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"A Boy in the Tree"

Episode 1x03

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Patrick R. Norris

Transcribed by Cassie

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[Open to Medico Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian.  Couple of quick shots of various people doing their jobs etc..  Cut to Booth and Brennan are sitting in Booth’s SUV]

Booth: 		Bones, Where's the kid?

[Cut to Lab, Zach is talking with a girl and Angela and Hodgins are watching from afar]

Angela: 	Who's that with Zach?

Hodgins: 	Naomi, from Paleontology. Naomi and Zach slept together about a month ago. 			Since then she hasn't returned a single call.

Angela: 	Ooooohhhhh.

Hodgins: 	You working on anything interesting?

Angela: 	Me? Yeah, yeah, A three dimensional model of an Etruscan burial crypt.

Hodgins: 	Mmmm Hmmm. 

Angela: 	You?

Hodgins: 	Yeah. Oh God, Yeah. Very exciting, very exciting. Some uh…silt profiles.

Angela: 	Mmmm Hmmm. God! Etruscan burial crypts are so boring!

Hodgins: 	Oh man I know. Silt profiles. You know what we need?

Angela: 	A murder investigation. Brennan and Booth are out front right now waiting for 			Zach.

Hodgins: 	What there's a case? Why didn’t you say so? [To Zach] Zach! You gotta go.

Angela: 	Oh, she really bolted, doesn't look good for Zach.

[Angela and Hodgins meet up with Zach.]

Hodgins: 	C'mon Zach. Shake it off. Huh? Be a man.

Angela: 	Are you okay honey?

Zach: 		[Picking up his equipment] She said take a hint but when I asked 'what hint?' 			Naomi said if she told me what hint that it wouldn't be a hint anymore it would be 		a statement.

Hodgins: 	[Walking Zach to the door] You know what's good? Throwing yourself into your 			work, Huh?

Angela: 	[Walking with Zach and Hodgins] You really do hate slime profiles. Have a 			little compassion!

Zach: 		I understood the individual words but I do not comprehend her meaning.

Angela: 	Did you tell Naomi that?

Zach: 		Yes. She said ask your friends, if I have any.

Angela: 	[Putting a hand to Zach’s back, guides him out the door] You know 				Hodgins is right. Let's not keep Booth waiting. Somebody is decomposing as we 			speak.

Hodgins: 	Get out there and bring us home a case, buddy.

[Cut to Booths’ SUV]

Booth: 		We got a dead body at a prep school out in the sticks.

Brennan: 	Good morning to you too.

Zach: 		[Leaning forward toward Booth] Successful with woman, right? I mean they like 			you?

Booth: 		Okay, look, it's a very prestigious prep school with a lot of rich kids.

Brennan: 	I thought that it was good to start with ‘Good Morning‘.

Zach: 		[To Booth] If a woman said, to you, take a hint, what would that mean?

Booth: 		Could we just concentrate on the job? [Zach leans back into his seat.] Thank 			you. Now, I know the sheriff out there. She’s mostly okay but the school got a lot 			of pull with the county and she's probably trying to scrape the whole case off on 			us. Look, what I'm trying to say is… it's not just a crime scene but it's a political 			situation, so when we get out there you follow my lead and you pay attention.

Zach: 		[To Booth] You call after every sexual encounter, Right? Because that's the good 		thing to do.

Booth: 		Look, this is a work mode. This is a work zone. Do not talk sex at work.

Brennan: 	First, you tell me I'm too task oriented. Then when I say ‘Good Morning’, you say 			that I should concentrate on the job.

Booth: 		All right, look, we've got about a forty-five minute drive. What do you say we 			pass it in quiet meditation.

[Cut to  Booth pulling up to the school]

Zach: 		Can I talk now?

Booth: 		No.

Brennan: 	That’s not fair. [To Zach] Okay, we’re here now.

Booth: 		My car, my rules. Period.

Booth: 		[Flashing his badge at security] FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and a forensic 			anthropologist.

Brennan: 	[Leaning forward] Dr. Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian institute.

Zach: 		[Leaning forward between the seats] Plus one crack assistant.

Guard: 		I’ll need to see some ID, please.

[Brennan and Zach hand their ID’s to the security guard]

Zach: 		This doesn’t remind me of where I went to school.

Booth: 		Yeah, you don’t get much farther from the real world that’s for sure. The kids that 		go to school here is actually classified information.

Guard: 		[Returning Brennan and Zach’s Ids] Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, I’ll lead you to 			Mr. Sanders our head of security.

Booth: 		If you could just aim us in the right direction we’ll find it.

Guard: 		All outsiders are to be escorted, Sir.

Booth: 		Huh?. [Booth notices a white stone sign and reads it out loud] Omnia Mea 			Mecum Porto. What’s that mean? Huh? Regular people stay out.

Brennan :	[At the same time as Zach] I carry with me all my things.

Zach:		[At the same time as Brennan] I carry with me all my things. 

[Booth looks at them strange and they just stare at him. He starts up the SUV and drives up to the crime scene. They all get out of the SUV and a woman Sheriff approaches them. She is followed by two men, the headmaster and security for Hanover.]

Karen: 		Hey Seeley. How’s it going?

Booth: 		Karen, congratulations on being elected full sheriff. Very impressive.

Sanders: 	Agent Booth, I’m Leo Sanders, Head of security at Hanover Prep. This is 			Headmaster Peter Ronson.

Brennan: 	Where are the human remains?

Booth: 		Dr. Temperance Brennan and her assistant Jack, uh, something.

Zach: 		Zach Addy.

Brennan: 	[To Karen] Could you show me to the remains?

[Brennan and Karen walk towards a park-like area]

Sanders: 	[To Booth] Even though the school was mostly empty during the two week break 			it’s impossible anyone…

Karen: 		[To Brennan] I don’t know if you remember me but we worked together on a 			case? Bunch of bones found in a culvert about a year ago?

Brennan: 	I remember the bones in the culvert.

Booth: 		[Whispering to Brennan] You know Bones, being nice to the locals by 				remembering their names and such wouldn’t hurt.

Headmaster: 	Our two week term break ends tomorrow; I’d like to get this tidied up so the 			students never know what happened.

Brennan: 	Well, we don’t know what happened yet that’s why I’m here. Did anyone touch 			the body?

Karen: 		I doubt it. It’s pretty grisly.

Sanders: 	Nothing on small talk is she?

Booth: 		Dr. Brennan is very focused.

Brennan: 	[Coming to the crime scene] Where are the remains?

Booth: 		[Pointing up in a tree to a body hanging from a noose] Bones.  Is that a 				student?

Sanders: 	Ah, it’s a secure campus. It’s got to be a student, staff, or faculty.

Brennan: 	[To Zach] Video first. I don’t want your flash disturbing the crows.

Sanders: 	Yeah that would be a shame. Disturb the human flesh eating birds.

Booth: 		You want to increase the perimeter here? [To the Headmaster and Sanders] 			Gentleman, give my forensic anthropologist some room.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Your forensic anthropologist?

Karen: 		Agent Booth, if you decide that this becomes a suicide it becomes my problem, 			correct?

Brennan: 	Actually the person who decides if this is a suicide is me.

Karen: 		Let’s give the bone lady some room.

Booth: 		Ah, You know I’m glad we had that little chat about being nice to the locals.

Brennan: 	I don’t like Sheriffs. They are elected into office which means their goal is being 			re-elected not finding the truth.

Zach: 		I got video, Dr. Brennan. 

Brennan: 	Go to stills.

Headmaster: 	[Walking up behind Booth] Can we just get him down from there?

Brennan: 	There’s a lot of work to do before we get to that.

Booth: 		You want to step back please sir?

Headmaster: 	I’m a headmaster here.

Booth: 		[Getting pissed] And this is a crime scene. Step back.

[Brennan looks up in the tree at the body. It’s badly decomposed. Birds are still pecking on the face and skull. Zach is snapping pictures and a bird flies off scared. The head falls towards the ground. Brennan catches it.]

Brennan: 	We’re going to need an evidence bag.

Booth: 		Heads up.

Brennan: 	[As the rest of the body falls] We’re going to need a bigger bag.

[Cut to Int.  Cut to Lab]

Brennan: 	I make this a male approximately five foot six, 130lbs, from the looks of his 			sternum and skull, I would say mid-adolescence, say fourteen to seventeen… 			High cheek bones… You think maybe Asian?

Angela: 	I’m getting more of a Hispanic vibe.

Hodgins: 	There is a significant Crematogaster ant colony in the tree that fed on the body 			as well as Tabanid maggots. I will give you a time of death estimate when I figure 		who ate what when.

Brennan: 	[To Hodgins] Check for insect pupa and larva see what kind of medications and 			or drugs might have been in his system.

Zach: 		[Holding a necklace] He was wearing this.

Angela: 	Catholic boy.

Brennan: 	One by two forceps.

Angela: 	[As Brennan pulls a small disc out from behind the victim’s ear] What is that?

Brennan: 	Cochlear Implant. Looks like the birds were trying to get it.

Angela: 	That would set a boy apart from the others, being deaf.

Brennan: 	[To Zach] Get a serial number.

Angela: 	I’ll get X-Rays and 3D imaging of the entire skeleton.

Zach: 		I didn’t talk to anybody in high school. I didn’t kill myself.

Hodgins: 	That wasn’t a high school. It was an experimental Eugenics program.

[Cut to Hanover Prep]

Booth: 		How hard can it be to find out which one of your students is missing?

Sanders: 	We can’t just call parents and say we found a rotting body. Do you know where 			your child is?

Headmaster: 	We can do a full role call tomorrow.

Sanders: 	All of our higher-risk students are accounted for.

Booth: 		High risk? 

Sanders: 	The ones with personal body guards.

Headmaster: 	[To Booth as they enter the Headmaster’s office] What are our options? Vis-a-vis, 		publicity, media?

Booth: 		Not my concern.

Sanders: 	There are student here we really don’t want the whole world to know about.

Headmaster: 	It’s obviously a suicide it’s not as though we are asking you to forgo the glory of 			catching a murderer.

Booth: 		[Phone ringing] Excuse me. I’m sorry. Booth. 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] We’ll have the identity of the boy in the tree within the hour.

Booth: 		That was fast?

Brennan: 	Do you know what a Cochlear Implant is?

Booth: 		Hearing Aid?

Brennan: 	Not, not exactly. It’s a much more sophisticated piece of equipment which is 			surgically fit… 

Booth: 		Can you identify him through the serial number?

Brennan: 	That’s correct, but the interesting thing is that…

Booth: 		Ah, You can fill me in later.

Brennan: 	No, but the interesting thing is that it’s…

Booth: 		That is correct.

Brennan: 	What?

Booth: 		That is interesting.

Brennan: 	Are you drunk or something?

Booth: 		Ah, we’ll catch up later and uh, thanks for calling.

Brennan: 	Wait, I’m not completely certain the boys’ death was a suicide.

Booth: 		Ah, you know, We’ll grab some Chinese food and you can fill me in later on all 			the boring details. [To the Headmaster] Sorry.

Sanders: 	A death is very upsetting to a community as tight as ours.

Booth: 		Famous for keeping your students safe but you can’t be held responsible if a 			troubled student kills himself.

Sanders: 	We all agree that suicide is the only feasible conclusion.

Headmaster: 	We understand each other?

Booth: 		We sure as hell do. I’ll need a complete enrollment list including 					teacher, staff, students.

Sanders: 	That’s extremely confidential information.

Booth: 		[Chuckling] You know, luckily I’m good at keeping secrets.

[Cut to the Lab

Booth: 		What do you mean it’s not a suicide? [An alarm starts beeping wildly as Booth 			steps on the platform] What the hell is that?

Brennan: 	We can’t just let anyone step into the forensics area and contaminate all the 			boring details.

Booth: 		[Zach swipes his card, then moves Booth out of the way] The boring details? [To 			Zach] Do not push me kid. [To Brennan] The boring details was my signal for you 		to stop talking, okay? I want my own card.

Brennan: 	Well, I want my own gun.

Booth: 		Last time you had a gun you shot someone.

Zach: 		He was a bad guy.

Booth: 		Okay, look, who’s our victim?

Brennan: 	All the boring details?

Booth: 		Let it go Bones, move on.

Brennan: 	Don’t call me Bones! 

Zach: 		We traced the Cochlear Implant to Dr. Maurice Ledbetter at Cedars Sinai who 			placed it in a boy named, Nestor Olivos.

Booth: 		[Looking at the file] Nestor Olivos, Student visa…son of a Venezuelan 				ambassador…Oh, What else?

Brennan: 	You want all the boring details?

Booth: 		[Looking at an X-Ray] Let it go Bones….

Brennan: 	[Snatching the X-Ray out of his hands] Don’t call me Bones! The boy’s hyoid 			bone is broken.

Booth: 		Strangulation death, the hyoid bone is always broken.

Zach: 		In adult. This is a boy.

Brennan: 	[Indicating a simulation on the computer screen] His hyoid is flexible, 				unbreakable. 

Booth: 		Well maybe the kid’s got some kind of Venezuelan brittle bone syndrome. [Zach 			and Brennan look at him irritated] I’m just trying to help. So you’re saying he 			was murdered?

Brennan: 	No, I’m saying I don’t know what happened to the boy because I don’t have all 			the facts.

[Booths phone rings and it’s a page from Santana.]

[Cut to the Bureau]

Santana: 	How hard can it be? A kid hanging from a tree obviously, it’s a suicide.

Booth: 		Sir, Has Hanover Prep been stirring the pudding on this?

Santana: 	Of course they are stirring the pudding. Every mover and shaker in this town is 			connected to that damn school. Apparently the very future of this country is at 			stake.

Booth: 		Well, I would like to declare it a murder just to shake those little bast…

Brennan: 	I’m not gonna declare it a murder so you can shake things up. 

Santana: 	[sighs]

Dr. Goodman: 	The evidence is ambiguous at best.

Santana: 	Well unambiguize it. Please Dr. Goodman. [To Brennan] Look, you’re very 			experienced within your field with bones and such, right? Doesn’t your gut say 			suicide?

Brennan: 	I don’t actually use my gut for that, Sir.

Booth: 		She really, really doesn’t

Dr. Goodman: 	Like all of us at the Jeffersonian, Dr. Brennan prefers science to the digestive 			track.

Santana: 	[To Booth] What about your gut?

Booth: 		My gut says it stinks.

Dr. Goodman: 	[To Brennan] If he smells with his gut what does he use his nose for?

Brennan: 	[laughs]

Santana: 	Alright, Alright, alright. In order for an investigation to occur, You, Dr. Brennan 			have to declare it a murder.

Dr. Goodman: 	Without an investigation we can’t find out if it’s a murder but there will be no 			investigation unless Dr. Brennan declares it to be a murder. Shall I send for a 			philosopher?

Brennan: 	They’re saying it’s my call.

Santana: 	[To Booth] You see it’s how you talk to these people.

Brennan: 	My official finding is that Nestor Olivos…is a victim of a homicide.

[Cut to Booths SUV]

Booth: 		Thank you.

Brennan: 	For what?

Booth: 		For going with my instincts in there.

Brennan: 	I did not back up your instincts. I bought time to find the facts I need to tell me 			what happened to Nestor Olivos. What’s with you and the private school?

Booth: 		I thought we understood each other.

Brennan: 	Oh that it’s bad?

Booth: 		I don’t…I don’t like people who think they’re better then other people.

Brennan: 	Some people are better then other people.

Booth: 		Ughh, you know what you said right there that is so Un-American. All men are 			created equal either you believe that or you don’t.

Brennan: 	Some people are smarter then others there’s no use being offended by the fact. 			What are we going to tell Nestor’s parents?

Booth: 		We tell them that their son was found dead. We’re looking into it. Sorry for your 			loss and we are.

Brennan: 	What?

Booth: 		Sorry for their loss. It’s sad. Try to remember that.

Brennan: 	Uh, I’m not a sociopath.

Booth: 		You’re bad with people, okay. No use being offended by the fact.

[Cut to Venezuelan Embassy]

Ambassador: 	Hanging from a tree at the school?

Booth: 		I’m afraid so Ambassador Olivos. We will provide you will full details when Dr. 			Brennan finishes her investigation.

Father: 		Will you need us to identify Nestor’s remains?

Brennan: 	That won’t be necessary.

[Brennan takes out the silver necklace they found on her son’s body and hands it to the Ambassador.]

Booth: 		When was the last time you heard from Nestor?

Father: 		A few days after his holiday began. He went with a friend to Nova Scotia.

Ambassador: 	We received an email.

Booth: 		Could we have a copy?

Brennan: 	It will help us determine exactly when the victim died. [Booth hits her lightly] Your 		son. We’re very sorry for your loss.

Father: 		There was nothing to suggest in any email that Nestor was unhappy. Certainly 			not enough to…

Mother: 	We would like to take him home. [To her husband] We must petition the church 			to bury him in consecrated ground.

Father: 		[To his wife] Nestor was an altar boy. They will bury him properly. [To Booth] 			When will you release him to us?

Booth: 		It’s up to Dr. Brennan.

[Cut to the Lab]

Zach: 		What did Naomi mean when she said take a hint?

Hodgins: 	Ooooo...

Zach: 		What did I do wrong?

Hodgins: 	It’s not what you did wrong. It’s what you didn’t do.

Zach: 		Where do you learn this stuff?

Hodgins: 	There are some things you learn by doing… riding a bike, driving a car, pleasing 			a woman.

Zach: 		I can’t ride a bike or drive a car.

Hodgins: 	Or apparently please a woman.

Zach: 		I need specific instructions, a list of techniques to implement or a sequence of 			moves.

Hodgins: 	I’m not really the guy to talk to about that.

Zach: 		Why not? You’ve slept with like, ten thousand women.

Hodgins: 	Because our relationship is all about what’s up here. What you need to do is talk 			to someone more earthy.

[Cut to Booth‘s office]

Psychiatrist: 	As a school psychiatrist, I’m bound by patient confidentiality. In the absence of a 			warrant or permission from his parents, I can’t divulge the specifics of my 			meetings with Nestor Olivos. I can tell you that he was at extreme risk of suicide.

Brennan: 	There are no indications that Nestor was taking antidepressants.

Psychiatrist: 	I can only make recommendations to the parents.

Booth: 		You think this boy was depressed enough to hang himself from a tree?

Psychiatrist: 	He was alienated by culture by language by his handicap by his own social 			awkwardness, yes. 

Headmaster: 	Thank you for coming down Dr. Petty, as we suspected, suicide. A depressed 			and lonely boy hangs himself over the holiday.

Booth: 		So, now how does the son of an Ambassador go missing for two weeks and 			nobody notices?

Sanders: 	As far as the school was concerned Nestor was vacationing with his roommate. 			[Pulling out a paper and placing it on Booths’ desk.] The school requested and 			received a waiver from Ambassador Olivos. 

Brennan: 	I was in Venezuela last year. It’s very unstable, politically.

Sanders: 	It’s true, the family received threats. We were cognizant of that, but you aren’t 			seriously suggesting that some kind of Venezuelan hit squad assassinated a 			student at Hanover Prep?

Headmaster: 	Like the Doctor said, it’s a simple case of a depressed boy ending his life, not a 			Tom Clancy novel.

Booth: 		Yeah, well we will start with Nestor’s roommate tomorrow morning.

Sanders: 	It’s your investigation.

[Cut to Wong Foos]

Sid: 		[To Booth] Hey, I’ll say this…she’s tall.

Booth: 		Dr. Temperance Brennan, meet Sid, the owner.

Sid: 		Hey, the bone lady.

Brennan: 	The sign says Wong Foos.

Sid: 		Family name changed at Ellis Island. I’ll get your meal.

Brennan: 	But we didn’t order.

Booth: 		No, Sid knows what most people want better then they do.

Zach: 		[Walking in with Angela and Hodgins.  All take a seat at the booth] Nestor’s 			bones are completely normal. Not brittle in any way.

Booth: 		[To the Squints] You know this is kinda my little getaway place. You know?

Angela: 	[Ignoring Booth] It proves the rope left in the branch where Nestor was hanging 			are too deep for his weight.

Booth: 		Please everyone. You know come on just sit down.

Hodgins: 	Eggs, larva, waste all indicate that the insects which fed on the body are all 			indigenous to the tree in which he was found. It means he died there 				approximately ten to fourteen days ago. [Yells to Sid] I’ll have the seven organ 			soup.

Brennan: 	You don’t order they guy just brings it.

Zach: 		He didn’t void. Usually somebody hangs themselves the flood gates open, bodily 		fluids everywhere.

Hodgins: 	There was plenty of the affluent in his clothes but they are all post 				decomposition. As the body swells, it bursts from internal gases. How does the 			guy know what you want?

Brennan: 	The guy has a knack.

Booth: 		The guy’s name is Sid.

Zach: 		The birds ate his eyes, ears. They worked their way into the skull.

Hodgins: 	Birds pecking at the soft tissue of the throat, Could that crack the hyoid?

Brennan: 	No, it’s a stress fracture caused by the rope against his throat not post mortem.

Angela: 	You put a high sensitive adolescent in a high-pressure prep school add social 			alienation cultural differences pressure from high achieving parents…could be 			suicide.

Booth: 		It’s not a suicide.

Brennan: 	Because Booth thinks that prep schools turn out entitled criminals.

Hodgins: 	We all went to private schools and none of us are criminals.

Zach: 		In fact we fight criminals. We’re crime fighters.

Booth: 		No you’re not. You’re…I’m just saying it’s not a suicide.

Angela: 	I’m a big believer in instinct.

Booth: 		Finally, A squint with an open mind.

Angela: 	You have no idea of how open minded I can be.

Sid: 		What’s with these pictures? This is a restaurant. People come here to eat. 			What’s the matter with you people? [Gathering up the pictures] Booth, what the 			hell did you bring into my place?

Booth: 		I had nothing to do with it.

Brennan: 	This is exactly what I want. This is amazing. The guy definitely has a knack.

Hodgins: 	Ooh, so you do take orders? 

Sid: 		Of course we do but it’s always better when you leave it to me. Booth?

Booth: 		Okay, I will take care of it. You’re saying that the boy died like ten to fourteen 			days ago?

Hodgins: 	Hey bugs buzz but they do not lie.

Brennan: 	Hodgins is very good at using insects to ascertain a time of death.

Booth: 		How do you explain an email that was sent 7 days ago from Nova Scotia? Hmm? 		See, look at that. It stinks. Go ahead, smell it. You know you wanna smell it. It 			stinks.

Angela: 	[To Hodgins] Don’t… Don’t smell that.

Hodgins: 	No, no you got to taste it.

Angela: 	I can smell it from here. 

Hodgins:	Angela, it’s so good. Mmmm.

Angela: 	That’s really gross.

[Cut to Interrogation Room]

Booth: You and Nestor were roommates for three months, correct?

Tucker: 	Yes sir.

Booth: 		And you invited him to spend the vacation with you?

Mom: 		Uh, we have a summer home on Cape Breton, plenty of room.

Tucker: 	Nestor decided to go home back to Venezuela.

Booth: 		What did the other kids say about Nestor?

Tucker: 	Nestor was different. He used to be deaf so he kinda talked like…some kids 			called him retard.

Mom: 		Tucker, please don’t say retard.

Tucker: 	I never called him that! He went to church every Sunday, even though nobody 			made him go and people thought that was weird.

Booth: 		Did Nestor have a girlfriend?

Tucker: 	He said there was a girl he liked, but he never told me who.

Booth: 		You know Tucker; you’re lying to a Federal Agent.

DA: 		Careful Agent Booth.

Booth: 		[Ignoring the DA] An email was sent to Nestor’s parents from Nova Scotia saying 		what a great time he was having. The only thing is that Nestor was already dead.

Mom: 		Was it you Tucker?

DA: 		I prefer he didn’t answer.

Father: 		No Dawn, if it was Tucker he has to admit it.

Tucker: 	You know the dodge.

Booth: 		You backed him up so he could be with a girl.

Mom: 		Tucker!

Tucker: 	I know! I’m sorry, but he begged me!

Booth: 		What girl?

Tucker: 	I told you! I don’t know! I thought Nestor made her up. I sent an email that’s all.

[Cut to Brennan’ office]

Dr. Goodman: 	Dr. Brennan. Can you spare a moment for the Venezuelan Ambassador?

Ambassador: 	[To Dr. Goodman] Thank you.

Brennan: 	Is there something I can do for you?

Ambassador: 	[Handing Brennan a picture of Nestor} I understand that you are very good at 			your job, Dr. Brennan. But I think that you are not a mother, correct?

Brennan: 	No, I’m not a mother.

Ambassador: 	[Handing Brennan a DVD] Please watch this.

Ambassador: 	All a mother wants to know is that she has raised her child well. That he will grow 		up to be a good man. I will never see this. I will never know. [Brennan pushes 			play and sees Nestor as a child getting his implant.] The day Nestor received his 			implant.

Brennan: 	[Watching the video] The first day that he could hear.

Ambassador: 	And the first thing he heard was my voice.

Brennan: 	His mother’s voice.

Ambassador: 	I told him I loved him.  The child who has lived through this miracle would never 			take his own life. You’re a scientist. You need more then a mother’s reassurance, 		fine. My husband and I have many enemies, that is why I sent Nestor to 				Hanover. They promised us that he would be safe. What if they failed? They 			would not want to admit it. They would do everything they could to bias you 			towards suicide.

Brennan: 	I promise you I will find out the truth.

Ambassador: 	Thank you.

[Cut to Angela‘s office]

Angela: 	Swan dive, cannon ball, cherry bomb... No matter how he jumps, the hyoid does 			not break.

Brennan: 	What about added weight?

Angela: 	We figure an added strain of 90 kilos to snap the hyoid.

Brennan: 	90 kilos is just under 200 lbs, the weight of a muscular man.

Booth: 		So what? The Venezuelan hit squad fantasy thing? For one thing it’s nuts and 			another the guy’d have to be 20 feet tall.

Angela: 	I’m out of alternative scenarios to explain this hyoid break.

[Cut to Hanover Prep]

Booth: 		I want to take another look at Nestor’s room.

Brennan: 	What exactly do you hope to find?

Booth: 		[Looks up the stairs in time to see a guy look at him, then run. To Brennan] Stay 			here.

Brennan: 	[Pushing her way past Booth] Yeah right, that’s gonna happen.

[Brennan runs into Nestor’s room after the guy. He shuts the door after she runs in leaving Booth out in the hall. Brennan turns to face the guy, kicking him in the stomach causing him to fall backwards against the door. Booth opens the door from the other side and the guy goes stumbling forward as Brennan trips him and he goes down on his stomach. The guy jumps up quickly and Booth goes running at him. The mystery man takes some swings at Booth but he ducks and punches mystery guy in the face three times. The guy goes down for good]

Booth: 		[To Brennan] You alright?

Brennan: 	Are you?

Booth: 		[Grabbing the guys wallet and tossing it to Brennan] Check his ID.

Brennan: 	His name’s Tovar Comara. He’s security at the Venezuelan embassy.

Booth: 		If he’s security, why’d he run?

[Cut to Ambassador’s Office]

Brennan: 	What we would like to know is what Senor Comara was doing in Nestor’s room?

Ambassador: 	I asked Senor Comara to go to Nestor’s room to prove a point. That suicide was 			not the only possibility.

Booth: 		Prove that an outsider can get to your son.

Ambassador: 	The school informed me that Nestor’s death was most certainly a suicide. That 			anything else was impossible.

Comara: 	We proved them correct. I failed to escape without being detected.

Brennan: 	The school lied to you Ambassador.

Booth: 		Dr. Brennan already declared your son’s death a homicide.

Ambassador: 	I apologize. I was misinformed.

Booth: 		I won’t be pressing any charges.

Ambassador: 	Thank you. [Security guards enter the room] Please excuse me. 

Brennan: 	[To Tovar] Do you think Nestor was killed by outsiders?

Comara: 	Not Venezuelan insurgents. They would make a statement. Not fake a suicide. 			This hanging. [sniffs] Willa mala.

Brennan: 	Hmm.

Booth: 		Sure, you know someone says, you know, it smells in a Spanish accent and all of 		a sudden you’re like, hmm interesting. 

[Cut to Nestor’s dorm room]

Brennan: 	What are we looking for?

Booth: 		I talked to a few of Nestor’s teachers and a few students that he hung out with. 			He was a loner. Well, I mean he went to his classes but, you know, mainly he 			just stayed here in his room. That’s it so I figured we’d come here and you could 			do your little anthropologist thing. Huh?

Brennan: 	[laughs] Okay. He liked music. Heavy procession low frequencies for the most 			part. It’s the stuff he probably liked before the implant. He could feel the 				vibrations in his chest. After the implant he started enjoying stuff with more 			melody. He was growing. He enjoyed it.

Booth: 		Enjoyment is the opposite of suicide.

Brennan: 	You’ve decided this isn’t a suicide so you’re collecting evidence to support that. 			By closing your mind you’re missing important indicators.

Booth: 		[Pulling a broken CD out of the trash] Oh yeah? So why did he throw this away? I 		mean hey it’s flute music that’s reason enough, but where’s the case?

Brennan: 	[Walking over to look at the CD’s on the book case] I…uh…These aren’t 				organized.

Booth: 		Well, you know, girls they organize alphabetically. Guys are more organic. Good 			stuff up to the left… Crap [whistles] bottom right. Look at that. [Opening the case			to find a burnt disc] Well I mean if he hated it why did he re-burn it.

Brennan: 	This isn’t a CD it’s a DVD.

[Cut to Brennan’s office]

Booth: 		I should have known. It’s a fifteen year old boy. It’s just porn.

Brennan: 	Wait

Angela: 	That’s our hanging victim.

Zach: 		This is pretty kinky stuff.

Brennan: 	I need to know where and when it was shot. What kind of camera and anything 			else that might help.

Booth: 		I’m going to need stills and close ups of the girls face.

Hodgins: 	[Burping] Thanks a lot Booth. My seven organ soup is repeating on me.

Booth: 		Well, you ordered. You should have left it to Sid. [To Brennan] Let’s see what the 		school has to say about this.

Hodgins: 	[To Zach] That was not wild and kinky sex. It was very, very basic beginner stuff. 			Just so you know…uh, Angela, you got any bicarbonate?

[Cut to the Headmaster’s office]

Sanders: 	We’ve seen this kind of thing before.

Brennan: 	Kids recording themselves having sex?

Headmaster: 	Young people are more jaded then they used to be. Sometimes they swap these 		tapes.

Sanders: 	I’m surprised to see Nestor.

Booth: 		But not so surprised to see the girl?

Headmaster: 	How is that relevant?

Brennan: 	You know what’s a better question? What makes you think you get to decide 			what’s relevant? You’re basically a Principle of a High School.

Booth: 		We need to see all the sex tapes that you’ve confiscated.

Headmaster: 	Absolutely not.

Booth: 		Well, I will just get a warrant and in the application for a warrant I’ll include your 			admission that you allow your students to swap homemade sex tapes.

Sanders: 	The headmaster is not refusing to provide you with the tapes.

Brennan: 	Absolutely not sounds like a refusal.

Sanders: 	When we confiscate the tapes we immediately turn them over to local law 			enforcement.

Booth: 		Sheriff Roach knew about this?

Sanders: 	No need to issue a warrant. We are cooperating completely.

Brennan: 	Was the girl also a student here?

Headmaster: 	Given your hostility. It’s time we bring in a lawyer to advise us.

Booth: 		Or you take my advice. If you don’t answer my questions, I’ll take you down to 			FBI headquarters in hand cuffs.

Brennan: 	He’ll do it. He doesn’t like you.

[Booth shakes his head no.]

Headmaster: 	Fine Agent Booth, her name is Camden Destry.

[Cut to Interrogation Room]

Camden: 	Nestor Olivos? I knew him. He’s kind of famous since he died.

Mom: 		Poor kid, to take his own life.

Booth: 		Were you romantically involved?

Camden: 	No.

Mom: 		Camden is too young to date seriously.

Booth: 		Tell me when you’ve seen enough to start telling the truth?
Lawyer:		This is outrageous Agent Booth!

Camden: 	[Seeing the footage] Oh my God. I can’t believe this. Oh my God. Where did that 		come from?

Lawyer: 	Really Mr. Booth, I must protest.

Booth: 		[Irritated] I’m tired of being lied to, so excuse me if I’m indelicate. Okay, Let’s 			start over, Shall we? Did you know Nestor Olivos? Were you romantically 			involved?

Camden: 	Why would he do that? Why would Nestor tape us? I loved him.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan getting out of his SUV]

Brennan: 	So let me just get this right, I’m the tactless and insensitive one.

Booth: 		Okay, look. The girl lied to a Federal Agent during the investigation in the death 			of a boy that she said she loves. You know what? These kids, they all lie. That 			school teaches them that they’re special, that they’re above the rest of us. Well 			they’re not.

Brennan: 	You’re the least objective person I have ever met.

Booth: 		Thank you.

Brennan: 	It’s not a compliment.

Booth: 		Aw, C’mon Brennan, you know something is wrong here. Alright, the school, the 			tapes, now Sheriff Roach.

Brennan: 	All this mess you’re uncovering. It smells, yes but doesn’t add up to murder…not 		logically.

Booth: 		Maybe if you looked for more then the facts you would be able to see the bigger 			pic…

Brennan: 	[Interrupting] Maybe if you opened your mind we could find out the actual truth.

[The Sheriff pulls up in her car and gets out with a box of tapes. She walks over to Booth and Brennan arguing.]

Sheriff: 		Brought you the tapes.

Brennan: 	How many?

Sheriff: 		{Handing Brennan a box] All of them. What do you think? I’m withholding 			evidence?

Booth: 		You know, I’m thinking Hanover Prep gets you elected and you look the other 			way when you see these tapes.

Sheriff: 		Kids having sex. There’s no law against that.

Booth: 		Let’s hope that’s the worse thing that we find.

[Cut to Booth’s office]

Brennan: 	You’re right about the school… serving pudding.

Booth: 		Stirring the pudding. It means…

Brennan: 	[Pointing to screen] Melodee Destry, that’s Camden’s mother. Wait, Is that…is 			that Nestor Olivos she’s with?

Booth: 		Nope, That’s Nestor’s roommate, Tucker Pattison.

[Cut to Interrogation Room]

Booth: 		How long did the sexual relationship continue?

Tucker: 	A couple of months. I don’t know.
Mom: 		Tucker is the underage victim of statutory rape.

Booth: 		When did it end?

Tucker: 	That was the last time.

Booth: 		Why Nestor’s bed? Why not your own? It was only ten feet away.

Tucker: 	I don’t know.

Booth: 		It was because you knew exactly where the camera was pointed.

Tucker: 	Mrs. Destry gave me money, you know, to keep quiet. Nestor said how much you 		think she would pay to keep her husband from seeing a tape. Nestor set up a 			drop and got five thousand dollars. He said we should do it again but just before 			vacation I told him that I was going to tell my parents, even if it meant getting 			kicked out of Hanover. The next thing I know he killed himself. I figured it was my 		fault.

[Cut to the Lab]

Hodgins: 	Tabanid pupil casing show the boy ingested a heavy dose of Ketamine before 			he died. Kids call it Special K.

Booth: 		So somebody dosed him, right? That explains why he wasn’t struggling before 			the hanging.

Brennan: 	Or wild thought? He took it himself for fun, like most kids do.

Zach: 		I had sex with Naomi in Paleontology.

Angela: 	You mean actually in Paleontology.

Zach: 		No, at her place. I thought it went great but I could be wrong because apparently 		what I think is wild and kinky is basic and since she never called me back I’m 			wondering if it’s because I lack imagination in the sack.

Angela: 	You know what Zach? I’m thinking this is more of a guy, guy conversation.

Zach: 		Yeah, I was wondering…

Hodgins: 	[Burping]

Booth: 		Dude, minty burp, still burp.

Hodgins: 	Yeah well who took me to Wong Salmonella’s?

Booth: 		Alright, you know what? Just go back to Sid. Let him bring you you’re meal. 			Heartburn will disappear.

Brennan: 	Heartburn!

Booth: 		What?

Brennan: 	Hodgins has heartburn because stomach acid is rising into his esophagus. The 			Ketamine plus choking could have caused Nestor to regurgitate. The rope would 			hold the gastric juices in the upper throat weakening the hyoid. Digestive juices 			are basically hydrochloric acid.

Zach: 		[To Booth] Sometime when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a 			few questions about sexual positions.

Booth: 		If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes.

Brennan: 	These marks here and here that’s scaring consistent with hydrochloric acid.

Booth: 		I don’t like where you’re going with this.

Brennan: 	I need to run a few scenarios through the Angelator.

[Cut to Angela‘s Office]

Brennan: 	Replace the values for the hyoid bone mass with these sliding coefficients. That 			will replicate bone deterioration as the hyoid is being digested by stomach acid.

Angela: 	I’m applying a timeline and running in fast-forward. This will show it in measure 			time.

Brennan: 	The body decomposes and the gastric juices trapped by the noose in Nestor’s 			esophagus actually digest the hyoid over time. [Referring to a close up of the 			hyoid] Wait, there the hyoid cracked.

Angela: 	A hundred and ninety six point three hours just over 8 days.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] This finding is congruent with suicide.

Booth: 		I do not accept that.

Brennan: 	It’s a fact; you can’t not accept a fact. I have to amend my cause of death report.

Booth: 		Then you’ll stop my investigation. The school trying to cover up a murder and 			you’re helping them.

[Cut to the Lab]

Angela: 	Honey, did you ever just believe something, despite the evidence, just know it 			was true?

Brennan: 	No, I’ve hoped things. I will always know the difference between hope and fact. 			You know all that’s left of this boy is this table full of bones. Now everyone he has 		ever known has an agenda, his parents, his school, even the cop who’s 				investigating his death. I’m the only one who cares about the truth of what 			Nestor’s life came to in the end. Good or bad, and I know the truth is more 			important than anything else.

Angela: 	You know or you hope it’s true?

Brennan: 	Suicide is the most rational, logical explanation. What I believe doesn’t matter. 			What makes me sad doesn’t matter.

Angela: 	[Holding a drawing of Nestor] Look at this face. He did not kill himself.

Brennan: 	Angela, I need a little more proof then a nice drawing.

Angela: 	I can do that.

[Cut to Brennan office]

Angela: 	Okay this is not from the DVD it’s a quick snippet that was on Nestor’s hard 			drive. Somebody tried to erase it but Zach and I got some of it back. 

Brennan: 	Angela, zoom in on that necklace.

Angela: 	A little sea horse? C’mon, what kind of blackmailer does that? It’s sweet. It’s a 			clueless kid in love.

Brennan: 	That’s your evidence that he didn’t commit suicide, A sea horse?

Booth: 		A kid doesn’t give a gift because, you know, he’s in love, he does it because he 			wants a little lovin‘.

Brennan: 	Rerun that.

Angela: 	That cynicism you affect Booth it’s your way of hiding your deeply romantic 			nature.

Brennan: 	There. Stop. Play again. There! She rolled her eyes for the camera.

Booth: 		What?

Angela: 	I didn’t see it either.

Brennan: 	Play it in stop motion. Zoom in. There, Slow motion. 

Booth: 		How’d you see that?

Angela: 	Wait, that girl knew that camera was there. She looked right at it.

Brennan: 	Camden isn’t a victim. She’s in on it.

Booth: 		You don’t roll your eyes to yourself. You do it for someone else, not Nestor 			Olivos.

Brennan: 	What do we do now?

Booth: 		Well this is where a public school education comes in handy. Divide and conquer 		was the playground motto.

[Cut to Interrogation Room]

Booth: 		What would help me Camden is if you told me why Nestor killed himself?

Brennan: 	Then we can close the murder investigation.

Camden: 	[Seeing Tucker on a TV screen] Why is Tucker here?

Booth: 		Oh, Tucker, he said some things.

Camden: 	What things?

Booth: 		Well what Tucker told us doesn’t make you look good.

Brennan: 	I believed him but Agent Booth said it was only fair to hear your side.

Booth: 		If your stories match up I’ll be able to drop the murder investigation.

Brennan: 	You know, I find it hard to believe that it was your idea for Tucker to seduce your 			mother.

Camden: 	It wasn’t. She hit on Tucker.

Mom: 		No. Wait. Wait. [To her lawyer] Can they do this?

Lawyer: 	They’re fishing. Don’t say a word.

Brennan: 	I wasn’t fishing? [To Booth] Were you fishing?

Booth: 		No, I wasn’t fishing.

Camden: 	Tucker was all ‘Stacy’s Mom’ about it. I just sort of gave him permission. It was 			funny.

Mom: 		Please stop this. Stop it. 

Camden: 	Mom deal with it, okay? You’re the one that’s the perv, so. When my mom gave 			Tucker money to keep him quiet we got the idea to blackmail her with the tape. I 			was mad at her I guess. Then Tucker said it was my turn.

Booth: 		Nestor was rich, lonely, Catholic and he had a thing for you.

Camden: 	And he was cute. People didn’t notice because the way he talked but he was 			really cute. I liked him. We made the tape and showed it to Nestor. It made him 			really upset. Really upset.

Brennan: 	Because you threatened to show it to his mother.

Camden: 	Or because I broke his heart? I still can’t believe he killed himself. I’m really sorry 		he did that.

Lawyer: 	What Camden did was wrong which she’s acknowledged but she can’t be held 			responsible for an unstable boy overreaction.

Camden: 	I said I’m sorry.

Booth: 		Yeah, Camden Destry I’m placing you under arrest for the murder of Nestor 			Olivos.

Lawyer: 	What? She’s admitted to blackmail and attempted blackmail that’s all.

Brennan: 	Nestor was going to go to the headmaster and expose you so you dosed him 			with Ketamine and hauled him up into the tree. The DNA traces in the rope will 			prove that.

Booth: 		Plus, you’ve already confessed to the motive.

Camden: 	If I cooperate and tell you everything Tucker did, do I get some sort of deal? 

Booth: 		That depends on what else you got.

[Cut to Brennan’ Office]

Booth: 		The Headmaster and Head of Security will both loose their jobs over what 			happened to Nestor. The Sheriff will resign. The two kids who killed your son are 			both in custody.

Ambassador: 	Thank you.

Booth: 		We’re very sorry… for your loss.

Brennan: 	Ambassador Olivos, you told me that all a mother wants is to know that she’s 			raised her child well. That your biggest regret is that you will never know if Nestor 		would have grown up to be a good man, but he was a good man. [Handing back 		the picture of Nestor] He died because he was trying to do the right thing.

Booth: 		Very impressive Temperance. You got that one right.

[Cut to Wong Foos]

Angela: 	When you’re with someone the gymnastics aren’t what matter. It’s who you are. 			It’s in your intentions and how much you care about the other person.

Zach: 		If you don’t want to help me just say so.

Angela: 	Alright, I’m going to let you in on a secret. This is a female secret. Go to Naomi 			and tell her you don’t know anything about lovemaking…sex yeah …lovemaking 			you’re a blank slate. You’ll do anything she wants if she just introduces you to the 		secrets of love. She’ll be more interested in that then if you were the most 			imaginative lover on the planet

Zach: 		That is totally counter intuitive.

Angela: 	Just do it Z-man. Reap the benefits of my sexual wisdom.

Booth: 		[Walking in with Brennan and seeing the rest of the Squints] Oh no, this isn’t 			going to work. I mean this is my place. 

Booth: 		Sid?

Sid: 		As long as they keep it down on the subject of rotten corpses and bodily fluids, I 			have no beef at all.

Hodgins: 	[To Booth] Okay that is amazing. I had heartburn. I asked Sid to bring me 			something and now the heartburn is gone. I mean it’s gone. Man I love this 			place.

Booth: 		Okay fine, new rules that counter is mine. That booth is yours everything else 			around here alright, mine, alright, mine…M-I-N-E, mine. 

Brennan: 	I’ve been thinking about your whole ‘something stinks’ aptitude. I think you have 			a subconscious knack for reading body language, stress in the voice, other 			subtle but discernable indicators. It’s not mysterious but it is impressive and 			in the future, I will try to record it in an appropriate degree of objective worth.

Booth: 		Thank you Temperance. Appreciate that. So, uh, what part of ‘this is mine’ did 			you not understand? Do I have to say it in Latin?

Brennan: 	[Places a Jeffersonian ID on the Bar and joins the other Squints] Abset invidia.

Booth: 		[Smiling as he picks up the ID] Nice.

Fade to Black.


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