takes off in a jog reaching for his gun.  Brennan going after him.]

BOOTH:  Son of a bitch! [Breaks driver side window with butt of his gun.  Brennan comes up on the back of the vehicles as another man tries to exit through the back window.  Brennan grabs him and throws him to the ground.  Booth yanks driver out of seat onto ground putting his gun on him.]


DRIVER:  U.S. Marshals [Pulls his gun as does the man Brennan put on the ground.]

BOOTH:  U.S. Marshals?

BRENNAN:  Forensic Anthropologist!  That’s why no gun.

[Cut to Booth’s office with Cullen.]

CULLEN:  Well at least nobody got shot, probably because she didn’t have a gun.

BOOTH:  Sir, why is Carl Decker’s home being watched by U.S. Marshals?

CULLEN:  Carl Decker’s a Federal witness under witness protection.  He’s scheduled to appear before a grand jury in two days.

BOOTH:  Is it a mob thing?

CULLEN:  Decker Designs body armor for K.B.C. Systems.  He says they knowingly sent defective armor to Iraq.  Justice department believes him, so they moved him to a safe house.

BRENNAN:  Does the justice department think that Decker is in danger from the company?

CULLEN:  He thinks he is.  They want him to testify, they play along.

BOOTH:  Does Decker know that his wife has been killed and his child has been kidnapped?

CULLEN:  No. And they don’t want him to know.


BOOTH:  Because it might prevent him from testifying.

CULLEN:  Their point of view, there’s nothing to be gained from him knowing.

BRENNAN;  Except maybe Decker chooses not to testify and they don’t kill his son.  Shouldn’t that be his choice.

CULLEN:  Justice estimates that K.B.C. systems is directly responsible for 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries.  They’re taking a larger view.  It’s complicated.

BOOTH:  His wife is dead and his child is missing.  That’s not so complicated.

CULLEN:  No one is stopping you from investigating those crimes.

BOOTH:  He’s a material witness.  I need access to him.

CULLEN:  Well, we know Decker didn’t kill his wife.  He was in custody of U.S. Marshals.  So start looking someplace else.  Harsh reality Booth, deal with it.

[Cullen exits.]

BRENNAN:  What, does he not like me?

BOOTH:  I don’t know.

[Cut to car, Booth drives taking Brennan back to the Jeffersonian.]

BRENNAN:  I’ll stay on Polina Decker’s remains see if that leads somewhere.

BOOTH:  Yeah, I’ll talk to the victims’ families, at least the ones who aren’t under federal protection.

BRENNAN:  You think a corporation would actually kill a woman and kidnap her child?

BOOTH:  Billions in dollars, plus civil suits if they’re found guilty?  I’ve seen people kill for 50 bucks.

BRENNAN:  You believe the by is already dead?

BOOTH:  I have to assume that he isn’t.

BRENNAN:  Why make that assumption?

BOOTH:  Because it gives me something to look forward to instead of dread.  Given a choice, I avoid dread.

BRENNAN:  Okay.  That’s logical.

BOOTH:  Is it?

BRENNAN:  Why dread something that hasn’t happened yet?

BOOTH:  Yeah.

[Cut to Jeffersonian]

ZACH:  That piece of Cartilage we found in Polina’s mouth?  Tihelix and Meatus Remnants.

BRENNAN:  It’s an ear?

ZACH:  Chen says it was bitten off.

BRENNAN:  The victim bit off one of her attacker’s ears.

ZACH:  I heard someone found a fingertip in their chili once.  Dr. Chen also found vestiges of earwax.

BRENNAN:  Okay, get that wax to Hodgins.  See what he can find.

[Cut to Brennan and Booth watching the Decker family on tape.]

DONOVAN:  Am I going to ride a bike?

CARL:  Are you really asking?  Or are you just stalling?
Donovan:  Mm, stalling

CARL:  Yeah, thoughts so.

[Brennan pauses the video.]

BOOTH:  Why’d you stop?

BRENNAN:  What are we hoping to learn from this tape?  We know Carl Decker didn’t kidnap his own child.  The mother is dead.  And the boy—

BOOTH:  [interrupting]  And the boy might be dead too.

BRENNAN:  I’m just wondering what is the benefit from watching this video.

BOOTH:  You put faces to names.  You get a sense of human beings.  Come on, Bones.  You’re the anthropologist.  What does this tape tell you?

Brennan:  Learning to ride a bicycle is a kind of right of passage.  It has anthropological significance.

BOOTH:  Really?

BRENNAN:  It carries meaning beyond the simple mechanics of learning to ride a bike.

BOOTH:  Are you being psychological?

BRENNAN:  Definitely not.  Psychology is about the individual.  I’m speaking to a set of cultural proxies and mores.

BOOTH:  What the hell are you talking about?

BRENNAN [Turns to the video]:  The father is tight.  He’s holding his arms, touching his mouth—

BOOTH:  [Interrupting]  So he’s nervous.  So what?

BRENNAN:  Look at the boy.  He’s relaxed.  He’s not afraid.

BOOTH:  So then, why was the boy stalling, huh?

BRENNAN:  He’s not the father is.  The son understands that on some level, and he’s enabling his father to reach some level of comfort.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

BOOTH:  Relationship [laughs]  That’s psychology.

BRENNAN:  The boy trusts his father absolutely.  He’s confident.  The Father wishes he didn’t have to do this, but he’s accepted that he must in his role as a Father.  What?

BOOTH:  Probably the same way Decker felt about being a whistle-blower.

BRENNAN:  That’s psychology.  And it’s of no use to us in this current investigation.

BOOTH:  Just push play, okay?

[Brennan unpauses video.]

DECKER:  All right, ready?

DONOVAN:  I’m okay.

POLINA:  Be careful, Donny.

DECKER:  Don’t make him nervous, Polina.

DONOVAN:  Push me Dad.  Let go.  Let go!

DECKER:  Not yet.

DONOVAN:  Let me go, Dad.  Let me go.

POLINA:  not yet.  Run along with him, Carl.

DONOVAN:  I can do it!

DECKER: [laughing]  he’s doing it!  He’s doing it! 

POLINA:  Be careful.  Be careful.  How will we get him back, Carl?

[Video stops.]

BOOTH:  That’s the real question. Now, isn’t it, Bones, huh?  How do we get the boy back.

[Cut to a woman with Russian accent speaking to Booth, this is the victim’s sister, Maria Semov.]

MARIA:  They left this morning, very early, about 5:00 am.  [We see now that she is upset, crying.]  Donovan is on the swim team.  Oh my God.

BOOTH:  You and your sister were close?

MARIA:  Yes.  When Polina and Carl separated she and Donovan came to stay with me. [Sobs]  This is terrible. 

BOOTH:  Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt your sister?

MARIA:  It must be Carl.  Maybe he was afraid she would take Donovan from him.  

BOOTH:  Would she have done that?

MARIA:  No.  Never.

BOOTH:  You don’t like your brother in law.

MARIA:  He is suppose to be brilliant, I know.  But he is cold and angry.  Everything has to be just so.

BOOTH:  Why did Carl and your sister separate?

MARIA:  Polina said he was having an affair.  I thought, “Who’d want him?”  But she found credit card receipts from a Motel he went to one, twice a week.  When she confronted Carl he was furious.  Wouldn’t talk about it, so she left him.  [Taking a hold of Booth’s hands.]  Please find Donovan.  Find my sister’s boy.

[Cut to lab where Zach is showing Brennan something on a computer screen.]

ZACH:  I found cuts in the victim’s upper Incisors.  There are also bilateral fractures in the femoral necks.

BRENNAN:  There’s similar fractures in the bilateral humeral heads.

ZACH:  The result of the body going into spasm as it burned?

BRENNAN:  If she was burned alive.  I’ll have Angela run some scenarios. 

ZACH:  Angela’s in her security review.

[Cut to Pickering interviewing Angela.]

PICKERING:  Twenty-five address in six countries in eight years.

ANGELA:  That’s weird right?

PICKERING:  What where you doing in all those places?

ANGELA:  Different things.  Mostly looking.  I’m an artist.

PICKERING Pickering:  When was the last time you saw your husband?

ANGELA:  My husband?


ANGELA:  Oh.  [laughs] Oh.  Wow.  You mean that actually took?  Really?  It didn’t seem legal.  We were in figi.  You know there was a fire dance.  You know how those things can go, right?

PICKERING:  I really don’t , Miss. Montenegro.

ANGELA:  Right.

PICKERING :  Do you like working here.

ANGELA:  Sometimes.  Yeah But not always, but there’s also a sense of accomplishment.  And Brennan needs me here, so I feel a personal connection there.  But you know, the world is a big place.  Frankly, I’m emotionally ambivalent on the subject.  [Noticing Pickering jotting down notes on everything Angela is saying.]  Was that the wrong answer?  I should be more, “Oh this is the best job in the world and I’m proud to serve my country.”  Right?  Right?  Am I going to fast here?  [Pickering shakes her head as she continues to write] Am I treating you too much like a therapist?  Should we stop now?  Actually . . . because we could pick this up later if you . . . Yeah.

[Cut to Booth at K.B.C. Systems interviewing CEO, Trent Seward, and the company Attorney, Sharon Pomeroy.]

SEWARD:  Carl Decker is not only a disgruntled employee he’s a . . . a . . . what’s the term?  [Looking to his attorney.]

POMEROY:  As a lawyer the legal term is “nuts” and a “pain in the ass.”

SEWARD:  Oppositional defiance disorder and paranoia is what I read.

POMEROY:  Like I said nuts and a pain in the ass.

BOOTH:  Read where?  Paranoia.  You read that where?  [Sharon slides him a folder that Booth opens.]  You had Carl Decker investigated?

POMEROY:  He’s making extremely damaging allegations against the company.

SEWARD:  False allegations.

BOOTH:  Think of anyone who would want to kill his wife and kidnap his son?

POMEROY:  It wasn’t us?

BOOTH:  I didn’t say it was.

POMEROY:  Oh please, we have to top your list of suspects.

SEWARD:  Look.   We have an in-house system for dealing with whistle blowers.  We encourage it.  I served in Vietnam Agent Booth.  I saw what solders see.  If I read you correctly, you know what I mean.

BOOTH:  Army, 75th Regiment.

SEWARD:  “Rangers Lead The Way.”  [Leaning forward.]  I would never risk the lives of solders by knowingly providing them with defective armor.  And I welcome Carl Deckers appearance at the grand jury because he is wrong.

POMEROY:  Carl Decker did brilliant work for us.  But he alienated everyone he worked with.  You should look for your murder and kidnapper elsewhere.  

[Cut to Jeffersonian.  Brennan coming up on booth obviously irritated]

BRENNAN:  Where have you been?

BOOTH:  I’m a field agent.  I was out in the field.  What did you find?

BRENNAN:  A piece of an ear in the victim’s mouth.  Looks like she bite it off, could tell us something?  What did you find?  [Extreme attitude, walks off, he follows.]  Found anything?

BOOTH:  A lot.  No reason for the attitude.

BRENNAN:  I peg your pardon?  [Turns back to Booth.]

BOOTH:  It’s not like you’ve been doing all the work and I’ve just been kicking back.  [Walking off irritated now, she follows.]

BRENNAN:  Okay.  Well what have you found out.

BOOTH:  The victim and her husband were having marital problems. She found motel receipts.  I got security tapes from the parking lot.  I thought Angela could use her Fat Recognition Program on them.

BRENNAN:  Mass Recognition Program.

BOOTH:  Whatever.  Maybe we’ll be able to figure out who Decker was seeing behind his wife’s back. [Brennan turns to face him as they stop walking.  Tension and irritation is very evident between the two.]  Is Angela in her office?  [Brennan shrugs and he walks past her heading for Angela’s office.  Brennan watches him walk off.]

[Cut to victim’s bones on the platform, with Brennan holding one of the bones.  Zach is there too.]

ZACH:  According the F.B.I. Pathologist there was no smoke in the victim’s lungs.

BRENNAN:  Meaning?

ZACH:  The victim was already dead when she was burned.  There was clotting in the lungs as well.

BRENNAN:  That’s troubling.  [Looking up at Zach.]

ZACH:  If the fire was hot enough . . . [Trailing off unsure.]

BRENNAN [Setting the bone down.]:  For clotting to occur superheated air would have to be drawn into the lungs.

ZACH:  Which wouldn’t have happened if she were already dead.

BRENNAN:  Something else caused the clotting. 

BOOTH: [coming up on the platform]  Angela is ready with the tapes.

ZACH:  The broken teeth could have resulted from particularly violent seizures. [Booth turns back to them rather than heading back to Angela’s office.]

BOOTH:  Epilepsy?

[We see Pickering heading for the platform.] 

ZACH:  There are alternative causes of acute muscular contractions.  Poisoning, precipitous drop in blood sugar—

PICKERING:  [interrupting]  This a good time to speak with Mr. Addy?

BRENNAN:  Considering you had to interrupt him to ask, probably not.  [Hodgins now on the platform.]  Take Hodgins [now holding another bone of the victim’s].

HODGINS:  I demand a lawyer.

PICKERING:  I don’t need Dr. Hodgins I need Mr. Addy.

ZACH:  If I demand a lawyer will it get me out of it too?

BRENNAN:  We all demand a lawyer.

PICKERING:  I’ll wait for Mr. Addy.

HODGINS:  Why aren’t you interviewing me?

PICKERING:  It won’t be necessary. [Turns and leaves.]

HODGINS:  I knew it.  They think my dossier is complete.  They think they know everything about me.  [Turns back toward Pickering yelling]  Well they’re wrong!

ZACH:  Be happy they’re leaving you alone.

HODGINS:   Yeah.  I’m happy.  Don’t worry, I’m happy.  [Obviously annoyed.]

BOOTH:  Now the ear you found.  There’s no way it’s her own ear, right?

BRENNAN:  How could it be her ear?

BOOTH:  That’s what I’m saying.


BOOTH:  It’s definitely not her ear?

BRENNAN:  How could she bite of her own ear?

HODGINS:  Chromosome tests make it male.

BRENNAN:  Seizures.  [Looking to Zach.]

ZACH: Seizures could be due to low blood pressure, electrocution, infection, head injury, uh brain tumor, uh sudden lack of oxygen to the brain.

BRENNAN:  Electrocution.

BOOTH:  What?  [He and Hodgins looking to Brennan as it comes to her.]

BRENNAN:  The broken teeth, the fractures, the clots in her lungs.  She was electrocuted. 

ZACH:  That much damage to the teeth could only result from multiple violent spasms.

BRENNAN:  Dozens.  She was tortured. For what?  [Asking Booth.]

BOOTH:  To find out where her husband was.

[Cut to Hodgins chasing down Pickering in the Jeffersonian.]

HODGINS:  You should at least pretend to interview me.

PICKERING: Dr. Hodgins your file is complete  [Annoyed.]

HODGINS:  How is that possible?  No one from the state has interviewed me in two years.

PICKERING:  No on from the state has ever interviewed you.

HODGINS:  Yeah.  Right.  Let’s play it your way.

PICKERING:  Six months ago your cousin was appointed to a very high posting in the government.

HODGINS:  My cousin with the bad rug?

PICKERING:  That doesn’t effect his security clearance.

HODGINS:  It should.  It demonstrates a complete denial of reality.  Appointed to what “very high” posting?

PICKERING:  That’s classified.

HODGINS:  In what part of the government?  Or is that classified too?

PICKERING:  As a potential embarrassment you were thoroughly check out 

HODGINS:  What kind of embarrassment.

PICKERING:  You’re a conspiracy buff Dr. Hodgins.  Your paranoid.

HODGINS:  Okay. Okay.  So you’re telling me that my toe-chewing moron cousin was appointed to a secret post in a secret part of the government you can’t tell me about so you compiled a secret dossier on me.  But I’m the one who’s paranoid.

PICKERING:  We don’t use the word dossier.

HODGINS:  What was the finding?  I still work here—

PICKERING:  [Interrupting]  Harmless.

HODGINS:  Harmless?  I’m harmless.

PICKERING:  Yes.  You don’t pose a viable threat.

HODGINS:  Well, that’s insulting.

PICKERING:  If you want me to interview you I will.  But I’ll only discover what’s already been found.  You are benign.  

HODGINS:  I am not benign lady.  I’m not harmless. I’m malignant. I’m a loaded cannon.

PICKERING:  Thank you Dr. Hodgins. [Walks off.]

HODGINS:  I know things that would make your blood curdle.  Including a formula that literally curdles blood!


HODGINS:  She’s wrong.  I’m dangerous.

[Cut to Angela, Booth, and Brennan looking at tapes.]

ANGELA:  Carl Decker is 1.7 meters tall.  And weighs 58.2 kilograms.

BOOTH:  An ultra marathoner.

ANGELA:  Be glad he’s so lean.  Should make him easier to find.

BOOTH:  Not him. [Looking at a man on the screen.]

ANGELA:  I talked to Pickering.

Brennan:  Was it awful

ANGELA:  Actually, I found it cathartic. 

BOOTH:  His head’s down, what do you think? [Look at another man on the screen.]

BRENNAN:  No he doesn’t move like a runner.

ANGELA:  She’s knows a lot about us.  It’s creepy.

BOOTH:  Well it’s confidential.

ANGELA:  Couldn’t you get the file?

BOOTH:  Probably.

BRENNAN:  Then it’s not confidential.  

BOOTH:  That’s him.  That’s Carl Decker.  [Referring to Carl Decker who is now on the screen.]  Fast forward.  See if he shows up with anyone else.  [Angela fast forwards a bit.]  Back up.  Freeze on that guy.  Can you zoom in?

ANGELA:  Mm-Hmm.  [She does so.]  Hmm.  A secret life can cause marital strife.

BRENNAN:  He was having an affair with a man.

BOOTH:  All right, simmer down.  For all we know he’s meeting a hit man. 

ANGELA:  Doesn’t look like a hit man.

BOOTH:  Print the picture.  I’ll see if he’s in any of bureau databases.

BRENNAN:  When we find him?

BOOTH:  Haul him in and see if he’s got two ears.  I’ll let you know what happens. [Booth exits.]

[Cut to Pickering attempting to interview Zach.]

PICKERING:  Could we start, please?

ZACH:  Anytime.  I can do two things at once.

PICKERING:  Mr. Zach Addi I require your full attention.

ZACH:  No you don’t but I’ll give it to you. [He walks over and leans onto the table.]

PICKERING:  I need to establish that you are not a threat to the security of this country.

ZACH:  I’m getting a degree in forensic anthropology another in engineering.  What are you afraid of?  That I’ll build a race of criminal robots who’ll destroy the world.

PICKERING:  Do you have that kind of fantasy often?

ZACH:  Very often.

PICKERING:  Does it concern you that such adolescent are a sign of emotional retardation?

ZACH:  I’ve been told.  I’m working on it.

PICKERING:  And can you understand why that concerns us?  

ZACH:  Not really.

PICKERING:  Hypothetically, you have a piece of information.

ZACH:  Secret and meaningful information?

PICKERING:  Yes.  The security of the nation is at stake.  Could I bribe you to give it to me?

ZACH:  No.

PICKERING :  Threaten you?

ZACH:  No.

PICKERING:  What if I made a rational argument, very persuasive?

ZACH:  Merely persuasive?

PICKERING:  Irrefutable.  I make an irrefutable argument as to why you should give me this piece of information. Would you do so?

ZACH:  Not without checking with Dr. Brennan or Angela first.  See what they’d say, maybe Agent Booth if he talked to me, he probably wouldn’t.  I’d check with Dr. Hodgins but he’d say it was all part of a conspiracy so I mostly only take his advice on women.  [Looking away from her, realizing something.]  480 volts 350 amps.

PICKERING:  I beg your pardon.

ZACH:  It’s sort of secret information. I probably shouldn’t tell you.  Any other questions?  Good.  [Zach exits.]

[Cut to Cullan's office where Booth walks in to find US Attorney Ken Weeks, the man who was with Decker in the video.]

BOOTH:  Good work sir.  I only posted his face in the hot seat twenty minutes ago.

WEEKS:  My boss is the United States Attorney General you’re not doing my career any good by putting me on the hot list.

CULLEN:  Special Agent Seeley Booth meet U.S. Attorney Ken Weeks.

Booth:  I was hoping you would turn out to be gay or only have one ear.

WEEKS:  I get the gay thing a lot because I’m so cute, but the on eared thing that’s unique to you.

BOOTH:   Your Carl Decker’s Justice Department handler.

WEEKS:  Carl Decker was my prime witness against K.B.C. Systems.

BOOTH:  Was?  You get fired because we caught you on some motel surveillance camera?

CULLEN:  No, they lost him.

Booth:  A material witness for a specially-convened grand jury and you lost him?

WEEKS:  The guys pretty smart . . . genius level.  Do you have any idea what it’s like intervene with those type of people?

BOOTH:  Yeah a little.

CULLEN:  So, what made him run?

WEEKS:  Decker insisted upon talking to his son everyday.  This morning we couldn’t put him in touch with his son.  He panicked and ran.  The marshals will find him.

BOOTH:  It doesn’t matter.  He won’t testify after he finds out what happened to his wife and his child.

CULLEN:  You might as well pack up that grand jury and sent every body home.

WEEKS:  I get the chance I’ll give him the “don’t let your wife die in vain” speech. [Gets up to leave.]   Who knows it might work.

BOOTH:  Weeks, you think this company is capable of putting a hit out on Decker?

CULLEN:  Kill his wife, kidnap his kid?

WEEKS:  K.B.C. Systems sent our boys into battle with faulty armor.  In my book, if you can do that you can do anything.  [Ken exits.]

[Cut to lab Booth trailing behind Brennan catching her up.]

BRENNAN:  If Decker’s as smart as they say, how will they catch him?

BOOTH:  Forget Decker, our job is to find his son.

BRENNAN:  If Decker doesn’t show up to testify—

BOOTH: [Interrupting]  No.  We can’t assume they are going to let the boy live.

BRENNAN:  Surely K.B.C. isn’t going to—

BOOTH:  Bones we don’t know who hired these guys.  K.B.C. Military, disgruntled shareholders, or it could be someone we haven’t even thought of yet— [He noticed Brennan with a large smile on her face staring at him.]  What?

BRENNAN:  You just told me not to jump to a conclusion. [She playfully points at him.]

BOOTH:  No offense intended.

BRENNAN:  You were right.  I usually get to tell you that.

BOOTH:  Well our relationship has taken a whole new turn.

ZACH:  [entering Brennan’s office after them]  480 volts 350 amps

BRENNAN:  Polina Decker?

ZACH:  That’s the voltage it would take to cause muscle spasms so strong they would fracture the bone.

BRENNAN:  That’s not household current.

BOOTH:  They used a generator.

BRENNAN:  Zach, you are smart.

BOOTH:  Zach, this guy Decker, he’s like you.  He’s in the whole stratosphere, IQ wise.

ZACH:  What’s his IQ? [Intrigued]

BOOTH:  It’s 163.

BRENNAN:  [Chuckles]  He’s not where Zach is.

ZACH:  If he’s in the stratosphere then I’m in the ionosphere.

BOOTH:  The point is, Decker escapes the U.S. Marshals, tries to contact his wife, finds out that she’s been killed.  What does he do next?

ZACH:  His IQ is not variable.

BRENNAN:  Intelligence doesn’t determine what you do so much as how effectively you do it.

ZACH:  It depends on what kind of person he is.

BOOTH:  Well you  know he’s a loving father, you know.  Estranged from the mother of his child.

ZACH [Walks directly up to Booth, in his face.]:  Sound like anyone you know.

BOOTH:  Just back out of my personal space there buddy.

BRENNAN:  Zach’s right.  If you were in Decker’s position what would you do?

[Cut to Booth and Brennan in car, sirens wailing.]

BOOTH:  BUGAR-4, accessory proceeding to 4413 L Street, KBC Systems.  Requesting local cowboys for backup, possible 10-31

Roger that BUGAR-4 

BRENNAN:  Did you just refer to me as an accessory?

BOOTH:  You asked me what I would do if I were Decker.  They kill my wife, they take my little boy.  I’m going to the source of the problem.  I take him out.

BRENNAN:  Take him out . . . like [Booth gives her a serious look, answering her question.]  Oh.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan walking into the K.B.C. building.  Booth shows his badge to the front security officer.]

BOOTH:  FBI, Seward in his office?

OFFICER:  Yes, sir.

BOOTH:  Secure the building, no one in or out.  Usually, I enjoy your company, Bones.  It’s times like these that you give me a little something else to worry about.

BRENNAN:  You enjoy my company?  [They come up on the K.B.C. Attorney with a bloody nose lying on the floor.  Booth pulls his gun while Brennan checks for a pulse.  The woman moans, Brennan nods to Booth letting him know she is alive.  Booth head for Seward office, Brennan follows.]

[Cut to Booth entering Seward's Office]

DECKER:  Make the call!

BOOTH [Putting his gun on Decker.]:  F.B.I. Mr. Decker.  Drop your weapon now.

DECKER [Speaking to Seward with a gun to Seward’s head.]:  Nothings changed make the call our I’ll blow your head off. [Enters Brennan.]

SEWARD:  [Clearly scared.]  He wants me to call his son’s kidnappers.

DECKER:  Tell them to release my boy or you die.  It’s that simple.  [Looking to Booth]  You can shoot me after that I don’t care.

SEWARD:  I don’t—

BRENNAN:  [Interrupting]  Mr. Decker, Agent Booth is an excellent shot.  

DECKER:  I’m not afraid to die.

SEWARD:  Shoot him!  For God’s sakes, shoot him!

BOOTH: Mr. Seward, please shut up.

BRENNAN:  What your trying to do, save your son, that’s  not going to happen if you die here tonight.  Be rational Mr. Decker. What your planning has failed.  You have to adapt.

DECKER:  Adapt how?  All I want is for my son to live.  You people just took away  his best chance.  [He puts the gun down on the desk.]

[Cut to Goodman’s Office where he is being interviewed by Pickering.]

PICKERING:  Do you know a woman named Lily Mardsen?

GOODMAN:  Yes, I do.

PICKERING:  You had sexual relations with her?

GOODMAN:  This falls under purview?

PICKERING:  Lily Mardsen is an environmental extremist.

GOODMAN:  She’s in Earth Now.

PICKERING:  You give money to Earth Now, don’t you?

GOODMAN:  Yeah, and the Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity, the Opera, and Public Radio.

PICKERING:  Lily Mardsen has been arrested for breaking into animal labs, torching S.U.V.s, trespassing on Military Reserves, dousing citizens wearing fur with red paint— [
Goodman starts laughing]  Dr. Goodman if you have had or are having sexual relations with Lily Mardsen, we have a problem.


PICKERING:  Because an illicit relationship gives her leverage over you, this makes you a security risk.

GOODMAN:  I’m a married man Mrs. Pickering.  I am faithful to my wife.

PICKERING:  Define your relationship with Lily Mardsen.

GOODMAN:  I enjoy talking to her.  We argue.  She’s nuts.  But she’s a smart nut.  She’s always interesting . . . never dull.


GOODMAN:  Talk to her.  [Pickering looks confused.  Goodman become irritated.]  I think it’s a very bad sign when discourse become suspect.

PICKERING:  You talk to her.

GOODMAN:  Sometimes we yell.

[Cut to an office where Booth, Brennan, Decker, Cullen, and US Attorney Weeks is.]

CULLEN:  Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t charge you with attempted murder, Mr. Decker.

DECKER:  You think I went after Seward out of vengeance?

CULLEN:  Looks that way.

DECKER:  K.B.C. Systems hired people to kill my wife and kidnap my child.  Think rationally for a moment.

BRENNAN:  That makes sense.  If K.B.C. are behind the kidnapping then Seward would be the one to call it off.

DECKER:  A rational human being.  How’d you find yourself amongst these people.

BOOTH:  Sir, we’re trying to help.

DECKER:  Excellent, hold a gun to Trent Seward’s head and force him to let my son go.

CULLEN:  There’s no compelling evidence that Seward was the man who ordered the kidnapping of your son.

DECKER:  I personally calculated the penetration tolerances for the combat flak jackets.  The company found my calculations to be excessively conservative.  Thirty solders died.  Trent Seward will do anything to keep me from testifying.  He, or someone working for him, kidnapped my child and killed my wife.

WEEKS:  If you want Seward, then go to the grand jury and tell them what you know.

DECKER:  And the kidnappers will kill my boy.

CULLEN:  In all respect for what your going through emotionally, Mr. Weeks is not wrong.

DECKER:  This is my son!  I love him!  If there’s a slight chance that I can save him by shutting up, then that’s what I’ll do.  Shut the hell up!

WEEKS:  And what about the solders?

DECKER:  Analytically I understand that many lives out way the one.  But I cannot trade my son’s life.

WEEKS:  Have you considered that by not testifying, your wife will have died in vain.

CULLEN:  Shut up Weeks, if your people would have protection Mr. Decker and his family properly we wouldn’t even be here.

WEEKS:  [Scoffs]  Let’s go.

DECKER:  [Speaking to Booth]  The only way that I will testify is if I see you with my son.

BOOTH:  Mr Decker, you and Donovan, you have a code word?  Something to let him know that you sent me?  

DECKER:  Paladin.  Tell Donovan, “Paladin.”

CULLEN:  [Standing to leave.]  Paladin.  Defender of the faith, protector.  Suits you Booth.

BRENNAN:  You know what?  You tough guys are all very sentimental.

 [Cut to Hodgins in the lab looking over data on his computer.]

HODGINS:  I have results on the earwax.  I ran the particulates through the gas chromatograph.  I found the pollen of eragrostis curvula, more commonly known as “weeping love grass.”

BRENNAN:  And where does one find weeping love?

HODGINS:  Weeping love is found worldwide.  But weeping love grass, that’s in South. [Smiling at his own joke, Brennan not amused.]

BRENNAN :  Anything else?

HODGINS:  Yeah, traces of automotive-grade asbestos.  The guy didn’t have very good oral hygiene. 

[Pickering walks up]

PICKERING:  Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN:  What?  Now?  You’ve got to be kidding.

HODGINS:  Take me.  I’ll wave the lawyer.  [Brennan’s phone beeps.]  I have surprises in me. [Pickering ignores Hodgins as she walks off, he yells after her.]   Tell that to your superiors at the N.S.A.

[On the phone with Brennan is Booth, he’s at his office.  Camera cuts back and forth between Booth and Brennan as they speak.]

BRENNAN:  Booth we’re looking for a one-eared South African.  

BOOTH:  South African?

BRENNAN:  Does that mean something?

BOOTH:  Well yeah there are a number of South African security consultants that companies use to do their dirty work in the third world. [Booth receives a package.]  Their really mercenaries. 

BRENNAN:  He might be a mechanic of some kind.

BOOTH:  You can tell that?

BRENNAN:  He had traces of what is probably brake pad in his ear.

BOOTH:  How’d that get in there [Pulling out whatever is in the package he pulls out a small brown jewelry box with a piece of card board that says “BACK OFF”].

BRENNAN:  Well, any number of ways.  Most likely, his hand comes in contact with the asbestos and this he scratches his ear.

[Booth opens box to find a child’s finger on gauze with blood.]

BRENNAN:  Hello?  Are you still there?

BOOTH:  Yeah.  I’m on my way over.

BRENNAN:  What’s the matter?

BOOTH:  Somebody sent me Donovan Decker’s finger. [Booth hangs up.]

[Cut to Booth and Brennan at lab, Brenna is examining the child’s finger.]

BRENNAN:  An eight-year-old boy.  Yes, that’s consistent with what I’m looking at.  You should really send this to an F.B.I. pathologist.

BOOTH:  They give me fingerprints, DNA, we already know who the finger belongs to.  I-I need more.

BRENNAN:  Like what?

BOOTH:  What-you gave me a South African mechanic from a chunk of burnt ear.  Do it again.  Do it better.  Do it fast.  [Brennan turns staring at him.]  What?  Start.  Come on, do what you do.

BRENNAN:  You’re kind of worked up.

BOOTH:  What you see is a bunch of facts.  I see a terrified little boy with his finger cut off.  Now is he even still alive?

BRENNAN:  [Turns back to finger]  Blood saturation levels in the surrounding tissues are high.  His heart was still beating when they removed the finger.

BOOTH:  Okay.  He’s alive. That’s something.

BRENNAN:  Who does this?  Cut’s the finger off an eight-year-old boy.

BOOTH:  Mercenaries.  Professionals.  They don’t feel a thing.

BRENNAN:  I feel things Booth. [Turning to look at him.]

BOOTH:  I never said you didn’t Bones.

BRENNAN:  I’m a professional, too.  I do better work if I only see the finger and not the child.  It doesn’t mean I’m like them.  

BOOTH:  Look, I know that Bones.  But what I also know is that they made a big mistake sending us that finger.  

BRENNAN:  Why?  Because it made you mad?

BOOTH:  No.  Because your going to use it to catch them.  So, you gather up your squint squad.  Let’s get to work.

[Cut to Booth, still at lab, on phone with son Parker.]

BOOTH:  Did you kick the ball?  How far did it go?  Backwards?  [Chuckles]  Yeah I can kick a ball.  Daddy’s gonna show you on Saturday.  I’m gonna see you Saturday, okay Parker?  Okay, I gotta go bub.  I love you.  I’ll see you Saturday, bye.  [Rushing to Hodgins and Zach]  What do you got?  

ZACH:  The finger was severed using a hatchet on a wooden service.

BOOTH:  Cutting board?

ZACH:  No, older unsealed-pine.

HODGINS:  I’m thinking like  work-bench in a mechanics shop.

BOOTH:  Why?

HODGINS:  Well, there’s traces of lead and methyl tertiary butyl ether on the bone.  The nail was bitten to the quick, by the way.

BOOTH:  The kid was nervous, you would be too.

ZACH:  M.T.E.B.’s have been added to gasoline since the 70’s.

HODGINS:  But there’s lead here as well.

ZACH:  lead gasoline was phased out between 1975 and Phased out between 1986

BOOTH:  Asbestos from brake pads, leaded gasoline, mechanics bench.  You know, plus the mother was electrocuted by current from a generator.  We’re looking for an abandoned gas station or mechanic shop.   You know you guys are geniuses.  [Getting on his phone he walks off.]

ZACH:  How do we find that?

BOOTH:  I work for the F.B.I., idiot.

HODGINS:  Way to go Zach.  We went form genius to idiot in 3 seconds.

[Cut to Pickering interviewing Brennan in her office.]

PICKERING:  Can you tell me what you were doing in Cuba

BRENNAN:  Only if you tell me first.

PICKERING:  I beg your pardon?

BRENNAN:  I don’t know your security clearance. 

PICKERING:  Well, what is your security clearance?

BRENNAN:  You should check with the state department.

PICKERING:  I’m from the state department.

BRENNAN:  Then that should make it easy for you.

PICKERING:  [Taken back some]  When you were in Cuba, did you meet with a man named, Juan Guzman?

[Brennan is shocked as if she cannot believe anyone knows about this subject.  She holds  a finger up to Pickering motioning her to hold on.  She dials a memorized number to an unkown person.]   Hello.  It’s Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian.  You told me to call you if anyone asked about . . . you know, him.  Someone from the state department named Samantha Pickering.  [Brennan hands the phone over to an irritated Pickering, who takes the phone with attitude.]

PICKERING:  [Into the phone.]  Pickering.  [Attitude changes and she becomes slightly nervous.  She seems to realize who is on the phone, obviously a superior of some kind.]  Yes sir.  Yes.  I’ll wait . . . I’ll wait here.  [Hands the phone back to Brennan.] 

BRENNAN:  Anymore questions?

PICKERING:  No.  Uh, no.  In fact the entire review has been suspended.  I’m to wait here for someone to come and destroy my notes. 
[Enters Booth.]

BOOTH:  We might have the kid.  [Brennan jumps up to follow him.]

[Cut to Booth and Brennan in his car, night time.]

BOOTH:  Polina didn’t make any calls from her cell phone after she was kidnapped.  But nobody turned if off.  When she left the coverage area, the cell phone was automatically assigned a new routing tower.

BRENNAN:  You can triangulate her position?

BOOTH:  Yeah to within 75 square miles.  There was six abandoned gas stations in that area.  There were five urban one rural.  S.W.AT.’s team gonna check them all out but I think it’s the rural one.


BOOTH:  Because I use to do this kind of work.

BRENNAN:  What, rescuing people?

BOOTH:  Or being the person they needed to be rescued from.


BOOTH:  If I had choice, I’d pick the isolated rural one.  The place I perfect.  It’s an abandoned truck repair depot.  S.W.A.T. team will meet us there.  

BRENNAN:  Why don’t we ever take my car?

BOOTH:  Do you have bullet-proof vests in the trunk?


BOOTH:  That’s why.

[Cut to the abandoned truck repair depot.]

S.W.A.T. TEAM MEMBER:  [Handing a gun to Booth]  The F.L.I.R. Imagery gives us three adults within this structure.

BOOTH:  Boy?

S.W.A.T. TEAM MEMBER:  No reading?

BOOTH:  Probably because he’s small.  Hypothermic.

S.W.A.T. TEAM MEMBER:  Entirely possible, sir.  What’s the play?

BOOTH:  I go in first, straight for the kid.  You guys do what you do.

S.W.A.T. TEAM MEMBER:  Alright.

BRENNAN:  What about me?

BOOTH:  Wait outside.

BRENNAN:  But I don’t wanna miss anything.

BOOTH:  Bones these guys aren’t like anyone you’ve every come up against.  Please, just be someone you aren’t for the next ten minutes and hang back.  Please.

[She nods.  Booth and S.W.A.T. Team start for the building.  Booth motions with his hands, giving directions.  They raid the building.  Shot fired.  Booth finds the kid and rushes to him.  S.W.A.T. Team is yelling out, watching each other completely taking out the mercenaries.  We see Donovan crying and covering his face.  Booth approaches but he backs away frightened.]

BOOTH:  Donovan, don’t look at him anymore.  Okay?  It’s okay. 

DONOVAN:  N-no!  [He starts swatting at Booth.]

BOOTH:  Don’t look at him anymore.  Don’t do that.

DONOVAN:  Just get away!

BOOTH:  He’s not gonna hurt you anymore.

DONOVAN:  No go away!

BOOTH:  Okay. Donovan paladin. Okay?  [Child begins to calm down but still unsure.]  Paladin, paladin, okay, paladin.  Come one.  [He reaches for the child again, Donovan goes with him.]  Come on.  [Booth exists with child in hand and Brennan runs up.]  Alright.  Okay.  You good?  You all right?
[Cut to ambulance, sirens wailing, child is on stretcher with hand properly bandaged.  Booth and Brennan are beside him.  A car pulls out, Donovan’s dad steps out.  Crying but happy.]

DONOVAN: Is my dad crying?

BOOTH:  I think your dad’s crying because he’s happy.  He’s happy he got you back.

BOOTH:  [Donovan’s dad makes his way over to him.  Weeks and Booth come face to face.]

WEEKS:  Well done.

BOOTH:  Yeah, I hope your really good at your job, Weeks.

WEEKS :  Why is that?

BOOTH:  Because, otherwise you’ve got nothing going for you.

[Booth walks off as Brennan approaches, speaking to Weeks.]

BRENNAN:  He’s a Father himself.

WEEKS:  Thank God I always had the sense not to let that happen to me.

[Brennan looks at him a moment, seeing just how cold Weeks is and walks off catching up with Booth.]

BRENNAN:   You think K.B.C. hired the mercenaries?

BOOTH:  We’ll let the grand jury figure that out.  We did our job.  [They start to walk off, leaving.]

BRENNAN:   It’s not often I get to help save someone before they die. [Looking satisfied.]

BOOTH:  Bones, every time you catch a murdered, you save his next victim.

BRENNAN:   This is different.

BOOTH:  Yeah.  Still glad you don’t have any kids?

BRENNAN:  [Stopping to face him.]  Yeah.  Why?

BOOTH:  Looking at that boy and his dad.  I just thought you’d change you mind.

BRENNAN:   No.  Still glad you do have a kid?

BOOTH:  Gladder today than yesterday. [Smiling.]

BRENNAN:   Doesn’t make any sense.

BOOTH:  Yeah, it’s complicated.  [Leaving the scene.]



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