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"The Man in the Bear"

Episode 1x04

Written By: Hart Hanson and Laura Wolner

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Transcribed by Elo

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.


(In a forest at night, Dr. Denise Randall is performing an examination on a dead bear, while Ranger Sherman Rivers looks on.)



SHERMAN: We already know what killed the bear.


DENISE: Who's the vet here Sherman.


SHERMAN: You are Denise. Who's the park ranger?


DENISE: That'd be you Sherman.


SHERMAN: That's why I know what killed him; scared camper drilled him with the Winchester Magnum .338


DENISE: I get it, you're afraid I'm not showing respect to the bear spirit.


SHERMAN: Because I have better things to do than wait around for you to tell me what I already know.


DENISE: The law says I have to send in as much information as I can: age, weight, what he last ate ... eww .. yummy, hot dogs, fried beans ... (digs around inside bear, and pulls out a plastic bag) ... beef jerky.


SHERMAN: Beef jerky?


DENISE: He was in hyperphasia, eating everything he could find before going into hibernation ... oooo ... (stops digging)




DENISE: (digging some more) Sherman, this is ... (pulls out the bones of a human hand) Oh God. (exchanges looks with Sherman)


(Cut to exterior of Jeffersonian. Inside the Lab Brennan is walking into her office looking at the photo of the hand, Booth follows her into the office.)


BRENNAN: Looks human to me ... (walking into her office, Booth bumps into her while going through the door.)


BOOTH: Sorry ...


BRENNAN: What's the deal?


BOOTH: It was found in Eastern Washington State.


BRENNAN: Where? (drops files on desk)


BOOTH: Inside a bear.


BRENNAN: No, I mean .. Inside a bear?


BOOTH: An autopsy revealed more bone fragments in the bear's stomache and intestine.


BRENNAN: An autopsy on an animal is called a necropsy (shuffles to put files on the coffee table)


BOOTH: Yeah, that's pretty crucial we get that straight right off the bat, meanwhile about the dead human being


BRENNAN: What do you need me for, the bear ate somebody.


BOOTH: 26 bone fragments in total, the case bumped to the Seattle field office, they bumped it to me. Check it out (holds out a USB flash drive)


BRENNAN: (sitting down at her desk, taking the flash drive) Why they bump it to you?


BOOTH: Bones, I mean do you really care for the inner workings of the FBI office


BRENNAN: They bumped it to you because you work with me (plugging the flash drive into her computer)


BOOTH: (smiling) No, they hoped you could help ID the body.


(Cut to Brennan's computer, files from the flash drive are being opened—picture of the hand)


BRENNAN: From a hand?


BOOTH: Yeah, they have high expectations.


BRENNAN: (looking at screen) Definitely human, poseable thumb, probably male from the size .. uh oh ... (picture of bone on screen, Booth walks around the desk to look at screen)


BOOTH: What?


BRENNAN: Kerf marks. Marks made from a cutting tool.


BOOTH: Maybe when they cut open the bear?


BRENNAN: No, (looking intently at the screen) it's not a straight edge. Residual cross section stria (points to the screen).


BOOTH: Just because you say it in that definitive tone doesn't mean it means anything to me.


BRENNAN: These marks where made from a saw, the hand was already separated from the rest of the person when the bear ate it.


BOOTH: Somebody was dismembered and fed to a bear.


BRENNAN: That's one possibility


BOOTH: (makes face) Whoo...k, um ... Thanks Bones.


BRENNAN: Glad I could help (pulls flash drive out of the computer and hands it back to Booth)


BOOTH: (takes the drive and walks to the other side of the desk) But, you're not done.


BRENNAN: (looking at other files, pen in mouth) I'll check out the photographs and x-rays and see if I can confirm sex and age (writing something on a chart)


BOOTH: Pack your bags, we're going to Washington state.


BRENNAN: (looking up from chart, in disbelief) I'm not going to Washington state (not happy)


BOOTH: (sitting down in chair) Again, just because you say it in that definitive tone doesn't mean it means anything to me. (throws and catches the USB drive and gives Brennan a smile)


(Cut to Brennan and Goodman walking on the catwalk overlooking the lab, Brennan is not happy).


BRENNAN: Why is Booth the one who decides we go to Washington state, he gets the gun and the authority, he's the one that people like.


GOODMAN: (shaking head) Firstly, he didn't decide that you go to Washington state, he made a request. I am the one who decides where you do or do not go.


BRENNAN: And secondly?


GOODMAN: Secondly, it's time to live a little Temperance, connect with other people.


BRENNAN: (in disbelief) Are you suggesting I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip?


GOODMAN: Good god, where is Dr. Floyd when you need him?

BRENNAN: I don't understand what you're saying.


GOODMAN: Which is precisely why I am sending you to the Great North woods (stops walking). Come on now, you've partially digested dismembered skeletal remains to examine, that should put a smile on your face. Mosquitoes out there are the size of dogs, pack insect repellant (walks away, leaving Brennan in disbelief).




(Cut to the Pacific Northwest, car driving on a hillside road. Booth and Brennan are sitting inside the car, talking)


BOOTH: (driving) You know being cooped up in crappy hotel in the middle of nowhere, with a fifty dollar per diem, is not my idea of a good time either, you know.


BRENNAN: (looking over) You only get fifty dollars a day? How can you live on that?


BOOTH: OK, What do you mean, what do you get?


BRENNAN: I don't have a limit, just give them the receipts.


BOOTH: (playing around with his sunglasses) Now, you have to have a limit, everyone has a limit, we work for the government.


BRENNAN. Yeaah ... I don't have a limit.


BOOTH: But, it's not fair. It's not fair to the tax payers...you're like one of those thousand dollars toilet seats.


BRENNAN: I imagine I am treated differently than you b/c I have an indispensable skill.


BOOTH: (muttering) Indispensable ... I do not need you.


BRENNAN: Oh, so you can determine the origin of the kerf marks as well as the sex and age of the victim?


BOOTH: Heh .. (chuckling) .. You know you're a smart ass, you know that? (looking at her)


BRENNAN: Objectively I'd say I'm very smart, although it has nothing to do with my ass.


BOOTH: You know what? I'll tell you what ... you can take me out to dinner. Put me on your tab.


BRENNAN: That doesn't seem ethical.


BOOTH: You still want that gun now, don't you? Hm?


BRENNAN: We'll start with breakfast.


(Booth chuckles as it cuts to an overhead shot of the car driving)


BOOTH: You know it's beautiful here, it's feels good to be out of the city.


BRENNAN: YEAH, where murders feed their victims to bears.


(Cut to street in the town, parks car on the side of the road and they both get out.)


BOOTH: Small town America (shuts car door), gotta love it.


BRENNAN: (walking on the sidewalk as Booth looks around) This is not a small town. Chiantla, Guatemala, 150 people, no running water. That's a small town.


BOOTH: I said small town America, not small town Guatemala. And I've been there too, by the way.


BRENNAN: Where you going? (following Booth)


BOOTH: See the Sheriff.


BRENNAN: How are you going to do that?


BOOTH: (stops to look back to Brennan) It's an old FBI trick, I'm going to ask somebody who lives here. (turns to walk)


BRENNAN: What took you to Guatemala? Eco-tourism?


BOOTH: I went down to shoot somebody through the heart from 1500 feet. (turns and walks away).


(Cut inside what appears to be a morgue. Dr. Randall and Sherman are talking to Brennan, who is taking photos of the remains that are on the table. Dr. Rigby is there too.)


DENISE: I was pretty sure it was human, but I'm a vet, so I called Andrew—Dr. Rigby—and he thought it was human too.


RIGBY: Officially, I'm the coroner here in Aurora, but I'm just a country doctor. I have no training in forensics.


BRENNAN: This is approximately 60% of the arm of a male: late teens/early twenties, well muscled.


DENISE: That's amazing.


BRENNAN: You see these marks here? (pointing at the arm) Below the radial tuberosity. (Dr. Rigby and Randall looks closer) You haven't by any chance performed any amputations lately, have you?


RIGBY: A few frost bit toes last winter and a thumb from a nasty Murphy bit accident, why?


BRENNAN: These are saw marks.


SHERMAN: That's not good, people getting sawed up and eaten up by bears.


BRENNAN: (walking over to her computer with her camera) I'm going to send this back to my lab, my people there can give a better estimate on how long ago the bear ingested the arm.


DENISE: You got pretty good equipment there, I guess? I'm still on dial-up.


BRENNAN: What's the fastest way to ship a human arm?




(Cut to Brennan walking into Rapid Express, holding a large box.)


CHARLIE: Need a hand?


BRENNAN: No thanks, I'm trying to get rid of this one (puts box down on counter). These are human remains.




BRENNAN: I have to ship them to the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C. (writing info on waybill)


CHARLIE: Cool, they have Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet there.


BRENNAN: Yeah, I know.


CHARLIE: Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves. Abraham Lincoln's assassination top hat.


BRENNAN: (looking up, smiling) I know, I work there (looks back down to write).


CHARLIE: (smiling) You ever sit in Archie Bunker's chair?


BRENNAN: I work in a different part of the museum. I'm a forensic anthropologist.


CHARLIE: My name is Charlie.


BRENNAN: (still writing) Yeah, I know.


CHARLIE: (shocked) Wow, what you can tell from like my skull structure?


BRENNAN: (smiling) It says it on your shirt Charlie (points to shirt). Where can I find the sheriff? (passes the waybill to Charlie)


CHARLIE: He's out past the garage on the right. (Looks down at the name on the waybill) Hey, Temperance Brennan...I'm reading your book.


BRENNAN: (turning to leave, but stops) Uh.


CHARLIE: It gave me a few ideas if I ever want to kill someone and get rid of the body.


BRENNAN: Don't forget Charlie, the heroine always catches the bad guy. (turns to leave)


CHARLIE: (watching Brennan leave) Sounds good to me.


(Cut to Lab, Zack is in front of a computer looking at the images of the bones. Angela is looking on.)


ZACK: These are Falstaff (?) kerfs, which suggests a hand saw. The cut marks on the breakaway spurt...here (points to screen)...should give me the number of teeth per inch, but to me it just looks broken.


ANGELA: I could work it up to a three dimensional image, see if that helps/


ZACK: Dr. Brennan could do it from this (frustrated)


ANGELA: Not when she was lowly grad student, Zack. Upload all the ditigal info Brennan sent you to my mainframe (turns to leave) and lighten up Z-man.


(Booth and Sheriff walking down the street, talking)


BOOTH: Somebody cut that guy's arm off Sheriff.


SHERIFF: Couldn't be a local, somebody missing an arm, that's something you'd notice.


BOOTH: How many people live in Aurora?


SHERIFF: 326 in town, another couple hundred in the unincorporated surroundings. Maybe 1200 on the Indian reservations.


BOOTH: (writing down on a pad) Tourists?


SHERIFF: Hikers, campers. It's beautiful country so they don't realize how dangerous it is. On average we lose a couple of people each year, cycle of life hey?


BOOTH: Lose anyone recently?

SHERIFF: Woman, 29 (points to missing poster taped on window of a store) Ann Noyes from Olympia. Disappeared a couple of weeks ago, her parents said she was an “experienced” hiker.


(Booth looks at poster.)


(Cut to inside the police station, Booth and the Sheriff are walking in)


BOOTH: You must have a few resident crazies?


SHERIFF: Juvenile bush drinking, couple of domestics, a bar fight or two? Joy riding. The only felons we have are poachers. (Hands Booth a binder) They shoot the black bears and sell the gallbladders on the black market. Park rangers handles that stuff.


(Lady leads Brennan to the door, knocks).


SHERIFF: Can I help you? (waves)


BRENNAN: Yeah, thanks, I'm with him (points to Booth).


SHERIFF: (to Booth) Suddenly I wish I was FBI.


BOOTH: (chuckles) Sheriff Chris Scutter, Dr. Temperance Brenan.


SHERIFF: (shakes Brennan's hand) My first forensic anthropologist (gestures to chair), please.


BRENNAN: We need to find the rest of the body (puts bag down, sits on chair.)


SHERIFF: (walking around the desk) Sherman, Ranger Rivers, traced the bear's route back a week. Said he didn't find anything (sits down on his chair)


BOOTH: What is he, some kind of Indian scout?


SHERIFF: Sherman is a Flathead Indian, but since the bear was wearing a GPS collar, he didn't have to fully utilize his native powers.


BRENNAN: Did he check the scat...


BOOTH: (interrupts) What, you think there are more people parts in the bear crap?


SHERIFF: We could maybe go out with Sherman tomorrow, take a look?


BOOTH: Oh, yeah, now that you've met Bones, you're all about the inter-agency cooperation.


SHERIFF: Bones? Now I don't think that's anyway to talk to a lady.


BRENNAN: Thank you (getting up).


SHERIFF: Do you have dinner plans? (getting up).


BOOTH: We're working. (ushering Brennan away, throws the binder back to the Sheriff) Thanks for that.


(Cut to break area at the Lab, Zack and Hodgins are talking about the case while drinking coffee etc.)


HODGINS: (sitting on sofa, looking at pictures from case) All I'm saying is why cut somebody into pieces.


ZACK: (walking over with mug, looking at a photo too) Pack ‘em up tighter maybe. Say, in a suitcase (sits down next to Hodgins).


HODGINS: How did a bear open up a suitcase (takes photo from Zack).


ZACK: I saw a documentary once where a bear got into a car and drove away (looks at another photo).


HODGINS: That was not a documentary, it was a cartoon (exchanges look with Zack).


(Cut to a delivery woman, TONI, walking over to them carrying the box from Brennan)


TONI: Hello, I'm looking for a Zack Addy...got a package of human remains.


HODGINS: (getting up, walking towards her as Zack looks on) I can sign for that. Where's Jimmy?” (takes the signing device).


TONI: Tahiti...Fiji...who knows? He won the lottery.


HODGINS: Is it too much of a line to say ‘no, we won the lottery?' (Toni smiles awkwardly) It is, I take it back (shaking head) ... just compared to you, Jimmy...you know ...


TONI: The third nostril (laughs, Zack looks on)


HODGINS: That whistling sound when he sneezes. (they both laugh) Unfortunately it is too soon to ask you to have coffee (hands back signing device).


TONI: It is?


HODGINS: Yes...yes...coffee is the third delivery capper.


TONI: So what's the first delivery capper?


HODGINS: (smiles) Initial contact, me cute, light flirting.


TONI: Then I'll catch you in another couple of deliveries (handing box over to Hodgins).


HODGINS: OK...bye. (watches her go)


ZACK: (comes up behind Hodgins) You bogarted my package.


HODDGINS: You panicked and froze my man, thus the package came into play. Also incorrect use of verb bogarted (hands package to Zack and leaves).


(Cut back to Aurora, Booth and Brennan are following Sherman in the forest)


SHERMAN: (walking on a path) We've been looking for that female hiker since she went missing. But sometimes you never find a trace, they fall in the ravine, the river. So how do you like the Evergreen Lodge?


BRENNAN: Very nice, I have a beautiful view of the mountains from my terrace.


BOOTH: You have a terrace?




BOOTH: I'm sharing a bathroom.


SHERMAN: This was where the bear was shot (pointing).


BOOTH: Where did he get before he died? (walking ahead)


SHERMAN: About a hundred yards.


BRENNAN: How do you know that's the right way?


BOOTH: Not hard to track a wounded bear (walks ahead of Brennan and Sherman).


SHERMAN: (Talking to Brennan) Ever hear of the Bone Gathers? Collecting bones so that the dead can make the journey to the next world?


BRENNAN: Not even sure I believe in the next world.


SHERMAN: Doesn't matter what you believe in. You're a Bone Gather, that's a good thing helping the spirits move on.


BRENNAN: (smiles) Thank you. That's probably the best job description I'll ever get.


(Cut to Booth, standing next to a pile of scat, flies flying around.)


BOOTH: Over here.


BRENNAN: You find something? (approaching Booth)


BOOTH: Some bear scat in the woods. I think he was here and he headed off over there (points ahead).


BRENNAN: OK (puts bag down and takes out a pair of gloves ) See if you can find some older samples.


(Booth and Sherman step back as Brennan puts on the gloves, opens up her bag, takes out a container and grabs some scat and places it inside the container.)


SHERMAN: She ain't the squeamish type, is she?


BOOTH: I'm going to go out on the limb here Sherman and guess you don't get a lot of eligible good looking women coming through town.


(Cuts to Rapid Express, where Charlie is reading Brennan's book as she enters carrying another box to ship.)


CHARLIE: Hey, I just finished chapter seven (puts the book down).


BRENNAN: This has to go to my...


CHARLIE: (interrupts) Do you do all the stuff the girl in your book does?


BRENNAN: I'm slightly uncomfortable discussing that with you (starts writing on the waybill).


CHARLIE: No, I'm not talking about the sex...I'm talking about the running, and the shooting. I mean, if you do do all that other stuff that's great too for you and...uh...whoever you're doing it with.


BRENNAN: I'd like to send this to my lab.


CHARLIE: (looking at box) More bones?


BRENNAN: No, its bear scat (finishing writing).


CHARLIE: I can deal with that.


(Brennan's phone rings)


BRENNAN: (picks up phone) Brennan.


(Cuts to Zack in the lab, talking into the speakerphone.)


ZACK: The person who belonged to the arm died approximately a week ago and the bear ate it one to three days after that.


BRENNAN: (over the speakerphone) Anything from the saw?


ZACK: Angela is entering the date into the holographic display. I've found something else I can't categorize (moving something under a device that magnifies it on a monitor). Can I beam it to you?


(Cuts back to the Rapid Express store with Brennan on the phone, and Charlie at the counter)


BRENNAN: (hits the speakerphone button) OK, hold on (puts the phone down on the counter and takes off her knapsack).


(Cuts back to Zack in the lab, looking at his monitor)


BRENNAN: (voice over speakerphone, then cuts back to her) Do you mind if I set this up here (asking Charlie as she takes out her computer and places it on the counter).


CHARLIE: Yeah, no problem.


BRENNAN: (sets up her computer and router) Give me a second, I'm connecting to the satellite.


ZACK: (over speakerphone) Yeah, alright.


BRENNAN: (types on computer, window pops up) OK, I'm linked.


ZACK: (over speakerphone) I've been focusing on, Dr. Brennan... (keeps talking)


CHARLIE: (takes package and puts it to the side, walking around to look at the computer screen) Who's that?


BRENNAN: My assistant, Zack.


CHARLIE: (hovering over the phone) Hey Zack.


ZACK: Who's that?


BRENNAN: The overnight guy Charlie...(focusing on the screen) Ok, I'm set up, you can send me the picture (picture loads).


CHARLIE: Hey Zack, does your boss have a boyfriend?


ZACK: Not currently. Are you extremely good looking?


CHARLIE: Yes, I am Zack.


BRENNAN: (looking intently at computer) Zack, these are bite marks.


ZACK: (cuts to him in the lab) You mean from the bear?


BRENNAN: No, black bears have premolars that are small and pegged like. These marks show double cusp pattern.


ZACK: (in lab) Pigs are double cusped.


CHARLIE: Hey Zack, are you extremely smart?


ZACK: (in lab) Yes, I am Charlie.


BRENNAN: Pigs have six incisors, these marks were made by four incisors, like a chimp but these teeth form a continuous arch.


(Cuts back to Zack in the lab, looking like he's deep in thought)


CHARLIE: (over speakerphone) So, what's got a continuous arch?


ZACK: Humans.


(Cuts back to Rapid Express)


BRENNAN: We just don't have a killer on our hands, we have a cannibal.


(Cuts to a street in Aurora where the Sheriff's SUV is parked. Brennan is sitting in the passenger seat while the Sheriff is eating in the drivers' seat. Booth is standing next to the car, talking through the window.)


BRENNAN: Zack will have the Odontologist at the Jeffersonian take a look, but I am right.


SHERIFF: The cannibal, you mean a Hannibal Lecter type ... deal (takes a sip from his fountain drink).


BRENNAN: (confused) I don't know what that means.


BOOTH: You're certain that a human being gnawed on that bone.


BRENNAN: It gnawed, removed the flesh.


SHERIFF: (looking sick while eating) That's...that's really not good.


BOOTH: Are you sure Bones, have you never seen anything like this before?


BRENNAN: Of course I've seen this before. I did grad work among the Waori of the Amazon and they have a long history of cannibalism. I've also seen evidence of cannibalism in some twelfth century Native American sites. It's not a big deal.


SHERIFF: Have you ever... (points to mouth)


BRENNAN: I've never been offered human flesh before.


BOOTH: Maybe if you've had?


BRENNAN: It's an interesting question (nods heads). I would have to measure my own social inculcation (Sheriff getting sicker) against objective scientific inquiry.


BOOTH: K, that's sick.


BRENNAN: Maybe we're looking for somebody that needs to be rescued. Maybe the young man died and the missing girl, hungry and lost came upon him needing food she...


SHERIFF: (cuts in) Sawed him up and barbequed him...


BRENNAN: Well, there was no evidence that the hand was cooked.


BOOTH: She does not look like the type of girl who would chew on raw flesh.


BRENNAN: You'd be surprised...when survival instincts kick in.


BOOTH: If it isn't her, we're dealing with some psycho cannibal killer.


SHERIFF: This is sick...(stops eating)


BRENNAN: (makes realization) Somebody eating raw human flesh is going to be sick (exchanges looks with Booth).


(Cuts to Lab where Zack, Hodgins and Angela go over the evidence)


ANGELA: (looking at photos) Teeth marks?


ZACK: (working with something) Yes, and these drag marks is where the flesh was ripped right off the bone.


ANGELA: (grossed out) Ugh, it's like a zombie movie.


HODGINS: (pacing) Where is my bear poop?


ZACK: Is it the excrement you're anxious to look at, or the courier?


HODGINS: (dead pans) What do you think?


ANGELA: Somebody gnawed on this arm like some kind of man-corn?


HODGINS: (coming over to look at photos) According to that Peruvian soccer team that crashed in the Andes, human flesh tastes like frogs' legs.


ANGELA: We needed another reason not to eat frog


ZACK: I'm going to make a cast of these markings, I won't get a full dental impression but we'll at least get something.


(Man enters the room)


MAN: Zack, you're needed upstairs.


(Zack gets up and follows the man out)


HODGINS: (walks over to Angela) Angela, if we were a Peruvian soccer team and crashed into the Andes. Who would you rather eat, me or Zack?


ANGELA: (sighs and gives him a look)




(Cuts to upstairs, where Toni is waiting with a package)


ZACK: (clears throat)


TONI: I have a package for Zack Addy.


ZACK: That's me.


TONI: I thought...there was the other guy.


ZACK: That's Hodgins, he zoomed you because you're so beautiful.


TONI: (smiles) Thanks, that's sweet (hands over the signing device).


ZACK: I'm not being sweet, it's just a fact (signing)


TONI: (handing package over) How old are you?


ZACK: Twenty four.


TONI: Twenty four...(reaches over and touches Zack's chin) I could just eat you up. (turns and leaves)


(Cut back to Aurora, Brennan and Rigby are walking outside what I assume is the hospital)


BRENNAN: Have you diagnosed anyone recently with a prion disease?


RIGBY: Prion disease? No. Some Alzheimer's, yes. Some brain damage due to alcoholism and huffing.


BRENNAN: Delusions? Eradic behaviour, violent outbursts?


RIGBY: The incubation period of prion disease could be years, you're thinking the cannibal might be showing symptoms of mental deterioration?


BRENNAN: Dr. Rigby, I never said anything about a cannibal.


RIGBY: Well, it's all over town.


BRENNAN: Charlie, the overnight guy. What do you think our chances are of keeping this quiet?


RIGBY: I'd say absolutely zero (smiles and laughs).


(Cut to Lab, where Hodgins and Zack are examining the bear scat)


HODGINS: You knew I was waiting to see her again.


ZACK: You said you were waiting for your bear poop. I said ‘are you excited about the excrement or the courier', and you said ‘what do you think'.


HODGINS: (upset) And you thought I was actually excited about excrement?


ZACK: (smiling) You have to be clear. (Hodgins shifts through the scar) What's that?


HODGINS: (picks up something) It's a piece of undigested bone.


ZACK: (takes closer look) Metacarpal, I think that goes with my hand.


HODGINS: (sifting some more) Part of a tin can, less tin fibers, a kind of sporocarp. (Picks up red piece) Here's something...(looks at it under magnify glass) Hair follicles, sebaceous glands...it's a layer of dermas.


ZACK: Pigmentation marks on the microphage.


HODGINS: Flap of skin with a tattoo. We need a tattoo expert (looks at Zack)


(Cuts to Angela, who is working at her computer, putting the tattoo back together)


ANGELA: It's fairly simple, two colours...red and black...some kind of native design.


HODGINS: (to Zack) She likes me more than she likes you.


ZACK: She said I was sweet.


HODGINS: I made her laugh at Jimmy's third nostril.


ANGELA: (chuckles) That's pretty good...making a woman laugh at a third nostril.


HODGINS: We have a tentative coffee date.


ZACK: She said she wanted to eat me up.


ANGELA: Zack is definitely ahead on points (working on redesigning the tattoo). Well, there it is.


(Cut to Aurora, where Angela is talking via videoconference on Brennan's laptop as Brennan, Booth and the Sheriff look on.)


ANGELA: The skin in the scat has a sun on it.


SHERIFF: What was that, a haiku?


BOOTH: It's a tattoo.


ANGELA: Hi Booth. Hi, I'm Angela Montenegro.


SHERIFF: (in the video) How ya doing Angela?


BRENNAN: Angela, focus please.


ANGELA: (in her office) It's a Haida sun motif.


BOOTH: Good work, very impressive. (to Sheriff) 18-25 year old man with a Haida sun tattoo on his arm? (Sheriff goes off to check)


ANGELA: (via videoconference) Hey Booth, I've got a thing for tattoos, you got any?


BRENNAN: (stern voice) Angela.


ANGELA: (Booth goes over to help sheriff, Brennan and Angela left in the videoconference) I'm sorry sweetie, but what's up with that town? You getting any from that hot overnight guy?


BRENNAN: Ange, we're trying to work.


ANGELA: Is that town totally wasted on you sweetie because I take this as a sign from God to loosen up. You know what they say: What happens in Aurora, stays in Aurora. (Brennan closes the videoconference) Hey ...


(Cuts back to the police office)


SHERIFF: (in front of his computer) I'm running a missing persons check with the new info on the tattoo. (waiting for the picture to load) She seems very friendly, your associate.


BRENNAN: (no nonsense tone) She's three thousand miles away.


BOOTH: Or send away for a Russian bride.


SHERIFF: (chuckles, reads from the computer) Adam Langer, twenty two. Missing ten days from college in Richmond. (Looks at face in the picture) Wait, I know this kid, he used to come up to visit Sherman—wanted to be a Ranger.


(Cuts to outside a house, dark and at night. Brennan, Booth and the Sheriff approaching Sherman's house)


SHERIFF: Look, I've known Sherman for years, I can't believe he has anything to do with this. (knocks on door)


SHERMAN: (opens door) Hey Sheriff.


SHERIFF: Hey Sherman, mind if we come in?


SHERMAN: You guys here about the cannibal?


SHERIFF: We can't talk about official business. How about some tea?


SHERMAN: Sure. (goes into other room as Sheriff sits down and reclines) Oh yeah.


BOOTH: What did you do that for?


SHERIFF: Give you a chance to look around, get a sense of the man.


BRENNAN: (looking around, comes to something sitting on a shelf) The raven spirit, in some Native American stories it has a cannibalistic...


(Loud thud/noise from the other room)


BOOTH: (looks into other room) He went out back...(to Sheriff) Give me your flashlight.


SHERIFF: No way you can catch Sherman Rivers in the woods.


BOOTH: (leaves the house) Just search the place.


(Cuts to outside in the woods, Booth chasing after Sherman in the dark)


BOOTH: Sherman, just stop.


(Cuts back inside Sherman's house, Brennan and the Sheriff are searching the place)


SHERIFF: (looking at the wall) I don't know if a wall of knives is evidence, but it sure is creepy.


(Cuts back outside)


BOOTH: Hey, hey ... Stop! (points flashlight and gun at Sherman, who continues to run)


(Cuts back inside)


BRENNAN: Is there a saw? (grabbing a plastic bag)


SHERIFF: (opening cupboards) Yup.


BRENNAN: We'll want to take it, see if it matches the cuts on Adam Langer's bone. (picks up apple core from garbage) And see if this matches the teeth marks.


(Cuts back outside)


BOOTH: (Following Sherman, but he appears to be gone and Booth's flashlight dies) You've got to be kidding me.


(Back inside)


SHERIFF: (Brennan is trying to break open the lock on the freezer) As Justice of the Peace, I authorized you to open up that locked freezer.


BRENNAN: (breaks the lock) Thank you. (Opens up the freezer to see frozen meat)


SHERIFF: (looking at freezer) What kind of meat do you think that is? (exchanges looks with Brennan).


(Cut to inside their car, Booth is driving while Brennan is talking over her cell phone with Angela, who is at the lab)


BRENNAN: I sent a bunch of frozen meat by overnight air and I need to know what it is as soon as possible.


ANGELA: Oh, you think it's human?


BRENNAN: Maybe, it's a funny colour.


ANGELA: So, did you catch the guy?


BRENNAN: No, Booth lost him in the woods.


BOOTH: Whoa, wait a second, I didn't lose him.


BRENNAN: You didn't catch him.


ANGELA: So you two have the night free?


BRENNAN: Yes, we can't do anything until I get a determination on that meat and Booth has to wait until its light to look for the guy he lost.


BOOTH: (upset) I didn't lose him, ok. I...he...tell her that my flashlight died.


BRENNAN: (puzzled look on face) She doesn't care.




BOOTH: Give me the phone (sticks hand out).


BRENNAN: (pushing his hand away) It's not safe to drive and talk on the cell phone.


ANGELA: Are you two fighting?


BOOTH: Professional pride, tell her. Please tell her that.


BRENNAN: (to Angela) Booth wants you to know that he lost the guy because his flashlight died.


BOOTH: And because he's an Indian and he's a park ranger and he's very very familiar with the territory, tell her that.


BRENNAN: Did you hear that?


ANGELA: Yeah, something about Indian territory?


BRENNAN: (to Booth) Yeah, she says she understands. (To Angela) I need to know about that meat as soon as possible.


ANGELA: (over the phone) Yeah, I'll tell Zack.


BOOTH: Give me the phone...hold on... (takes phone from Brennan)


BRENNAN: (angry) What?


BOOTH: Plus you know what? It wasn't even my flashlight ok? It was the Sheriff's flashlight and his batteries they ran out, ok?


BRENNAN: (grabbing phone back from Booth) Good night Angela.


ANGELA: Hey, you have to take that man for a drink...and have a little fun yourself.


BRENNAN: (to Booth) Fun and a drink, where do we find that?


(Cut to inside a bar, where Brennan is dancing with Charlie)


CHARLIE: So, I was surprised to see you here. You know in your book you don't sleep until you get your man.


BRENNAN: Well that's not me, it's just a character. In real life, you have to wait for lab results.


CHARLIE: I see, so lucky for me.


BRENNAN: (laughs) I don't know, I'm afraid I'm not a very good dancer as apparently I lead.


CHARLIE: So, I'll follow.


(Cut to Booth walking up to the bar and sits where the Sheriff is)


SHERIFF: Hey Booth, want a beer?


BARTENDER: What do you need sheriff?


SHERIFF: Another beer.


(Cut back to Brennan and Charlie dancing)


CHARLIE: You know, I climbed with Adam sometimes, so I was kind of freaked out when I found out it was his arm.


BRENNAN: You knew Adam Langer?


CHARLIE: I taught him how to climb. Man he was strong. (Cut to Denise and Rigby talking at the bar) No matter how much I lift, I could never match him.


BRENNAN: (feeling Charlie's upper arm) You have excellent definition in your biceps and triceps.


CHARLIE: Well, thanks. And you're waist muscles feel good too.


BRENNAN: Transverse abdominals...thank you.


CHARLIE: So that meat we sent back to your lab, that wasn't, ah, more of Adam, was it?


BRENNAN: I can't discuss...


RIGBY: (Cutting in between Brennan and Charlie, and starts dancing with Brennan) Excusez-moi.


BRENNAN: Dr. Rigby.


RIGBY: Thought I would rescue you, can't imagine you and Charlie have a lot to talk about.


BRENNAN: We were managing (Charlie walks over to the bar, upset that Rigby cut in)


RIGBY: (Continues dancing with Brennan) Look, um, I guess it looks pretty bad for Sherman, huh?


BRENNAN: I can't discuss the investigation with you Dr. Rigby.


RIGBY: Look, Sherman is a Flathead. The spiritual beliefs of his tribe don't value cannibalism and they never have.


BRENNAN: Anthropology teaches us that beliefs and customs evolve, that's why you can still find cannibalism practiced today.


RIGBY: (chuckles) So what, you can enjoy the act of eating another human being?


BRENNAN: I can understand it intellectually.


RIGBY: Alright, I shouldn't be talking shop, not with such a beautiful woman in my arms. (Spins Brennan)


SHERIFF: (Catches her, and cuts in) Hey, it's Sheriff time. (Rigby is upset) You really think you can match the bite marks on Sherman's apple to the bite marks on that kid's arm bone?


BRENNAN: I don't really feel comfortable discussing a case on the dance floor.


SHERIFF: Well, I'm the sheriff (point to badge), we're colleagues.


BOOTH: (cuts in) Mind if I cut in? (To Brennan, dancing) Thought you might need a break.


BRENNAN: What happened to your shirt?


BOOTH: Well, we're in a bar, it's a look.


BRENNAN: Everybody is pumping me.


BOOTH: Sorry? (the guys are watching them from the bar)


BRENNAN: For information on the case.


BOOTH: Bones, they're only pretending to be interested in the case.




BOOTH: They're hitting on you.


BRENNAN: (laughing) Are you sure?


BOOTH: Yes, I'm sure. You're the hottest thing this town has seen in a long time. Check out the competition. (dips Brennan, and looks at Denise, sitting alone at the bar) Now that, is somebody who wants to eat your heart.


(Cut to Lab, Hodgins and Angela)


ANGELA: Oooh, very pretty.


HODGINS: (looking at specimen under microscope) Lovely. It's a sporocarp called tuber gibbosum after a week in bear poop.


ANGELA: Thank you, for ruining my moment.


HODGINS: (smiles) It's a mushroom and Oregon white truffle. They're a mycorrhizal species that only grows in symbiosis with Douglas-fir trees.


ANGELA: (sits down next to Hodgins) Are Douglas-fir trees very very rare in the woods?




ANGELA: Then you really haven't found anything useful, have you?


HODGINS: (sigh) No.


ANGELA: Want to get something to eat?


HODGINS: Nooo....


ANGELA: Ah, (realizing) you're expecting a delivery tonight.


HODGINS: Zack is.


ANGELA: And you're going to zoom him.


HODGINS: Like the Indy 500 baby (smiles at Angela, who rolls her eyes).


(Cut to Aurora, sunny day outside. Booth, Brennan and the Sheriff are walking around in the woods.)


BOOTH: You didn't come down for breakfast Bones.


BRENNAN: Wasn't hungry. Sorry you had to pay for your own meal.


BOOTH: Called your room, there was no answer.


BRENNAN: Why the sudden interest in my morning habits, Booth?


BOOTH: Well, I just thought we were going to get something to eat. And, you know...so I waited and my eggs got cold. Cold eggs. (hops over a stream, and crouches down) This is where my flashlight failed.


SHERIFF: You mean my flashlight, and how can you be sure?


BOOTH: (holds something up) Cause this is where I was standing.


SHERIFF: A shirt button?


BOOTH: And, I heard him disappear in this direction (points, and continues walking).


BRENNAN: Leaving buttons on the trail must be an old fish-chewer trick (follows Booth).


SHERIFF: You mean a snake-eater; an old snake-eater trick (follows).


(Cut back to the Lab where Hodgins is sitting, leaning his head against his hand looking tired. Zack approaches his table and drops a package loudly next to him.)


ZACK: Were you here all night?


HODGINS: (tired) Yes. Did I miss Toni?


ZACK: Yes, she asked about you (walking around to face Hodgins).


HODGINS: No, you torpedo me, didn't you?


ZACK: No, I told her the truth—that you were sifting through excrement.


HODGINS: (getting up) You want a war? Fine, because I'm the warrior.


ANGELA: (approaching the both of them) Zack, I got the measurements for your saw from the Angelator. Now all you have to do is find a match...say thank you with gifts. (handing Zack a file and then looks at Hodgins) Did you work all night?


HODGINS: (tired) Yes. I shaved the truffle.


ANGELA: Is that anything like spanking the monkey?


HODGINS: I found boring dust (looking at screen).


ANGELA: Is there any other kind?


HODGINS: Boring dust is produced by beetles, which means the tree the truffle grew on was infested.


ZACK: (looking at his file) That's not going to impress Toni.


HODGINS: That's not why I did it. I did it to serve justice and capture and murderous cannibal.


ANGELA: That'll impress the hot courier.


HODGINS: (smiling) Now, I'm back in the game.


(Back to the woods, Brennan and the Sheriff are following Booth)


SHERIFF: No way you catch Sherman in the woods. He's a park ranger and an Indian.


BOOTH: (walks into a clearing and looks right) He's right there.


SHERIFF: Oh. (Sherman is sitting on a rock a few yards away) He's doing some kind of Indian ritual.


BOOTH: Waiting for us.


(Brennan's cell phone rings)


BRENNAN: Brennan.


ZACK: (cuts to Zack and Hodgins in Brennan's office, talking over speakerphone) The meat samples you sent us were all Ursus Americanus.


BRENNAN: (cuts back to woods, puzzled) Black bear?


SHERMAN: (the three approaches him) I didn't kill no one.


BOOTH: Why did you run?


SHERMAN: You're FBI. Ever hear of Leonard Peltier? Pine Ridge? (standing up)


BOOTH: Oh...


SHERMAN: Wounded Knee? Indians and FBI's don't mix.


BRENNAN: He ran because he's the poacher.


SHERIFF: You're the poacher?


SHERMAN: (mumbling) Oh shit


BRENNAN: Yeah, the meat we found in his freezer was black bear.


BOOTH: No wonder you never caught him.


SHERMAN: I want a lawyer.


HODGINS: (over speakerphone) You should be on the lookout for a patch of woods that is infested with (insert technical term I have no clue on)


BRENNAN: Ok, Hodgins says that the bear dug up the arm in a stand of western pine beetle infested Douglas-fir.


SHERMAN: (being handcuffed) Say you did catch a poacher. Say he was an Indian who shouldn't have to follow white man's law anyway.


BOOTH: Not even a park ranger?


SHERMAN: Say he could show you a stand of trees like that. Would you maybe let that Indian go?


ZACK: (over the phone) The saw is 300 millimeter with 32 off-set teeth per inch with a wobble factor of one one-hundredth of an inch.


BRENNAN: That's a common hack saw, that won't help us much.


ZACK: (in her office) Dr. Brennan, I'm just wondering if you're going to be sending us anymore samples.


HODGINS: Yeah, even more of the same samples. You know, in case we want to double check the...data.


BRENNAN: (confused) Ok, I'll let you know. (hangs up)


ZACK: (dial tone over the speakerphone) Do you think she'll send more?


HODGINS: God in heaven I hope so.


(Cut to the woods, where Sherman in handcuffs is leading them)


SHERIFF: The Japanese, right? Pay a fortune for that bear meat and take the gallbladders to fix up their pecker troubles.


BOOTH: Would have gotten away with it if you hadn't kept the meat in the freezer.


SHERMAN: I'm not admitting nothing.


BRENNAN: He couldn't bring himself to waste the meat.


SHERMAN: (stops and looks up at the trees) This patch of trees is all infested with beetles. (Booth walks off in a direction) According to the GPS, the bear was here seven days ago.


BRENNAN: That fits the timeline for the arm.


SHERIFF: What are we looking for?


BRENNAN: I'm guessing we're looking for a shallow grave that has been disrupted by a hungry bear.


BOOTH: (looking down at something) Or, maybe some kind of satanic stonehenge circle.


(Pans out to reveal a circle pattern made of stone. Brennan walks over and gets out her camera to take pictures)


SHERIFF: You see this kind of thing all the time, kids come up here get baked and do their own version of the Blair Witch Project (walking over to look)


BRENNAN: (confused) I don't know what that means.


BOOTH: It's a horror movie Bones. (Brennan takes pictures) Didn't make any sense.


SHERIFF: Scary though with the bloody handprints (holds out hand)


ANGELA: (dialing on her cell phone) Ange, I'm going to beam you some stills of what looks like a ritualistic Indian site. A medicine wheel of some kind.


BOOTH: (to Sherman) This thing legit?


SHERMAN: What am I? A shaman?


BRENNAN: (on phone) Dr. Goodman is an expert on Native American anthropology, he should be able to tell you what it means.


SHERIFF: And the symbols on the inside, Sherman ... you're looking guiltier by the minute.


SHERMAN: Aw, shut up Chris, you know better than that.


SHERIFF: (arguing with Sherman) Hey, you're a poacher man, and I sure as hell didn't see that coming either.


(Brennan notices something and walks over to it)


BOOTH: (coming over) Got something?


BRENNAN: (putting on gloves) Waxy leaves...means methane gas is leaching from the soil (digs around).


BOOTH: You mean like a body?


(Brennan pushes aside some grass and reveals human remains)


SHERMAN: That's Adam Langer.


BRENNAN: (pushes aside more grass) There's a woman here too.


BOOTH: Ann Noyes, the hiker.


BRENNAN: And, she's missing her heart.


(Cut to the Lab, Goodman is looking at the photo Brennan sent with Angela.)


GOODMAN: It's a perversion of a Salish medicine wheel. This is the spirit chief Cha-che u-me'-chu [?]. The southern most stone should represent strength; the centre of the wheel should represent life force. (shakes head) But this is upside down and inside out.


ANGELA: We're dealing with a cannibal.


GOODMAN: I suppose you could interpret this as taking energy away from someone by eating their flesh. Zoom in. (Angela zooms the picture in) Yeah, this is the symbol for strength, the arm. This one is for spirit, the heart. This one for knowledge and this is for courage.


ANGELA: So we're looking for maybe a scarecrow, tin man or a lion?


GOODMAN: (gives Angela a look) You say two bodies were found.


ANGELA: (pulls up another photo and points) Over here, they were dug up by a bear. One showing signs that his arm was eaten by the cannibal, the other missing her heart.


GOODMAN: (thinking) There should be two more bodies to complete the ritual.


ANGELA: They checked the site, there were only these two.


GOODMAN: If I have analyzed this correctly, that means there will be two more victims.


(Cut to morgue where Brennan and Rigby are examining the two bodies)


RIGBY: Both victims were killed by gun shots to the head.


BRENNAN: These satellite patterns at the entry wounds indicate a low caliber hand gun at close range (talking into her recorder).


RIGBY: (takes closer look) That's remarkable.


BRENNAN: Not really. (into the recorder) Based on adipocere formation I am estimating the female has been dead for about...


RIGBY: (cutting in) A week?


BRENNAN: (nodding) Very good.


RIGBY: Thanks. Well her clothing matches that of Ann Noyes and the male is Adam Langer (Brennan takes a photo of Ann)


BRENNAN: My people at the Jeffersonian tell me that the medicine wheel suggests a perversion of an old healing ritual. The cannibal may have eaten the arm for strength and heart for spirit.


RIGBY: Now that makes sense, from a certain point of view. Do they think it's an Indian?


BRENNAN: (shakes head) No way to tell.


RIGBY: I'm not policemen but it doesn't make sense for Sherman Rivers would lead you straight to the evidence that proves he's a murderer and a cannibal.


(Cut to a hallway outside, Booth, the Sheriff and Sherman are talking)


SHERMAN: Adam was a good guy. He wanted to be a park ranger...I was a...what do you call it...


SHERIFF: His mentor?


SHERMAN: That's right, his mentor. Taking him out with me on my rounds, showing him the ropes of the job.


BOOTH: Well, maybe Adam found out you were poaching so you made sure he wouldn't talk.


SHERMAN: Yeah, so I ate his arm and ate someone's heart for dessert, ‘cause that's the type of guy I am.


BOOTH: Well you know he fits the description of someone who's missing an arm, why didn't you say anything?


SHERMAN: (sighing) Somebody says they're maybe going to come and visit. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Maybe they go see their climbing buddy instead.


SHERIFF: Charlie?


BOOTH: The overnight guy?


SHERMAN: Maybe sometimes they go visit a girl


SHERIFF: What girl?


SHERMAN: I'm not comfortable saying.


BOOTH: Oh, maybe what you know, with the murders and cannibalism, you get passed that discomfort.


SHERMAN: Adam had a thing with the vet lady, so did his buddy Charlie. You know how jealous white people can be.


SHERIFF: (raises hand) Um, in the interest of full disclosure I got to say that I see Denise from time to time too. (Sherman chuckles) What, you find that funny?


BRENNAN: (walking out from the room, holding up her phone) You know the apple we found in Sherman's cabin?


BOOTH: You get a mold?




ZACK: (over the speakerphone) Yeah, the mold from the apple does not match the teeth mark on the bones.


BRENNAN: Thanks Zack. (hangs up)


SHERMAN: So what does that mean?


BRENNAN: It means you aren't the cannibal.


SHERMAN: (Sheriff uncuffing him) I already knew that.


BOOTH: The point was to convince us.


SHERIFF: What do we do now? Start checking everyone's teeth in town?


BOOTH: Not everybody.


(Cut to inside the bar, Denise—who has been drinking—is talking with Booth and Brennan)


DENISE: We consume or we're consumed. We're consumed by greed, by ambition, lust, jealousy...


BOOTH: Dr. Randall...if you could just bite...


DENISE: (cuts in) Even, just regular love is a form of cannibalism.


BRENNAN: Could you just put the dental medium between your teeth?


DENISE: I mean the whole perfect idea of love is that two people become one...now that's a kind of consumption.


BRENNAN: We're talking about something more literal, Dr. Randall (shoots Booth a look and mumbles) We need her to bite it.


BOOTH: Why didn't you report him missing?


DENISE: (takes a drink) Because I would had to admit that he and I were lovers.


BRENNAN: Why not admit it?


DENISE: Because it would have made another guy angry.


BOOTH: What other guy?


DENISE: Charlie...and Sheriff Scutter...and Andrew Rigby and maybe a couple of others...I don't...well, there's not a lot to do in a place like Aurora, so whatcha do, you do...a lot.


BOOTH: Dr. Randall, can you just bite...


DENISE: (cuts in) And if I were your cannibal, would I have pointed out there were human bones in the bear after the autopsy.


BRENNAN: An autopsy on an animal is called a necropsy.


DENISE: Yeah, there's a reason I get all the guys and you don't...(bites the mouth piece) And let me tell ya, if I ate Adam (placing the piece in Booth's bag), there wouldn't be anything left (takes another drink ad Booth and Brennan exchange glances).


(Cut to Lab, Zack and Angela are looking over evidence on the screens)


ZACK: Here, and here (pointing)...these look like tooth marks again.




ZACK: But they are too regular, they're exactly 2.4 millimeters apart. Teeth aren't that exact...it has to be some kind of machine.


ANGELA: She was eaten by a machine?


ZACK: I don't know.


(Cut back to the bar, Booth and Brennan are leaving)


BOOTH: (putting on his jacket) We've got a love triangle...quadrangle...octangle...whatever. Jealousy, always a good motive.


BRENNAN: For murdering Adam Langer, maybe, but Ann Noyes? And the cannibalism? No, we are looking for someone who is clinically insane.


BOOTH: And the whole rant thing the vet lady had about people consuming each other, that was whacky. (Brennan's cell phone rings)


BRENNAN: Yeah, but kind of true, don't you think? (picks up phone) Hey Angela.


ANGELA: (over the phone) Sweetie, Zack wants to beam you something.


BRENNAN: OK, hold on a second. (takes off knapsack and starts setting up computer)


ANGELA: (in her office with Zack) See if you can tell what it is, but if you're in a public place, you might want to cover your screen.


BRENNAN: (outside the bar, computer set up) What am I looking at?


ZACK: (over the phone) Indentations on Ann Noyes' sternum.


BRENNAN: Magnification? (looking at images on her screen)


ZACK: Forty


BRENNAN: I can't believe both Dr. Rigby and I missed these. Good job.


BOOTH: (looking) What are they?


BRENNAN: (to the phone) How far apart are these indentations?


ANGELA: 2.4 millimeters.


BRENNAN: (to Booth, pointing at screen) Ok, these marks and the splitting of the bones here, were made by a sternum spreader.


BOOTH: There's no record of Ann Noyes having heart surgery.


(Brennan realizes something, and shuts the computer quickly)


(Cut to Booth and Brennan walking down the hallway of the hospital)


BRENNAN: Rigby didn't miss it ...moments like this is why I need a gun. (Booth stops and bends down to unstrap a gun that is against his ankle) Where else do you keep them? (Takes gun Booth gives to her). Thank you.


BOOTH: That is for self defense, so you don't just go blasting away in there.


BRENNAN: What if I have to shoot? What part of the body should I hit?


BOOTH: The part that isn't me...just stay back.


(Booth opens a door and enters. Brennan walks straight past him)


BRENNAN: The bodies are gone.


BOOTH: What's he going to do, take them into the woods for a late night snack?


BRENNAN: If I were him, I would destroy the evidence.


(Cut to another room where Rigby is preparing to throw the bodies into an incinerator. Booth and Brennan walk in, guns drawn)


BOOTH: (point gun) Step away from the incinerator Dr. Rigby. (Brennan hits the button to stop the incinerator)


RIGBY: You don't understand, it's a spiritual right to share life force with...


BOOTH: (cuts in) Look, you're nuts, k. We get it. We don't need to hear the rambling psycho speech on why you did it.


RIGBY: (to Brennan, walking towards them) You're an anthropologist, you know ancient civilizations would sacrifice some in order to preserve the strength...


(Brennan takes a bed pan and whacks Rigby in the back, he falls over and is out.)


BOOTH: (looks down at a fallen Rigby) What did you do that for?


BRENNAN: (holding up the bed pan) Nobody wants to hear that rambling psycho speech.


BOOTH: A bed pan? (Brennan gives him a look, and throws it down)


(Cuts to the lab, both Hodgins and Zack are waiting for Toni)


ZACK: Why do we have to face her together?


HODGINS: (adjusting collar) Want this settled or what?


ZACK: I definitely like this settle.


HODGINS: (sees Angela walking towards them) What are you doing here?


ANGELA: You kidding? It's like watching the clash of the horny titans.


(Toni walks towards them)


TONI: Who would like to sign for this?


HODGINS: Who wouldn't want to sign for it?


TONI: So the idea is, whoever signs for this...


ZACK: Yes, the act of signing is an analog for...


HODGINS: (cuts in) She gets it.


(Toni looks at the both of them, taking her time and ultimately hands it to Angela.)


ANGELA: Oh. (surprised) oh...oh. (chuckles) That is really sweet, thank you. (takes the envelope as Toni turns to leave. She uses the envelope to fan herself)


HODGINS: That is so hot (watching Toni leave)


ZACK: Why, why is that hot? It'd be hotter if she chosen me.


HODGINS: No, this is definitely hotter.


(Cuts to Aurora. Booth and Brennan are sitting at the bar eating breakfast)


BRENNAN: And to think I didn't want to come here with you. I mean, this was a fascinating case...you don't often find ritual cannibalism in practice so close to home (takes a bit of her cereal).


BOOTH: Which I find a plus.


BRENNAN: There are always those individuals within a species who are driven to break the most basic taboos. I mean Rigby actually ate human flesh.


BOOTH: (trying to eat) Bones, I just got my steak and eggs...


BRENNAN: (cuts in) Rigby has a prion disease, which means he's been a cannibal for quite some time...you realize when we go to trial he could use the insanity defense (drinks her OJ).


BOOTH: The guy is nuts.


BRENNAN: Yes, but is he nuts because he got a brain disease from eating human flesh or was he already nuts the first time he ate flesh or did he just lick his fingers after surgery.


BOOTH: (puts down utensils and pushes his plate away) I should just become a vegetarian.


BRENNAN: Or as an alternative just don't eat people. (Booth grabs the ketchup and squirts some on his plate) You know, I'm going to come back up here this winter. Charlie says the skiing is great.


BOOTH: (mouth full, smiling) Oh, so it's Charlie.


BRENNAN: Yeah, the overnight guy.


BOOTH: (laughs while eating) Yeah, I know who he is.


BRENNAN: I bet he's a great skier...his hips and thighs are perfectly developed for strength and maneuverability...


BOOTH: (pushes his plate away) That's good...I'm done.


BRENNAN: What? No good? Want some cornflakes? (Spoons some cornflake for Booth) Want some?







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