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"The Man in the SUV"

Episode 1x02

Written By: Laura Wolner

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Transcribed by Cassie

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Hart Hanson, all rights reserved. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Hart Hanson or Fox.

[Open with an elaborate sign stating Arab-American Friendship League…Established in 1971. As the camera moves to doors behind this sign, a man comes out of the building wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.  This gentleman, who has blisters all over his face, and is looking quite upset, gets into his Jeep , revs the engine a few times, then takes off squealing his tires. A cell phone rings and when he checks the display, it reads Sahar. He yells into the phone agitated ending the call abruptly while he continues to drive recklessly.  As  the phone starts to ring again, he slows to a stop outside a café and all of a sudden, the Jeep blows up.  Cut to same place later in the day]

Booth: 		Bones!  Bones! Over here.

Brennan: 	Where have you been? You said you would meet us on the corner.

Booth: 		There is a lot going on here in case you haven’t noticed. [To security guard]  			These girls they’re with me Dr. Temperance Brennan and Angela Montenegro 			from the Jeffersonian.

Security Guard: I need ID.

Booth: 		Okay, check the RI5 list, homeland security. She’s the forensic anthropologist.

Security Guard: They’re clear.

Booth: 		Thanks. C’mon.

Angela: 	God, What’s that smell?

Brennan: 	Burnt flesh. Are there a lot of injuries?

Booth: 		Four known dead. Fifteen injured.

Angela: 	[Looking ill at the bodies laid under tarps] Oh my God.

Brennan: 	Details, whatever you have.

Booth: 		Not much. Witnesses said they saw a Middle Eastern man mid thirties pull up to 			the café and the car just blew. The vehicle is registered to a Hamid Masruk, head 		of the American-Arab friendship league.

Brennan: 	{Stepping up to the burnt out Jeep] If you know who it is, why do you need me?

Agent Gibson: 	Because we’re hoping we’re wrong. Masruk is a White House consultant for Arab 		relations. Had lunch with the President just last week.

Booth: 		Remember Agent Gibson, Homeland Security. [Pointing to Brennan] Dr. 			Temperance Brennan. [Pointing to Angela] Angela Montenegro. If Masruk was 			involved in a terrorist attack it means we have a huge national security problem.

Agent Gibson: 	Not to mention a very humiliated president. The press is already running with 			this.

Brennan: 	If you think I’m going to alter my findings…

Gibson: 	Look, not at all but maybe it’s not Masruk. We need to be sure. Booth says 			you’re the best.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] I need surgical gloves and masks for the retrieval team. Sterile 			medical bags and vegetable oil.

Booth: 		Vegetable oil? 

Brennan: 	The oil will loosen the seared body parts stuck to the metal. It’s no different then 			steak on a grill that sticks.

Booth: 		It’s okay, I trust you.

Zach: 		[Joining the group with Brennan’s requested items] Should I photograph the 			scene?

Brennan: 	Focus on a 30 meter radius from the blast.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Okay to pick up?

Booth: 		[To Brennan] You know, it’s okay to be upset.

Brennan: 	I wish this is the worst thing I’d seen.

Angela: 	[Handing the red retrieval bag to Booth] You know…uh… I don’t think I 				can…Sorry. 

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Well, if you can’t either…

Booth: 		No, I’m cool.

Brennan: 	Zach, I need two more evidence bags.

[Cut to Medico Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian]

Brennan: 	Facial epidermis and the fingertips are completely decimated. We’re not going to 		be able to ID anything from the flesh. It’s basically carbon.

Zach: 		We are missing the lower left leg and the lumbar spine.

Brennan: 	Here’s the C2 and the right ischium.

Zach: 		Smokey here had access to the President. Why would he attack a café?

Brennan: 	Smokey?

Zach: 		It’s how I deal with the stress.

Hodgins: 	Targeting everyday places causes panic. People stay home. The economy is 			crippled. It’s Terrorism 101, man.

Brennan: 	Take samples from the clothes. See whatever you can find. Traces of cologne, 			laundry detergent, anything that we can link to Masruk’s home.

Hodgins: 	I will grab any particulates that I can identify the type of bomb.

Zach: 		Isn’t that the FBI’s job?

Hodgins: 	What you trust the FBI? You realize those guys are going to suppress whatever 			they need to cover their asses.

Zach: 		I found a portion of the clavicle.

Hodgins: 	Are you even listening?

Zach: 		No.

Hodgins: 	They have a separate division you know that way their hands are always clean. In 		1970…

Brennan: 	[To Hodgins] Jack! We’re trying to work.

[Booth comes walking up the stairs to the center platform behind Hodgins. Hodgins doesn’t notice he is coming.]

Hodgins: 	Someone seems really defensive about the FBI lately. You realize Booth is just 			another Government stooge.

Brennan: 	This has nothing to do with Booth.

Booth: 		You know I don’t enjoy having squints on my team anymore then you like me on 			yours but you know we’re supposed to be working together. Okay?

Hodgins: 	[Turning to face Booth] Sure. So what do we do, group hug?

Booth: 		Agent Gibson here will be over seeing things for Homeland Security.

Gibson: 	I’ll try not to be in the way.

Brennan: 	No, uhhh …we don’t need to be overseen.

Booth: 		That’s really not your call Bones. Okay how soon can we get the DNA match?

Brennan: 	That’ll take days. I can get a match much sooner then that I have all we need.

Gibson: 	You’re going to be able to ID him from that?

Zach: 		Asking stuff like that is in the way.

Brennan: 	[Walking away leaving Booth to follow] Remove any flesh and particulates you 			can and then macerate him. [To Gibson] If that’s alright with you?

Hodgins: 	[To Gibson who is leaning on the exam table] Don’t touch the table. Don’t touch 			the table.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan walking to her office]

Brennan: 	This is my lab. I’m a scientist. A doctor.

Booth: 		Yeah, so I’ve heard.

Brennan: 	Look, would you be able to do your job if someone is looking over your shoulder 			all the time.

Booth: 		You do, okay I’ve developed a tolerance.

Brennan: 	I’m sorry but I don’t understand the advantage of compromise.

Booth: 		It’s a terrorist attack Brennan. It’s bigger then you and It’s bigger then me.

Brennan: 	The job is the same.

Booth: 		No, it’s not! We’re dealing with someone here who devalues an entire culture. 			Terrorizing people by using God to justify mass murder.

Brennan: 	You’re making it personal. That doesn’t help.

Booth: 		It is personal Brennan. All of us die a little bit on one like this.

[Cut to the lab]

Zach: 		All the trace evidence has been stripped. Hodgins scavenged as much as he 			could.

Brennan: 	Okay, let’s get started.

Booth: 		[Referring to the jars of bugs Zach dumps on the bodies] What the hell are 			those?

Zach: 		Dermestes Maculatus. 

Brennan: 	Flesh eating beetles. That’s how we clean the flesh off of burn victims.

Gibson: 	[Phone rings] Gibson. Yes sir. Yes sir. [To Brennan] The President wants to 			know how long the ID is going to take. [Referring to the beetles] Why don’t you 			ask them?

[Intro Rolls]

[Cut to Interrogation Room with the victim‘s wife and brother]

Mrs. Masruk:	You’ve made a mistake. It can’t be my husband.

Mr. Masruk: 	My brother was no terrorist. He hated those people. You can read his speeches. 			Talk to anyone.

Booth: 		We’re not making any accusations.

Mr. Masruk: 	It’s all over the news. It’s all anyone is talking about.

Booth: 		We cannot control the press, Mr. Masruk.

Mrs. Masruk: 	How about your men? They’ve searched our house. They’ve talked to our friends.

Booth: 		Until we can identify the body we have to conduct a thorough investigation.

Mrs. Masruk: 	So identify the body. The longer you wait... Do you know what it is like for us?

Brennan: 	His body was fragmented by the blast. We’re still retrieving pieces. [Booth 			touches her arm] I understand how difficult this is not knowing. I’ll work as 			quickly as I can to get you what you need. That’s why I asked for his history. 			Where he grew up? Any injuries from his youth? Medical records?

Mrs. Masruk: 	[Handing Brennan an envelope] Of course. I brought you what you asked for. 

Booth: 		Thank you.

Mrs. Masruk: 	[Crying] We lived just like you. We came to this country because we love it. We 			are Americans. It can’t be Hamid. It can’t. My husband was not a terrorist.

[Cut to Lab]

Zach: 		It could be a perchlorate. Would that be used in a bomb?

Hodgins: 	Yeah but this is a crystalline structure, aluminum based.

{Gibson leans over top of the computer trying to seen what they are doing. Hodgins is annoyed and tries to pull the computer screen so he can’t see it]

Brennan: 	Okay, I’m back. How are we doing?

Zach: 		I have his detergent brand, cologne, shampoo. He died a well-groomed man.

Brennan: 	Thanks.

Gibson: 	Dr. Brennan?

Brennan: 	[Ignoring Gibson and walking away] Are the bones done yet?

Zach: 		Yeah, I will check the beetles.

Gibson: 	[Annoyed] Dr. Brennan, whatever you have there….

Brennan: 	[Walking to her office]  It’s a piece of paper that’s all, with some writing on it. 

[Cut to Brennan’ office]

Angela: 	[From the doorway] Hard at work? [Noticing all the pictures from the file] There’s 			a shocker.

Brennan: 	I just saw his wife. She gave me his medical records…photographs. Apparently 			he was ill. They were testing for Lupus which would explain the face. It must have 		been painful.

Angela: 	Look I … I know that you needed help out there. At the crime scene and I 			wanted 	to but…

Brennan: 	[Sitting on the couch] It’s okay. You see it. I don’t anymore. I don’t know what’s 			worse.

Angela: 	[Joining Brennan] You holding up okay?

Brennan: 	His wife doesn’t believe it was him. I’ve got to give her an ID.

Angela: 	Whatever I can do.

Brennan: 	Yeah, I know.

Angela: 	And about this weekend…

Brennan: 	Angela I don’t know.

Angela: 	Oh come on.

Brennan: 	I don’t know.

Angela: 	Brennan I know this great club, they play Trip Hop and Trance.

Brennan: 	I don’t know what that means.

Angela: 	It doesn’t matter. We’ll grab Booth.

Brennan: 	No.

Angela: 	I think he likes you. God if I were you, I’d buy a ticket on that ride.

Brennan: 	[Pointing to plastic boxes of bones] Look, I’m going to be very busy this weekend 		even after the ID, I have these.

Angela: 	Remains from WWI.

Brennan: 	That’s what the institution pays me for. I’ve got hundreds of these waiting.

Angela: 	And they can’t wait one more weekend?

Brennan: 	They’ve got relatives. They’ve waited long enough.

Angela: 	You know it’s not that scary Brennan. You have a few drinks. You move to the 			music. You might even smile.

Zach: 		[Interrupting] The bones are clean.

Brennan: 	[To Angela] I’ve gotta run. You hang around. I may need you.

[Cut to Lab]

Brennan: 	[Talking into Voice recorder] Comparing remains to details provided of Hamid 			Masruk, age 37, of Afghani origin. Texture of pubic synthesis indicates age of 			bone consistent with Masruk, as is height.

Zach: 		[Brennan points voice recorder in his direction] Complexity of the cranial vault 			sutures matches the statistical probability of your age and decent.

Brennan: 	Good.

Angela: 	Too bad we can’t tell why he did it. Isn’t what we all really want to know?

Brennan: 	Uneven growth patterns in the vertebrae indicate malnourishment as a child.

Zach: 		Consistent with the diet where Masruk was from. Probably evidence on the 			calvarium?

Brennan:	Why don’t you reconstruct the skull and check it out? 

Zach: 		[Smiling] My first cranial reconstruction.

Brennan: 	Evidence of multiple fractures to the bottoms of the feet consistent with methods 			of torture used in Afghanistan and consistent with Masruk’s history. I’m 				convinced we have a statistical match. [Turns off recorder]

Gibson: 	So Masruk is the bomber.

Brennan: 	Yes.

Gibson: 	What about the skull? You’re having the kid reconstruct it…

Brennan: 	[Grabbing the file} This is an educational institute. He wants to learn. Is that okay 		with you? For forensic ID, we have all we need. Now I would like to get this data to 		Booth as soon as I can.

Gibson: 	[Referring to the file] I’ll take it.

Brennan: 	No, I don’t think so. I work with Booth. That’s my deal.

Gibson: 	Dr. Brennan, I have jurisdiction…

Brennan: 	Then why don’t I destroy my notes and let you guarantee the identity of the 			remains. 

Angela: 	[To Gibson] It’s best to just ride it out, like an earthquake.

[Cut to Booths apartment]

Booth: 		[Answers door with shirt unbuttoned] Bones?

Brennan: 	Yeah

Booth: 		Did we have an appointment?

Brennan: 	[Handing over the file] No, uh…it’s him. Masruk is the bomber.

Booth: 		I guess the wife didn’t know the husband very well.

Tessa: 		[Entering the room wearing one of Booth’s shirts and not much else] Hey.

Brennan: 	Hi, sorry.

Booth: 		Tessa, this is Brennan. Tessa Jankow, Dr. Temperance Brennan. 

Tessa: 		Oh, hi. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Brennan: 	Really?

Booth: 		Tessa’s an attorney.

Tessa: 		Mmmm, corporate, keeping the fat cats fat.

Brennan: 	I was just studying a cranial fissure on a corporate attorney last week. Of course 			he was dead so…

Tessa: 		Interesting.

Brennan: 	Thanks.

Booth: 		[To Brennan] Well the Bureau…I was just heading to the Bureau. Santana called 		and said something about a bombing and I thought you were at the lab. Maybe, 			uh, you should come.

Brennan: 	Sure.

Booth: 		[To Tessa, kissing her goodbye] See you later.

[Cut to Booth‘s office]

Booth: 		Okay, what is so funny?

Brennan:	[Chuckling] I just never figured you’d be in a relationship.

Booth: 		Why, do you think something’s wrong with me?

Brennan: 	Not wrong. You just have alpha male attributes usually associated with a solitary 			existence.

Booth: 		What! Me? You’re solitary.

Brennan: 	No, no I’m private. It’s different and we weren’t talking about me.

Booth: 		Well I was.

Brennan: 	Well I wasn’t. Look, I’m happy for you. Relationships have anthropological 			meaning. No society can survive if sexual bonds aren’t formed betw…

Booth: 		What the hell are you talking about?

Santana: 	[Coming out of his office] Booth.

Booth: 		Yeah?

Santana: 	You got that ID?

Booth: 		Yeah it was Masruk.

Santana: 	Oh, that’s too bad.

Brennan: 	He killed four people and injured another fifteen.

Santana: 	[Handing a file to Booth] The report came back from ballistics. Now the 				explosives were placed under the car with the trigger connected to the 				odometer. Masruk was murdered.

Brennan: 	[Looking at the file as well] So Masruk wasn’t a terrorist.

Booth: 		Somebody tried to make him look like one. Any leads on who did it?

Santana: 	That’s why we’re paying you Booth.

[Cut to Interrogation Room]

Booth: 		We’re very very sorry Mrs. Masruk.

Mrs. Masruk: 	I told you Hamid was the victim, but you wouldn’t listen. You couldn’t imagine an 			Arab who’s a peace loving man.

Booth: 		That’s not true.

Mrs. Masruk: 	No? We must investigate everything Mrs. Masruk. We must turn your house 			upside down because we believe your husband was a good man. Is that the 			truth?

Brennan: 	No! They searched your house because Muslim extremist have declared war on 			the United States. Preliminary findings made your husband a suspect which we 			are required…

Booth: 		It’s not Bureau policy to target or profile any ethnic group. It wasn’t our intention. 			I can understand why you may feel offended.

Brennan: 	I can’t.

Booth: 		Bones!

Brennan: 	What? She’s been a part of a criminal investigation that’s all. Her rights haven’t 			been violated. It’s unfortunate that her husbands’ ethnicity is a factor but to say 			that it isn’t would be disingenuous.

Booth: 		I’m going to have to apologize for Dr. Brennan.

Mrs. Masruk: 	It’s fine, Mr. Booth. Honesty is always a welcome relief. So when can I bury him? 			When can I give him peace?

Brennan: 	There are certain body parts that I’m still examining. Others are still seared to the 		surface of the wreckage…

Booth: 		[To Brennan quietly] I’m sure Mrs. Masruk doesn’t really need to know the 			details.

Brennan: 	If I can retrieve more remains of her husband, Muslim law requires that I do. [To 			Mrs. Masruk] I spent some time in Iraq identifying bodies. I’ll give you whatever I 			can so that he can be purified for burial.

Mrs. Masruk: 	Thank you. [To Booth] Is that all?

Booth: 		One last thing. A few calls were made to uh, his cell phone from your house 			minutes before the blast.

Mrs. Masruk: 	[Looking at a family photo] Yes, we argued. It was a family matter. My final words 		to him were words of anger. 

Booth: 		I’m very sorry. It must be very painful.

Brennan: 	You looked very happy in that picture.

Mrs. Masruk: 	[Picking up her belongings to leave] Yes.

Booth: 		Thank you. If there’s anything else that you know that you can think of, just give 			us a call. [To Brennan after the wife leaves the room] I think she’s having an 			affair. Personally.

[Cut to Wong Foos}

Booth: 		[Taking a seat at the bar] She was having an affair!

Brennan: 	[Sitting beside him] I’m sorry but that’s an offensive assumption!

Booth: 		Well all the signs are there.

Brennan: 	You can’t make wild accusations about somebody’s personal life based on a 			feeling.

Booth: 		It’s more then a feeling. Okay, that photograph is evidence just as solid as the 			markers you squints pick up looking at your little bones.

Brennan: 	The evidence that I find isn’t empirical. What you consider evidence is merely 			conjecture.

Booth: 		She dyed her hair. She lost weight. You know she shoved a little Botox in her 			forehead. She’s still feeling guilty over the last fight she had with her husband.

Brennan: 	[Frustrated] Uhhh! You are an insufferable…arrogant….man!

Booth: 		Oh! So only a woman could know a woman. I thought woman wanted us to 			understand them.

Angela: 	[Who has come to sit beside the two] Not really. A magician never wants to 			reveal her tricks…

Booth: 		[To Angela] We’re having a private conversation.

Angela: 	I’m not here.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] So you think you know woman just because you live with some sexy 			lawyer? Unbelievable.

Booth: 		[Scoffs] 

Angela: 	[To Booth] You live with a sexy lawyer?

Booth:  		[To Angela] She has her own place okay.

Brennan: 	[To Angela] He thinks just because Masruk’s wife started working out and had a 			little make over, that she was having an affair.

Angela: 	Hmm, and how long were they married?

Booth: 		Eleven years.

Angela: 	[To Brennan indicating Booth] I’m with him.

Brennan: 	There is no concrete proof!

Angela: 	Boobs perkier?

Booth: 		Mmmm Hmm.

Brennan: 	I don’t believe this if you’re so sure then why didn’t you confront her.

Angela: 	Because if she or her boyfriend were involved, she would warn him.

Booth: 		Very good.

Angela: 	I’m a constant surprise.

Brennan: 	[Leaving the bar] Alright. Great. I will be in the lab getting us some real data.

Booth: 		[sighs.]

Angela: 	So, how many nights a week does “sexy” sleep over?

Booth: 		Ha, ha, ha.

[Cut to Lab]

Brennan: 	[To Zach] How’s it coming?

Zach: 		The Ethnoid and Sphenoid fragments won’t piece together.

Brennan: 	Zach, I would like to return the remains to the widow before her demise.

Zach: 		I’m doing my best, Dr. Brennan. The integrity of the bone seems to be 				compromised. I don’t know if it’s the metal fragments from the blast…

Hodgins: 	I examined the chemicals used in the explosives. The perchlorates I found can 			have a degenerative effect.

Brennan: 	Not this quickly. Excuse me. [Looking through the microscope] Unusually soft 			bone tissue. You know, this has nothing to do with the blast. I owe you an 			apology Zach. Do you have his medicals? Stiff joints, facial disfigurement. 			There’s a disorganized Trabecula pattern here that his doctors wouldn’t have been 		able to see. Could have been a degenerative disease.

Hodgins: 	I don’t get it. How does his medical condition figure into the murder?

Brennan: 	Now it’s a murder. Before it was terrorism because we didn’t have all the facts. 			You don’t overlook anything when you’re looking for the truth. [To Hodgins] 			Check for Lupus and Pagets. Do you have enough tissue?

Hodgins: 	Yeah, I can manage it.

Brennan: 	If those come back negative, he might have been exposed to a toxin which would 		mean his brother was too. He’s exhibiting similar symptoms. I’ll get the brother’s 			medicals. 

Hodgins: 	[Sighing] I graduated top of my class, Rhode Scholar, youngest member 			inducted into the Academy of Physical Sciences but she still makes me feel like 			a cretin.

Zach: 		She apologized to me.

[Cut to the victim‘s, brother‘s, Farid Masruk, apartment]

Farid: 		Yes, I am a Christian. 

Booth: 		And Hamid is Muslim and Sahar?

Farid: 		I converted. Hamid could never accept it. Religious differences caused too many 			problems.

Brennan: 	Seems to be a consistent fact throughout history.

Farid: 		Please. [Gestures for them to sit] I tried to make peace with my brother but it was 		difficult. There was more then religion between us.

Booth: 		Sahar mentioned that there was some…uh… family problems?

Farid: 		Yes.

Booth: 		I can understand how, uh,  delicate it can be.

Farid: 		Did she tell you anymore then that?

Booth: 		No, but I mean, if you have any other information that could help us in the 			investigation?

Farid: 		It’s not my place.

Booth: 		We’re just trying to find out who killed your brother.

Farid: 		Sahar was seeing another man but I can’t believe she’d hurt my brother.

Brennan: 	Do you know who this other man is or is it just a feeling you have?

Farid: 		I’ve met him. Ali Ladjavardi. He worked with Hamid at the friendship league. I 			wanted Hamid to confront Ladjavardi.

Brennan: 	Did both you and Hamid have contact with Ladjavardi?

Farid: 		Yes, once. Hamid, my brother brought me to meet him. Sharing a meal is a 			gesture of peace. I was trying to save there marriage but Sahar and Ladjavardi 			were not going to stop their affair so I told Hamid to repudiate her.

Booth: 		Sorry?

Brennan: 	In Muslim law it’s a method of divorce. It’s called Talak.

Farid: 		I still respected his traditions.

Brennan: 	You and your brother seem to share a medical condition.

Farid: 		Yes. Why is that important?

Booth: 		We don’t mean to embarrass you, but Dr. Brennan is just trying to figure out the 			condition. That’s routine. Part of the investigation.

Brennan: 	Have you seen a doctor?

Farid: 		Yes. He believes it’s a genetic disorder we shared. He was going to call Hamid’s 			physician to discuss it.

Brennan: 	Would you mind if we saw your medical records?

Farid:		 Of course not. If I could be helped, I welcome it.

[Cut to Lab] 

Angela: 	Apparently, they live together a few days a week, but he was very clear that she 			has her own place.

Zach: 		Should you be intruding into their lives like this?

Angela: 	Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Hodgins: 	We’re negative for Lupus and Paget’s. When you’re done, I will do a scraping for 		environmental contaminates.

Zach: 		{Handing a petrie dish of particulate to Hodgins] I found these. Shiny flakes that 			caught onto the torn patches of bone.

Angela: 	Bottom line, I still think Brennan has a shot with Booth.

Hodgins: 	But she says she’s not interested.

Angela: 	Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Zach: 		Maybe she protested just enough.

Angela: 	Puh lease. She’s been sleeping alone for months. She has enough pent up 			sexual energy to power a small mid-western city.

Hodgins: 	This looks like gypsum. That wouldn’t cause any organic damage. It’s probably 			used to insulate the explosives, bet the FBI doesn’t know that yet.

Angela: 	I’m gonna go check out this girlfriend.

[Cut to Interrogation room] 

Ladjavardi: 	I’m not proud of the affair. I admired Hamid but Sahar and I were in love and I 			can’t change that.

Booth: 		You worked with Hamid. You had access to his car.

Ladjavardi: 	That’s ridiculous.

Booth: 		You also had contact with his brother Farid who said you were less then friendly 			with Hamid.

Ladjavardi: 	Have you ever been in the middle of a messy relationship Agent Booth, or are 			you a perfect man?

Booth: 		You know I prefer to ask the questions Mr. Ladjavardi.

Ladjavardi: 	And I have the right for an attorney. Have you called the number I gave you?

Booth: 		Of course. You know I would never deny anyone his rights.

Santana: 	[Entering the room] Mr. Ladjavardi, I’m Special Agent in Charge, Santana. We’re 		sorry for the inconvenience, you’re free to go.

Ladjavardi: 	Thank you.

Santana: 	[To Booth] You’re finished.

Booth: 		What the hell was that all about? He was a prime suspect.

Santana: 	He’s a mole for Homeland Security. They planted him in the Arab-American 			Friendship League.

Booth: 		He admitted the affair.

Santana: 	Maybe but Homeland Security says he’s clean. They do not want his cover 			blown.

Booth: 		But sir…

Santana: 	[Angry] Do I look like I’m discussing this?

[Santana leaves and Booth punches the wall.]

[Cut to Brennan and Booth in his SUV] 

Booth: 		[Honking the horn] C’mon.

Brennan: 	You want me to drive? 

Booth: 		No. Why?

Brennan: 	You’re angry.

Booth: 		[Laughing] I’m not angry.

Brennan: 	Yeah, you’re furious. You’re going to kill somebody.

Booth: 		I’m not angry. Believe me, you do not want to see me angry. That’s the last thing 		you want to see.

Brennan: 	Okay.

Booth: 		This is me accepting reality.

Brennan: 	Okay, my mistake.

Booth: 		My superiors, they make the decisions, Bones. Alright. They don’t think them 			through that’s really not my problem.

Brennan: 	If I were you, I’d be mad. Homeland Security is preventing you from doing a 			proper investigation of a murder case.

Booth: 		I’m a grownup. I’ll deal. You know that thing where you ask for the strength to 			change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference?

Brennan: 	Not really.

Booth: 		Well it’s a good thing.

Brennan: 	Who do you ask?

Booth: 		For what?

Brennan: 	For the strength and the wisdom?

Booth: 		God.

Brennan: 	And that works?

Booth: 		Can we talk about something else?

Brennan: 	Sure. Tessa?

Booth: 		Tessa!? No. Why do you want to talk about Tessa?

Brennan: 	What? Why? Why not? I’m sorry. We won’t talk about Tessa.

Booth: 		I prefer if we would just stay on point and talk about things that you like to talk 			about like dead people. Dead bodies?

Brennan: 	Sure, sure. You’ve killed a lot of people, right? When you were a sniper? 

Booth: 		Maybe we shouldn’t talk at all.

Brennan: 	Right cause you’re angry.

Booth: 		Not angry. I’m not.

Brennan: 	We’ll find out who killed him, Booth. We’ve got Hamid’s body. You can always 			count on the dead.

[Cut to Lab] 

Brennan: When Booth sends over the brothers medicals, I want them matched to Hamid’s.

Hodgins: 	[Handing a sheet of paper to Brennan] I’m starting on a tox screen.

Brennan: 	Farid said his doctor suspected a genetic condition. Maybe we are overlooking 			something.

Brennan: 	[Noticing an electronic device on the table] What is that?

Zach: 		We used the trace elements we recovered to try and build the bomb. It might 			give you another link.

Brennan: 	Isn’t the FBI working on that?

Hodgins: 	Yes, this is just for fun.

Brennan: 	To see who’s better?

Hodgins: 	Maybe, a little. Yeah.

Brennan: 	Good luck.

Zach:		[Presents Brennan with the skull] Ta-da. 

Brennan: 	Nice job.  No wonder you had such trouble with reconstruction look at the spread 		of the Trabecular pattern in the bone.

Zach: 		Microscopic fissures, like cracks.

Hodgins: 	I knew that.

Zach: 		I don’t think so.

Brennan: 	[To both guys] Can we focus? The spread is too rapid for any organic bones 			disease or genetic condition. It’s definitely a toxin. Is there any surviving marrow 			to test?

Zach: 		Uh, I’ll try and find some.

Brennan: 	Let’s do it.

[Cut to a Cafeteria. Tessa is sitting at a table snacking on a muffin and reading a book on the FBI when Angela enters.  Looking around, Angela holds up a paper in her hand that has a picture of Tessa on it and some personal information. She smiles when she sees Tessa sitting at one of the tables and walks over near her dropping her purse, spilling the contents on purpose. Tessa looks down from her book and goes to help Angela where both strike up a conversation.  Cut to Lab]

Hodgins: 	the marrow’s degraded. I can give you basics but that’s it.

Zach: 		According to these tests the liver function was impaired.

Brennan: 	His body was trying to get rid of whatever was poisoning him. 

Angela: 	[Joining the group] There is trouble in paradise.

Brennan: 	I beg your pardon?

Angela: 	Tessa does not feel secure in that relationship. I think she’s threatened by you.

Brennan: 	You talked to her.

Angela: 	She didn’t say much but even though she has a phenomenal figure she was 			chowing down on a fat-free muffin and she was reading a book about unsolved 			FBI cases. Ughhh, she’s obviously feeling insecure.

Hodgins: 	[To Brennan] She’s spying for you?

Brennan: 	[Embarrassed] No! No!

Zach: 		[To Brennan} Even if you have nothing in common it’s difficult to sublimate 			intense sexual attraction and we hear it’s been awhile.

Brennan: 	Okay, Stop! 

Angela: 	He is there for the taking, honey.

Booth: 		[Joining the group] Okay, I couldn’t get his medical records. What?

Brennan: 	[Embarrassed beyond belief] Oh nothing. 

Booth: 		Trying to track down the doctor?

Brennan: 	Don’t need him. It’s definitely a toxin but we can’t determine what kind.

Zach: 		Too bad the liver is cooked, that could tell us everything.

Booth: 		You know, I need subtitles walking in here.

Brennan: 	The liver is like a filter. It would contain evidence of any toxins in the system, but 			we don’t have the liver or any of the flesh left.

Hodgins: 	But we do have the beetles.

Hodgins: 	They ate Hamid’s flesh and whatever organs remained and we all know you are 			what we eat.

Booth: 		So you can ID the poison from the beetles.

Zach: 		You can’t kill them. They have names.

Brennan: 	[Taking a handful from the jar] We have to, Zach. Some.

Hodgins: 	In Thailand, they are sautéed in peanut oil. Mmm.

Booth: 		Oh. [Pats Zach on the shoulder]

[Cut to later in the day, in the lab]

Brennan: 	We’re going to have to run a simulation. I need you to input this skull and give 			me a face.

Angela: 	You’ve got it.

Brennan: 	And no more talk about Booth. You shouldn’t have gotten involved.

Angela: 	That’s what friends are for.

Brennan: 	Please, Angela.

Booth: 		[Walking up behind Zach and noticing the bomb] Hey, Wha…Where’d you get 			this?

Zach: 		I’m building it. Theoretical construct of the bomb based on the particulates we 			gathered.

Booth: 		This isn’t your job. The Bureau’s doing this.

Hodgins: 	Got it! They were poisoned by dioxin, a very pure form. It would stay in the 			system for years cause cancer, diabetes, heart attack, and the facial system 			bone degeneration we saw.

Brennan: 	Give me the saturation levels. Angela can use it in simulation to give us 				approximate date of ingestion.

Booth: 		How much would it take to poison them?

Brennan: 	[Walking away] Just a little slipped into their food. Like at that lunch they had 			with Sahar’s lover. 
Angela:		[To Booth] Impressed?

[Cut to Angela‘s Office] 

Brennan: 	Dioxin levels were 5600 parts per trillion. Speed of bone degeneration is an 			88% increase over base line osteoporosis. Date of death was…

Angela: 	I remember that one, thanks.

Brennan: 	Run the scenario.

Booth: 		I’ll never get used to this.

Angela: 	Yeah? Chicks with toys?

Booth: 		[Seeing a picture of Hamid] Poor bastard.

Brennan: 	Match it to his INS photograph. See how accurate you are.

Brennan: 	[Seeing a perfect match] Good work, Angela. Probable date of exposure, about 			four months ago, I’d say first week in June.

Booth: 		Let’s go pay a visit to Mr. Ladjavardi.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan leaving the SUV and approaching Ladjavardi as he walks down the sidewalk]

Brennan: 	I thought you were told to stay away from him?

Booth: 		Yeah and as an FBI agent I cannot disobey my superior but you’re not an FBI 			agent.

Brennan: 	[To Ladjavardi] Hey! Hi! How ya doing?

Ladjavardi: 	What the hell are you doing here? You had orders.

Brennan: 	No. Not me. I just have a couple of quick questions for you.

Ladjavardi: 	Look, I’m not involved in this. Sahar won’t even talk to me anymore.

Brennan: 	Yeah, I wonder why?

Ladjavardi: 	[Pulling out a cell phone] I’m calling Santana.

Brennan: 	Yeah, I don’t think so.

Ladjavardi: 	[To Brennan] I’m warning you.

Booth: 		[To Ladjavardi] I wouldn’t threaten her if I were you.

Brennan: 	Look, I just want to know where you were in June, first week, to see if you 			poisoned Hamid and Farid.

Booth:		[To Brennan] Subtle.

Ladjavardi: 	I’m leaving, that’s it.

[Ladjavardi moves to push her out of the way, but Brennan swings her arm around and grabs his. Pulling his arm around, she flips over on the sidewalk where he lands flat on his back. She walks over and puts her foot on his throat.]

Booth: 		[To Ladjavardi] Told ya. She doesn’t like to be touched.

Ladjavardi:	I didn’t poison anybody.

Brennan: 	Then tell me where you were in June.

Ladjavardi: 	In Utah for training with Homeland Security. I didn’t get to DC until August 			12th. Check with the department.

Brennan: 	Alright, thanks.

[Cut to the lab]  

Hodgins: 	The insulation they used is gypsum based with plaster and lead mixed with 			asbestos.

Zach: 		Pyrobar, It’s a fire proof tile developed in 1903 by the United States gypsum 			company. It was only used for a few years.

Hodgins: 	So probably came from the building where the bomb was constructed in.

Zach: 		We find the building and we find the bomber.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan in his SUV.]

Booth: 		How about this? Sahar wants out of the marriage. Hamid refuses so Sahar 			poisons him so that she can run off with uh A.

Brennan: 	Doesn’t make sense.

Booth: 		When someone dies the first suspect is the spouse.

Brennan: 	Well what about Hamid’s brother? Did she poison him too?

Booth: 		Why not? You know he’s pushing his nose into the marriage. I mean suddenly 			Sahar is facing, you know, a devote Muslim and a fundamentalist Christian and 			you know and nobody allows divorce and she’s pushed to murder.

Brennan: 	That’s eschewed logic.

Booth: 		Ah, C’mon Bones. Just work with me here. Alright. It’s what we in the law 			enforcement call positing a scenario. Don’t use the word eschewed.

Brennan: 	What if you and Tessa were going to break up and you didn’t want to?

Booth: 		Interesting Bones.

Brennan: 	Well I’m positing a scenario. Tessa wants to break up and you don’t want to so 			she poisons you.

Booth: 		No, no, no.

Brennan: 	And then just to make sure she blows you up with a bomb.

Booth: 		Why would Tessa do that?

Brennan: 	Exactly. Thank you.

Booth: 		See cause Tessa and I, that’s a bad example.

Brennan: 	Well you’re a couple in love, right?

Booth: 		Why do you keep bringing up Tessa? I mean why? What’s the big deal? Is it so 			odd for you that I have someone in my life?

Brennan: 	We were talking about couples. It’s a natural segue.

Booth: 		Alright, you know, you have to quit using the word segue and eschew. They 			sound French.

Brennan: 	Keep changing the subject. I get it. You’re sensitive about you and Tessa.

Booth: 		Why aren’t we talking about you and your boyfriend?

Brennan: 	I don’t have a boyfriend.

Booth: 		You just said that as though it’s a good thing and you know what? It’s a very, 			very sad comment on your personal life.

Brennan: 	Look, you’re angry again. [Phone rings] Brennan.

Zach: 		The bomb insulation was made from Pyrobar which was used by an architect 			named William Allard. He was known for developing the Woodley Park 				neighborhood around 1910.

Brennan: 	Hang on a second Zach. [To Booth] The bomb was made in Woodley Park.

Booth: 		That’s were Farid lives. Hold on. [Making a quick U-turn in the road.] No 				wonder we couldn’t get his medicals. He already knew what was poisoning him. 			Alright, just stay in contact with your boys and tell them we’re going to need 			them. Alright, Listen Brennan, we’re heading into a very unknown situation. I 			think it’s best if you just stay in the car. [She glares at him] Okay, then. You 			know, if you have to come in with me you just stay behind me. [Same glare] Fine, 		just be careful, Alright.

[Cut to Farid’s apartment] 

Booth: 		[To Brennan] Okay, Anybody asks that door was open. Stay right here! [Yells] 			FBI Farid. Show yourself. [To Brennan] Okay, Clear!

Brennan: 	[On the phone] Okay, give me Hodgins.

Hodgins: 	Yeah? 

Brennan: 	Farid was making something here. Okay I got uh, melted plastic, bottles of 			chlorine…

Hodgins: 	Dioxin. That’s how you would make it.

Booth: 		Bones!

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Yes.

Booth: 		[Referring to a hole in the wall of a closet] Insulation. Farid definitely made the 			bomb. He killed his brother.

Brennan: 	[To Hodgins] Alright, Stay with me Hodgins.

Hodgins: 	Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Booth: 		Hamid must have been killed because he found his brother making dioxin, 			alright, 	and that’s probably how they got contaminated. C’mon, A mechanics 			guide for Hamid’s SUV. Page on the odometer, dog-eared.

Brennan: 	He wasn’t a Christian. [she looks in a book.] Deceit in the service of Allah is 			holy.

Booth: 		The Koran?

Brennan: 	No, Imam’s twisted interpretation of the Koran so that mass murderers 				don’t have to feel guilt.

Booth: 		[Finding more bomb supplies] He’s made another bomb. It’s out there, Right 			now. 

Brennan: 	I’m convinced. [To Hodgins] What’s the dispersal rate for a bomb packed with 			say… two liters of dioxin?

Hodgins: 	Ahhh, homemade device similar to the car bomb that could be …three to five 			hundred meters if the victims weren’t killed they’d develop cancer, blindness, 			lesions, diabetes..

Booth: 		[Looking through a date book] Ah, no. Today’s day is marked. [To Brennan] Call 			Homeland Security they’ll secure the apartment.

[Cut to Booth and Brennan in his SUV Both on cell phones] 

Booth: 		[On the phone] There is a convenience store across the street from Farid’s 			apartment. The owner saw him get onto a bus and head downtown.

Brennan: 	[To Angela] We’re not sure what bus. Booth is checking with the FBI now if you 			find anything…

Angela: 	I know. It’s just these bus schedules are totally confusing.

Booth: 		[On the phone] Yeah we saw his date book he had 5:30 circled, so just check 			anything that has anything to do with 5:30 that begins, ends, whatever. Yeah. 			I’m not going anywhere.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Angela is checking too. I still don’t understand why Farid would kill his 		brother?

Booth: 		Because both of them were developing symptoms and then people would start 			asking questions then Farid would have been exposed. He had a mission to 			accomplish.

Brennan: 	How the hell does he think he’s bringing about a better world by blowing people 			up?

Booth: 		Fanaticism and logic don’t go hand in hand.

Brennan: 	[To Angela] It’s almost 5:30. C’mon Angela anything between Woodley Park and 		downtown?

Angela: 	Okay, okay, uh…three movies start a six. There’s a lecture at Fuller Hall on Birds. 		I can’t imagine that will be crowded and a peace conference at the 				Hamilton Cultural Center. There will be speeches by Arab Moderates and 			a Congressman. That looks like the one.

Brennan: 	[To Booth] Peace Conference. Hamilton Cultural Center.

Booth: 		That’s…

Brennan: 	That’s it.

Booth:		That’s gotta be it. [On the phone] Okay Gibson, just get your boys over to the 			Hamilton Cultural Center and just keep them back when you get there. You 			understand me? If you spook this guy he will blow himself up before we can take 			him out. Fine,  bye.

Brennan: 	Thanks Angela.

Booth: 		[To Brennan] You know, you don’t have to come.

Brennan: 	You have got to be kidding me.

[Cut to Hamilton Cultural Center] 

Booth: 		[To Brennan] We’ll start down here and make our way upstairs.

Announcement:	Welcome to the Hamilton Center Peace Conference. We would ask that all 			delegates check in at the orientation located at the east entry before convening 			for the keynote speaker address…

Brennan: 	There are too many ways in. Where are the reinforcements? Aren’t there always 			reinforcements?

Booth: 		Sure, they’re downstairs tying up the horses.

Brennan: 	Sarcasm doesn’t help.

Booth: 		Okay, they are mobilizing swat teams and additional agents but it takes time and 		if Farid has the bomb and spots them, it could be bad.

Brennan: 	If you see him will you shoot?

Booth: 		Well, he might not have the bomb.

Brennan: 	You don’t believe that?

Booth: 		I’m not taking out a target Brennan unless I’m sure.

Brennan: 	Is that how you make it easier? Calling him a target?

Booth: 		You know you really picked an odd time to have this conversation.

Brennan: 	[Pointing to Farid] Booth! 

Booth: 		Farid.

Brennan: 	There! That’s Farid.

Booth: 		I’m not sure.

Brennan: 	Look his walk is labored from the dioxin poisoning and the parietal bones in his 			skull match his picture.

Booth: 		It’s dexterous. What if you’re wrong?

Brennan: 	This is what I do Booth. Do you really want to wait? He’s carrying something 			heavy in his camera bag, see the extra weight is causing his shoulder to…

Booth: 		No, I can’t!

Brennan: 	He has all the markers, Booth.

Booth: 		I need a face. I need a face.

Brennan: 	[Shouts out] Farid!

[Farid turns around and looks up at them.]

Booth: 		[To Farid] On the ground!

[Farid reaches into his bag and grabs a switch placing his thumb on top of it.]

Brennan: 	He’s going for the bomb.

[Booth takes aim and shoots Farid in the head. Gibson move in to check and ends up taking the switch out of Farid’s hand, opening the bag to reveal the bomb Gibson takes off his sunglasses to look up at Booth, nodding his head that he got the right guy.]

[Cut to Wong Foo‘s]

Booth: 		You know I told them to tell the press is was an undercover operation.

Brennan: 	But it would be a rose garden ceremony. That’s an honor, Right? I thought you 			FBI guys loved your medals?

Booth: 		There’s no pleasure in taking someone’s life. Nothing to 	celebrate.

Brennan: 	[Smiling and touching his arm] You saved so many people, Booth. Don’t forget 			that.

Booth: 		You want to get another drink?

Brennan: 	Shouldn’t you be getting home? Tessa will be worried about you.

Booth: 		Yeah. I guess I should. Thanks for your help Bones.

Brennan: 	Sure.

[Alternately cut from scenes of Brennan working in her office and Booth having dinner with Tessa.  Booth looks slightly uncomfortable at the table while Tessa is talking a mile a minute.  Brennan is in the lab after hours and manages to identify another WWI veteran]

Fade to Black.


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